Singer/Songwriter M.Y.A. WRITER Releases Debut Two-Version Track, WORLDISAMESS

WORLDISAMESS is Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — Upcoming singer/songwriter, M.Y.A. WRITER, releases his debut track in two versions, “WORLDISAMESS (ANGEL)” and “WORLDISAMESS (DEMON).” The multiple versions of the single signify the different paths of life we can take.

Although the lyrics are mostly similar for “WORLDISAMESS (Angel version)” and “WORLDISAMESS (Demon version),” there are slight deviations lyrically at different parts with the main difference in both tracks being the sound. The Angel version is a naturally light-hearted, acoustic version, while the Demon version is a rougher, rock-type take on the song. The multi-versions represent the multiple paths one can take on the journey of life. It will be an interesting task for fans to spot all the differences!

“The world is a mess, and how we react to it going forward will reveal a lot about us. Feelings like: anger, sadness, and heartbreak are valid, but so too is acceptance and making peace with our reality for the sake of progress. This is why my first single has two versions. To tell this story, the one we’re all still writing together,” says M.Y.A. WRITER.

As an aspiring Canadian artist, M.Y.A. WRITER has already made great strides, working hard to achieve his dreams. While his experience as an aspiring novelist has helped his musical writing abilities, he created this multi-track project with little other resources.

Both versions of “WORLDISAMESS” are available now on all major platforms. Follow M.Y.A. WRITER on Instagram and Twitter for future releases.


M.Y.A. WRITER is from a poor community in Ontario, called 5 Field Sparroway. Since he grew up sheltered and spent most of his time inside the tight confines of an apartment building with a family of six (at the time), most of his childhood was devoted to creating his own stories. This was his first love, writing. He later fell into a Physics major at his university. After not feeling satisfied with his major and finding out saddening news about his first real love interest, M.Y.A. WRITER began pursuing a path of true happiness for himself. Although he has no prior musical experience, he is pursuing a life as a songwriter and rapper.

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RX Releases His Highly Anticipated Album, “Epilogue”

“Epilogue” available now on all major platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — RX has now dropped his full album, “Epilogue.” The release follows his emotional indie-pop hit single, “Reckless,” which gained significant traction and was posted by the likes of TikTok star BabyAriel.

“Epilogue” is a blend of indie-pop and rock, the sounds inspired by artists such as John Mayer and Derek & The Dominoes. “Epilogue” served as closure from a long term break up which ended suddenly in early 2019. The pain of the loss had a profound impact on his life and writing. Written in the span of two months and recorded within just three weeks, the album is a culmination of RX’s 15 years of experience in songwriting and collaborating with other talented artists. The album holds songs filled with lyrical depth and vulnerability.

“I prefer listening to artists that tell me something personal,” RX says. “That's the only way I'm going to believe you’re being authentic.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of many musicians in RX’s hometown of Seattle, WA, RX has been supporting local artists through his popular livestream show, “Work From Home.” The show, recorded from RX’s garage in a setup following social distancing measures, allows local artists to perform and receive tips from viewers online. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, RX has also used his platform on “Work From Home” to highlight local Black artists such as Marshall Law Band and TezaTalks.

“Epilogue” is produced, mixed, and engineered by Jason Lackie and features the vocals of Linzy Collins, Tasia Ann Thomas, Eric Martin, and Jason Lackie.

The “Epilogue” album is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. Follow RX on Instagram or visit his website for more information.

About RX

RX is a successful artist based in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his rare, compelling voice and his guitar playing on both acoustic and electric. RX has spent his life playing in bars and wineries; and for a short time lived in LA to collaborate, write, and meet with several agencies/labels. His influences include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and James Bay. RX has performed at several notable venues, including singing the national anthem at two NFL games, and has toured with acts such as Train, Andy Grammer, and Michael Franti.

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Sing and learn Vietnamese at ease with online vocal courses

SEAMI is one of a few educational centers to offer online music classes with Vietnamese coaches.

SEAMI is one of a few educational centers to offer online music classes with Vietnamese coaches.

SEAMI provides a wide range of music lessons.

SEAMI provides a wide range of music lessons.

From small towns to bustling cities, everyone can join SEAMI to immerse in a musical world filled with joy and happiness

From small towns to bustling cities, everyone can join SEAMI to immerse in a musical world filled with joy and happiness

SEAMI is an educational center that provides various music lessons on Guitar, Piano, Vocal, and Drum. Everyone can join SEAMI to immerse in a musical world filled with joy and happiness.”


HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, August 7, 2020 / — Children naturally acquire a language through interaction with people.

That is why Vietnamese children living overseas have a lot of difficulties in learning the mother tongue, even though one or both of their parents are Viet.

As they lack an environment to acquire new words and interact with others, they cannot speak Vietnamese properly. And if they don’t learn the language since birth, they will find it more and more challenging when growing up.

As an ex-pat Vietnamese parent, what should you do to help your children retain their mother tongue?

Teaching them on your own is not a feasible solution as you may be too busy for that. Not to mention the case your partner is a foreigner and you have to speak his or her language at home.

How about letting them take online music classes with Vietnamese coaches?

If you might not know, language learning and music are closely linked. This is because baby brains cannot tell the difference between them. Songs affect how we start speaking a word, and speeches influence our musical abilities.

On top of that, listening to catchy choruses will teach you a wide range of vocabulary along with word order. After a while, you are able to speak the language as a native. That is not to mention the fact that bilingual music helps your brain switch quickly from one language to another. Great!

You see, music is the best way to learn a language and have endless fun. Your kids are able to acquire Vietnamese naturally by learning to sing a song, taking up a musical instrument, and interacting with the coaches and other friends.

The online course is really convenient, especially if you always have your hands full. You don't have to take your kids anywhere. Simply give them a smart device connected to the Internet and they will get engaged in a class. Soon, they will be able to sing a Vietnamese song skillfully.

SEAMI is one of a few educational centers to offer online music classes with Vietnamese coaches. You can discover the vocal course at SEAMI here:

What You Get From Online Music Tuition At SEAMI

Anytime, Anywhere Learning
Your children are able to attend a class in SEAMI using only a laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet by your side. Feel free to learn anytime, anywhere you want.

Total Privacy
Our website owns an SSL certificate, which shows that we are able to protect the total privacy for each and every client at our site.

Direct Interaction
In the online classes, students have a chance to directly interact with the teachers. We make sure you get the responses to every concern as quickly as possible.

One-to-one Class
One coach is assigned to mentoring one student so that your kids can make progress quickly. Our coaches are well-trained in performing and teaching music lessons. Also, they have experience in bilingual education; when a student does not know Vietnamese, the coach can explain its meaning in English. Rest assured then.

Affordable Price
We provide one-to-one classes at an affordable price starting from $19.8 for 45 minutes.
SEAMI provides a wide range of music lessons. On top of the vocal course, your kids can also join other programs to learn how to play the piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, and flute. All courses are available online; feel free to visit here for more details:

How To Start Taking An Online Class at SEAMI
Step 1: Fill in the registration form or chat with us on the website
Step 2: Please kindly wait for the response. Our staff will contact you to provide instructions on payment and sign in to the class you register within 24 hours.
Step 3: Make a payment and take the online class with SEAMI coaches right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is distance learning effective?
A: Online and offline learning is the same effect as students both have to attend the class on time, take note and recite the previous lesson before learning a new one.

Q: Can I change my schedule if I am busy on the day I am supposed to take a class?
A: We provide a flexible schedule for all online music courses. If your children happen to be busy, please send a message or call the hotline at least six hours before the class so we can change the class for you. We encourage students to take all classes to have the best possible result in graduation.

Q: I feel worried about having to make the payment before taking a class.
A: SEAMI is a trusted educational center that has six locations in Ho Chi Minh city. Feel free to visit SEAMI premises to ease your worries if possible. Alternatively, SEAMI will arrange a trial online class before you decide whether to pay or not.

SEAMI is an educational center that provides various music lessons on Guitar, Piano, Vocal, and Drum. With multiple locations and most notably, online options, the center makes learning musical instruments so convenient and effortless. From small towns to bustling cities, everyone can join SEAMI to immerse in a musical world filled with joy and happiness. For more information, please contact (028),, or visit We are always willing to help with your questions.

SEAMI – SEA Music Institute
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SEAMI is an educational center that provides various music lessons on Guitar, Piano, Vocal, and Drum

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Private lessons are launched due to coronavirus







Private lessons are an opportunity not to miss the school year and all the effort of the students of the 3rd grade High School to be able to pass the exams.

Online private lessons eliminate distances. You can learn anything you want and with any private teacher you wish, wherever you are, from the safety of your home. Visit our platform!”

— Panagiotis Tzevelekidis

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 7, 2020 / — Private lessons are an opportunity not to miss the school year and all the effort of the students of the 3rd grade High School to be able to pass the entrance exams. The interruption of the lessons provoked a multitude of emotions and reactions, both in the student community and in the teachers and parents who suddenly saw their children's future being condemned.

Online private lessons through the use of video calls on FaceTime or Skype for example are a way not to miss their year and forget what the students of the 3rd grade High School learned.

Reliability is important, so remember to test the connection before you start teaching this way to make sure it is strong enough for your needs.

We have produced the following instructions for online private lessons:

• Take online private lessons
• Distance learning – software basics
• Security for teachers who teach online private lessons

What should you do if a student gets sick?

If the student is ill, check the terms of the contract around missed lessons. If you use the standard contract for private high school lessons, you have the right to charge for the course if you are given less than 48 hours notice.

However, there is a provision in the contract to exercise discretion in exceptional circumstances. These are not defined, which leaves you open to judge the most appropriate way of action. The same 48-hour notice (and discretion) applies if students wish to cancel online private lessons for any reason.

Private lessons due to coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic appears to be stabilizing, the increased demand is not extra hours in the daily work of teachers, but on their side.

Some students do not have the opportunity to read on their own, so in order to succeed in the entrance exams at school they will have to hire teachers for online private lessons.

The school semester has not started yet, but due to the closure during quarantine, parents will ask for extra help so that their children can cover their entrance exams to the universities and colleges they want.

What is the best solution for private lessons?

According to UNESCO, 29 countries closed schools nationwide in the academic year 2020, affecting nearly 391.5 million children and young people. A further 20 countries have implemented locally closed schools and, if these closures will continue nationally the next academic year 2020-2021, hundreds of millions of additional students will experience dropouts.

In place of classroom-based courses, online teachers and e-learning companies will fill the educational hole. Those who usually provide in-person teaching hope to fill in the gaps when the isolation period is over.

The government has asked parents to keep their children at home, where possible, and for schools to remain open only to those children who are in dire need of school.

How to complete online private lessons?

Offering an alternative to face-to-face lessons at school shows that you are making every effort to meet your contractual obligations. If your proposal is rejected, there may be a breach of contract, so you may be able to claim your fees.

Contact the school and parents as soon as possible to agree on which approach to take.

If the school or parent paying you under the contract closed or interrupted classes before government advice, either force majeure or frustration is unlikely, as both parties could, in theory, have a contractual obligation. is able to support members in this case to arrange the continuation of your payment.

Whatever your case may be, we urge you to clarify your position as soon as possible in order to minimize the risk to your profits.

It is highly recommended that you take online private lessons, not at home… due to coronavirus.

Online private lessons for elementary school students

Elementary students can take online private lessons with a private teacher to cover the school curriculum. This is because their parents believe that their primary school teachers do not adequately supplement the school curriculum through distance education twice a week as it happened in the last two months of quarantine. On the other hand, there are models of teachers who have started early and continue distance learning without interruption.

After the schools were closed, parents ordered e-books for their children to continue working. After a month, they found out teachers uploaded exercises to the school platform twice a week, which was a repetition of the material they already had learned at school. Children quickly lost interest in school and came out of the frame of their daily life. So parents decided to hire a private teacher, who taught the child new school material. Other parents of primary school children did the same, as they found shortcomings in the distance education organized by the class teacher.

Of course, there is always the other side. Other school teachers sent material and communicated with students via e-mail and Skype from the very beginning of quarantine.

Problems you might face with online private lessons

Elementary school students do not have the necessary familiarity with computers to organize lessons, so the presence of a parent is required. On the other hand, many teachers also needed technical support in the early days.

There is a growing number of students taking private school lessons in most countries around the world.

Whether it is to enhance basic skills, or just to keep up with the highest level schoolmates, private lessons are purely a choice of the parent and their financial condition.

In any case, private lessons, especially for primary school children, provide a good basis for their subsequent education. Whether it is to enhance their knowledge in the form of creative lessons, or to study daily tasks and lessons, the child gains an educational level.

Follow the instructions of the experts

Follow the instructions of the experts and use the online platforms so that the lesson can be done remotely, seamlessly and with absolute safety for society as a whole.

Panagiotis Tzevelekidis
+30 697 855 8285
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Μηχανή Αναζήτησης Καθηγητών για Ιδιαίτερα Μαθήματα – Tutors

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HIP Video Promo presents: Devinn Le'Raay shows off his smooth pillow talk in new music video "Still Luv Me?"

Devinn Le’Raay

Devinn Le’Raay – Still Luv Me?

He takes to Los Angeles to contemplate the love he lost to another guy, doubting her actual feelings towards the newbie, and confident that she is not over him.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, August 7, 2020 / — A wise man once said, "smooth is a lifestyle," and while we don't have any context regarding what he's referring to, it makes sense in every area of life. Smooth in communication? Yes. Smooth with love? Definitely. But smooth with music? Spot-on. Devinn Le'Raay encompasses all of the above in his buttery smooth R&B. Some of his tracks are explicit and some aren't; but there's always enough pillow talk to give goosebumps to listeners. The St. Louis native discovered his passion for music at a young age by singing at church. Other life activities came and went, like baseball throughout high school and fatherhood. He took a quick break to join the military, and during his tour in Afghanistan, Le'Raay knew that he could no longer disregard his fervor for music.

Since coming back to the States, Le'Raay has released three EPs, all with the common energy of sonic weight and warm reverb. He is currently signed to the record label, Second Month of Summer, and boasts over 250K streams in over 70 countries. He's mastered the art of live performance and has performed at a plethora of venues throughout his city like House of Soul and Blue Dine and Lounge. Now, it's time for the rest of the world to experience just a sample of what Devinn Le'Raay has to offer.

While Le'Raay is accompanied by charming background dancers Ashle Pegues and Caitlin Vasser in the music video for "Still Luv Me?", it's clear that a certain someone is missing by his side. The beat is patient and compliant, allowing Le'Raay to completely dominate with his silky vocals. He takes to Los Angeles to contemplate the love he lost to another guy, doubting her actual feelings towards the newbie, and confident that she is not over him. The glow from the sunset and accents of color from the notable Playground Studio intensifies the visual's suggestive energy. We're left with a cliffhanger when Le'Raay pulls up to an undisclosed location with a gun; the screens cut to black, and we can only assume he went to get his girl back.

When you're stuck in your feelings, the best place to go to let those emotions manifest is the city at nighttime, of course. The second video we present to you, "Gas U Up," is the intro track from the EP No Breaks. Drenched with thoughts coming straight from his mind, Le'Raay seems to be the perfect fit for the partner he is singing about. He states, "I am the lane" (an impeccable guy who checks off what every girl looks for), and there is no need to slow down. Flames burn, the city glows, and Le'Raay toasts to the girl he's won over.

Also check out "GAS U UP"
More from Devinn Le'Raay on Instagram
More from Devinn Le'Raay on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Love is in the air in the new 5ive Ft. Giant music video "Let's Dance"

5ive Ft. Giant

5ive Ft. Giant – Let’s Dance

All of the characters play the part in real-time, respectively wearing masks when they go out and keeping their social gatherings intimate… very intimate

DALTON, GA, USA, August 7, 2020 / — He may be short, but he packs a lot of punches. 5ive Ft Giant doesn’t give himself enough credit; first, he’s actually 5’2, and second, he has defied all of the odds that were barriers against his advancement. During the time 5ive was starting, Knoxville, TN was not a place where rappers thrived; it was a land exclusively for country artists and rockers. He was peripatetic and met new people that supported him during every phase. Opportunities were presented and seized, but he grounded himself with hope and positivity- going backward was not an option. Groups like Bone Thugs & Harmony respected his style and recognized the imminent music heights that were to come: a new single release by comedian Brian Hooks feat. 5ive ft Giant & Mojaye produced by 5ive ft Giant is out now.

Years of this journey established his name and his style. The hip-hop and R&B artist devotes his music to pure positivity and lives by the words: “If it ain’t soulful, I ain’t playing with it.” He has dealt with a plethora of problems in life, but now it is time to forget those and move forward. 5ive shares his wealth of industry knowledge with the rising artists he manages from his label, Day 1 Music Group. Besides various prominent collaborations, 5ive’s music is featured on Columbia Pictures Half Past Dead, Steven Segal's film Urban Justice, Paris Hilton's film Into The Darkness, and Netflix's The Last Summer (2019). The rewarding turnaround 5ive has faced throughout the years is phenomenal; what began as a career with no gas money and busking, ripened into a life with enough fervor and prosperity to spare.

Someone call the babysitter and get ready for date night; 5ive is ready for some quality time with his one-and-only in his brand new visual featuring Mr Chandler, “Let’s Dance.” And even though it’s a music video, all of the characters play the part in real-time, respectively wearing masks when they go out and keeping their social gatherings intimate… very intimate. Recording a music video during quarantine isn’t the easiest, but 5ive made it work by including only the fundamental people in his life: close family and friends. His wife is the inspiration for many of the tracks that he writes, and he wants to make sure she realizes how much of a muse she is. They arrive at “the spot,” and he serenades her with the words she helped create. “Let’s Dance” is romantic, tender, and a friendly reminder to start grooving with the one you love.

More 5ive Ft. Giant on Instagram
More 5ive Ft. Giant on Facebook
More 5ive Ft. Giant on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Blindboss wears many hats in his new music video "Fake Internet Points"


Blindboss – Fake Internet Points

Just as Gomez plays all the instruments in Blindboss, he handles all the roles in the video, including a few that seem positively inhuman

CORONA DEL MAR, CA, USA, August 7, 2020 / — Is anybody having fun on social media anymore? Or has it simply become another job – a time-killing, spirit-crushing daily obligation? The problem is particularly acute for artists, who must attend to the digital rat race or face irrelevance. The outspoken Max Gomez, the audacious multi-instrumentalist behind Costa Mesa, California progressive rock band Blindboss doesn't tend to withhold his opinions on controversial subjects, and on "Fake Internet Points," his newest single, he makes his opinion about the world we've created crystal clear. He sees social media as a brutal game that stopped being enjoyable long ago, but one that nobody can figure out how to stop playing.

It's hard to imagine a more appropriate messenger. Gomez has always gone his own way – and the distinctive Blindboss blend of theatrical rock, adventurous prog, circus music, punk, the darkest of dark pop, and experimental metal has always been his alone. He's never been an artist willing to chase trends, and his fans love him for his resolute independence. Yet even Max Gomez, uncompromising as he is, finds himself caught in social media's whirlpool. "Overdose on recognition," he howls in the chorus to "Fake Internet Points," "we sold ourselves out."

But has he really? Not very likely. "Fake Internet Points" is exactly what listeners have come to expect from Blindboss: hairpin turns, unusual juxtapositions, odd and intriguing textures, conceptual ambition, and, of course, compositional and instrumental excellence. In no way is this song a concession to the algorithm or the marketplace. It is, like all Blindboss compositions, the realization of a peculiar and compelling artistic vision. Gomez may be struggling with the same cultural forces that we all are, but he's handling them with uncommon grace.

His visual presentation is singular, too. In Renzo Rodriguez's vibrant clip for "Fake Internet Points," the top-hatted Gomez is half carnival barker, half post-apocalyptic prophet. Just as Gomez plays all the instruments in Blindboss, he handles all the roles in the video, including a few that seem positively inhuman. Rodriguez floods the frames with surreal color and transforms Gomez into a flashing, two-dimensional beacon: a suitable metaphor for the particular distortion that social media visits upon those who use it. At times, Gomez seems beleaguered; at others, he's feisty; others still, he's absolutely furious, and he's letting his passion show. One thing is clear: he won't be giving in without a fight.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Sanya N'Kanta releases a brutally honest animation in new music video "I.C.E. At The Door"

Sanya N’Kanta

Sanya N’Kanta- I.C.E. At The Door

Gloved hands knock menacingly on tenement doors, hoods drop over the heads of the incarcerated, and surveillance cameras point in every direction

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, August 7, 2020 / — Imagine the daily experience of an undocumented immigrant. Not only must he struggle to make ends meet in a strange land, he is constantly at risk of seizure, deportation, and permanent separation from his family. And it isn't just recent arrivals in America who fear the growing power of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Those worried about the increasing militarism of police forces look askance at the agency's ruthless tactics and methods – and they ask whether I.C.E. belongs in a civilized nation. Reggae, rock, and hip-hop singer Sanya N'Kanta adds his gruff but melodious voice to the argument with "I.C.E. At The Door", his latest single, and a statement of radical compassion for all of those facing the American criminal justice system's blunt end. Over a slow, brooding – but subtly beautiful – beat, N'Kanta makes a persuasive case for justice, humanity, and common decency.

It's hardly the first time that Sanya N'Kanta has jumped on the barricades. His recent single "Silence Is Violence" was a heartbroken but forceful statement against police brutality; released before the massive Black Lives Matter protests that engulfed the globe in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, it was eerily prescient. Like "I.C.E. At The Door", "Silence Is Violence" is a central track on The Counterfeit Revival, a relentlessly entertaining, constantly thought-provoking album that alternates between irresistible dancefloor burners and ruminative protest songs. The album situates N'Kanta in a long tradition of eclectic reggae artists who've used their platforms to uplift, lend moral support to the weak and helpless, and speak truth to power.

Ben Clarkson's animated clip for "I.C.E. At The Door" matches the song's intensity. It's stark, intelligent, unflinching, and often quite terrifying. Image after image reinforces the irreparable violence done to families: a picture of a mother, father, and a baby falls from the wall and shatters on the floor, cyclone fencing closes in on a crying child, and the long arm of Uncle Sam reaches down from the sky to clutch at a young woman carrying her child. Gloved hands knock menacingly on tenement doors, hoods drop over the heads of the incarcerated, and surveillance cameras point in every direction. The backdrops are vibrant: deep reds, angry purples, military-olive green skies over a desert divided by a border wall. It's our own anxious world that Clarkson and N'Kanta are showing us – one in which the bad energy created by the brutal treatment of our neighbors pervades and poisons the atmosphere for everybody.

More Sanya N'Kanta on his website
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Billy Livesay & The Livesays To Release New Album “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction”

The Livesays - The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction Cover

The Livesays – The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, August 7, 2020 / — Billy Livesay, best known for his work with E Street Band legend Clarence Clemons as his Guitarist & Vocalist, is releasing a new album with his group The Livesays, independently. The majority of The Livesays' new album “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction” was recorded in 2018 and was set to be released early in 2019. Tragically, on November 2nd, 2018, the band experienced unimaginable sorrow when their drummer, Eddie Zyne, passed away from a heart attack. Eddie, who began his illustrious career as the drummer in Hall and Oates, was an original co-founding member and integral part of The Livesays.

Eddie had been so excited about the upcoming release of The Livesays’ fourth album, particularly the new songs which showcased his solid metronome-like drumming style. Losing Eddie was not only a tremendous setback, it caused the band members to cancel all of their upcoming shows and contemplate calling it quits. Instead, the band persevered and, in turn, decided to dedicate this album to their fallen musical brother Eddie Zyne.

Finding a replacement for Eddie would prove to be no easy task as he left tremendous shoes to fill. In the Spring of 2019, along came Howard Goldberg, formerly of the indie funk band “Rudy.” Says Billy Livesay, “Howard knew us from playing around South Florida through the years. He was a tremendous fan of Eddie’s, knew of his passing, and asked if he could audition for us. Much to our surprise and delight, he turned out to be a great fit. He brought a revived energy to our band. We were back up and running in a few months."

The songs were recorded in Billy Livesay's home studio in Pembroke Pines, FL, mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Steve Gordon and mastered by Grammy winning engineer Mike Fuller at Fullersound in Ft Lauderdale. The original plan was to have the song “The Rhythm of Love” be the title cut, and the album was to include songs written and recorded over a two year period after the release of The Livesays' 2016 release “Hold On…Life Is Calling.”

Circumstances changed after losing Eddie. Turmoil set in due to ongoing political unrest, the upcoming election, protests, the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment, isolation, and having to quarantine. The general feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness, and the ever-changing dysfunctional social and political climate, inspired some fresh new songs and a reevaluation as to which songs to release. Armed with twenty songs, the band narrowed it down to thirteen that reflected a congruent theme, which gave birth to the adjusted title “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction.”

The Livesays will release “The Heart of the Matter” as a video single on their YouTube channel and their Facebook page with a link in the caption to direct viewers to purchase a digital download of the song with a “name your price” option. Proceeds from the sale of the single will benefit the MusiCares Foundation, a charity that has provided more than $60 million in health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to fellow musicians in times of need. More info on the foundation:
The video link is here: (launch 2pm, 8/05/20)
MP3 download will be available here:

A pre-sale of the CD (signed hard copies and digital downloads) will begin on Monday, Aug. 10th, 2020. The official release date of the CD has been set for Sept 20th, 2020. As soon as it is safe for music halls and concert venues to reopen, The Livesays plan to tour in support of the release of “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction.” The band anxiously awaits getting back in front of live audiences where they shine.

In closing, Billy has this message to impart: “During these times of turmoil, isolation, quarantining, anxiety and uncertainty, what has pulled us through is love and music. While we all have our own problems, dysfunctions, shortcomings, and varying opinions, we are all human beings who basically have the same needs and desires. Hopefully the issues we have been facing lately will lead people to take less for granted, apologize quicker, listen more and talk less, smell more roses, and just be better, kinder people. Love may sometimes be ‘a whole lot of trouble,’ but love is definitely worth traveling ‘another mile.’

The Livesays’ lineup:
Billy Livesay – Guitar / lead vocals
Jorge Laplume – Bass / vocals
Howard Goldberg – Drums
Victor "Cuqui" Berrios – Organ / vocals
Tim Murphy- Piano / vocals

For more information:
Website: The Livesays
Website: Billy Livesay
To purchase The Livesays’ Music:
The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction:
Previously released albums:
Rose Colored Glasses
Faith, Hope & Love
Hold On… Life is Calling

Press inquiries:

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
+1 828-350-8158
email us here

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Christian single hitting music platforms highlights work of changemakers

This is the artwork for Kate Stanfords latest release "Change"

Kate Stanford’s CD artwork of her latest release “Change”

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‘Change’ by Kate Stanford spotlights nonprofits making a difference in the world during difficult times

Change is all about the internal strength needed to go against the grain and to fight for positivity in this world.”

— Kate Stanford

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / — A new song featuring the vocal stylings of rising Christian artist Kate Stanford is a clarion call to make a change in challenging times.

Stanford’s new single “CHANGE,” now available on all music platforms, is part of the artist’s powerful call to action through song as she spotlights nonprofit organizations transforming lives around the world through her personal platform.

The first organization Stanford is highlighting is ChildFund International, a Christian charity that works to protect, support, and care for children around the world by creating the safe environments they need to thrive.

The seed of the song “Change” was a thematic idea set deeply in her mind and on her heart. Many of the lyrics of her songs come straight from interactions that she has had with people around her.

“The title of Change came to me when I was getting my haircut at a local Austin salon,” she said. “My Stylist was sharing with me some of her struggles as a Christian woman. I told her that I wanted to make a change through my music and fight some of these injustices. She responded, ‘you will be that “Figure of Change” for those in need.’”

Through a random haircut, Stanford said she learned that loving your neighbor starts with one person.

“Change is all about the internal strength needed to go against the grain and to fight for positivity in this world,” she said.

To help bring her vision to life, Stanford turned to Nashville singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan to help her write and produce the song. Morgan is a two-time GRAMMY® nominee, 13-time Dove winner, and a recipient of the prestigious Songwriter of the Year trophy. She has 21 number one radio hits to her credit.

"Writing with Kate was so refreshing,” Morgan said. “She really cares about the culture and what people are going through. She wanted to write about things that truly matter, which is always a sign of a true artist. Her voice is beautiful and unique and reveals her heart and her desire to connect and lift others up."

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kate Stanford is the newest singer/songwriter to break into the CCM genre. She released her debut EP, “Bloom,” in 2019. The album includes the single “I’m A Believer” featured in the film "Palau, The Movie" as well as the track “Undivided,” which confronts America’s racial, cultural, and political divisions and the need for unity. View the official music video for Undivided at

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