Team Drip Releases 'Please Don't Shoot Me!' A Song and Video that Deals with Issues of Racism and Police Brutality

Featuring Shateish, produced by Grammy Award winning producer Nottz and keyboards by Arn B!

Team Drip – Please Don’t Shoot Me single

Vote For A Change!

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2020 / — 2020 has been a rough year so far, and it’s not over yet! The Corona Virus has crippled nations and brought them to their knees but there is one thing that has been crippling America for a long time…racism and police brutality! There are opinions on both sides of the coin but everyone agrees – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Some people have created movements, most popular being the Black Lives Matter movement, others have decided to take a knee and others use their platform as an artist or entertainer to bring light to the situation, especially in Hip Hop.

One Hip Hop group named Team Drip is using their artistic expression to voice their frustration and disappointment in the treatment of civilians, mostly black. They recorded a powerful song called Please Don’t Shoot Me which addresses these issues. The song is accompanied by a video that is more powerful and evokes a lot of emotions.

The song and video begins with a child-like chant by a crowd of mothers, singing ‘hands up, please don’t shoot me!’ This crowd gathered in Portland after George Floyd called out for his mother while Officer Chauvin kept his knee on his neck for several minutes which contributed to his death. The video then shows various cell phone clips and bodycam coverage of police brutality that is both disturbing and infuriating! From the shooting of Walter Scott to the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile the video builds its case from the beginning! A piano chord comes in under the chant. Then a soulful, raspy, female voice comes in singing ‘Tell me do you see it? Do you see what we go thru?’ Then the Team Drip artists are revealed, KJIGGA and Smurf, then the female singer, Shateish. The video location is the Lee Monument in Richmond, Va. The beat comes in, a soulful bassline and organ along with a hard drum track. Another disturbing clip of Eric Garner being choked by police plays while Shateish sings ‘I can’t breathe’!

Then Smurf begins rapping – ‘I’m a black man…’ and clips play along with his words. As he says ‘How you never get convicted when you’re wearing a bodycam’ a clip of Stephon Clarke getting shot plays. Shateish ad libs behind Smurf’s vocals making his verse stronger and gives it more feeling. His final verse ‘George a knee to the head, Breonna shots to the flesh…’ shows footage of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Shateish comes in for the hook. In the hook she sings ‘I can’t breathe’ with such emotion you can feeling her frustration! Clips of women being abused by police along with Daniel Prude who was suffocated in police custody plays.

KJIGGA comes in ‘Please don’t shoot…’ then the video cuts to Charles Kinsey, a behavior tech at a group home that laid on the ground with his hands up to protect a patient and was shot by police for no reason. After the clip the video goes back to KJIGGA rapping ‘I’m a black man…’. Shateish ad libs over KJIGGA’s verses while more clips of police brutality play throughout his verse. The video builds with its clips until the hook comes in again and Shateish explodes with vocals! ‘I can’t breathe’ is so forceful and her breakdown is even more heartfelt, as if one of her own children has fallen victim to the police.

The video concludes with Shateish singing ‘I’m gonna be somebody, please…’ while the third Team Drip member, Lik says “When we say black lives matter, we don’t mean we’re better than anybody, we’re saying our lives matter, too’. The video shows various people in the video with face masks on that says ‘Please don’t shoot me’ and holding their fists up in solidarity.

The final clip that plays is of Roderick Walker, a Lyft passenger who was savagely beaten by police because he didn’t have ID on him. His girlfriend is screaming while his child watches in horror and starts screaming ‘DADDY!’

The video tugs at the listeners’ emotions and pulls you into what the victims were feeling at that time.

KJIGGA and Smurf deliver a song that is both impactful and relevant to today’s issues. Vote to make a change!

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Team Drip – Please Don’t Shoot Me ft. Shateish

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Versatile Artist K.Nut Is Finally Here!”it’s West Coast Rap, But, K.Nut Is The Real Deal

Versatile Artist K.Nut Announces Release of New Single (W.T.D.T.A) Where They Do That At Playing On Compton 2 New York Radio

SANTA ANA, CA, USA, September 20, 2020 / — Fresh outta the Santa Ana California Hip Hop movement scene is one the best young artist making way by the name of K.Nut. With his debut single “W.T.D.T.A”(Where They Do That At) is making real noise in the streets. His new single is guaranteed to become a West Coast anthem, and with his influencers being Sugafree, Snoop Dogg, and Brotha Lynch Hung listening to his music brings me back to what the West Coast used to sound like.

Furthermore, what makes K.Nut different from other Hip Hop artists is his blunt attitude, so he’s not afraid to speak his mind, nor does he care about what haters have to say. Recently, after hooking up with D.J. Diamond Smallz he was introduced to We All Can Eat Inc/The Orchard and they have come to a agreement to market and promote his projects. For more information on K.Nut

Contact: Manager Bryant Ramsey 

Derrick Nettles
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Bringing together the local talent of New Jersey, Cutty TV launches a new blog “Jersey Watch”

Jersey Watch Logo

Jersey Watch Logo

Worldwide Tunes

Worldwide Tunes

Cutty TV supports the local artists of New Jersey and helps them get the exposure they deserve. Cutty TV rolls out a new blog “Jersey Watch”

The next big thing out of NJ, We need this for our Indies! NJ needs to have a voice also in the industry!”

— Cutty

EDGEWATER PARK , NJ , UNITED STATES , September 20, 2020 / — Local talent of an area should be promoted; many talented people can be found at any area, some people have a lot of expertise, but still, they can’t grow due to poor attention and are mostly ignored, which kills their potential and thus they gradually lose interest in their talent. To remedy this foul, Cutty TV LLC, aims at helping the local talent to provide the attention they deserve. Cutty Entertainment Mogul is one of the many blog posts featured on the newly launched blog “Jersey Watch”. This NJ Blog provides an outlet for the local talent of New Jersey. By showing the newest talent to the world, Cutty TV LLC is expanding its horizons each day.

Terrance Disman, A.K.A Cutty created Cutty TV LLC and Jersey Watch, in order to help the local talent of New Jersey. Cutty believes in the local talent of New Jersey and he wants to support them to help them achieve the level of respect and attention they deserve. Cutty also conducts interviews with the major names such as Brandon Clark, Vigilante and Ghetto Reese. These interviews serve as the basis of inspiration for the younger generation deciding to step into the industry of music and creativity. Cutty wants to share the local talent of New Jersey to the world by showcasing the best artists.

The blog, Jersey Watch also features Jersey Watch Exclusive Worldwide Tunes, a collection of songs from some of the best indie artists. Jersey Watch Exclusive Worldwide Tunes was also featured on Genius and was seen and loved by more than 2 million people, it also had a billboard displayed on Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles. The Worldwide Tunes contain songs from artists such as Jo Rivers, Ghetto Rese, Body Red, Silent, Teddy Martin and many others. This mixtape can be found on Spinrilla & Jersey Watch to hear it.

Jersey Watch also has some great blogs which promote the local talent and help them get an outlet to inspire others. Indie talent is something that can be found anywhere, it only needs to be polished and brought in front of the world. Cutty TV also produces YouTube videos, discussing various topics of the music industry and some interviews. With all this going on at Cutty TV, many new local talented people come forward each day and share their stories, Cutty then helps them to polish their skills so that they can fulfil their dreams of becoming the best.

Cutty TV LLC
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Brandon Clark Exclusive Interview on Jersey Watch

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Hit Series, 'Now With Natalie' By Hillsong Channel Launches A New Season On YouTube, September 19

"Now with Natalie" season 2 offers hope-filled, inspiring television featuring unfiltered conversations about the way culture often dictates one's worth.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — Hit Series, 'Now With Natalie' By Hillsong Channel Launches A New Season On YouTube, September 19.

An inside look into the lives of key cultural influencers, exploring ideas of secrecy, shame and vulnerability.

Hillsong Channel announces the coming premier of "Now with Natalie, Season 2" featuring host and co-executive producer Natalie Manuel Lee. In this all new 10-episode season, "Now with Natalie" continues to offer hope-filled, entertaining and inspiring television featuring unfiltered conversations about the way culture often tries to dictate one’s worth, path and identity.

Host Natalie Manuel Lee speaks with people at the top of their industry, from the realms of music, radio, politics, television and philosophy to find out how they navigate shame and translate their hardships into opportunities to refine themselves instead of define themselves.

With an all new guest line-up, we will hear personal and raw life stories from radio host Charlamagne tha God, actress Yvonne Orji, political activist Angela Rye, YouTubers Kristin & Danny Adams, model Jordyn Woods, media personality Van Lathan, Dr. A.R. Bernard, along with music artists Lecrae, Brian "Head" Welch, and LeToya Luckett. Natalie's interviews examine the shared human experience of purpose, pain and confronting the past through authentic storytelling.

Premiering free on YouTube, Saturday, September 19th, for 10 weeks and broadcasting globally on Hillsong Channel every Sunday. Weekly episodes will be available earlier only for Hillsong Channel Now subscribers.

Follow Now with Natalie on Instagram @HillsongChannel.

Hillsong Channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available to over 66 million homes in the U.S. and another 164 million households around the globe. Viewers from 183 countries watch Hillsong Channel.

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Prog Rock Visionaries SONTAAG Release New Single “BEYOND FOREVER!”

Sontaag - Beyond Forever Cover

Sontaag – Beyond Forever

Sontaag Photo


Cleopatra Records Logo

Cleopatra Records

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 18, 2020 / — International rock collective Sontaag, whose eponymous debut album is a multi-generic collision of progressive space opera, cinematic ambience and sci-fi storytelling that arrived to significant critical acclaim in 2014, are set to return into 2020’s dystopian new normal.

On September 18th, the band will release their new single “Beyond Forever.” The cast of this particular mission finds original collaborators Richard Sontaag (guitars, keyboards) and Ian Fortnam (vocals) joined by Steve George (Swervedriver) on bass while Dave Barbarossa (Adam And The Ants/Bow Wow Wow) – whose trademark beats propelled Sontaag’s 2019 all-out sonic assault on Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine” (with Youth, Nik Turner and The Orb) – returns on drums.

“Beyond Forever” and its companion track “Back To My Soul (both produced by Richard Sontaag) are available through Cleopatra Records via all digital platforms with cover art by Julie Cunnah.

Stream the single:

Ian Fortnam: “Between them, these compositions form the next chapter of the Sontaag story. The conclusion of the album saw our lead character drifting away from a scene of total annihilation into an uncertain future. These songs reflect our hero's innermost thoughts. ‘Beyond Forever’ finds him lost, alone, permanently social distanced, but ultimately optimistic, while ‘Back To My Soul’ has him searching for spiritual redemption while mourning for all that’s gone. If our first chapters were set in outer space, these next instalments play out in a terminally locked-down inner space.”

Richard Sontaag: “‘Beyond Forever’ has a kind of James Bond theme feel to it. Ages ago, I remember going to a film studio in Ealing and watching them cut together the opening credits of a Bond film, and that was a lot of fun. When we were writing ‘Beyond Forever,’ I was thinking of something that could play over a really spaced-out Bond opening. As for ‘Back To My Soul,’ I like riffs, but I’m also interested in the traditional craft of songwriting. ‘Back To My Soul’ is an attempt to combine the two.”

Steve George: “When my best buddy and I experienced the joy of playing an electric guitar for the first time, we didn’t have an amp, so we commandeered his brother Richard’s old Vox AC30. The amp kept cutting out, but that did not ruin the thrill of reproducing the riffs of ‘War Pigs,’ ‘Silver Machine’ and, sadly, ‘Smoke on the Water.’ So playing with Sontaag all this time later means that things have kind of come full circle for me.”

“Progressive restored to its original sense. By referencing the last five decades of music and film, Sontaag create a highly original sci-fi morality tale for the future, and one of the year’s most unusual listening experiences, itself crying out for movie status.” 8/10 – Classic Rock

“Progtastic!” 4/5 – Daily Mirror

“Just download it to your brain from the nearest orbiting space station.” – Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 2

“A schizophrenic head fuck of an album, switching between ambient electronica and crunchy hard rock.” – Detroit-Metro Times

“A spectacular collision of British eccentricity and dramatic storytelling.” – Line Of Best Fit

“Sontaag have created one of the year’s most unusual listening experiences with this 21st century take on a sci-fi morality tale.” – Shindig

PHOTO CREDIT: Julie Cunnah/Kevin Nixon

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Dailymotion @Cleopatrarecords
Vimeo @cleopatrarecords
Spotify @cleopatra_recs
Linkedin @cleopatra-records

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Alecia Nugent Invites Fans To Take A Stroll To THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN – New CD Drops Today

Alecia Nugent Credit: David McClister

Alecia Nugent’s The Old Side of Town CD cover

First Country album by award-winning artist Alecia Nugent officially released today

Nugent remains an absolutely heart-stopping, old-school Country singer.”

— Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow Magazine

PLEASANT VIEW, TN, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 / — Alecia Nugent’s much anticipated debut Country album is available for purchase now on iTunes / Apple Music and her website. The drop follows a week of intense pre-release promotion that included four exclusive track premieres, and the variety of tunes selected by Music Matters Magazine (“The Other Woman”), The Country Note (“I Might Have One Too”), Jackalope Magazine (“I Thought He’d Never Leave”), and Guitar Girl Magazine (“Sad Song”) showcases the scope of Nugent’s talent. A flurry of recent media features (American Songwriter, Country Sway, Digital Journal, Making A Scene, ParcBench, Bluegrass Today, Medium, Las Vegas Tribune and more) has fueled the buzz surrounding the Keith Stegall-produced disc. Alecia appeared on WSM AM’s “Coffee, Country & Cody” show (Circle TV Network simulcast) this morning, and additional interviews aired earlier this week on Hillbilly Highway Radio Show, Zeke Buttons Bluegrass & Country Show, and Flashpoint Arts Bluegrass.

THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN brings a mix of tempos into play – and Alecia’s diversity is evident as she transitions from stately Country crooning ala Connie Smith to the salty earthiness of Loretta and a dash of Reba sass. Throughout it all is the remarkable presence that defines Nugent, and her experienced voice and thoughtful nuance are welcome anytime.

For Nugent, this day has been a long time coming. “It almost doesn’t feel real,” notes the songstress. “I went home for a visit and didn’t come back to Nashville for almost 10 years. But I am back, and so excited to share this new music with everyone.” Many tastemakers are just as excited to hear it:

"It’s kinda strange but two of my best friends and great singers liked the same song: Alecia Nugent and George Jones. Both recorded ‘The Old Side Of Town’: two of my favorite records. I’m not taking sides, but one is better looking than the other one." – Tom T. Hall

“Alecia is the definition of “real” Country music and she sings it the way it was intended – honest songs about genuine people in a time when we are all aching for something ‘authentic’.” – Jerry Salley, SESAC Writer of the Year

“Alecia sings and writes songs with such feeling… her delivery brings them to life.” – Sandy Zimmerman, Las Vegas Tribune

“Nugent remains an absolutely heart-stopping, old-school Country singer. She has a voice that was born to blend with fiddle and steel guitar. In fact, every note that comes from her throat sounds like a Country music instrument.” – Robert K Oermann, MusicRow

“Keith Stegall brings out the Country in the Bluegrasser with devastating effect.”- Duncan Warwick, Country Music People

For every copy of THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN sold on throughout the month of September, Alecia will donate one-half of the proceeds to eight-year-old Texan, Zayden, who is suffering from brain cancer.

Fans can learn more and stay social with Alecia:
Facebook: @Alecia Nugent Music
Instagram: @Alecia Nugent

A native of Hickory Grove, Louisiana, Alecia became the lead singer of her dad’s group, The Southland Bluegrass Band, when she was in her teens. She went on to record three albums for Rounder Records in the early 2000s, toured the U.S. extensively, and performed shows in Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Canada as well. THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN is her first release in 10 years. Now based in Nashville, Nugent was awarded SPBGMA Female Vocalist of the Year honors (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011), and won the IBMA Album of the Year award for MUSICIANS AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER. She has performed 71 times on the Grand Ole Opry. She loves baseball, Peanut Butter Fudge Balls, fishing, and refinishing old furniture.

Martha Moore
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Alecia Nugent talks about the album

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Rising Alt-Pop Prince Christian French Unveils Mesmerizing ‘good things take time’ EP

good things take time EP art

good things take time EP art

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 18, 2020 / — (September 18, 2020 — Boasting a series of breakout singles, 23-year-old alternative pop singer-songwriter Christian French releases the good things take time EP (via Disruptor Records/RCA Records)

Listen HERE.

About the EP, Christian shares, “good things take time is about the trial and error of figuring life out and finding what works best for yourself. The project encompasses both my personal life and life as a musician. I’ve realized life is going to throw you curveballs, and there’s no way to know what’s coming or how to perfectly deal with things. All you can do is your best in every situation and approach challenges optimistically. Be patient. What you’re going through will help you continuously grow and become a better version of yourself. That’s what life is about.”

The upbeat title track “good things take time” mixes French’s smooth vocals with buoyant production and sets a hopeful tone for the EP. The soulful, self-aware anthem showcases Christian’s optimism and patience while on his journey of personal growth and self-love and acceptance.

Already, tracks from the EP—such as “i think too much,” “time of our lives,” “crowded room,” “make or break up” and “paper thin”— have cumulatively tallied millions of streams and counting and has received praise from TIME Magazine, Billboard, Ones To Watch, BELLO Mag, American Songwriter, and CelebMix.

Elsewhere on the seven-track set, “wake up” pairs a lush soundscape with French’s trademark velvety vocals and optimism. A timely reminder of the world we live in, he advises listeners to look within, encourage each other, and course-correct, because “we’ve been sleeping but alarms are going off, so it’s time to wake up.”

The ‘good things take time’ EP follows French's highly successful breakout single “head first,” which maintains staggering momentum since its May 2019 release. Amassing over 50 million worldwide streams collectively, and averaging over 200k daily streams thanks to features on Spotify’s top playlists like Pop Rising and Young & Free, the alt-pop gem keeps fans hypnotized, mesmerized globally.

good things take time EP track listing
1. “good things take time"
2. “wake up”
3. “i think too much”
4. “crowded room”
5. “make or break up”
6. “time of our lives”
7. “paper thin”


Two years ago, hockey lover and Fisher, Indiana native Christian French put his pre-med textbooks on the shelf forever to follow his true passion: using his music to share his unique perspective on life. Today, Christian has become one of America’s fastest-rising indie-pop princes. Starting out with covers on SoundCloud—emulating his favorite artists John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, and Adam Levine—Christian eventually dropped out of Indiana University and migrated to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. It was there in 2018, while sleeping on friends’ couches, that he penned his first single, “love ride,” which has amassed over 19 million streams globally and helped him build a rabid fanbase, setting the tone for his bright future. Just a year later, Christian joined friend and fellow pop artist Chelsea Cutler on a nationwide, sold-out North American tour followed by another, even bigger tour with Quinn XCII. By the end of 2018, Christian spent all his savings on recording and releasing his independent debut EP, “natural colors,” which has amassed over 25 million streams to date. In 2019, Christian signed to Disruptor Records/Sony Music and released his “bright side of the moon” EP which features the biggest hit of his career, “head first,” which he followed by embarking on his debut headlining tour. With rock scope, pop palatability, and lyrical vulnerability his most recent singles “i think too much,” “time of our lives,” and “crowded room” showcase the nuances of his singular style and encompass pivotal thoughts about his ascendant journey thus far.

Stacie Sater
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Christian French – good things take time (Official Video)

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The Mom’s Choice Awards® Names Seaper Powers’ Album, “Connecting To Animals” Among the Best in Family-Friendly Products!

Kim Cameron (Creator/Author/Producer of Seaper Powers)

“Connecting To Animals’ is an island-style children’s album based on the upcoming film and book series, Seaper Powers.

I am a vocal teacher in an after school mentoring program in the heart of Miami.  The children love to sing, they love to dance, so this album was really dedicated to each and every one of them.”

— Kim Cameron

MIAMI BEACH, FL, USA, September 18, 2020 / — ‘Connecting To Animals’, has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award® for Best in Family-Friendly Products! The 10 song album is a mix of island-style music designed for kids and incorporates the theme of the book series and upcoming feature film, Seaper Powers.

True to the subject matter of the series, the collection of songs are about friendship, kindness, and respect to both other humans and animals and manages to incorporate the importance of ocean conservation a well. The album starts out with a sweet and adorable, yet heartfelt and inspiring spoken word segment by the multi-talented, Kim Cameron, who is not only the writer, director, and producer of the series but also the recording artist.

"I am a vocal teacher in an after school mentoring program in the heart of Miami.  The children love to sing, they love to dance, so this album was really dedicated to each and every one of them. They always seem to make me smile.” -Kim Cameron

The Seaper Powers series follows the adventures of Emma and her sea creature friends. “In Search of Blue Jays Treasure” (the latest book) has also been recognized by the Purple Dragon Book Awards. Ms. Cameron has been touring elementary schools and libraries across the country reading her stories and encouraging ocean conservation to children. The series also has an impressive collection of plush dolls, toys, and just introduced their erasable new coloring book.

The first music track, “Mr. Octopus”, was released in November 2019 and the video was featured on YouTube Kids and has received a Hollywood Music & Media nomination for Best Children’s Song. There is also an official soundtrack album that features a compilation of tracks and background music used in the film. The music for both albums matches the ocean theme of the books and film with an eclectic mix of reggae beats, calypso, deep house sounds, electro-pop, rap, children's pop, and tropical jazzy notes. Musical voices and talent for the music include, Kim Cameron, John DePatie, Kris Pierce, Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga, among others.

The music supporting the movie has been receiving awards from Film Festivals worldwide including the New York International Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), World Film Carnival-Singapore (Best Soundtrack), the gold award at the Tillywig Toy & Media.

The album is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

For more information on Seaper Powers, please visit the website at

Amanda Alexandrakis
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Seaper Powers The Movie (Official Trailer)

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HIP Video Promo presents: Alex Sparrow calls for unity amongst chaos in new music video “Love Is All That Matters”

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow – Love Is All That Matters

The video opens with a clip from MLK’s “I Have A Dream” interspersed with recent Black Lives Matter protests

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 18, 2020 / — Nearly a billion total streams with “She’s Crazy But She’s Mine”; a role on Netflix’s Space Force (recently #1 in the US and globally) with Steve Carrel and John Malkovich; a champ on X-Factor, Wipe Out, and Dancing With The Stars; surviving a car wreck and massive stroke… is there anything Alex Sparrow hasn’t accomplished? This Russian born and Austrian aristocracy raised singer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, professionally-trained stuntman, dancer, director, and screenwriter is a star in his native land – and with nothing left to prove at home, he’s brought his talent to the United States. Not one to coast on his laurels, Alex Sparrow wants to inspire: he wants to show everyone that with a healthy lifestyle, a positive mental attitude, and lots of hard work, anything is possible.

On August 28, 1963, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. gave what would become one of the most famous speeches of all time: his “I Have a Dream” speech, during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which called for civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd – a 46-year-old black man living in Minneapolis – was killed by a white police officer, prompting nationwide protests against racism and police brutality. Soon, Black Lives Matter grew to be what might be the largest civil rights movement in history: on June 6, nearly half a million people turned out in more than 550 protests across the United States.

Alex Sparrow’s “Love Is All That Matters,” released on June 19, feels applicable to so many different situations – the Black Lives Matter movement, the current COVID-19 pandemic, countless environmental tragedies, to say a few. It seems the world – and our hearts – is full of negativity – but Alex pleads, “Every day is the same old story / But every minute is a chance to change our lives”; maybe we can be the ones to make that change. “The world could either change us / Or we could change the world / Cuz love is all that matters,” he reminds us in the chorus.

Alex Sparrow is a colorful character – he’s known for his big smile, infectious melodies, and impeccable dance moves – but in the “Love Is All That Matters” video, he’s shown in black and white. The video opens with a clip from MLK’s “I Have A Dream” interspersed with recent Black Lives Matter protests. Performing with the intensity fans have come to love him for, Alex shows us that there is hope – hope for a better world, hope for life, and hope for love – in all the chaos.

More Alex Sparrow on his website
More Alex Sparrow on Instagram
More Alex Sparrow on HIP Video Promo

Andrew Gesner
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HIP Video Promo presents: Ray Lugar & The Collective Force exposes our greedy culture in new music video "Paper Cha$e"

Ray Lugar & The Collective Force

Ray Lugar & The Collective Force – Paper Cha$e

A night-in-the-life narrative of commerce and criminality unfolds outside the live show

BALTIMORE, MD, USA, September 18, 2020 / — Most artists grow up listening to music; Baltimore's Ray Lugar grew up immersed in it, already contributing to the creation of various forms of art from a very young age. His father put a bass in his hands when he could barely hold one. His mother, a Black Collector's Hall of Fame inductee, had him involved in stage production before reaching double digits. So making music has always been in the cards for Lugar. He's made his mark with some of the best of the best, having collaborated with GhostFace Killah, Cappadonna, Nice & Smoove's Smoove B, R&B chart-toppers Ruff Endz, and Dru Hill's Scola and Jazz. The Collective Force, his latest and greatest endeavor, has been aligning world-renowned artists and musicians in the studio and onstage, and stands as a powerful voice for all people.

Our current culture of money just isn't working – and something has got to change. Ray Lugar & The Collective Force believe that it will change, and they're at the forefront of that. Compromise holds no currency once Ray Lugar & The Collective Force grab their guitars, their sticks, and that mic. A bulldozer groove clears a path for Lugar's scorched-earth lyrics and the hard truths they hold. With a punk rock rasp and a Chuck D-like command of global politics, the man's not here to bend an ear; he's come to tear it off and school you with the help of some major decibel levels – and Master Butcher's killer guitar and bass. A sinister riff repeats throughout the track, a warning of darkness to come. A chorus of fallen angels backs the chorus' taunting, told-you-so melody. "Paper Cha$e" is the first single off Ray Lugar & The Collective Force's latest album, appropriately titled Force of Nature. Brothers and sisters, this is music made by crazed street preachers sent by a higher power, who have seen behind the curtain and can't hold it in anymore.

Lugar himself directed this performance clip, capturing the band at the height of their powers, united onstage against the forces of evil. Clad in the cartoonishly devilish masks of our ex-presidents and rocking against a solid white backdrop, who exactly are Ray Lugar & The Collective Force doing battle with? The video, says Lugar, "was inspired by longtime social and political practices used by society to manipulate the people into the culture of money." A night-in-the-life narrative of commerce and criminality unfolds outside the live show. Money stealthily changes hands on street corners, civilians go about their business, while men in Scream hoods make their business to relieve folks of their cash at gunpoint. All in the game, though, when life is just one big "Paper Cha$e."

More Ray Lugar & The Collective Force on their website
More Ray Lugar & The Collective Force on Instagram
More Ray Lugar & The Collective Force on HIP Video Promo

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