Alabama Drexell and Honeybee’s Restaurant Raise Money To Feed The Community

BREWTON, AL, USA, January 15, 2021 / — 2020 was a strange year and 2021 seems to be going the same way thanks to COVID19. With more than 3.26 million Covid19 cases around the world and over 85,000 deaths, it has become the biggest threat to human life since World War 2.

COVID19 is not just killing people, it is also killing businesses and putting people into debt while leaving millions starving on a daily basis. One business that aims to stop people from starving is Drexell and Honeybee’s Restaurant in Alabama.

The donation’s only restaurant is doing an incredible job of feeding the local community. They want to make sure that no one goes hungry, and everyone no matter who they are, or how much money they have, can have a proper meal.
With 75% of the local Alabama community struggling with the Covid19 pandemic, Drexell and Honeybee’s Restaurant has become a vital community hub. Now, after the local heros have launched a fundraising campaign to continue with their good work.

Owners of Alabama Drexell and Honeybee’s Restaurant Lisa and Freddie McMillan have teamed up with singer songwriter Maximiliano Nealon, to raise money by releasing a song. The song “I was Hungry (and You Fed Me)” which is available for download will raise $1 for the donation’s only restaurant each time it is downloaded.

We wanted to learn more about the good work Lisa and Freddie McMillan are doing in Alabama and how their local community is coping with Covid19.

1.) You run a popular restaurant called Drexell & Honeybee, how has the COVID19 pandemic affected your business? Since COVID19 we have had to close for a while due to State law and reopen several times depending on the spread of the virus. We are used to having visitors travel from all over the country to visit our restaurant…since COVID19 that has dropped 95%. We are open right now doing ToGo orders only.

2.) When did you first open your restaurant? We opened on March 26, 2018.

3.) What percentage of the community do you feel are struggling because of COVID19? 75% from either the virus itself or the isolation and restrictions put on them because of the virus.

4.) How would you say moral is in Alabama at the moment? Pretty much the same as it is all over…everybody just wants COVID19 to go away. We in the south may be a bit more patient than some in other parts of the country.

5.) Your Alabama restaurant is at the centre of the community, has your local community changed since the pandemic began? Yes, it has changed a lot of people who were once very outgoing to staying at home waiting on this to go away. A few other restaurants such as ours have opened back up since the shutdown to take out only.

6.) Instead of fighting for survival, and making sure you get through the struggles that the COVID19 pandemic has caused, you are instead fighting to feed your community, can you tell me more about that? The main purpose of our restaurant is to be the center point of our community doing good and especially bad times. People are struggling in large numbers and it is our main objective to be there to provide that hot meal that may be needed for them and a perfect stranger that may be travelling through town. We provide our meals as a free service to anyone that comes to our doors.

7.) So, let me try and understand this, your restaurant is now a donation only restaurant, how does that work? We opened and have always been a donation’s only restaurant. Anyone can come into our restaurant and get a meal without paying a penny. We have a donation box set up in the corner where people can go and privately leave a donation or not.

8.) So, if someone who has been laid off work because of the pandemic came into your restaurant hungry and could not pay, they would still be welcome? Absolutely, they are most welcome…we do not handle money in our restaurant at all. Our restaurant is called: Drexell and Honeybee’s Donations Only Restaurant…All Are Welcome.

9.) I have heard people becoming emotional because of the great work you have been doing to feed the community, how does it make you feel knowing that you are making a real difference in Alabama? It makes us feel like we are making a difference in the lives of so many people either through our hot meals or as an example. We get so many people asking how they can do the same thing in their community and as we share our story…we always stress to them that money cannot be their main objective. The needs of the community must be the primary focus and the desire to serve others as humbly and loving as possible.

10.) You are launching a fundraising campaign to raise much needed funds; can you tell me more about that? We know so many are struggling right now, and we thought this would be a great way for every one that wanted to contribute this would be a great chance to do so. $1 is all it takes to download this wonderful meaningful song written especially for our restaurant and what we are trying to do.

11.) Why did you decide to raise money through releasing a song? We are always trying to come up with fundraisers that many people can participate in…this song is a win win…a $1 donation to us to help us continue to help others and a wonderful song to listen to for the person that downloads it.

12.) So, who wrote the song and how did they get involved? Maximiliano Nealon heard about our work at Drexell and Honeybee’s on facebook…he also ordered our book “Living Fulfilled…The Infectious Joy of serving Others and wanted to help us raise funds so he wrote a song especially for us.

13.) You are looking to raise $1 for each time the song is downloaded, how much do you hope to raise? We are hoping hundreds of people will download the song…we know they will love the song…it is a beautiful song with a strong positive message to the world. We are hoping it will become everyone’s message of hope and love.

14.) So where can people download the song from?

15.) Do you believe businesses in Alabama are receiving enough government support? The state of Alabama is in the process now of distributing 200 million dollars…like so many we are hoping to get a share of those funds.

16.) Have you looked at your business differently since the pandemic started? The pandemic has made us realize that we are indeed an important part of our community. The pandemic came out of nowhere…took all of us by storm and it has been a struggle and still is, but we are proud to still be standing and able to serve our community.

Media Relations
Drexell and Honeybee’s Restaurant
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Five Towns College Music Division Prepares Students to be Music Educators and Performers

Five Towns College Logo

Five Towns College Logo

Five Towns Music Class in Session

Five Towns Music Class in Session

Music Student Collaboration

Music Student Collaboration

The Music Performance and Education programs at Five Towns College continue to prepare collaborative, reflective, music educators and talented performers.

DIX HILLS, NY, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — The Five Towns College Music Performance and Music Teacher Education Divisions experienced something different during the Fall 2020 semester.  Due to the pandemic, several ensembles could not perform together live. Nonetheless, this did not stop the creative efforts of the Jazz Orchestra and Vocal Jazz ensembles.  In fact, four performance videos were done remotely by the students and produced into "quarantine" videos.  

FTC senior, Will Nannery, a Music Education major and Professor Eric Miller were both featured on trombone in the Jazz Orchestra selections that included  "Armandos Rhumba," by Chick Corea. Angelina Falino, a junior Music Performance major, was featured in "Paper Moon".

The Vocal Jazz Ensemble produced two virtual choir numbers during the Fall semester-one for the holidays, “Ill Be Home for Christmas” by Kim Gannon and Walter Kent and the other-"The World Keeps You Waiting” by Lauren Kinhan and Peter Eldridge. The latter featured doctoral student Glenn Chiarello on drums, graduate student Felipe Rondon on saxophone, and senior Joe DiStefano, on Scat Solo.   

Another interesting accomplishment from the Music Division, a senior pursuing his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Teacher Education, Jonathan Flores, successfully completed his student teaching in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania this past fall semester. He represented the College at the NYSSMA Conference in December as part of NYSSMA – Collegiate Session on Student Teaching. Furthermore, the Music Teacher Education Division is proud to share that several students are prepared to begin their student teaching experience this Spring in the Lindenhurst, East Meadow, Comsewogue, and Uniondale school districts right here on Long Island.

More news includes that educators Michael Canipe, and Christopher Wink have joined the Music Education faculty. Michael is a Trombonist and comes with many years of experience as the Fine Arts Director at Deer Park and South Huntington Schools. He will assist in supervising student teachers in the field. Christopher, also a brass player, is currently a Band Director at North Babylon Schools. He will be teaching a Brass Methods course. 
The College’s NYSSMA Collegiate Chapter stayed active during the Fall semester with virtual activities, meetings, and a theme of delivering a culturally responsive education. Guest presenters included FTC Professor of Music Education and Director of Choral Studies, Dr. David Gomez, and Anthony Romeo, the Fine Arts Director and Band Teacher at Seaford High School. The Chapter looks forward to more meetings with guest teachers from around Long Island.

Five Towns College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Further, its Music Teacher Education Division is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE),, now the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Read more about that program by going to

Fall 2021 applicants who apply and submit all required documents by March 1, 2021 will receive an admissions decision within 30 days. If accepted, these applicants will be entitled to a one-time Early Action Incentive Grant (EAIG) of $1,000. To receive this EAIG, students must indicate that they are committed to the College by submitting an enrollment deposit of $200 in the following 30-day period.
For those starting college this Fall 2021, there is still time to apply. Contact or call (631) 656-2110 or go to to learn more.

Melissa Cato
Five Towns College
+1 631-656-2121
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FTC Music Division Interview with Professor Steve Briody

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Melanie Safka singing

Melanie Safka Beautiful People

Melanie Safka 2000’s

It is 1 am on Saturday August 16th, 1969 and Melanie Safka, a folk singer at the tender age of 22 years old sits herself on a chair front and center on the stage of the Woodstock Music Festival, to perform songs echoing love, beauty and freedom. Following a one-hour performance by Ravi Shankar, Melanie plays her music in front of 500,000 flower children, this would only be one precious moment in her music career. Three years and one recording contract later, Melanie Safka would ultimately record two singles that would take her into the mainstream music scene, “Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)”, which would reach number six on Billboard and “Brand New Key”, which would become number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and become an international bestselling single reaching No. 1 in Canada and Australia and No. 4 on the UK Singles Chart.

Who knew that over 50 years later, Melanie’s trademark of success and songs would still be relevant and vital to society, she certainly could never have imagined that! Roll forward to 2021 and Ms. Safka’s journey continues. The influential singer-songwriter’s legacy now moves forward as she has been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award given by Folk Alliance International in conjunction with the 2021 International Folk Music Awards. Influential and inspiring, this Award will be given to one individual with competition stemming from key influencers both living and those in legacy. The award, voted on by members of the Folk Alliance International is given and recognized by folk music industry leaders, legends, unsung heroes, and rising talent. Although the award has not been won as of yet, the sheer magnitude of being nominated is a testament to Melanie’s longevity and success as a singer-songwriter.

More information about the award can be found at: Announcing the nominees for the 2021 International Folk Music Awards – Folk Alliance International


Melanie landed in the New York City music and radio scene in the late 1960’s. Her first single, Beautiful People immediately became a turntable hit. Her first tour began with an impressive 40-day run of shows at Paris’ world-famous L’Olympia Theater at the invitation of Bruno Coquatrix. In the years to come, she would entertain millions: at an Aquarian Exposition (the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival), at Carnegie Hall, the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury music festivals, the Sydney Opera House, the South Korean DMZ, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, the Royal Albert Hall, and many many more theatres, halls, and beloved music clubs around the globe.

Melanie launched Neighborhood Records, making her the first American woman to open a mainstream record label, she has recorded over 20 chart hits and many have been re-recorded. Melanie received an Emmy after composing lyrics for the theme song of the hit television series Beauty and the Beast. “What Have They Done To My Song Ma” was re-recorded by Ray Charles with the Count Basie Band. Nina Simone delivered a remarkable rendition as well. “(Lay Down) Candles in the Rain” was re-recorded by Mott the Hoople on their 1971 album Wildlife. Meredith Brooks and Queen Latifah later recorded the anthem. “Some Say (I Got Devil)”was re-recorded by Smith’s frontman Morrissey. These are only a few of the many performers who have re-recorded Melanie’s works. She has always known her calling in life was to entertain. Audiences have welcomed her to the stage for more than fifty years, and she continues to perform today.

More information about Melanie can be found at the following:
• Website:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:

To request an interview with Melanie Safka, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: / 403.464.6925. We look forward to the coverage

Mickey Mikkelson
Creative Edge Publicity
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Digital 1 Media Services, Inc., an Agency of Music and Film Distribution, Will Be Hosting a Talent Search

PALM BAY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — Digital 1 Media Services, Inc., an agency of music and film distribution, will be hosting a talent search for Digital 1 Media Services’ 2021 album release. The winners chosen will have the opportunity to be part of “Jamaica’s Rising Stars of Reggae and Dancehall Vol-1”.

We are excited to announce that Digital 1 Media Services, Inc., a Florida base U.S. company is currently hosting a major talent search for those in the performing and visual arts for local Jamaican songs of Reggae and Dancehall music created by unsigned Jamaican artists. Keep in mind that this is a competition; we are only looking for the best unsigned Reggae and Dancehall artists in Jamaica with a professional mixed and mastered song ready for distribution. We are searching for talented artists who are not signed to a record label and can license their songs to Digital 1 Media Services for our upcoming album, “Jamaica’s Rising Stars of Reggae and Dancehall Vol-1”.

If chosen, Digital 1 Media Services, Inc. will license your song for a national album release, and you will become Digital 1 Media Services talent artist. In addition, you will be considered to be a part of the “Jamaica’s Rising Stars of Reggae and Dancehall Vol-1” music video.

The purpose of this music submission is to identify talent for “Jamaica’s Rising Stars of Reggae and Dancehall Vol-1”. Those who submit their music and are selected will be chosen to participate in Digital 1 Media Services album release, “Jamaica’s Rising Stars of Reggae and Dancehall Vol-1” and in the associated music video.

Please be advised that if you are chosen, we will contact you and submit a licensing agreement for your songs to be distributed and released worldwide.

Please note: No submission fee is required.
Submission Deadline: April 3, 2021
Toll Free Number: 1-800-207-1838
Email Submission:

Digital 1 Media Services is the online music distribution company for independent labels and artists. We offer a host of label and artist services including digital and physical distribution, warehousing and shipping of Vinyl’s, Music Publishing, Film/TV distribution and Video Production.

(To learn more about the organization please visit

Submission Department
Digital 1 Media Services, Inc.
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Digital 1 Media Services, Inc.

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Haitian-American Artist KatchUp to Release 'Vini' on TuGetta Records January 1st 2021

It isn’t very often, we here at Urban Dubz get the chance to present a new genre of music but here it is… It’s called ‘Ayimove’

CUSTARD FACTORY, MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, January 15, 2021 / — It isn’t very often, we here at Urban Dubz get the chance to present a new genre of music but here it is… It’s called ‘Ayimove’ – a combination of Kompa, Reggaeton, Soca, and Pop, and it’s been created by an artist of Haitian decent by the name of ‘KatchUp’ , to get us dancing and bring some happiness into our lives.

An Engineering graduate, KatchUp has a long pedigree in music, spawned in part by accompanying his DJ father to gigs around his hometown. After many years experiencing first-hand the excitement of the performance & entertainment business, he decided to venture down a path of Music Production. Heavily inspired by the international recognition gained by AfroBeat in particular, KatchUp had goals and aspirations by combining the music of his African Brothers and sisters with that of his own Haitian heritage, and this is the result.

It’s like a mix of West Africa and the Caribbean all stirred into a delicious tropical musical broth, that’s the only way I can describe it. The Soca and Reggaeton elements are clearly audible but having visited both of these regions in my time, I can validate that these are the flavours you get in abundance. Combination of good vibes, good food, drink and of course lots of dancing.

The song up for release is called ‘Vini’ on KatchUp’s label ‘TuGetta’ (Together) is about “seeing a girl in a club/party and she’s looking at me and I’m telling her instead of just looking, to come over to me so we can enjoy the rest of the night before it ends.” – It’s just a feel good boy-meets-girl song, which strangely is quite refreshing, given the type of year we’ve had on this planet. I think you’ll agree, sometimes we all need to go back-to-basics and create the world we want to live in in our own heads when everything around us seems like it’s in turmoil and music like this never fails to do that…


Alex Lowe
Urban Music PR
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Park University Announces Top 10 Stories from 2020

PARKVILLE, MISSOURI, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Park University celebrated another historic and noteworthy year in 2019 as the University and its employees garnered national media attention, and earned international, national and local honors.

Park’s Office of University Engagement compiled the University’s biggest stories of the year and asked five members of the University’s staff to pick their top 10 moments from 2020. The voting was tight as only one of the 21 events/stories on the poll was named on all five ballots and four others appeared on four ballots. In fact, 19 of the 21 events/stories were named on at least one ballot.

Here are the top 10 Park University stories/events from 2020:
1. — The coronavirus pandemic forces Park University classes to be held fully online for the second half of the spring semester; Park’s classes are held in a hybrid format during most of the fall semester.

2. — Park University holds its first-ever virtual commencement ceremony on Dec. 12; Anthony Melchiorri, a 1990 Park graduate, U.S. military veteran and host, co-creator and co-executive producer of Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” series of shows, was the keynote speaker.

3. — To support concerns of college students considering taking a year off from their current college/university due to health anxieties related to the coronavirus, and as a way to ease the financial concerns of these students, Park University launched a flat rate tuition initiative in June.

4. — The NAIA announced in late March that Park University’s Gilbert (Ariz.) Campus was approved for full membership effective July 1.

5. — Erycka Fisher, ’09, competed on the FOX program “Ultimate Tag” on May 27 and won a $10,000 prize. Stories about Fisher in advance of the program aired on KTBC-TV in Austin, Texas, on May 20, and on WDAF-TV in Kansas City on May 26. Fisher was a two-time track and field All-American for Park University.

6. — Park University and President Greg Gunderson, Ph.D., were the focus of a column that appeared in the Washington Post on May 16. Gunderson provided comments for a column related to the coronavirus pandemic and discussed Park’s history of providing online education, how other colleges and universities across the country are now looking at Park’s model as they look to online education and what the future looks like in higher education.

7. — Park University’s Parkville Campus athletics department garnered a school record 14 NAIA Scholar Teams from the 2019-20 academic year, as announced by the NAIA on Sept. 15 as part of its annual NAIA National Awards Day. The 14 teams earning the honor eclipsed the previous record of 11 teams set in 2017. The women’s golf team led the way with a cumulative 3.67 GPA, and four additional teams compiled GPAs of 3.4 or higher. In addition, 92 Parkville Campus student-athletes were named as Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athletes from the 2019-20 academic year, also a school record.

8. — Kenny Broberg, graduate student in the International Center for Music, had been selected as a finalist for the American Pianist Awards in April, a unique 13-month-long competition held every four years, with the winner announced in June 2021. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American Pianists Association announced that, “In response to the dire situation that musicians are living in, and in accordance with its mission to support and promote young American pianists,” it awarded Broberg and the other four finalists a cash prize of $50,000 each before the competition begins. A story about Broberg and his comments about the award appeared in The Kansas City Star on June 21.

9. — Steve Youngblood, associate professor of communication arts and director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University, was awarded the 2020 Luxembourg Peace Prize for Outstanding Peace Journalism by the Schengen Peace Foundation and the World Peace Forum.

10. — Kay Barnes, senior director of university engagement and former mayor of Kansas City, Mo. (1999-2007), and Bob Kendrick, ’85, president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Mo., were ranked No. 26 and No. 35, respectively, on a list ranking the most influential people in Kansas City sports history in a column that appeared in The Kansas City Star on May 22.

Voting was completed by Erik Bergrud, associate vice president for university engagement; Brad Biles, director of communications and public relations; Mya Lawrence, director of student engagement; Michelle Myers, Ed.D., provost; and Shane Smeed, interim president.

— @ParkUniversity —

Founded in 1875 in Parkville, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City, Park University is a nonprofit, private institution that is a national leader in higher education. In 2000, Park achieved university status and currently serves 16,172 students at 41 campuses in 22 states and online, including Parkville, Independence and Kansas City, Mo.; Lenexa, Kan.; Gilbert, Ariz.; Barstow and Victorville, Calif.; Austin and El Paso, Texas; and 33 military installations across the country.

Brad Biles
Park University
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HIP Video Promo presents: Snuttock releases a pixelated new music video "Stay (Robot Mix)" on Music News


Snuttock – Stay (Robot Mix)

Snuttock has demonstrated their mastery of the art of the mix, and, through the act of creative rearrangement, discovered secrets buried in their tracks.

BALTIMORE, MD, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Watch "Stay (Robot Mix)" by Snuttock on Music News

Every image on your screen is an assembly of tiny dots. If you're looking at videos in high resolution, it can be easy to lose sight of this. You might forget that you're staring at a crafty assembly of pixels – points of light that can be manipulated and rearranged by a skilled videographer. That's the magic of filmmaking: the wondrous illusion created by the continuous image. But singer Bryan Lee and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Lee Simmonds of dark electronic pop group Snuttock know all about phantoms, digital and otherwise. They're technological tricksters themselves, and their long history of creating alternate mixes demonstrates their understanding of rearrangement, manipulation, and juxtaposition. In the clip for the new and appropriately-titled Robot Mix of their 2020 single “Stay,” they're showing us the pixels – and, remarkably, the more granular the images become, the more fascinating they get.

The original version of "Stay" was a departure for Snuttock: a gleaming, heartfelt synthpop song reminiscent of the most romantic '80s ballads. The mix highlighted the warmth of Lee's voice and the sweetness of his harmonies, and Simmonds supported him with some of the most straightforward and hooky music in the band's deep catalog. But no follower of Snuttock could have thought they'd leave it at that. Snuttock is accustomed to pushing their songs as far as they'll go – and on the Robot Mix of "Stay," they've taken their thoroughly pleasant pop song into a strange and processed future. The hooks are still present (and huge), and Lee's vocal retains its inviting quality. Yet the groove is harder, the synths twinkle brighter, and the backing vocals feel simultaneously more ghostly and more seductive. Snuttock has demonstrated their mastery of the art of the mix, and, through the act of creative rearrangement, discovered secrets buried in their tracks.

To realize their vision for "Stay," Snuttock and director Ernie Mosteller have enlisted the actress and model Alisa Baksheeva. In the smart, stylish, thought-provoking "Robot Mix" video, she's positively otherworldly and quite possibly manufactured: she floats through these beautiful frames impassively, wearing a skin-tight red turtleneck dress that takes on a near-plastic quality. In one arresting sequence, she poses in front of a chain-link fence that's in front of a giant chemical storage tank – everything and everyone seems android-like, futuristic, thoroughly hallucinatory. Baksheeva's performance is amplified by video effects that call attention to the pixels in the frames, and, by extension, the artificial quality of this image and video images in general. Never are those pixels any larger than when Mosteller's camera lingers on Lee, who dissolves into lines, right angles, and black and white squares as he's singing.

More Snuttock on their website
More Snuttock on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Mara x Mini speak volumes in new music video "We Matter" on The Hype Magazine

Mara x Mini

Mara x Mini – We Matter

Your skin color should not determine your treatment in society; everyone is worthy of respect, security, and acceptance.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Watch "We Matter" by Mara x Mini on The Hype Magazine

The voice of change doesn't come from those already in charge; it comes from the next generation. It comes from youth who see the hostility and lawlessness and determine that it will not be the future they grow into. Mara and Mini are two high school teens who use their platform to question the norm and call for reform. These Philadelphia natives are natural entertainers who express their sentiment and activism through singing, rapping, and dancing. The girls began as independent artists who met in the studio to record the “We Matter” song and immediately connected.

Mara and Mini will release their first-ever single in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s. birthday on January 15th. "We Matter" sheds light on the embedded racism in society, the 13th amendment and black on black crime. The song highlights the action that needs to be taken to end injustice, law changes and inner-city crime. The events that led to the Black Lives Matter movement hit home with the girls. The connotation between police and black people, specifically black males, is unsettling when they think about what their brothers might face when they're pulled over or confronted by them.

Unfortunately, Mini lost her father to a senseless act of violence in 2020. While she is open about her past, she wants to look forward to the future with positivity. Mara and Mini made this song for their dads, brothers, family, and community. With hopes that their message will be received: Never forget that your life matters.

Black youth living in the most powerful country in the world – that bases its core values on freedom, equality, and inclusion – shouldn't have to make a song that has to remind America to value their lives. Yet here we are, after what seems to be one of the most polarizing years regarding race in America; Mara and Mini are no longer staying on the sidelines as the headlines continue to unfold. In their new music video "We Matter,” these young ladies’ lyrics speak loud and clear that exclusion and negativity needs to end. Your skin color should not determine your treatment in society; everyone is worthy of respect, security, and acceptance.

What they sing about is necessary and a relevant discussion of harsh topics that acknowledge the problems we're facing today. A drone captures a human-made heart from above with Mara and Mini in the middle; the unified ending is a conversation starter and a prompt for change; the teens ignite the fire, and we need to keep it burning.

More Mara x Mini on Instagram
More Mara x Mini on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Hidden Beams invites you to slip into a parallel world in new music clip "Animals" on XS Noize

Hidden Beams

Hidden Beams – Animals

The video presents Argon as a wizard, commanding a swirling field of color that shifts, pulses, and mutates as he sings.

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Watch "Animals" by Hidden Beams on XS Noize

Don't look now, but progressive rock is mounting a major comeback. Artists working in other styles have borrowed elements of its sound, imitated the structures of its most famous songs, and aspired to the daring of its most passionate practitioners. A network of believers has kept prog alive, staying true to its aesthetic while honoring its spirit of constant innovation. Hidden Beams is an act like that – one bravely carrying the flag for progressive rock into the 21st century. Principal songwriter Carlos Argon is a student of the classics, but, true to the demands of his chosen style, he's an experimentalist, too. With Hidden Beams, he's developed a mesmerizing sound – one that suggests innerspace explorations, journeys to new conceptual territories, deep and probing thought.

Consider "Animals," his latest single. Echoes of the masters – early '70s Genesis, Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Allan Holdsworth and UK, Bowie at his spaciest, and experimental composer Henry Threadgill – are all apparent in the track. But progressive rock demands that musicians working in this style take chances and develop their own singular voices, and Argon has been faithful to that mission. His distinctive melodic signature is unmistakable, as is his peculiar sense of rhythm and his knack for stacking chords in novel ways. Each Hidden Beams song is a journey, and this one is his most audacious departure from expectation yet.

"Animals" follows "Hidden," a song that established Argon and Hidden Beams as the heir to the orchestral, ambitious pop-rock tradition. Like "Animals," it managed to be winsome and searing simultaneously; it was a dimensional gateway of a song, a celebration of illusion and reality, and an invitation to slip into a parallel world. Argon matched "Hidden" with a clip that played like a fable: an animated adventure, an artful, moving love story, and a subtle message of resistance. Behind the visual is Yoshi Sodeoka, who has done videos and concert visuals for Tame Impala, Max Cooper, and many other notable artists. The hypnotic "Animals" clip takes us even further into the ether. The video presents Argon as a wizard, commanding a swirling field of color that shifts, pulses, and mutates as he sings. It's a visual metaphor for his composition's sorcerous quality and the very real altered states that it generates for listeners. Waves of energy explode from his fingertips, and simple movements of his limbs become incantations in action. It's the work of a composer secure in his power – one capable of sending out reverberations radical enough for the whole world to feel.

More Hidden Beams on his website
More Hidden Beams on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Kemme merges real life and animation in new music video “Cyclorama” on EARMILK


Kemme – Cyclorama

When her animated avatar meets him on his own volcanic terrain, the result is explosive enough to dissolve their identities altogether.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 15, 2021 / — Watch “Cyclorama” by Kemme on EARMILK

Sure, you could assign a single clip to a single track, as thousands of songwriters have done since the advent of music television. But more ambitious artists have begun to take advantage of the limitless possibilities of video. They're combining images and music in novel ways, turning expectations upside down, and, in the process, redefining what a music video can be.

Kemme, a young singer-songwriter who has never been interested in playing by anybody else's rules, has taken a singular, personal approach to her clips. "Cyclorama," her latest release, is really several videos in one – it seamlessly integrates key sections of three very different songs from her upcoming visual EP. Director Danica Kleinknecht pairs the sequence to a continuous story composed by the artist herself. Kemme and Kleinknecht cover a remarkable amount of musical and thematic ground in five and a half minutes. It's hard to imagine a better or more comprehensive introduction to an artist with plenty to say, and it wouldn't have happened if Kemme didn't have the bravery and imagination to take a bold step into the unknown.

And if "Cyclorama" feels more like a teaser for a rapturous movie than a standard music video, there's a good reason for that: Kemme is a recording artist with the soul of a cinematic auteur, and her music shares as much with the offbeat soundtracks to experimental films as it does with the contemporary mainstream. "Poof," "Too Deep," and "Kiss The Girls" – the three singles that have been excerpted and cleverly reassembled to make this continuous video – draw from dream-pop, experimental electronic music, sultry R&B, weird folk, and several other hallucinatory subgenres. Kemme's music is a desert-shimmer, sultry and provocative, a natural score to eyelid movies. It should come as no surprise that she's the niece of another artist who always took the possibilities of music videos seriously: Tom Petty. Visually, "Cyclorama" references Ralph Bakshi, Tex Avery's work for Looney Tunes, Quentin Tarantino, and Jan Svankmajer, with each song written so sound like a film score.

"Cyclorama" is a collision of moody, gorgeous, engrossing live-action footage and vibrant animation that represents the often limiting roles of female tropes, from the femme fatale ("Poof"), to a doting partner that exists only for her male counterpart ("Too Deep"), to a scorned lover ("Kiss the Girls"). Sometimes, it's deliciously difficult to tell where real life ends and animation begins., and that destabilization is, of course, part of Kemme's point. The artist and her friends chase a cartoon wolf on an abandoned road at night; he's a refugee from a colorful world, wild and dangerous, out of place and imperiled. Yet he also symbolizes the traditional male protagonist in Western narratives: the hero with nothing but possibility and potential. Here, however, he becomes a victim of Kemme's narrative, his animated form representing that he is just a mere representation, formed by Kemme, the author. When her animated avatar meets him on his own volcanic terrain, the result is explosive enough to dissolve their identities altogether. But the story starts right back where it ends, and the last video can also work at the beginning, as the overwhelming sensation of love and loss propels the female character into vengeful "Poof" before continuing infinitely. But this time, the female form is set to relish in her tropes.

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