Hard Rock Multi-Instrumentalist Overcomes Personal Demons To Release Debut Single And EP

Singer-songwriter and musician Davy Williamson harnesses the power of music to help others with his debut single, “Thin Disguise” and forthcoming EP.

USA, December 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — One element that makes music so powerful is its ability to heal. For American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Davy Williamson, music has helped him fight off his own personal demons. Now, Williamson aims to utilize his platform to assist others with the same struggles.

Today, he sets off to launch his solo career, waving the flag for hard rock, while exploring themes of broken homes, love lost, betrayal and overcoming adversity. Working with fellow musicians, Shawn Adkins, Steve Hardy and Andy Vandette, Davy Williamson has released his debut single, “Thin Disguise.” A national radio campaign is about to get underway, followed by the release of Davy’s first EP. Williamson writes, records and performs all vocals and instruments on his tracks.

ABOUT DAVY WILLIAMSON: Born in Plant City, Florida and raised in his hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina, Davy Williamson began his musical career in 2020, when he co-founded modern rock band, Third Class Passenger and, soon after, punk rock band, Ma-Shot-Pa.



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Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Arranger, Merchandise Designer is total package of the Independent Artist Wild Wattz

Today the independent artist are showing us exactly how determined they are to be able to share their gift with the world.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is room in the independent music industry for everyone to share their talent. But, it's not everyday that every artist get's heard. This is why I love what I do when it comes to introducing to the world that a new r&b artist is on the rise. I also love sharing what makes them different and why they are unique. Ladies and Gentleman, without further delay I want you to meet Wild Wattz. This young man has a purpose because he wants to be connected and devoted to every aspect of his career and he has the skillset to do it, Wild Wattz , was born and raised on a farm in Pine hurst, North Carolina. He discovered his love for music, singing in the church choir and playing the drums.

By the age of 17, his musical tastes evolved to R&B. That year, Wattz’s mother & grandmother gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to record in a studio for the first time. From that moment he was hooked. Wattz has dedicated his career to becoming a full time singer, producer, songwriter, part -time actor and aspiring model.

Wattz tells us he has opened for Grammy-award winning artists such as Travis Scott, K Michelle, The Migos, August Alsina, 2 Chains, Pretty Ricky and many more. In the midst of building his music career, Wattz has used his creativity and made a household name for his rising empire. The music industry has many facets to it ,and even his side hobbies as a Top 40 DJ in the electronic dance music wave. Wattz has been a DJ Wild Wattz was born and raised on a farm in Pinehurst, North Carolina. At the age often, Wattz discovered his love for music, singing in the church choir and playing the drums. By the age of 17, his musical tastes evolved to R&B. That year, Wattz’s mother & grandmother gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to record in a studio for the first time and he was hooked.
Wattz is now a full-time singer, producer, songwriter, part-time actor, and aspiring model. Wild Wattz has opened for Grammy award-winning artists such as Travis Scott, K Michelle, The Migos ,August Aisina, 2 Chainz, Pretty Ricky, and many more. In the midst of building his music career, Wattz used more of his creativity skills in being a household name with his side hobbies as a Top 40 DJ in the electronic dance music wave. He has been a DJ for several Universities at their official home coming parties.

So, what can we expect to hear from Wattz in 2021. You can expect to for him to do alor with his hands. We mean just that ladies.
His Hands is the first single dropping as artist who is re-branding. His vision and purpose is to give many dreams a reality to be an outlet for inspired youth in developing their music endeavors. He will soon give a voice to the unheard, and a light to the
unseen. His fight to bring real music back to the basics to make this world a better place is key is his journey.

You can check out Wild Wattz and follow him on Instagram to hear the latest updates and events:

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HZT Records Releases "Angel" by Hillstaxx December 11th

Angel in the Mirror

Angel in the Field

Awaiting The Dew

HZT Records adds Singer/Songwriter Hillstaxx to their roster, album "Awaiting The Dew" release December 11

She will make you feel what you are listening to. We are excited for the world to hear her voice.”

— Producer & Co-Writer Allen Foster

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Independent record label HZT Records (Horizontal Trees Music) is proud to announce the addition of Hillstaxx to their roster. Hillstaxx is an Americana singer-songwriter with a broad powerful vocal range.

Her first single, “Angel” will drop on December 11th world wide, everywhere you stream music. HZT’s A & R Director, Paula Hersom says “Hillstaxx is a cross between Amy Winehouse & Emmy Lou Harris musically & stylistically..” The 5 song Ep, “Awaiting The Dew” was recorded in Wimberley, Texas at Yellow Dog Studios. Produced & Co-Written by Allen Foster (CEO of Horizontal Trees Music/HZT Records), Recorded & Mixed by David Percefull of Yellow Dog Studios and Mastered by Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering Portland, Me.


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Ric-A-Sha Drops His Latest Single #BlackLatina



Ricardo Stuvaints’ Latest Single started out as an Entry into a Contest

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ricardo Stuvaints from McKeesport, Pennsylvania goes by his rapper name of “Ric-A-Sha.” The street/spiritual lifestyle is at the heart of Ric-A-Sha’s music and is seen in every song this East Coast hip-hop artist produces. From the first official single that Ric-A-Sha released on Soundcloud and YouTube “I AINT LYING” to “Youngin Thuggin” Ric-A-Sha released with Etho, the fast thug lifestyle is the heart and soul of this talented rapper’s beats.

As a direct result of Ric-A-Sha’s talent and dedication, #BlackLatina is the latest single that Ric-A-Sha is getting to ready to drop. The backstory to this single is quite interesting. It started out as an entry into a contest for a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. When submitting the song, little did Ricardo “Ric-A-Sha” Stuvaints know that he would soon be contacted for his entry and all of his efforts would come to fruition.

Within just a few days, Ric-A-Sha received an email praising his entry. He was offered a distribution deal and a chance to work with Paris Kirk, former DefJamRecords A&R and a seasoned music industry expert. This deal speaks volume about Ric-A-Sha’s talent and dedication, but it is not the only example of his success. Ric-A-Sha’s efforts and relatable, thug-style music has placed him in the circle of many music industry veterans. Ric-A-Sha’s close connection with Paris Kirk has also led him to an offer of working with L.A. Reid who is a well-known record executive and record producer.

Ric-A-Sha has more tracks in the pipeline and hopes to become a household name. His #StreetSpiritualMusic Movement encompasses his passion to entertain and produce more great songs. Contact him for reviews, interviews, collaborations, and other inquiries via the contact information below.


Ric-A-Sha is the CEO of Madde Naccion, Club Owner, Brand Ambassador, Host, Executive Producer, Artist Liaison, and currently lives in Tampa Bay, Florida.



Ricardo Stuvaints
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Professor Offers An Education In Hip Hop



HAYMARKET, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES , December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Taking his talent and making a dream come true, artist Professor is ready to school other artists on how hip hop should be done. His newest album, “Melodic Trap,” is a mix of different genres that will have fans talking. The album is something fresh and new and should be on the next addition to any playlist.

“Melodic Trap” has a fun combination of trap music and hip hop beats. The dynamic rhythms will have music lovers dancing and blasting the speakers. Each track is an energetic sound experience. The dynamic lyrical and vocal talent of Professor is heart as he sings. The lyrics on the album are great for singing along to as you drive down the road. The album has a twist of R&B sounds as well that will surprise listeners. It adds an element of smooth sounds that will give listeners a break in the fast-paced album. “Melodic Trap” has already been released and is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Professor, AKA Tyler Stafford, was born in Memphis, TN, a place with notable music history. He moved to another state and town to begin pursuing his music dream. Professor is ready to take his music career to the next level. Professor is the name to check out in hip hop music.

From his website:
“Professor’s music has a distinct and dynamic sound, which is a perfect combination of Trap music and lyrical melodies. Because his music is so unique, he has been able to appeal to a broader range of music lovers with his music’s crossover appeal.”

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Professor for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1Professor-139589986749090/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/1professor?igshid=1q8x3qpsk2dz8

Tyler Stafford
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HIP Video Promo Presents: Emily Edrosa Portrays an Ugly Breakup in New Music Video “She Agreed”

Emily Edrosa

Emily Edrosa – She Agreed

One of the women flees the car, door left open, engine running, while the other – coldly! – decides to end things in a way that's far more final.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — New Zealand multi-instrumentalist Emily Edrosa describes herself as "a pretty afraid person" who's scared of change. That's totally normal – lots of us, if pushed, would probably self-identify as such. What's not normal is to move to the other side of the planet, alone, to a country in the middle of losing its mind, based on nothing more than a daydream of what might be. Edrosa had spent the previous decade carving out a spot in the cozy, supportive Auckland scene, fronting locally beloved indie rockers Street Chant, with records out on legendary Flying Nun Records. She traded it in for a shot at the LA rock clubs, the hope of forming a band in the city of Angels, and maybe a chance at a green card and with it, the option to stick around long enough to make something happen. Well, she got it: she got signed to Park The Van Records and made Another Wave is Coming with underground A-list producer John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.). "She Agreed" is the first single off that record.

All has so far gone according to plan in Edrosa's career, but the narrator in "She Agreed" sees her love life go completely to hell. A simple, dreamy guitar stands in for the simmering anger and hurt laid out in the lyrics, which center on a relationship ended as much by one partner's unwillingness to fight for it as by her homophobic parents. After inviting the listener to witness that pain, Emily's voice soars as she shoots down the high road: "I refuse to pretend / that I don't hate all of them," and drums enter to pick the song up into a gallop. Begrudging acceptance hangs off her voice like icicles. She's past it but never quite over it, and that's the most real breakup song scenario anyone's crafted in years.

Directors Emily Kempf (frontwoman of the band Dehd) and Ryan Hart throw a breakup in reverse, which goes from regular-nasty to next-level-nasty with shocking speed. We come in at the very end, witness to some roadside trauma, and as the song builds in intensity and the film rewinds, we piece together how the video's hero came to be on her back on the blacktop. A relationship implodes in the front seats of an unremarkable car, in an unremarkable cul de sac, both of which make this tear-streaked agony and upheaval all the more surreal. One of the women flees the car, door left open, engine running, while the other – coldly! – decides to end things in a way that's far more final. "She Agreed" rewards repeated views, a beautifully conceived and shot clip about one ugly afternoon.

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Singer-Songwriter, Shaun Dennis Covington.

Shaun Dennis Covington, Author of “Arashi: Prince of The Sky”

American recording artist and songwriter Shaun Dennis Covington will release his debut graphic novel “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” at the beginning of 2021.

I became a writer for the same reason I make music and why I chose to be an artist. I need to create and share my story with the world so they know that fear doesn’t live here…Just do it”

— Shaun Dennis Covington

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — American recording artist and songwriter Shaun Dennis Covington will release his debut graphic novel “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” at the beginning of 2021. The tale invites readers to follow Arashi and his sister Ishara on their journey to defeat the spirit of fear to save the world from its terrors and discover the dawn of love along the way. The book is titled after Shaun’s artist moniker Arashi SupaNova, its fiction-based and edited by Anthony Pierre Sherrill. It will be simultaneously issued in digital and physical formats by Amazon.

The new author has always had a knack for creating and sharing stories. During these unprecedented times facing many affected by the global pandemic, Covington chose to touch on the importance of mental health, overcoming anxiety, and overall happiness. “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” is a fantasy, action, and adventure that can be appreciated by the young and old–with a suggestion of 14 years old and up.

Said Shaun Dennis Covington, “I became a writer for the same reason I make music and why I chose to be an artist. I need to create and share my story with the world so they know that fear doesn’t live here. We go forth and do what we were brought here to do without question. Just do it.”

His artistic journey started as a singer-songwriter in his hometown Harlem, New York. The melting pot cultures, the city’s hustle and bustle nature, and liberation helped develop his sound. Shaun moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to attend the Los Angeles Film School. He studied music production and released his first E.P. called “Hype,” full of high-intensity tracks. Being a fitness trainer as well, he tailored the project to those who value health and wellness. His music has been described as experimental and care-free.

Shaun has written for recording artist Tracy J’s EP “This Could Be,” recently finished co-writing for the soundtrack of a coming of age drama “Life Aint Like The Movies” [Robert Butler, Paul Bates, Cindy Williams, William C. Ingram] fall 2021 release and is currently crafting his debut album. The publication date, pricing, and pre-order link for Arashi: Prince of the Sky details to be announced at a later date.

Connect with Shaun Convington:

Instagram: arashi_supanova
Website: arashisupanova.com

To schedule an interview or speaking request, please contact Rosa Veleno at admin@megaentivision.com or (310) 910-1864.

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Henry Goodman Narrates ‘Lubin, from Chelm’ in David Yang and Kenneth Woods' Klezmer-inspired Folk Tale Premiere

Canadian artist, Alisa Snyder, has illustrated 'Lubin, from Chelm' with engaging pencil drawings

Canadian artist, Alisa Snyder, has illustrated ‘Lubin, from Chelm’ with engaging pencil drawings

English Symphony Orchestra provide evocative Klezmer musical stylings by Jewish-American composer David Yang

English Symphony Orchestra provide evocative Klezmer musical stylings by Jewish-American composer David Yang

Kenneth Woods is orchestrator and conductor

Kenneth Woods is orchestrator and conductor

Featuring evocative Klezmer musical stylings by Jewish-American composer David Yang; launching on English Symphony Orchestra's digital platform, 4 December 2020

UNITED KINGDOM, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Art of Storytelling: Music from Wyastone – Studio Concert Series
David Yang's 'Lubin, from Chelm'

English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, Conductor
Henry Goodman, Narrator

Available at 1800 GMT, Friday 4 December 2020 and afterwards on ESO Digital: www.eso.co.uk/lubin

A hilarious re-telling of the traditional English folk tale, Lazy Jack, relocated to the Ukrainian shtetl and brought to life with abundantly witty Yiddish turns of phrase and evocative Klezmer musical stylings by Jewish-American composer David “Yankele” Yang and orchestrated by Kenneth Woods.

Following the successful launch of their new series of virtual storytelling concerts with the premiere of Kenneth Woods’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’ narrated by Hugh Bonneville, the English Symphony Orchestra (ESO) are thrilled to welcome Henry Goodman to narrate David Yang’s hilarious Klezmer-inspired work, 'Lubin, from Chelm'. The film includes performance footage of Goodman and the ESO alongside pencil drawings by Canadian artist, Alisa Snyder and is suitable for both adults and children to enjoy.

Henry Goodman has long been one of the most admired and accomplished British actors of his generation, equally at home on the stage, in film and on television, as well as being a highly sought-after voice actor. As a leading Shakespearean, he is a renowned interpreter of the title role in Richard III and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. His Awards include two Olivier's for Best Actor and a nomination for Best Actor in a Musical (Chicago). Of Jewish descent, Goodman won universal praise in the iconic role of Tevye in Trevon Nunn’s revival of Fiddler on the Roof.

Chinese-Jewish-American composer and violist David Yang is the founder of the Philadelphia based musical storytelling troupe Auricolae. 'Lubin, from Chelm' is one of five works in Yang’s “Chelm” series, which have drawn universal acclaim for their distinctive humour and virtuosic Klezmer stylings. Yang is Director of Chamber Music at the University of Pennsylvania, and Artistic Director of the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival.

Yang and conductor Kenneth Woods, who is also Artistic Director of the Colorado MahlerFest, are long-time colleagues as violist and cellist in the string trio Ensemble, Epomeo, and so it was natural that Yang entrusted Woods with the orchestration of 'Lubin'. “I’ve probably played the original duo version of 'Lubin' over 100 times,” says Woods. “Orchestrating it was just a joy; David’s music and his use of language are so clever that it’s actually quite easy to expand a piece that is originally just two voices into something much more elaborate. There’s just so much to work with.”

Illustrator Alisa Snyder was born in Providence, Rhode Island and has lived most of her life in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and an MFA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Landscape and still life are the primary subjects of her painting, and central to her work is an emotional response to nature. “A love of music has always been a part of my life and practice as a visual artist,” says Snyder, “and illustrating David Yang’s score and story was a special pleasure.”

Future instalments in the series include contributions from Davood Ghadami, who narrates 'The Warrior Violinist' by Jay Reise; a re-working of one of the world’s oldest folk tales believed to have its origins over 6000 years ago in Egypt. Henry Goodman also returns to narrate Tom Kraines’s setting of the Brothers Grimm classic, 'Hansel and Gretel'.

Additional information and interview requests:

English Symphony Orchestra

Kenneth Woods, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor


Colerado Mahlerfest

'Klezmer' is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe

Karen Fletcher
Archery Music Promotions

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HIP Video Promo presents: David King Jones lightens our holiday with humorous music clip "The Covid 19 Christmas Song"

David King Jones

David King Jones – The Covid 19 Christmas Song

Forgetting your mask in your car is all too familiar, but the emojis in the clip have all their PPE on.

WASHINGTON D.C., USA, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The conventional joys of the holidays are put on the backburner this year. Take the normal traditions you're familiar with – like photos with Santa and big family gatherings – and erase it from your mind temporarily. While the pandemic has been damaging throughout the globe, it has certainly thrown the normality of our everyday operations for a twist. David King Jones is getting us into the Christmas spirit with his lighthearted holiday single, "The Covid 19 Christmas Song." The Washington D.C. native began his journey in middle school with his first-ever keyboard and soon began producing his own music. During his time in New York City, Jones' musical talents opened doors for him to travel and work with different artists. Now, he's singled in on the R&B/pop genre but still specializes in rap, hip-hop, and EDM.

Jones wears all the hats in every part of his music process; besides writing and singing, he records, mixes, and masters each track in his home studio. He also films and edits each music video himself, creating a truly personal narrative for each clip. The artist had a song featured on BET Uncut and received plenty of radio love from Hot 97 New York. One thing Jones got out of quarantine was finding out how to intertwine it into his music.

David King Jones might just be the king of the green screen due to his impressive comedic cutouts in "The Covid 19 Christmas Song" music video. As he performs in front of a Christmas tree in an essential worker's uniform, nostalgic clips of busy and crowded holiday events flash across the screen, only to be halted by Santa snoozing off, disinfected shopping carts, and Christmas carolers performing on phone screens instead of in front of your door. The gift of giving and sharing is a bit limited with single-use products and no cash payments at certain stores. Forgetting your mask in your car is all too familiar, but the emojis in the clip have all their PPE on. As recommended by CDC guidelines, make sure to social distance, limit gatherings, and stay away from the mistletoe this holiday season.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Stringz EMB reminds us to celebrate our wins but to remain humble in new music video "Perfect"

Stringz EMB

Stringz EMB – Perfect

If there's one thing we've gained from quarantine, it's more time with our immediate family.

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, December 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being true to yourself and staying authentic to who you are is not always easy. It takes some life lessons for many of us to find who we are and learn to be okay with being vulnerable. What might be hard for some is as easy as pie with Stringz EMB, AKA Gregory Bowdry. Stringz EMB has an authenticity and vulnerability about how he performs and the way he produces his songs. That's what's been drawing in audiences all over the country, putting him in a league of his own. The new single "Perfect" is the seamless combination of vulnerable and meaningful messages but with the same classic soulful sound and feel we all know and love.

"Perfect" is a musical masterpiece of fast words and soulful music to back those vocals up. The St. Louis native father of two opens up his heart, sharing everything going on in 2020, from the ongoing pandemic to the perception of "perfect" people see when they look at him, not seeing that he has all the same challenges and obstacles just like the rest of us. The soulful music coincides perfectly with the important, possibly frustrated message Stringz EMB is trying to get across. He opens up about depression and anger and having a complicated relationship with his brother. The lyrics remind listeners always to stay humble no matter how successful they might become, and have the same feeling of comfort of confiding in a close friend and getting the weight off your chest.

Shot and edited during quarantine, StringZ takes a different approach for the "Perfect" video: instead of being shot in front of a green screen, this video is entirely animated, something that's been a goal for StringZ EMB ever since his musical career began. He connected with video producer Recokh on Instagram, and this dope visual was created. The clip starts with a cartoon version of StringZ staring out his window and watching the news as they report on the pandemic. Throughout the clip, we see Stringz talking face-to-face with a featureless person wrapped in a glowing blue hue; come to find out he's been talking to another version of himself the entire time. The clip ends with the animated version of his wife, son, and daughter, the kids climbing onto their dad as he tries to get work done, and the whole family trying to take a picture with their goofy dog. If there's one thing we've gained from quarantine, it's more time with our immediate family.

More Stringz EMB on his website
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