Rapha Clinic of West Georgia’s 6th Annual ‘Sound of Medicine’ Fundraiser Concert Shifted to Virtual Performance

Mill Town Music Hall to host the virtual event via Facebook Live

The financial support ensures that even during the current crisis, Rapha Clinic can continue providing necessary care for our neighbors who do not have health insurance.”

— Medical Director and Chairman of the Board Dr. Amy Eubanks

TEMPLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia, a local non-profit, faith-based charity, has rescheduled its annual fundraiser to protect the health of performers and attendees due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The 6th Annual Sound of Medicine concert and fundraiser will take place virtually on September 10, 2020 from 6:30pm-9:30pm. Viewers are encouraged to tune into Mill Town Music Hall’s Facebook Live to attend the concert. In addition, Rapha Clinic has been hosting weekly ‘Musical Mondays’ on Facebook, which feature performances from talented local healthcare providers and their family members. (Facebook- The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia; Twitter- @RaphaClinicsWGA)

Created by Medical Director and Chairman of the Board Dr. Amy Eubanks, the annual Sound of Medicine concert is an opportunity to enjoy wonderful and inspiring music, as well as raise much-needed funds that allow Rapha Clinic to continue its mission of providing healthcare in West Georgia. Since opening in 2010, the clinic has been providing free medical and dental care to uninsured adults who are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

“We hope the community will continue supporting our health services and ministry through the fundraising efforts of our Musical Mondays, as well as the Sound of Medicine Silent Auction,” said Eubanks. “The financial support ensures that even during the current crisis, Rapha Clinic can continue providing necessary care for our neighbors who do not have health insurance.”

Performances for the concert include a variety of local acts:
Carroll County Wind Ensemble (featuring Dr. Jonathan Goodin)
Bishop Sam Sauls (Rapha Board Member)
Redeemed (featuring Dr. Amy Eubanks)
Dakota Dodge Band (featuring Dr. Howard Seeman)

Donations may be made in any amount at www.raphaclinic.org/donate. Event sponsorships are also available ranging from $150 to $5,000 and include a variety of benefits. To make a donation or for more information, please call 770-562-4501 or visit www.raphaclinic.org. In addition, the organization offers a year-long sponsorship program celebrating sponsors during all annual fundraising events.

# # #

About Rapha Clinic
The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia is a faith-based, non-profit, charitable ministry serving uninsured adults in West Georgia (Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, Heard, and Paulding counties) since 2010. Volunteer professionals provide high quality medical and dental care to those most in need. In addition to the best healthcare, Rapha patients receive spiritual support and guidance without forcing beliefs. It is through caring for the physical illness that Rapha has an opportunity to be a witness for Christ. The unconditional love and superior care provided by Rapha empowers patients to break the cycle of poor health and habits and improve their quality of life.

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From Townhouse to Empire: Benjamin Entertainment Group Celebrates 10yrs in The Music Industry

Christina Benjamin & Courtney Benjamin

Christina Benjamin & Courtney Benjamin Photo credit: Ghani Vision

Benjamin Ent Group

Benjamin Ent Group

Artists and staff gathering for 10 year anniversary of Benjamin Entertainment Group

Benjamin Entertainment Group turns 10.

Founder Courtney Benjamin started 10yrs ago in a townhouse in Pontiac, MI with a goal to learn the industry and empower indie artists.

Take care of business and the business will take care of you. A artist with a business mindset will always win over a artist with a hobby mindset.”

— Courtney Benjamin

ATLANTA, GA, USA, August 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Starting from the ground up in a townhouse in Pontiac, MI. Founders Courtney Benjamin and Christina Benjamin, staff and artists gathered to celebrate Benjamin Entertainment Groups’ 10 years in the music industry.

Among the attended: Christina Benjamin, Beth Griffith-Manley, Dodi, Swifty Mcvay, Mica Webb, TT, Marcus Devine and more. So many memories and history made from not letting fear stop you from what you believe in.

Benjamin Entertainment Group was built brick by brick from the no’s that came Courtney Benjamin’s way; “all i wanted to do was get my wife signed to a label; not knowing the label would become us. I got tired and told my wife i was going to learn about the music industry and we can do this on our own. I knew nothing about the industry then and that was the problem; Courtney Benjamin states laughing. We always think it’s a person we have to get to when GOD blessed you to be that person you keep praying for.”

The company has signed some of the best talent, producers and writers over the years: Christina Benjamin, Beth Griffith-Manley, Dodi, Agile Society, Just Chill Beats and so many more. They have landed multiple tv/film placements around the world, appearances on NBC's The Voice S16, stageplay and film acting roles, awards, back or unclaimed royalties. One thing for sure this company is a true example of how you execute from the knowledge you learn. A lot accomplished in 10 years but look for more great things coming from this camp.

Benjamin Entertainment Group is a label now empowering many artists around the world through its academy, management and music publishing divisions.


Teresa Moore
Benjamin Entertainment Group
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Believe and Start – Courtney Benjamin

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Upcoming Artist Ryan Rinauro releases his debut album Lost Boy

The Sacramento-based artist is a ‘heavy hitter’, quickly making waves with his music.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Upcoming rap artists Ryan Rinauro from Sacramento, CA has recently released his debut album Lost Boy. The young and talented artist has caused quite the stir with his music as he takes on the music industry with full force.

The Shingle Springs native and the rising rapper excitedly announced his debut album has finally launched on various music platforms across the world. The album titled “Lost Boy” is an inside look into Rinauro’s personal life, captivating audiences both young and old as he sets out to launch his career in the music industry. “I’ve worked hard and long on this album, and every track is as raw and hard-hitting as the next. Making it big in the industry isn’t too much of a concern rather than staying true to myself and the artform and I have finally managed to create an album which will leave listeners with goosebumps,” Rinauro shares excitingly.

The artist has been using his connections and networking skills to get the album off the ground. Almost every track on the album brings an absolute rawness to the table, with top songs such as “Listen Clear” and “My Side” being the top-rated picks on Lost Boy. Rinauro has managed to craft together a masterpiece of lyrical genius, leaving listeners’ wide eyed after every song. The upcoming hip-hop artist has been working on the album for quite some time, and after listening to it, many will be left wondering why they have not discovered him sooner.

Rinauro is a small-town boy, but his big-city dreams have landed him a top-rated debut album that will surely be hitting mainstream media and music outlets within the coming weeks. The artist is taking every bit to pursue his career, bashing down the doors of the music industry and making a name for himself with his murky voice and talented innuendos.

The brilliant artist shares, “I love rap music, and being a respected rap artist has always been my dream. The effort and time which I have taken to compose this album is a testament to not only myself, but every listener of the dedication and time it has taken me to release my album. I want to leave a mark on the music industry and being authentic in my decisions will enable me to do so.”

Not many listeners have experienced something so thrilling, as Rinauro takes us through a musical journey from Paranoia (#2) to Aurelia (#10). The combination of rap lyrics and instrumental recording has made the album both relaxing and thrilling, captivating listeners as Rinauro shares some of his encounters and thoughts on modern society. The artist has taken a strong leap towards opening himself to his listeners, embracing the struggles he has endured, but using it as a learning school to help shape himself into the artist he is today.

“Without the help of my friends and supporters, this album wouldn’t have been possible at all. Founder of Think Tank Music, my mixing engineer and good friend, Jesse (aka Kassette) did his thing as always. Andrew at Rarefaction Mastering did amazing on my masters and pulled through like a champ. The dynamic we all have together is what makes things so much easier.”

Current music trends have been showing a significant spike in new artists coming to the scene, as many of them have taken the time during national lockdowns and quarantine to work on new music. Rinauro has given a fresh breath to the rap music industry, ensuring his music resonates authenticity and creativity.

The Lost Boy album has already launched late July, with music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, and Google Play being hosts of the album. There isn’t much word from Rinauro on what we can expect from him in the coming months, but if it’s anything like Lost Boy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the talented rap artist is quickly climbing the ladder to become a household name in the music industry.

Interested listeners can listen to Lost Boy online at https://lnk.to/LostBoy or visit Rinauro’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ryancirodreaded/

Sitetrail Media (Press Agent)
Ryan Rinauro
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HIP Video Promo presents: Sonarpilot searches for our place in the cosmos in new music video "CodeX" on Vents Magazine


Sonarpilot – CodeX

As we tour the scale of the architecture, “CodeX” twinkles with profound expansion

LONDON, UK, August 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Watch "CodeX" by Sonarpilot on Vents Magazine

Electronic music has a reputation of paralleling immersive visuals that complement and emphasize the music flowing from the speakers. Some DJs use generic flashing lights and pretty backdrops to accompany their cookie-cutter tracks, while others generate optical overkill, artificial chromesthesia. Sonarpilot’s visual language is a lot more complex than seeing a few colors; instead, his ambient electronica evokes a whole journey into a world of digital fractals, enigmatic shapes and figures whose patterns do and undo. The man behind Sonarpilot, Michael Moppert, writes expansive tracks that linger with mystery, building up, holding the suspense, and allowing for a sweet and soft release. His experimental sound can easily score a movie or accompany you while you travel through time and space.

Michael's whole life can be chronicled by different musical phases, but after leaving the corporate world behind in the tail end of the ‘00s and ten years of creative work as his alter ego Sonarpilot, Michael entered a paramount era. Alongside Sonarpilot Audio label manager Jonny Miller and film producer Roger Mäder, Micheal created The Mirage Project. This ongoing series is a collection of six, satisfyingly optical films accompanied by singular electronic soundtracks released monthly online from May to December 2020. The labor-intensive process sometimes took weeks to render one minute of the videos, scaling to over 18 months of formula drafting, music composition, and editing – The results are well worth the wait.

“CodeX” marks the halfway point of The Mirage Project… Time is subjective and relative to the beings during that period. The beginning of the nearly 8-minute clip shows early world maps and seemingly ancient artifacts, but as those historical objects transition into grand futuristic structures, we lose track of what’s past, present, and future. New sounds reverb until another synth, vocal fragment, tick, or click takes over. As we tour the scale of the architecture, “CodeX” twinkles with profound expansion. The visual floats through the beginning and the future – all to find our affinity amongst the cosmos. Yet before we can crack those complex formulas and answer our most fundamental questions, we must recognize the beauty of the Fibonacci pattern of time’s endlessness.

More Sonarpilot on his website
More Sonarpilot on HIP Video Promo

Andy Gesner
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#BlackIsKing – Finding Diamonds in the Rough

On a production that promoted Afrocentric culture in a thrilling artistic form, Christian Epps discovered talent and continued his life’s work in a special way.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Your IMDB page is a library of amazing projects, tell us about your journey in your own words.

I got into the business by accident because I could get out of class early – literally that’s all the reason I had and all the reason I needed! When I was in high school. I was not a great student until I found this thing. I had bad grades until 11th grade. Then I moved to Atlanta. Northside High School happened to have a Performing Arts division. It was called Northside School Of The Arts and while sitting in the office waiting to get registered the only boy I knew told me that if I got into the program I could get out of class early. I was like, “sign me up!”. If I can get out of class early, I'll sign up for anything. That's a lesson in following your spirit!

OK. So how did the project land at your desk?
I detailed the full story here. After the October meetings in South Africa I went back home to Los Angeles. I got a call from Blitz Bazawule in early November. Blitz is a well known musician. He’s Ghanaian by birth and lives in the US. We had done a job together in Senegal about four years ago and had lots of great talks and visions for Africa, and the Diaspora. We had mutual interests on how to activate our vision around these subjects because there are groups of people who agree with our ideas, but don't necessarily act on it. There aren’t many unicorns like me – who work with A-List talent in Hollywood and have 15 years of experience around Africa – so my name tends to get thrown in the hat on certain projects. He called and told me about this production and the confidentiality of the client and we went to work on doing the job.

How did the trainees get involved?
Well, I had already made a request from the producing team well before we started shooting to get the trainees involved. However, it wasn't in the budget so we said we’d wait until we get back to Johannesburg and consider it.

While shooting in Kwazulu Natal some of the original crew left the show so I saw that as my moment to strike! I hit up Akin Omotoso and said something like “Hey, We're short handed. I'm looking for an opportunity for these young people. We could put some more bodies to work. ” He agreed. Of course the energy of a fresh group of young people would do any production good and in this case it did not cost the production anything since the District was paying all their expenses.

How was it working with Beyonce?
Professional. She has an amazing work ethic! Blitz, Michael and I did her shoot in Los Angeles. I had worked with her previously in 2006 for a concert in Lagos, Nigeria. I saw then why she is Beyonce! She’s professional and gets to work with no minutes wasted, no attitude, and always calm and kind. I recall we had a situation with a slightly complex set that required some extensive set up time. While everyone else stressed about the time, she asked me how much time I needed and adjusted her activities accordingly – no grandiose attitude or anything. She has so much experience – she knows exactly when to walk and when to run.

You had a balanced group in terms of gender. How did that work out?
There's a special element to it for the women in the group. We all know South Africa has a lot of challenges these days in terms of women's safety and well known cases of gender based violence. I am sensitive to that and I was glad we had women on the crew and working in various departments. We never allowed any forms of ill treatments or bad behavior. It was also interesting to see the women take the lead and teach the guys. Most people know that women are hard workers and

You have been training media professionals on the continent for a while. What drives your passion for teaching at LCD?
I grew up in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where life was pretty simple and fun – beaches, fishing, carnival and close-knit families, and where Black culture is the norm. I went to Northside School Of The Arts for the last 2 years of high school and I can tell you that it inspired me and gave me direction in life! And taught me to love musicals and plays and the process of investigating our inner-selves. Prior to that I was a bad student – low grades and always minor discipline problems. After getting into the performing arts program on the lighting crew I became a good student, never in trouble and I even became the co-president of my senior class. Howard University was and is a Mecca for Black education and loving one’s self. I continued teaching right after graduating from Howard University Theater Department and it was the best job of my life. All of these things combined provided a foundation for expecting work to be enjoyable, to be fortifying, and to be of service to other people. I luckily haven’t really had any jobs outside of the theater, film and television industry. It does my soul good to contribute to the next generation, to make the world better than how you met it and to have fun while I do it.Just like that, a plan comes together. The trainees joined us for the next week of shooting. I had some of them come to the hotel to meet Blitz since we all didn't really know each other well. I kind of wanted to look them in the eye and see how serious they were while getting a better understanding of what they're bringing to it. They were sharp. Everybody felt good about it.

Christian Epps
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The Peace Song Awards Announces Finalists in its 4th Annual Search for Music, Spoken Word, and Videos Promoting Peace

Sangeeta Kaur performing

Sangeeta Kaur performing at the 2019 PSA Ceremony; Sangeeta is the PSA’s 2016 Grand Prize Winner, and founder of EmpowerWithArtProductions.org

Steve Robertson speaking

Steve Robertson opens the Peace Song Awards each year with words of inspiration, gratitude and peace; he is the Founder/CEO of EvolvingPlanet7/ProjectPeaceOnEarth and producer of The Peace Song Awards.

The 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists announced today; winners to be awarded on 9/21/20

Stewart Copeland, Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and Dennis Kucinich join the organization’s famed Jury Panel in searching for inspiring messages of peace in the arts.

This was an extremely important year, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice. Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing are a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity.”

— Steve Robertson, Founder

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Believing and pursuing peace is as important today as it was at any time in the world’s history. With a global reach and inspiring mission, the Peace Song Awards (PSA) are thought to be the first to hold an annual worldwide search for the most spiritually-inspiring songs, spoken word poetry, sound-healing and music videos promoting messages of peace. Today, the organization’s founder Steve Robertson — long-time global peace activist and Founder/CEO of EvolvingPlanet7.org, a registered 501c3 organization tax-exempt (EIN # 84-2801211) based in Los Angeles — announces nominees for its 4th Peace Song Awards Ceremony.

"This is an extremely important year to support peace, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice,” Robertson said in today’s announcement. “Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing music are both a creative outlet and a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity. It has been an honor to listen to all of the amazing contest submissions, and the Jury Panel is excited to announce the FINALISTS in each category.”

Each of the following categories received copious entries, with visionary high-quality music and art flowing in from across the world: New Age, World Music, Acoustic Contemporary, Rock / Pop, Country and Folk, A Cappella/Choral/Classical/Opera, Jazz, Hip Hop, Spoken Word Poetry, Sound-Healing, and a Music Video category. Jury Panel members will narrow down each category to a single winner to be announced on September 21, 2020, a date chosen to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

The expert producers, artists, speakers, peace activists and celebrities serving on the PSA's Jury Panel is one of its greatest draws for artists seeking a wider audience for their art. The jury includes Stewart Copeland (5x GRAMMY Winner, The Police), Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (5x NYTimes best-selling author/speaker), Dennis Kucinich (former US Representative / US Department of Peace), Peter Joseph (Director of the Zeitgeist series) and many more whose biographies are listed here: https://peacesongawards.org/jury/

All contestants ultimately have three ways to win in each category: 1) Jury Prize, selected by the Jury Panel members voting on songs / videos in their area of expertise, 2) Public Voting, in which contestant invite the public to vote on their songs or videos, and 3) Social Media, by becoming the musician or video with most overall Facebook likes and reaches in a category. Public voting success does not influence the Jury Prize selection. Winners of each music category have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes to enhance their careers.

Robertson states "Each person who participated with a song, a sound-healing, spoken word poetry or music video, whether they were voted a Finalist or not, is a true winner…they’ve already uplifted our world with their intent to help heal and bring peace to our world. In following, our sponsors help us to share our vision of peace. We are thankful to Hope Olsen of JR Olsen Bonds and Insurance Brokers for her ever-gracious care, support and generosity as a Peace Song Awards Jury Panel Member and as a sponsor of our continued efforts to promote the message of peace through our Evolving Planet 7 and Peace Song Awards initiatives. I/we also want to give my heartfelt thanks to Empower With Arts Productions.org and its founders Sangeeta Kaur and Trinh Hoang Hai who have graciously and consistently served to sponsor our PSA initiatives and serve as Jury Panel Members with us.”

Here are the 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists, listed by Category, with Artist Name and Song Title in alphabetical order by last name:

Note: * Indicates a voting tie, resulting in 6 Top Finalists rather than a Top 5.

Patricia Bahia – “Be Here Now"
Merrill Collins (featuring David Vito Gregoli and Kimberly Haynes) – “Om Mani Padme Hum”
Sharon Fendrich – “Song of the Dove”
Juliet Lyons – “Shine”
SEAY -“Heaven’s Gate”
The Song Gardeners – “Love Flows”

Shervin Boloorian – “The Medicine Song”
Grayhawk – “Ambient Meditation”
Grayhawk – “The Banteay Srei Temple”
Ann Licater – “Ancestral Gathering”
SEAY – “Heaven’s Gate”

Mercy Ngozi Alu – “African Queen”
Patricia Bahia – “(Say Yes) World With A Little More Love”
Kimberly Haynes – “Narrow Bridge"
Inanna- “Invisible City”
Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy -“Journey of Life”
Prem Vidu -“Your Love Heals Me”

Casey Crosby – “Marlogue Wood”
FLOW -“Promise”
Shawn Gallaway – “Friends Unfold”
Joshua Moore – “Peace”
Nitanee Paris – “It Can’t Rain Forever”
Nitanee Paris – “Love Is What We’re Here For”

Patricia Bahia – “We Are All One”
Matias Bacoñsky – “Immortal”
Lia Scallon – “Light Emerging”
SEAY – “Heaven’s Gate”
Jack Paris Williams – “New Beginnings”

Bhakti House Band – “Stories (The Hero’s Journey)”
Caron Potocnik – “Song for the Earth”
Charles Ecker – “A Bright Tomorrow”
Nitanee Paris – “Love Will Find a Place to Be”
Mary Gospe – “I Choose Love”

Louis Colaiannia – “Contemplation”
Darren English – “Requiem in Peace”
Shawn Gallaway – “I Am The Love I’ve Been Looking For”
Perpetual Motion – “Por Causa de Vocé”
Prem Vidu – “Everything That Is Here”

Bhakti House Band – “Shine”
Bhakti House Band – “Roots of Revolution”
Merrill Collins – “Every Man, Woman and Child”
Anaya Kunst/Cindy Paulos -“Let Peace Be"
Cindy Paulos – “The Courage to Choose Peace”

Bhakti House Band – “Raise Your Words"
Patricia Bahia – “Every Heart One Love”
Nitanee Paris – “We Are Limitless”
Nitanee Paris – “Circle”
Nitanee Paris -“You Are Loved”
Austin Willacy (co-written w/Patricia Bahia, Caley Rose Walker) – “Man Up”

Shervin Boloorian – “Returning Back Home”
Shawn Gallaway – “Wake Up America”
Grayhawk – Queen Ofir – Andreea Petcu – “Peace Prayer”
Natalie Jean – “We Kneel”
Alexandria Paris – “Sleeping Giants”
Masa Takumi – “Heritage”

For more information, please contact Steve Robertson at peacesongawards(at)gmail(dot)com, or Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, bethhilton(at)theBCompany(dot)com.


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WATCH: The Entire 3rd Annual Peace Song Awards Ceremony (2019)

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Dubai-based Artist Collaborates with Award Winning Journalist and Author for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

'H20cean' - Music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean book written by Ian Urbina.

‘H20cean’ – Music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean book written by Ian Urbina.

Shuja Rabbani, EDM Producer

The Outlaw Ocean

The Outlaw Ocean

Shuja Rabbani releases sixth studio album ‘H20cean’ as part of the internationally acclaimed ‘The Outlaw Ocean Music Project’.

I’m honored to be part of this phenomenal project to help raise awareness on what goes on in the open waters of our planet. We are all connected in this world!”

— Shuja Rabbani

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, August 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “The Outlaw Ocean Music Project” is a first-of-its-kind collaboration which melds music and journalism. In combining their mediums, these narrators have conveyed emotion and a sense of place in an enthralling new way. The result is a captivating body of music based on original reporting in The Outlaw Ocean. Using a sound archive and inspired by the reporting, over 250 artists from more than 50 countries produce EPs in their own interpretive musical styles — be it electronic, ambient, classical or hip hop — and are released every other month.

Read more about the project here. Read about our press coverage here.

While reporting at sea, journalist Ian Urbina built an audio library of field recordings featuring a variety of textured and often rhythmic sounds, from machine-gun fire on the coast of Somalia to chanting from captive deckhands on the South China Sea. Inspired by the reporting, artists from around the world created EPs sampling sound clips from Urbina's archive, integrating them into their respective genre — from electronic, to ambient, classical, to hip-hop. Each participating artist also created EP artwork using photography Urbina's team captured at sea, beautifully illustrating the reporting.

Similar to a soundtrack setting the scene for a movie, "The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" gives both depth and meaning to the field recordings: it's music tied to something deeper. An Indonesian woman crying at sea, passages from a climate change speech on a Greenpeace ship near the Arctic, chanting sea slaves. Each track embodies a backstory, an issue, a powerful visual, all spreading the same message about the ocean and the need to stop certain abuses.

"The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" also speaks to the power of creativity. The music transports listeners into a multi-faceted emotional soundscape, shaped by the subjects reported and each artist's cultural context and experience.

"The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" is Dubai-based producer Shuja Rabbani’s first musical collaboration. “I’m honored to be part of this phenomenal project to help raise awareness on what goes on in the open waters of our planet”, say Rabbani whose album titled ‘H20cean’ is part of this project. ‘H20cean’ is Rabbani’s

About Shuja Rabbani: Shuja Rabbani is a UAE-based music producer with over 100 music tracks available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

About Ian Urbina: Ian Urbina has earned numerous awards for his journalism, including a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news, a Polk Award for international reporting and an Emmy nomination. In addition, his stories have been converted into films such as ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ starring Gerard Butler, ‘American Honey’ with Shia LaBeouf, and ‘Promised Land’ with Matt Damon. More recently, Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix bought the rights to adapt The Outlaw Ocean into a feature film and a docu-series.

Shuja Rabbani
Rabbani Records
+971 50 749 9378
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The Outlaw Ocean Music Project – Ian Urbina and Shuja Rabbani

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Renowned Drummer, Lawrence Qualls, Set to Release Hot New Album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack

Qualls is one of the most influential drummers of the 21st century.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Drummer, Lawrence Qualls, Set to Release Hot New Album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack

Qualls is one of the most influential drummers of the 21st century.

Los Angeles, CA – World renowned drummer, Lawrence Qualls, is pleased to announce he will be releasing the most anticipated album of his career on September 4th, 2020.

Lawrence E Qualls is a widely popular American musician and music producer from Newark, New Jersey. Qualls is a natural musician, having started playing drums at the age of 5 and developed a deep respect for master drummers like Elvin Jones, Dennis Chambers, and Tony Williams in his youth. Within just a few years of admirable dedication to practicing his art, Qualls rapidly became one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century – both as a drummer and as a producer.

In his most recent news, Qualls is announcing the highly anticipated release of his hot new album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack – on September 4th, 2020. The five song EP, created by the artist himself, is described as New Age, Progressive, and Electric – not to mention deeply moving, compelling, and innovative.

“I was highly influenced by the gaming world and by the music brands use for video games,” says Qualls. “The title ‘Arrythmia’ comes from the actual definition which best describes my production for the project. When creating and producing the album, I was able to implement a clever way to apply the ‘arrythmia’ method through my musical composition and I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.”

As an exceptionally brilliant musician and producer, Qualls has worked with some of the most renowned names in the industry, including Grammy Award winning producer, Eric Hudson, with whom he earned production credit on Mariah Carey’s single Infinity, Grammy Award winning producer, Gordon “Commissioner” Williams, and international Reggae superstar, Jesse Royal, as his touring Musical Director.

After collaborating with Mariah Carey, Qualls formulated his own music production company, LQ Music Group, as a way to help outsource music production for record labels, independent artists, and brands, and to provide quality live instrumentation production.

The Arrythmia Soundtrack will be available on September 4th, 2020 on all digital music platforms.

For more information about Lawrence Qualls, please visit his official website at www.lqmusicgroup.net.

About Lawrence Qualls

Lawrence Qualls is a famous drummer and producer from New Jersey. Qualls’ remarkable versatility and skill allow him to play across multiple genres. Qualls truly knows what drives a band, having a virtuous ear for great music production, and has sold out arena tours and produced Billboard-charting records.
Qualls released his debut album, Unbreakable, in the spring of 2019 – an album which was widely received across the globe.

Contact Information

Lawrence Qualls

Lawrence Qualls
LQ Music Group
+1 347-243-6062
email us here


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Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson’s custom patch for VENIM

Tattoo Expert and VH1 star, Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson , will be
collaborating with the fashion label VENIM on a custom patch for their jackets.
Kat Tat is no stranger to being a successful woman in a male dominated field. She
has experienced the immense hard work, effort, and determination needed to
succeed. This has led her to support all women, becoming a champion for women’s
rights. Kat Tat is more than excited to be teaming up with such an amazing
company powered by two amazing women, Leslie Fong and Kaycee Houchin.

Katrina Jackson is the first African American female to own her very own tattoo
parlor in Beverly Hills. She learned the art of tattooing mostly on her own and
started to grow in fame when she was one of the artists chosen to be on VH1’s
Black Ink Crew: Chicago in 2015. After leaving the show, she opened her own
shop, Enigma , two years ago.
VENIM is a female-owned and operated luxury fashion label, focusing on the
rebellion of the jean jacket. They believe the jean jacket has, and always will be,
the universal symbol of democracy. VENIM has focused on elevating its design to
make it a luxury item. VENIM also believes in the ‘fewer, better things’ doctrine,
focusing on the quality and personality of an object to help it maintain its value and
in turn, discourages wastefulness.

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The Platform Cliperie.com Shows Sustainable Growth in H1 2020

Clips by fans platform Cliperie.com

Clips by fans platform Cliperie.com

MARTIGNY, SWITZERLAND, August 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The splendid clips by fans on the platform Cliperie.com by Aicue LLC continue to spread around the globe. The platform shows sustainable growth since its launch. The number of visitors is almost doubled in H1 2020 vs the same period of 2019 with more than 119 thousands visitors in H1 2020 vs 61 thousands visitors in H1 2019.

Since its launch, the platform has linked over a hundred compelling clips from audience videos directly on the web. From concerts to social events, Cliperie.com synchronizes videos from multiple sources, creates editable clips and gives the ability to have a more personalized viewing experience.

The platform keeps evolving every month by making more immersive and interactive video experiences, enhancing user engagement and improving further compatibility with wider range of devices. The platform reached zero-carbon target in 2019 and since then runs exclusively on renewable energy.

Cliperie.com enables the simplicity of usage via automation of underlying technologies. The native support of the latest web standards allows seamless access to the platform from the most popular HTML5-enabled browsers on mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

Aicue, headquartered in Switzerland, is a technology company that brings innovative ICT solutions to the market. Built upon many years of research and development, Aicue targets to change the way audience videos are consumed on the web.

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