Deal Annnouncement: The BlueRock Group is pleased to announce the Sale of a Retail Property in Switzerland

Deal Annnouncement: The BlueRock Group is pleased to announce the Sale of a Retail Property in Switzerland

TRIMBACH, SWITZERLAND , November 15, 2016 / — The BlueRock Group is pleased to announce the Sale of a Retail Property in Trimbach, Switzerland with an IRR of 43%.

The fully let shopping center was acquired in September 2012 with a WALT of 10years and was sold at a higher price with a WALT of under 6years. The location of the property is in the centre of the triangle between Basel, Berne and Zurich and has a steady rental income.

This deal was acquired, financed, managed and sold by the BlueRock Group for a Core Investor.
The BlueRock Group, founded in 2010, is enabling our lead investors to get access to unique Real Estate Properties in Western Europe. Co Investors now have the opportunity to invest along side BlueRock and benefit from Know How, Management and Reputation of the BlueRockTeam.

To learn more about the BlueRock Fund and other opportunities, please visit our homepage at or contact us by e-mail.

Adina Krausz
Bluerock Fund PCC Ltd.
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New Chef spices up the kitchen at Takito Kitchen. Wicker Park

Takito Kitchen Welcomes Gustavo Urbina

CHICAGO, IL, USA, November 11, 2016 / — Takito Kitchen Welcomes Gustavo Urbina

Chicago, Il, November 4, 2016– Mario Ponce, Owner/Operator of Takito Kitchen, a three-year old Wicker Park modern taqueria, announces the appointment of Gustavo Urbina as new Head Chef. Chef Urbina brings his culinary experience from the likes of Chef Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak & Tom Colicchio’s Beach Craft in Miami Beach.

Chef Urbina’s flavors are layered, bright, bountiful, and ignite one’s senses unmatched in Modern Mexican cuisine. His playful ability to combine ingredients that generate sensations that scream “wow” makes Chef Urbina someone to watch. Mr. Ponce boasts, “We are certain that you will agree – his food is amazing.

According to Angela, Owner of VIP Chicago Parties “His dishes are beyond amazing. Each bite is like an explosion of flavor in your mouth”

As Head Chef of Takito Kitchen he will oversee all culinary aspects of the restaurant and the creation of new and unique dishes. Three new tacos (Chicken Al Pastor, King Crab and Chimichurri – Argentinian – Steak) have been added to the menu.

‘I am really excited about working with Takito Kitchen– I enjoy bringing people together with food. Eating is something everyone has in common and I can sense a lot about a person through what they eat.” says Chef Urbina
Chef Urbina is creative; he has a tremendous passion for food and cooking. He believes that each creation is completely unique and deserves completely unique ingredients He has an innate ability to bring together Mexican seasonings, organic ingredients & quality proteins (steak, shrimp, Alaskan king crab) to create a taco sensation that nourishes the soul. In addition, he makes it part of his job to be at tables serving his dishes and enlightening guests when time allows. Chef Urbina is a chef that brings his passion to the kitchen and the table.

Takito Kitchen features Mexican-inspired cuisine – for over 3.5 yrs. The menu features seasonal shared plates, ceviche, handcrafted tacos – each every tortilla is made to order, soups and more with a focus on fresh ingredients and complex flavors. Industrial and modern, the unique open bar that rest in the center of the dining room, and open kitchen design allows the staff to closely interact with the guests providing them with a heightened dining experience.

For questions please contact Mario Ponce at 312-919-0929 or email at For media and high resolutions pics, contact Sassy Social Butterfly

Mario Ponce
Takito Kitchen
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Nashville Trade Show Exhibits Company Announces New Touchscreen Technology To Boost Leads

Nashville, TN based Skyline Exhibitor Source's inTouch Platform is a complete software system that is customizable for the exhibitor and the visitor experience.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, November 14, 2016 / — Skyline Exhibitor Source has announced a new all-in-one trade show display marketing tool. inTouch is a hardware, software, service, and support platform that pairs multi-touch, multi-user software with touchscreen tables, touchscreen walls, and mobile apps. The solutions are all tailor-made to the exhibitor's brand needs, which creates a cohesive and memorable experience for trade show attendees. inTouch can be added to any new or existing trade show exhibit for a more immersive and rewarding user experience.

"inTouch takes interactive exhibiting to a new level. For many years now, touchscreen technology has been used in trade show exhibits, but never has it been used in quite this way. With inTouch, an exhibitor can attract booth visitors, gather their contact information via a simple badge scan, and track the visitors' usage experience within the exhibit. This makes following up after the show much easier and creates more effective targeted lead follow-up," explained John Hamari, President of Skyline Exhibitor Source (

Lead capture is only one benefit to inTouch. The platform also saves exhibitors time and money over traditional exhibiting. inTouch can be used as a digital showroom, reducing both the amount of products that must be brought to the show and also reducing the booth footprint. Another cost savings comes in the form of digital marketing. Instead of bringing printed marketing materials to the event, they can be distributed by email right on-site to those who are most interested in them.

Every inTouch packages comes with a standard software module, but add-on modules are available for a fully custom experience. ThinkHub is one such module. ThinkHub features a large digital Canvas that expands the surface area of the physical touchscreen 20x, allowing users to pinch-zoom, annotate, and email images, videos, PDFs, and live feeds directly from the Canvas. ThinkHub also supports unlimited wireless device sharing, and built-in apps including Notes, Sketches, and Web Browser. ThinkHub can also be used as a standalone software application for permanent installations.

"inTouch is completely customizable. This is not like setting up a Powerpoint and letting it loop through the event. inTouch is totally integrated into the exhibit design with customized skins, backgrounds, and content. It becomes part of the exhibit and draws people in. It's fully immersive," noted Hamari.

Skyline Exhibitor Source designs and manufactures custom modular trade show exhibits in Nashville and Knoxville, TN. The company's sixteen different systems are designed and manufactured in-house and many of them integrate with one another, allowing exhibitors to create fully custom trade show exhibits. The company offers trade show display rental, exhibit sales, custom-designed graphics, and service support in the Nashville and Knoxville areas.

To learn more about Skyline Exhibitor Source visit them at

About Skyline Exhibitor Source: Skyline Exhibitor Source has been committed to designing trade show exhibits and corporate environments for over 25 years. Located in Nashville Tennessee, the company thrives with a results-oriented approach to problem solving for trade show displays and corporate environments. Clients regularly note that they value the "knowledge and expertise" that Skyline Exhibitor Source provides and that it is the most valuable part of their service offerings. Experience, ethics, award–winning designs, trade show management, and rental options are all part of the package that one will receive when working with them.

Ginger Eldridge
Skyline Exhibitor Source
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Excess Comfort bedding introduces solution for couples

Makes sheet sets and blankets wider on the head end to help keep both covered

SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 14, 2016 / —
San Bruno, CA. November 14, 2016: After struggling over the covers in bed with his wife for years, Excess Comfort® bedding founder, Richard Breneman, decided a change was needed. Richard made custom sheets and blankets 36” wider on the head end and solved their problem. They worked so well, he was inspired to bring this solution to market for others to enjoy. Excess Comfort bedding launched their online store on May 12, 2016.

“We are proud to bring our unique products from concept to market,” said Richard. “These products have made a difference in our lives and are now available to others. We offer an improved sleeping experience through our unique, patented design, and quality fabrics. If we can make a difference in people’s lives by improving their sleeping experience, we have done our part”.

Excess Comfort bedding spent many months securing manufacturers who could custom make their products and offer a wide range of premium quality fabrics. “We were finally able to partner with manufacturers who produce for premium brands and specialty retailers, ensuring premium quality products for our customers,” said Richard.

Excess Comfort bedding brings fashion and style together with functionality. Excess Comfort bedding blankets feature reversible weave patterns, providing decorative options as top covers during the warmer months. The Company’s sheet sets are available in both percale and sateen weaves, all in solids.

Excess Comfort Bedding Product Details

• Prices start at $119.99 for a queen sized Classic Percale sheet set.
• Bedding features 100% cotton blankets and 200-500 thread count sheet sets.
• Sizes range from Queen to Cal-King.

Further details on individual products can be found by Visiting:

For more information about Excess Comfort bedding, Visit:

About Excess Comfort: Excess Comfort bedding is a husband and wife owned company in San Bruno, CA. and was founded in 2015. Revolutionary products made by Excess Comfort bedding create a new category in the bedding space. Excess Comfort® is a registered trademark of Key Conceptions LLC.


Richard Breneman
Excess Comfort
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Forest Concepts processes feedstock for first forest-powered commercial aviation flight

Forest residuals-based feedstock after processing at Forest Concepts

Forest Concepts is proud to be among NARA cooperators and helped develop technologies and equipment to produce bio-jet fuel from forest residuals.

AUBURN, WA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2016 / — Forest Concepts is proud to be among industry cooperators that helped develop technologies and equipment to produce bio-jet fuel from forest residuals, the limbs and branches that remain after the harvesting of managed forests. The company is particularly honored to have processed a portion of the woody biomass feedstock that was converted to aviation fuel used today to power a regularly scheduled Alaska Airlines flight between Seattle and Washington, DC.
Forest Concepts played a supporting but important role in the NARA project to develop a technically viable pathway from abundant forest logging debris to fully certified aviation biofuel. The team at Forest Concepts advised and supported the NARA feedstocks development team. Forest Concepts’ engineers contributed wood chip milling and screening expertise to the development effort. The company’s pilot plant then mechanically processed and screened bulk forest biomass into uniform, small-sized, flowable feedstocks needed to make the wood-derived cellulosic sugars used by GEVO in their biofuel production process.

Forest Concepts used proprietary machinery developed under funding from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture SBIR program, DOE Office of Science SBIR Program, and the US Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office. Beginning in 2005, federal agencies supported Forest Concepts’ engineers to invent, develop, and commercialize energy saving methods for milling wood chips and other woody biomass into small, flowable feedstocks for the biofuels industry. Related funding enabled design and optimization of sorting equipment to produce feedstocks of ideal size and shape for various biofuel conversion methods.

Dr. Jim Dooley, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Forest Concepts commented, “Long-term and ongoing federal support of technology-based small companies like ours through the SBIR and other technology development programs is reducing the cost of advanced biofuels, improving yields of early-stage biorefineries, and improving the carbon footprint of the industry. Support over the years from USDA and DOE to Forest Concepts paid off for the NARA project in that our engineers had experience with similar materials and the pilot scale equipment was already in place and ready to use when the NARA Feedstocks team specified the size, shape, and other physical properties for their “reactor ready” feedstocks. “

A series of tests were conducted at Forest Concepts’ pilot plant and research lab in Auburn during the spring of 2015, culminating with the production of approximately 6 tons of feedstocks for use by processing and conversion participants to validate, refine, and optimize their biorefinery processes. Once all the processing unit operations were decided and documented, the final 100+ tons of production feedstock was milled and screened by Lane Forest Products in Oregon.
The employees and management of Forest Concepts join other project cooperators to celebrate the successful production of certified woody biomass derived alternative jet fuel for use by Alaska Airlines, and congratulate Washington State University and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture for an outstanding program of research, development, and demonstration.

Photos and video are available.
Tours and photo/video/interview opportunities can be scheduled at Forest Concepts’ facility in Auburn, WA.

Dr. James H. (Jim) Dooley, PhD, PE
Forest Concepts, LLC
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Intermountain Precision Genomics Lab Now Certified For Maryland Cancer Patients

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, November 14, 2016 / — Intermountain Precision Genomics announced today that their genomics core laboratory, located in southwest Utah, is now certified to accept tissue samples from cancer patients in Maryland. On the forefront of personized medicine, Intermountain Precision Genomics for Cancer is a service of Intermountain Healthcare. The ICG100 ™ test offers genetic sequencing of solid tumors. This in-depth sequencing identifies cancer-causing mutations that may occur in a person’s DNA.

“We are extending the life and quality of life for late-stage cancer patients throughout the nation and now in Maryland,” said Jason Gillman, the program’s director. “Our test identifies more actionable mutations than any other competing test, because we focus on the known cancer-causing genes. We detect mutations at 99% and our accuracy of identifying false positives or negatives is 100%.”

One of the unique services the company provides is results reviewed by a board of renowned physicians and scientists. This molecular tumor board discusses the information discovered through sequencing and offers drug recommendations. Precision Genomics may also assist with drug procurement when requested.

“Typically the medications prescribed are oral,” said Gillman. “These targeted drugs are often well tolerated – much more so than infusion drugs or chemotherapy. Patients feel better and research shows they are not going to the emergency room as frequently.”

Medications targeted at DNA alterations, rather than site-specific cancer treatments, have been shown to be successful in many cases. For example, a patient from St. George, Utah, Duane Monette, received the diagnosis of metastatic cancer of an “unknown primary origin.” Monette’s physician ordered the ICG100™ test. Through sequencing the DNA in his tumor, scientists discovered a FGFR3 alteration. His physician started him on an oral medication used for bladder or kidney cancer (even though his scans were clear at the time). Months later, a mass discovered on his kidney prompted removal of one of his kidneys. In this case, surgery was curative. Proponents of precision medicine believe that treating cancer like a “chronic disease,” likely stopped the cancer from continuing to spread throughout his body.

“What this genomic testing allows,” said Gillman, “is for patients to live on their own terms with improved quality of life, to be active, and to remain the person that they want to be for significantly longer than projected with traditional treatment.”

Currently, the CLIA and CAP certified genomics lab and ICG100™ test averages less than a 14-day turnaround time from the time the sample is received in the laboratory. For more information about ICG100™ testing for late stage cancer or incorporating precision medicine into an oncology practice please visit:, join the dialog on Facebook (Intermountain Precision Genomics) or follow @precisioncancer on Twitter. Any physician can order The ICG100™ test.

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based, not-for-profit system of 22 hospitals, 185 clinics, a Medical Group with about 1,500 employed physicians and advanced practitioners, a health plans group called SelectHealth, and other health services. With a mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®, Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. For more information about Intermountain, visit, read our blogs at, connect with us on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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Ilsung Corporation Successfully Completes Its Rehabilitation Process And Exits Court Receivership

Oil and Gas Process Equipment Fabricator with offices in Ulsan Korea and Houston Texas officially announces new capital investment.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, November 14, 2016 / — Ilsung Corporation announced the Termination of its Court Administered Rehabilitation and Reorganization Program. The company submitted a revised operating plan on October 12, 2016 to the Ulsan District Court. This operating plan was approved on October 27, 2016 effectively discharging Ilsung Corporation from any judicial supervision or oversight, and normalizing business operations.

Ilsung Corporation, founded in July 1984, is based in Ulsan, Korea with a satellite sales office in Houston, specializes in Oil & Gas and Power processing equipment and Module fabrication (

The Commencement of the company's Rehabilitation began in April, 2012 and its Revised Rehabilitation Plan was agreed with the assembly of the related creditors and later approved by the Ulsan District Court on August 8, 2016.

Despite the court protection status during the past 4 years and 7 months, Ilsung has achieved sales revenue of $75 million USD and has accomplished significant improvements to its operations by streamlining procedures to operate the company more efficiently, with less overhead and continuing to delivery extremely high-quality products, delivered on-time that are competitively priced.

Ilsung successfully attracted new investment capital from UAMCO ( and has repaid its debts in accordance with the court approved Revised Rehabilitation Plan. These procedural steps effectively ended the Rehabilitation Procedure and court supervision.

CEO, Jae-Hyuk Chang said, "I truly appreciate the tremendous effort put forth by all of our stakeholders. Diligent work from our creditors, sub-vendors, executives, and all staff members during this difficult period were instrumental in successfully completing the company's rehabilitation and normalization of operations. It is truly a touching and significant milestone for every one of us at Ilsung. Now it is time to make another great history for the new Ilsung as we celebrate our rebirth as a stronger, wiser and more efficient organization."

It is expected that Ilsung, as a new independent company without any external constraints, will be a major player as a global leader in the Oil & Gas and Power industry for its world-wide clients, such as Shell, UOP, Bechtel, Fluor, CB&I, Technip, Chiyoda, KBR and many other esteemed customers.

Scott Johnson
Ilsung Corporation
+1 713.622.4732
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Driven Landscapes Launches Nationwide Franchise Sales Campaign

Four selected franchisee candidates will have initial franchise fee waived from the total investment

“I am excited to announce that Driven Landscapes will be selecting and waiving the franchise fee for four qualified franchisee candidates in the state of Massachusetts”

— Jonathan Orcutt, founder and president of Driven Landscapes

NORFOLK, MA, USA, November 14, 2016 / — Driven Landscapes Franchising, LLC, a professional leader in the residential landscaping industry, announced today that four qualified candidates in the state of Massachusetts will be awarded franchises and have their initial franchise fees waived, as part of the company’s regional expansion efforts.
“I am excited to announce that Driven Landscapes will be selecting and waiving the franchise fee for four qualified franchisee candidates in the state of Massachusetts,” said Jonathan Orcutt, founder and president of Driven Landscapes.

To apply for a Driven Landscapes franchise, the candidate must meet the following criteria: must be 21-years-of-age or older, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have a minimum 650 credit score and must have $25,000.00 (verifiable net worth) to invest in the business. We encourage you to visit to request more information.

About Driven Landscapes
Driven Landscapes is a leading lawn care and landscape management provider for homeowners and businesses in and around Massachusetts. By leveraging a smarter and more professional strategy, Driven Landscapes has set itself apart from traditional landscaping companies and is changing the outlook of the industry. This unique collaborative approach distinguishes Driven Landscapes as a premier landscape company in the Northeast. Through a new franchise sales program, Driven Landscapes is now offering this opportunity to young professionals and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. For more information about Driven Landscapes and its new franchise program, visit, email or call (844) 551-8921

Herrison Chun
TopFire Media
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iMakaseb Solution Detects Genuine Bticino Products & Provides Sales Dashboards

Bticino cooperation with iMakaseb Middle East

Armed with customer insights, iMakaseb built a unique solution for Bticino to authenticate its products against the counterfeited products using Cloud Services

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 14, 2016 / — Bticino has always been the leading brand in the Egyptian market of electric wiring equipment, nonetheless the company had faced unfair fierce competition from cheap counterfeits that had flooded the market eroding its sales and brand image with inferior imitation quality.

Back in 2013 iMakaseb first introduced a "text & win" promotion for Bticino to boost sales, offering customers instant mobile credit when they texted codes found in product packaging to a dedicated short number. Besides the sales uplift, the iMakaseb solution provided an invaluable asset to Bticino; a customer database of end users and electricians. Subsequently an extensive retail and distribution audit was conducted using the database to evaluate strengths and gaps in the sales coverage and distribution network as well as a deeper understanding of the counterfeit phenomenon.

Armed with customer insights, in 2014 iMakaseb built a unique solution for Bticino to authenticate its products against the counterfeited products using the "Genuine Product" test! Customers text an encrypted code found inside products packaging to a short number to receive a confirmation that the product is an original one. The test significantly increased sales, reduced complaints from "defected" products and restored brand image.

Since then iMakaseb "Genuine Product" test has become a standard feature in Bticino wiring products in the Egyptian market and is a best practice within the Bticino Group that is being rolled out in other markets.

To further augment the "Genuine Product" solution, iMakaseb has launched recently through the iMakaseb Cloud Services a reporting dashboard built on the Big Data compiled since 2103 to support Bticino product managers with more analytics and customer insights.

iMakaseb is extremely passionate about the value its "Genuine Product" solution offers to leading brands and their customers and has since offered similar systems to various market leaders. The company strives to introduce more innovation to the distribution and after-sales support sectors with breakthrough new features to be launched soon.

About Bticino: BTicino is a world-leading manufacturer in the field of electrical & digital building infrastructures. Operating in Egypt for over 25 years. Bticino develops, manufactures & sells a complete range of electrical equipment for residential applications, from wiring devices to home automation, entry systems & electrical accessories. BTicino, with several plants and production facilities in Italy and abroad, as well as a successful well-known brand name in more than 60 countries around the world, has been a part of the Legrand Group since 1989. Through further study of form, materials, and color, these factors have brought BTicino towards a new conception of design. At BTicino design isn't just a decorative tool, it is the ability to participate in projects and create innovative solutions, with the capacity to positively affect life and work. This principle has led to the frequent renewal of the product range (20% a year), and the creation and introduction of new technology to consumers. Domotics is an important part of these developments and will continue to advance over the next few years.

About iMakaseb: iMakaseb is a part of a large technology group operating in the MENA region since 2006; the group's revenue turnover exceeds 50M USD with 200+ full time employees. iMakaseb offers consumer brands solutions that automate their raffle draw promotions using an engine that runs on an internet cloud, providing integrated multi-channel engagement tools supported with online dashboards and reports for campaign managers and decision makers. iMakaseb runs end-to-end programs in collaboration with brand advertising teams to present integrated campaigns that are commercially driven delivering more value through user-friendly experiences and state of the art technologies.

Moatasem Osam
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Guardian Mortgage Strikes Partnership With Blend To Launch Digital Mortgage Experience

Completing a mortgage application with supporting documentation to go from weeks to just minutes

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, November 14, 2016 / — Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Blend, a Silicon Valley technology company bringing mortgages into the modern age.

With Blend's innovative mortgage platform, Guardian can now offer its clients a simple and personalized mortgage experience. Leveraging modern technology and connections to verified data sources, borrowers can securely apply for a mortgage in minutes and track their progress on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

“We are thrilled to deliver a more efficient and accelerated loan process for our clients while ensuring the safety and integrity of all data with bank-grade security,” states Russell Anderson, Guardian’s President and CEO. “Guardian now offers a complete digital mortgage experience.”

Nima Ghamsari, the CEO & Co-Founder of Blend, says that “a home is one of the most significant purchases a person makes in his or her lifetime. Blend is proud to support Guardian in continuing to be a best-of-breed mortgage company by offering an easy, efficient and transparent solution to what has traditionally been a painful process.”

Guardian Mortgage operates on Ellie Mae's Encompass Loan Origination System.


To learn more about employment at Guardian Mortgage Company or get info on Guardian’s home loan products, visit

About Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc.

Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc. is a 51-year old residential mortgage originator and servicer located in Dallas, Texas, currently with loan origination offices in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Michigan. It originates mortgages through retail and correspondent channels and has a $2.2 billion loan servicing portfolio.

Guardian Mortgage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Strategic Growth Bancorp Incorporated. Strategic Growth also owns Capital Bank, First National Denver, First National Santa Fe, and First National Rio Grande. These SGB Community Banks operate in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Anisa Johnson
Guardian Mortgage
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