Los Angeles Rock Veterans Love and a .38 Release New Music Video for ‘Hold On’

Los Angeles Rock Veterans Love and a .38 Release New Music Video for ‘Hold On’

Los Angeles Rock Veterans Love and a .38 Release New Music Video for ‘Hold On’

Founded in 2010 by four guys with a passion for music, the band released their self-titled debut EP in 2010  and a string of singles in 2012-13.

Founded in 2010 by four guys with a passion for music, the band released their self-titled debut EP in 2010 and a string of singles in 2012-13.

“Hold On is pretty personal to me and it is a song about perseverance because career in music these days is very trying, and it can and will beat you down in more ways than you can imagine,” said Ryan Hudson, lead vocal for Love and a .38.

“Hold On is pretty personal to me and it is a song about perseverance because career in music these days is very trying, and it can and will beat you down in more ways than you can imagine,” said Ryan Hudson, lead vocal for Love and a .38.

With Ryan Hudson as lead vocals, the band has Domo Domaracki on guitar, Justin Emord on bass and Clark Skelton on drums.

With Ryan Hudson as lead vocals, the band has Domo Domaracki on guitar, Justin Emord on bass and Clark Skelton on drums.

Based in Los Angeles, the band has enjoyed a growing fan following worldwide for its unique music and unconventional approach.

Based in Los Angeles, the band has enjoyed a growing fan following worldwide for its unique music and unconventional approach.

The Blue Collar Rock Band has Recently Toured Canada & is Gearing Up for an Upcoming Tour to Sweden in August

With so many ups and down in a career as a musician, quitting naturally creeps into your head and this song is basically me telling myself that quitting is not an option.”

— Ryan Hudson, lead vocal for Love and a .38

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Love and a .38 has proudly announced the worldwide release of their all-new music video for the song ‘Hold On’. The Los Angeles based blue collar rock band has released the music video of this inspiring song off their EP “7th Street Shuffle”.

Moreover, the band recently made a successful trip to Canada and is now getting ready to tour Sweden in August. Founded in 2010 by four guys with a passion for music, the band released their self-titled debut EP in 2010 and a string of singles in 2012-13.

“Hold On is pretty personal to me and it is a song about perseverance because career in music these days is very trying, and it can and will beat you down in more ways than you can imagine,” said Ryan Hudson, lead vocal for Love and a .38, while talking about the song. “With so many ups and down in a career as a musician, quitting naturally creeps into your head and this song is basically me telling myself that quitting is not an option,” he added.

Based in Los Angeles, the band has enjoyed a growing fan following worldwide for its unique music and unconventional approach. With Hudson as lead vocals, the band has Domo Domaracki on guitar, Justin Emord on bass and Clark Skelton on drums. These four artists became a team about a decade ago and their passion for music and creativity has brought them together. Now, their journey that began from California has now covered the entire globe with a solid fanbase in areas as far as the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

“When it came time to shoot a music video for 7th Street Shuffle, we went back and forth on what song to feature because we loved all the songs for different reasons,” said Hudson, while talking about the music video. “After deciding that we were going to make a video for Hold On, we came up with an exciting live performance video that really highlights the rising and falling action of the song while also showcasing the energy and vibe of Love and a .38.”

Love and a .38 released their first full length album, Nomads, in 2016 and the band has been featured on several global media platforms. In 2018, the band released a new EP called “7th Street Shuffle” with 5 new tracks that took their approach of creating music to the next level. The band is currently playing shows to promote “7th Street Shuffle”, as well as recording new music for a later 2019 release.

Stay connected with Love and a .38 at their website www.loveanda38music.com and on social media at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @LoveAndA38.

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Los Angeles Rock Veterans Love and a .38 Release New Music Video for ‘Hold On’

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Calling All Ladies (Give Me Your) Permission

Italian artist and gentleman releases new single.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — (Give Me Your) Permission

Listen on Spotify now.


In an era of where people are disrespectful and have all of the manners of a caveman there is Alessandro. Good looks, charm and talent to match Alessandro believes in showing respect and behaving like a gentleman. Check out his new song where he is cordially asking for permission to date the woman he loves! We think that you'll agree that Alessandro is setting a new standard!

David Schure
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Voice Actor Al Shaw Fast Gaining Recognition as ‘The Voice That Commands Attention’

Al Shaw

Al Shaw

Shaw’s phenomenal re-creation of Mufasa in The Lion King is gaining thousands of views on YouTube.

MIAMI, FL, USA, July 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Al Shaw, professional voice actor, radio and TV personality, master of ceremonies and DJ, is quickly gaining recognition for his incredible rendition of the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King. Shaw has recently released videos of some of the scenes in the film, substituting his own voiceover for the part of Mufasa, which is played by James Earl Jones in the upcoming movie.

With over 15 years of professional experience as a radio personality, Shaw now does freelance voiceover work through his own company, Al Shaw Voicebox. With a voice that can only be described as mesmerizing, Shaw can speak in a variety of languages, accents and dialects. And his distinctive bass tones have a remarkable resemblance to those of James Earl Jones.

“I was born with the ability to imitate other people,” says Shaw. “It’s something that always came naturally to me. Doing the voiceover for The Lion King gave me great pleasure because Mufasa is such a wonderful character, with so much pride, wisdom and dignity. But I didn’t expect my video to get so many views!”

A graduate of Bethune-Cookman University with a degree in Mass Communications and Media Relations, Shaw is currently a radio personality on Miami’s Easy 93.1 WFEZ station, and has formerly worked for Miami’s #1 Urban radio station, Hot 105 FM, where he hosted his own show, The Quiet Storm. He also held the role as a Production Director for Radio One’s first urban talk station in Miami, WTPS, and has been an on-air talent for WFLM in the Treasure Coast.

Shaw’s voice can be heard on countless voice mails and on-hold messaging businesses around the world. He has worked for Caribbean Airlines, Comcast, Conair, Netflix, Publix and many other businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

About Al Shaw Voice Box

Shaw is available for all types of voice projects, such as voiceovers (promotions, audio books, podcast, documentaries, etc.), TV/film commercials, as a radio personality host, disc jockey or master of ceremony.

For more information, visit the website at https://www.alshawvoicebox.com/.

Al Shaw
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Garth Brooks Daughter Allie Colleen Celebrating Debut Single Release "Work In Progress"



Allie Colleen Billboard Nashville

Allie Colleen Broadway Billboard Over Music City USA

Real Press Nashville

Real Press Nashville

Allie Colleen celebrating the release of her new single "Work In Progress" with Nashville Billboard and radio airplay.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Belmont graduate and newly married singer/songwriter Allie Colleen released her first single "Work in Progress" to country radio this past week. After fulfilling the promise Allie made to her superstar dad to graduate college first, she is now diving into the country music scene in a big way. Already garnering thousands of views on YouTube she is now taking the leap into country radio.

"Work in Progress" co-written with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon and Greg Beick is a reflective journey which demonstrates not only Allie's strong vocal but also her sheer determination to make it in music on her own.

In a recent interview on Nashville Today with WSM radio's Devon O'Day, Allie says, in reference to her music, "It's the one thing I'm good at! I tried to be an athlete and I wasn't very good at it, but music, I can DO music!"

"Work in Progress" was released July 10, 2019 through MC1 Nashville to radio worldwide and has been distributed to all streaming platforms.

Wednesday, July 10, Allie stood at the corner of Broadway and West End to see the billboard called "The Nashville Sign" (often referred to as “Times Square of the South”) as it announced her single debut. A special date for Allie since it is the birth date of her namesake Grandma Colleen.
Radio Stations across the country are joining Allie Colleen in her celebration and sharing "Work In Progress" with their listening audience.

Follow Allie Colleen here on all her socials:

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Lunden Reign's Laura Espinoza To Release New Solo Single “Follow Me to the Sun”

Laura Espinoza - "Follow Me to the Sun" Cover

Laura Espinoza – “Follow Me to the Sun”

Laura Espinoza with Mindy Milburn and Miranda Miller

Laura Espinoza with Mindy Milburn and Miranda Miller

Featured In The Award Winning Musical “American Stranger the Musical”!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Follow Me to the Sun” is a new single by songwriter/guitarist Laura Espinoza (of Laura Espinoza & Lunden Reign) and features Mindy Milburn on lead vocals, Miranda Miller on backing vocals & piano, Geoff Pearlman, Laura Espinoza & Julian Tomarin on guitars; Matt Denis on bass & Noel Jasso on drums. Produced by Geoff Pearlman (“Echo in the Canyon Band”), “Follow Me to the Sun” is one of the featured songs in the Hollywood Fringe Fest Encore Award winning musical “American Stranger the Musical” (music & book by Laura Espinoza).

The song is about someone who feels desperate & lonely after someone has left them; the reason is never revealed. This person then hopes they will find a way to reunite, but it may not be within earthly bounds.

“Seem so long since you drove away, standing out in a chill burns my naked face,
Morning gushes in a shallow wind, but the fire from your kiss keeps the flame within”


Laura Espinoza: Laura is a songwriter/guitarist, playwright, and TV producer. She is the primary songwriter for the critically acclaimed original alt rock band Laura Espinoza & Lunden Reign. Laura recently won a NARAS songwriting contest, exclusive to Grammy voting members where she participated in a private songwriting workshop with Busby, Rodney Jerkins, Shane Stevens and Sarah Hudson. She has performed on stage with Luis Maldonado (Train), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) & Prescott Niles (The Knack), and started her career with Matt Sorum (Guns n' Roses) She has recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, Abbey Road, UK and is the host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBU-FM, Malibu.

Mindy Milburn: Mindy has a passion for singing and music. She is originally from Cleveland Ohio and has sang for multiple bands as well as in musical theatre and original bands and is so grateful to be working with Laura Espinoza. Mindy is now living in Los Angeles and is the proud parent of two wonderful children.

Miranda Miller: Miranda is a classically trained pianist who started playing at age 4. At age 12, she joined her first rock band, Cherri Bomb, where she would get her first taste of the music industry as a rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Signed with Hollywood Records, this band released one EP and one studio album and played shows in America, Europe, and Australia. Later on, she was in alternative pop band Hey Violet!, signed to Capitol Records, and released another EP and studio album. She has been on stage opening for acts such as Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Bush, Staind, and 5 Seconds of Summer, and has performed in almost 20 countries. Miranda now teaches private piano, guitar, and vocal lessons and has directed multiple theatrical productions.

Laura Espinoza's “Follow Me to the Sun” will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more on July 15, 2019

“American Stranger the Musical” recently received the “Hollywood Fringe Festival ENCORE! Award” as well as the “Better Lemons 'Sweet' Audience Review Award.” The musical is based on the music by Laura Espinoza; “American Stranger” is the story of three siblings, two of whom are learning to understand the third who is transitioning from their brother to their sister, now known as Mary. Rejection and intolerance plagues Mary – from society and from her parents who have disowned her. However, it is the loss of her beloved girlfriend, Dionne, that haunts her the most. America's growing cultural divide has made Mary a stranger in her own country. “American Stranger” features the acoustic versions of the songs of Laura Espinoza & London Reign.

Here's what the audience is saying:

“The music and singing were outstanding. Wonderful show, talented performers and great music. It’s so many people’s story, in many different ways. We are all just fumbling around, looking for love, looking for family. Trying to follow our hearts and survive.” – Lauren Peterson

“I own the record 'American Stranger” by the band Laura Espinoza & Lunden Reign and I really dig it.
I was very impressed with how Laura Espinoza, the song writer and guitarist of 'American Stranger,' brought her album to life with this beautiful musical.” – Michael Dinapoli

“What a beautiful gift this musical is! The writer had to know what a powerful message this would be, much needed yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Go see it and feel the love, confusion of being new in LA, and the message being sung beautifully by Delia Rawdon, Mindy Milburn, Miranda Miller with a great cast including Jacklyn Robinson, Scooby Ducati, Bill Melrose, and Sabrina Richmond. The writer, composer and guitarist Laura Espinoza has presented a musical that you cannot forget, ever!” – Lisa Furuto

For more information:
Web: LauraEspinozaMusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LauraEspinozaLunden
Twitter: @LauraEspinozaLA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lauraespinozamusic/

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Bobby Messano Releases Video For Tasty New Single “Lemonade”

Lemonade album cover

Bobby Messano’s new album Lemonade

Bobby Messano Credit: Jim Mimna

Bobby Messano with guitar by Jim Mimna

Bobby Messano Credit: Jim Mimna

Triple-Threat Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Monster
Jams & Croons Over Summery Groove
In Studio, Penthouse & Knee-Deep In Rooftop Pool

Bobby’s at the top of his game here. Everything in life is vibrations — and these are very good ones.”

— SiriusXM’s Pat St. John

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coinciding with the release of his sizzling new album LEMONADE, session player and stage mainstay Bobby Messano simultaneously debuts the title cut’s video today.

The network premiere takes place at 2 p.m. Eastern on the Heartland TV Network viewed by more than 22.4 million households throughout the United States. Ten additional airings will follow over the next week.

Produced and directed by celebrated concert photographer/videographer Jim Mimna (Infamous Stringdusters, Tom Morello, Deanna Bogart), the “Lemonade” video was shot at Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, and at the Denver, Colorado Warwick Hotel. It perfectly captures the wry humor of the song, alternating between live studio footage and playful poolside moments.

Messano and co-producer JoeBaby Michaels assembled a stellar group of musicians for the LEMONADE sessions including keyboardist/singer Bob Malone (John Fogerty, Ringo, The Grinch soundtrack), drummer Doug Belote (Eric Clapton, Rickie Lee Jones, Sonny Landreth) and bassist/singer Carl Dufrene Jr. (North Mississippi Allstars, Tab Benoit, Anders Osborne).

“I’ve never had so much fun making a record,” says Bob Malone. “For three days we convened in the Louisiana bayou and made some funky magic happen on the fly. You can feel the good vibes on every track. I’m so happy I was able to be a part of this!”

All three of the album’s initial singles — “The Bad Guys,” “Heal Me” and “Lemonade” — are now at radio and all digital platforms. SiriusXM’s Bluesville and Jam On channels are featuring tracks from the album. The video for “The Bad Guys” premiered on American Blues Scene.

LEMONADE is inspiring encomiums throughout the music media: Parcbench calls it “a perfect summer release … Bobby Messano knows how to ignite a number with his expert guitar work, and he is only more impressive because of the strength of the songs themselves.” Making A Scene agrees, writing “He has truly taken the sweet and sour of his life and career and made something wonderful. The album has the same honesty, strong storytelling and occasional wry humor that are his trademarks.” And SiriusXM’s Pat St. John insists that “Bobby’s at the top of his game here. Everything in life is vibrations — and these are very good ones.”

Variety as well as depth are the essence of LEMONADE. The string-buoyed passion of “A Thursday In June,” the funk-powered call for brotherhood that is “Black And White,” the ironic humor of titling a fiery jump-blues track “I’m Tired Of Writing The Blues,” the unbridled virtuosity of the instrumental “Junk Jam,” the impeccable harmony and fresh emotion infused into the album’s one cover on Stephen Stills’s “Find The Cost Of Freedom” … all 10 tracks reflect both the unity and breadth of Messano’s achievement.

LEMONADE (Fishhead Records/WMG) is available now.

Catch Messano live on the road, upcoming dates include:

July 12 – Commerce City, CO – Halftime Bar
July 16 – Nashville, TN – ASCAP
July 18 – Nashville, TN – NAMM
July 19 – Nashville, TN – WMOT Radio "Finally Friday" show
July 19 – Nashville, TN – Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night
July 20 – Nashville, TN – NAMM
July 21 – Nashville, TN – Sunday Pro Blues Jam
July 26 – Loveland, CO – Loveland's One Sweet Summer Concert Series
July 27 – Lakewood, CO – The Rusty Bucket Bar and Grill
July 28 – Longmont, CO – Dickens Opera House
July 30 – Morrison, CO – Morrison Holiday Bar
Aug 2 – Laporte, CO – Swing Station
Aug 23 – Private show
Aug 30 – Fort Collins, CO – KRFC Radio Lunchtime Concert
Sept 13 – Pinehurst, NC – TBA

About Bobby Messano
Born in New Jersey, Bobby Messano has played on more than 50 major label and indie albums. His music has been heard everywhere, from MTV jingles to Benny Mardones’ smash hit “Into The Night.” He has appeared or headlined at BAMFEST, The Charleston Blues Festival, Smokin’ In Steel, Summerfest, Charlotte Speed Street, Bayfront Blues Festival and many other prestigious events. His recordings have earned airplay on more than 275 blues stations. “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” was on the American Blues Scene’s Blues Top 5 chart for 24 weeks and was named 2012’s Top Blues/Rock Album (USA) by Blues Underground Network; that same year he was inducted into the Delaware Blues Hall Of Fame. LOVE & MONEY, released in 2015, hit the top of the Billboard Blues Album chart and was nominated for a prestigious Blues Blast Award for Best Rock-Blues Album. His 2017 album, BAD MOVIE, debuted at No. 1 on SiriusXM’s Bluesville channel, remained in the Rack Of Blues Top 15 for three months and won in the Best Blues category for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA).

Stay social:
Website: https://bobbymessano.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bobby.Messano.Fanpage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bobby_messano
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BobbyMessano

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Bobby Messano’s Lemonade

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Christian French Shakes & Stirs on Intoxicating New Single "hungover sunday"

Christian French Photo Credit Angelo Kritikos

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Attracting both 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and receiving widespread acclaim, 22-year-old alternative pop singer-songwriter Christian French heats up summer with a brand new single entitled “hungover sunday.”

Get it HERE via Disruptor Records.

Emanating sweetly stoned soul from the tail end of the weekend, “hungover sunday” slinks forward on softly plucked clean guitar between pillow-talk confessions: “I drank too much and I feel kind of funny. I can’t get up. I’d rather do nothing with you girl.”

It proves intoxicating, inimitable, and irresistible all at once—just like everything he does.

The single arrives on the heels of “Come Around” his collaboration with Hoodie Allen. In less than two weeks, it impressively clocked over 1.3 million Spotify streams and counting.

Additionally, his last solo single “head first” continues to close in on 1 million Spotify streams in addition to garnering universal praise. Billboard dubbed it, “bouncy,” and Atwood Magazine claimed, “With a mesmerizing and soothing vocal timbre combined with story driven lyrics fans from across the whole world are grasping to the music and French’s message.”

“hungover sunday” hints at more to come from Christian soon, like his upcoming EP and first headlining tour – both titled: bright side of the moon. Tickets On-Sale NOW

Be on the lookout for more surprises! Especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area – Christian is hosting a Hungover Sunday Brunch on July 21st. More details coming soon.

For now, enjoy the best sort of musical hangover with Christian French.


Self-taught and self-started, Indiana native Christian French went from posting acoustic covers on Soundcloud in high school and while attending Indiana University, to collaborating with producers such as Triegy and GRAMMY® Award-nominated Dru Decaro and touring with the likes of Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII. He landed a hit on Spotify’s US Viral 50 with “Fall For You.” Meanwhile, the single “By Myself” generated 19 million streams within a few months’ time. As his 2018 EP natural colors picked up steam, his monthly listenership on Spotify averaged over 1.9 million fans.

**Buy Tickets HERE: https://christian-french.com/tour
9/4 — Ann Arbor, MI — Blind Pig
9/5 — Chicago, IL — Subterranean
9/7 — Indianapolis, IN — The Hi-Fi
9/8 — Cleveland, OH — House of Blues – Cambridge Room
9/10 — Toronto, ON — The Drake
9/11 — Montreal, QC — Le Ministére
9/14 — New York, NY — Mercury Lounge
9/15 — Cambridge, MA — Sonia
9/17 — Philadelphia, PA — The Foundry
9/19 — Atlanta, GA — Aisle 5
9/21 — Nashville, TN — The High Watt
9/22 — Columbia, MO — Rose Music Hall
9/24 — Denver, CO — Lost Lake Lounge
9/25 — Salt Lake City, UT — Kilby Court
9/27 — Seattle, WA — Barboza
9/28 — Vancouver, BC — Baltimore Cabaret
9/29 — Portland, OR — Doug Fir Lounge
10/1 — San Francisco, CA — Rickshaw Stop
10/2 — Los Angeles, CA — The Roxy Theatre
10/4 — Phoenix, AZ — Valley Bar
10/6 — Dallas, TX — House of Blues – Cambridge Room
10/7 — Houston, TX — House of Blues – Bronze Room
*with special guest ASTN

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Michael Whalen Gets Back to Basics with His Captivating New Album Cupid Blindfolded

Michael Whalen's Cupid Blindfolded

Cupid Blindfolded, a new solo piano album by Michael Whalen, is receiving high praise from the music community.

Michael Whalen's Cupid Blindfolded

Cupid Blindfolded (Real Music / Solace) is available worldwide.

Michael Whalen recording Cupid Blindfolded

Capturing the one-take recording experience; Michael Whalen plays the Steinway B at Imaginary Road.

For the first time in 20 years, it’s just Michael, his melodies and a magical piano.

Making this album is the fulfillment of a dream…I am so excited about partnering with Real Music on Solace…The name Solace says everything you need to know about the intention of the music.”

— Michael Whalen

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Real Music and Solace jointly announce the July 12th release of Cupid Blindfolded by award-winning composer and pianist Michael Whalen. With hundreds of millions of streams to his credit, two Emmy awards, and a career spanning three decades, people everywhere have been moved by Whalen’s emotive heart-based music. The captivating new release, Cupid Blindfolded, is his first solo piano album in 20 years, reflecting upon the importance of deep listening…to the music, and the meaning behind it…to each other…and to the truth in one’s own heart. Relaxing and melodic, the title track released as a single on July 5th, the first release by Solace, Whalen’s new sub-label under Real Music, a newly-acquired division of Cutting Edge Group. Visit MichaelWhalen.com for more information and all music links.

Romantic, contemplative and dreamy, Cupid Blindfolded is a 10-song album filled with the gorgeous melodies and air that has made Whalen an internationally-celebrated recording artist and film composer. Recorded, mixed and mastered earlier this spring by Tom Eaton at Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios, Cupid Blindfolded was recorded on the studio’s famed Steinway B in single, full takes without editing, while being simultaneously filmed by 6 cameras; Whalen debuted a mini-documentary called “The Making of Cupid Blindfolded” for his fans in May.

On July 5th, SoloPiano.com hosted the Exclusive Worldwide Debut of “Cupid Blindfolded,” a multi-camera video of Whalen’s title track performance, corresponding with the launch of the eponymous single. In the coming weeks, Whalen will announce a fan-focused social media campaign; follow him on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/michaeljwhalen), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/michael_whalen_music/) and Twitter (@mwhalenmusic) for the #CupidBlindfolded launch details.

“Making this album is the fulfillment of a dream and it represents a wonderful new era for my music,” Whalen commented. “I am so excited about partnering with Real Music on Solace. Having my own imprint label is a dream come true. The name Solace says everything you need to know about the intention of the music. After decades of creating recordings and content on my own, I am so happy to have a team of great people to create with, collaborate with and plan the future with. Cupid Blindfolded is the first of some really exciting music we’ve planned. I can’t wait!”

“Cupid Blindfolded marks the inaugural release for Real Music since our acquisition of the label, and this record represents the highest standards of quality, sincere creativity, and boundary-shaping artistic merit that has made Real Music the home to the most beloved mindfulness music around the world,” says Darren Blumenthal, President of Real Music. “We are looking forward to a bright future with Michael as our newest recording artist, and equally await the new artist signings that he will develop and release on his new Solace/Real Music imprint.”

The New York Times once wrote, “Michael Whalen’s music echoes in your soul…” and his return to solo piano is already resonating with music writers. Kathy Parsons of MainlyPiano.com, who interviewed Whalen extensively in June, shared her opinion, writing “With his first purely solo piano album since 1999, Michael Whalen returns to his “unplugged” roots and pours his heart into every note. Cupid Blindfolded will certainly stand as one of the best albums of the year as well as one of the best piano albums of the decade.”

Cupid Blindfolded is available for purchase in physical and digital formats at Amazon and other retailers, and will be streaming at Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer and 200 other platforms worldwide on July 12, 2019.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3GB7FW/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_F13jDbYB2W8BA
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/5f1oYzbHZPBLxRChozOMcJ
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/cupid-blindfolded-solo-piano/1468881661?ls=1&app=itunes

Track List:
1. “Cupid Blindfolded” (4:05)
2. “All Of My Heart. All Of My Soul” (4:10)
3. “Reflection Of My Affection” (3:56)
4. “Sunrise in the Desert” (3:59)
5. “The Muse” (3:56)
6. “At The Touch Of A Lover” (3:09)
7. “Standing in the Rain” (5:04)
8. “Serendipity” (4:38)
9. “Isle Of Skye” (4:26)
10. “City Of Lights” (5:15)

About Michael Whalen: Known for his beautiful melodies and gorgeous textures, Michael has fused his expertise with sound design and his love of soaring cinematic melodies into a unique sound that has been loved since his first commercially-released music on Narada (Universal) in 1993. Michael is an expert on music copyrights, music monetization and is seen frequently on panels and on-line talking about the future of the music business. Michael has been adjunct professor at the Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York, NYU, The New School and now teaches at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. (MichaelWhalen.com)

About Solace
The new sub-label under Real Music, a newly-acquired division of Cutting Edge Group.

About Real Music
Leading music services company Cutting Edge recently acquired Real Music to add to its stable of record label brands, marking its first acquisition in the Music for Wellness space and launching its new Myndstream destination. Real Music is a well-established leader in producing, marketing and curating music for the mindful consumer; music for relaxation, meditation, sleep, focus, movement, and general health and wellness. Real Music, with its roster of world-renown, award-winning artists, enjoys considerable label market share, occupying specific, popular mindfulness categories with dedicated fan bases and sitting atop the leading streaming playlists. Real Music is now distributed worldwide by AWAL.

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Real Music – Gabrielle Banks, gabrielle(at)realmusic(dot)com

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“Cupid Blindfolded” by Michael Whalen

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Digital Music Global Market Size, Share, Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis of Top Key Player and Forecast to 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

PUNE, INDIA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Digital Music industry market by types, applications, players and regions. This report also displays the 2014-2025 production, Consumption, revenue, Gross margin, Cost, Gross, market share, CAGR, and Market influencing factors of the Digital Music industry in USA, EU, China, India, Japan and other regions

The report provides an in-depth analysis of every facet of the Digital Music market for a profound understanding. The overview comprises a definition, the key applications, and respective methodologies. It throws light on the recent developments taking place in the market along with the market status and current industry trends. The report covers the most vital factors that is propelling the market growth, offers manufacturers potential opportunities for harnessing its growth, changing developments and trends, shaping the market dynamics, and relevant insights that cover important key segments.

Key players of Digital Music market have been identified with the help of secondary research, while their market share through primary as well as secondary research. Players across various regions and analysis of every industry dimension is covered. All splits, breakdowns, and percentage shares have also been determined.

Market Analysis by Players: This report includes following top vendors in terms of company basic information, product category, sales (volume), revenue (Million USD), price and gross margin (%).
EMI Music Publishing
Fox Music Publishing
Hungama Digital Media Entertainment
Universal Music Group

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Market Analysis by Regions: Each geographical region is analyzed as Sales, Market Share (%) by Types & Applications, Production, Consumption, Imports & Exports Analysis, and Consumption Forecast.
Southeast Asia
South America
South Africa

Market Analysis by Types: Each type is studied as Sales and Market Share (%), Revenue (Million USD), Price, Gross Margin and more similar information.
Permanent downloads
Music streaming

Market Analysis by Applications: Each application is studied as Sales and Market Share (%), Revenue (Million USD), Price, Gross Margin and more similar information.
Below 18 years
18-40 years
41-60 years
Above 60 years

The market forecast and analysis have been performed on a regional and also global level and covers all the key regions- Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, North America, and the Rest-of-the-World (RoW). Every region has been studied extensively, covering the latest trends, opportunities and outlook. Some important parameters such as impact analysis of various restraints and drivers for every region and also the market attractive index is presented in the Digital Music market report offering insights about the growth, dynamics, untapped opportunities, and performance in the market. Complete profiling of key manufacturers is also included.

Table of Content

1 Digital Music Market Overview

2 Global Digital Music Competitions by Players

3 Global Digital Music Competitions by Types

4 Global Digital Music Competitions by Applications

5 Global Digital Music Production Market Analysis by Regions

6 Global Digital Music Sales Market Analysis by Region

7 Imports and Exports Market Analysis

8 Global Digital Music Players Profiles and Sales Data

9 Digital Music Upstream and Downstream Analysis

10 Global Digital Music Market Forecast (2019-2025)

11 Research Findings and Conclusion


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Iconic Miami Rapper Grind Mode Chaos Releases New Dance Anthem "Killing Your Haters"

Grind Mode Chaos – Killing Your Haters

Grind Mode Chaos At An Event In Miami, Fl.

Chaos of the Legendary South Florida Hip Hop Trio Grind Mode has Released Another Miami Street Hit

Florida is for party people, so I make music for people who like to have fun.”

— Grind Mode Chaos

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, July 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Chaos, the renown front man for the rap trio Grind Mode, has released Killing
Your Haters, his latest single as a solo artist. With a catchy hook and infectious melody, Killing Your
Haters was created as an anthem for party people, strolling sororities, and everyone living their best life,
regardless of what anyone else thinks.

A Miami native and one of the pioneers of jook music, Chaos gained international notoriety for his hits
with Grind Mode, such as "I'm So High (She's So Fly)" and "Ecstasy", both released on the Universal
Republic label. "Florida is for party people, so I make music for people who like to have fun," says Chaos.
Inspired mostly by strolling, a tradition of black sororities for over a century where members perform
coordinated dance motions, Killing Your Haters is as empowering as it is fun to vibe to.

Chaos remains busy putting together music to uplift and entertain. As a legend in the Miami music
scene, and internationally known singles, Chaos has worked with stars such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross,
DJ Sam Sneak and DJ GQ. Killing Your Haters is debuting on Spotify, and will be available on all major
streaming platforms.

Poison Pill is a music production and promotion company based in Lauderhill, Florida, which is managing
the media and marketing for the release of Killing Your Haters. Over the past decade, the leadership
behind Poison Pill has contributed to the production and promotion of music in the genres of hip-hop,
reggae, rythmic, Top 40, EDM, and pop.

Stephen Lezcano
Poison Pill
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Grind Mode Chaos – Killing Your Haters (Dance Video Clip)

Source: EIN Presswire