Arura Capital Holdings to Partner with BeMotion Inc for Mobile Concierge app for Property Owners

Arura Capital Holdings to Partner with BeMotion Inc for Mobile Concierge app for Property Owners

We don't sell software, we deliver success”

— BeMotion Inc

LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 / — Arura Capital has a vision for homeownership, especially in the arena of condominiums: "People who love the condo lifestyle are interested in one significant difference: being a part of the community." With this in mind, Mr. Silverman, Director of Arura Capital, is taking an innovative and aggressive approach to mobile app technologies. "We are partnering with BeMotion Inc., to launch a mobile concierge app for our residents. It is the most efficient and elegant way for our community to connect with just about everything they need during their experience with Arura Developments. Pay bills, connect to retailers and restaurants, order services to be performed both inside and outside their units. There are simple things that we can connect our homeowners to make all the difference in terms of the extra level of service that our company represents." BeMotion Inc., a Toronto based company, is a pioneer in developing a platform called Mobile Commerce Network (MCN) technology. The innovation defined by MCN is to build mobile apps based upon the 'app within an app' model whereby potentially thousands of participating merchants, retailers and more can all manage their storefront and content controls, communicating directly with app users.

About (MCN Platform):
The platform empowers businesses to build native apps for a variety of business functions. Such as M-commerce, digital advertising, event management, offers, payment gateway, and 25 other more features. The platform is super comprehensive. There are a lot of key ingredients. Providing the opportunity to create uniquely personal app experiences that drive brand engagement and conversion, plan the ongoing commitment and a lot more in less than ten days.

About (DCN Vending & Marketplace):
A North American subsidiary of BeMotion Inc., established in 2018 as the provider of innovative Smart vending machines distributed in 3000+ locations serving a wide range of high standards of PPE, CBD, health & fitness products.

Don't hesitate to request a demo!

For any additional information or if you require further clarification about BeMotion Inc.,
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Singer Jonathan Cilia Faro Debuts 'GIRAMONDO' The Wanderer

Jonathan Cilia Faro Cover

Photo by: Robert Isacson

Photo by: Robert Isacson

photo by: HolyradStudio

Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro releases his new single Giramondo on July 10th a song you will not forget. People are calling it the new Con te Partirò.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 9, 2020 / — Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro drops his new single 'Giramondo' on Friday, July 10, 2020. The soaring ballad, written by Paolo Marioni, showcases the luster and immensity of Faro’s incomparable voice, and invites the listener to accompany Faro on a global voyage that explores the emotions of family, travel, and human connection.

In English, Giramondo means “to wander.” JCF’s performance draws on his beliefs and discoveries as an artist-wanderer exploring the globe. Says JCF, “Doing an introspection, an artist promises to continue this mission: moving towards those who want to live. Music surrounds us, it never ceases to amaze us, and it gives strength to all of us who are unwilling to surrender.”

The song, a blend of rich operatic vocals and melodic pop, conveys a sense of both grandeur and intimacy. It recalls the best classical-contemporary stylings of artists like Josh Groban and Placido Domingo. Some of the Italian lyrics loosely translated to English, include: “I’ll travel until I find the meaning of love, searching for the one who is searching for me,” and “As I wander and the world spins like the carousel of time, I will wrap my voice around the world.”

‘Giramondo’ transports listeners to an array of destinations, and conjures the sense of magic and possibility around every corner. JCF’s performance embodies the power of transcending time and place as one comes to realize that “no matter how far away you roam, you are never far from home.”

To accompany the song, director Simone Tittaferrante created a moving montage-filled music video exploring the seven cities where JCF works. Each location features an ornate carousel that represents the circle of life. The video intercuts scenes of cityscapes, crosswalks, cafes, airport terminals and the deluge of passing people who fill the world and intersect with each others’ journeys.

Tittaferrante paints a picture of the loneliness one encounters, even in the midst of shared experiences, and conveys a traveler’s yearning for a sense of home, even as he comes to appreciate life’s small moments. The video lets viewers see an artist's father relive the story of his relationship with his son who travels for art. The father trusts that one day, sooner or later, he’ll welcome a surprise reunion.

JCF continues, “Music is movement, life and freedom. Time and experience are our teachers. It’s necessary to walk the streets of this world, among people, living happily and giving happiness to those who are willing to listen to your words. Life leads me to unexpected places, but my love for music always brings me home.”

'Giramondo' features pre-production and arrangements by Franco Poggiali, with Peppe Arezzo on strings, Gary Wallis on drums, Alex Meadows on bass, Emanuele Giocondo on piano, and Alex De Salvo on guitars. The mixing and choruses are by Serena Marioni.

'Giramondo' is released by JCF’s record label, NewArias Entertainment’s BFD/Sony/The Orchard, and will be available online and through all major streaming services on July 10.

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Giramondo ( The Wanderer)

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Namek Releases G-funk Inspired Video “Change” Featuring Nate Dogg's Son, NHale

Nate Dogg's Son and Namek

Namek Change Cover

Thump Records Logo

I derive my passion for music in the art of rhymes and beats.

— Namek

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — Thump Street Artist Namek has just released his collaboration with NHale, the son of the late Singer/Rapper/Songwriter Legend Nate Dogg, from his upcoming album, No Dress Code. The song’s beat, flow and lyrics prove that the G-Funk era, and it’s influence, are still alive and thriving.

Namek, born as Joseph Huicochea in West Covina, CA, has been writing rhymes since the age of 14. As a young teen, he risked everything to express himself with a microphone in hand, making audiences pay attention to his smooth, urban street lyrics dedicated to the ladies & his homies.

Influenced by the West Coast hip hop sound, Namek credits Kokane, DJ Quik, Funkdoobiest, Cypress Hill and Tha Dogg Pound with creating the foundation for his production and lyrical styling. Asked about where he derives his passion for music, Namek says, “in the art of rhymes and beats”.

After starting his musical career in LA’s underground Hip Hop scene, Namek began making a name for himself in local rap competitions. He started to turn heads when he won 4 consecutive 16 bar rap contests at Ab Rude’s annual “Flow And Tell” showcase, thrown at The Airliner, a historic Los Angeles nightclub. This increased profile led him to become an artist on Ab Rude’s “Keep The Feel” crew, and started to open new doors for the talented musician.

If that wasn’t enough for the young rapper, he entered into local Hip Hop radio station Power 106’s Freestyle Friday’s competitions, where he remains undefeated to this day. Currently making regular appearances on the station, as well as LA’s new Hip Hop outlet Real 923, Namek plans to continue his momentum and reignite the passion for the GFunk sound.

Now a part of Thump Street and Ice-T’s New Venture, Final Level Music, helmed by Hen Gee of the iconic Rhyme Syndicate, Namek is poised for a breakout year. Full album, No Dress Code, will be available everywhere on July 24th.

For more on Namek, visit:

Visit Thump Records:

Visit Final Level Music:

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Namek – Change (feat. NHale aka Baby Nate Dogg)

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THANKYOUCHASE Releases Debut Single, Merrick Road

Merrick Road Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — THANKYOUCHASE, an upcoming Brooklyn based artist, releases his debut single, “Merrick Road.” It was written, produced, and mixed by THANKYOUCHASE.

The ballad, “Merrick Road,” was written for a special someone in THANKYOUCHASE’s life that didn’t want much to do with him at the time. He poured all the feelings he had into this song to let her know that he will always be there for her if she ever reaches out to him. It’s a sad, but all too relatable, story about missing someone who has moved on.

“Merrick Road” includes 80s style synth with a combination of trap type drums and a futuristic sound. “Merrick Road” is a chill, smooth song perfect for driving with that special someone or while reminiscing late at night. Feelings of intoxicating bliss and jubilee are brought up by the light, cool melody. Some may even call the experience described as “euphoric.”

“Merrick Road” is available now on all platforms. Follow THANKYOUCHASE on Instagram for more information on future releases.


THANKYOUCHASE began writing music at the young age of 12, through music classes in school. It was there that he learned how to play the drums and piano, and where he discovered his love for synthesizers. He grew up in a heavily music-influenced household. As a blues singer, his grandmother was one of his first inspirations, as she would often sing and share music with him. Whether it was waking up to hear Prince or Michael Jackson coursing through the house, or being surrounded by stacks and stacks of vinyl records, THANKYOUCHASE has always been surrounded by music. It only makes sense that he would start creating his own. Some of his famous musical inspirations include Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, The Weeknd, Beyoncé, Curtis Mayfield, The Code, Michael Jackson, and Prince.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Sonarpilot introduces the world to fractal films in his music video for "Fossil" on Medium


Sonarpilot – Fossil

In “Fossil,” shimmering skeletal arches and caverns repeat and repeat, networking in endless geometric patterns like an HR Giger panorama

LONDON, UK, July 8, 2020 / — Watch "Fossil" by Sonarpilot on Medium

For some, exploration is like oxygen. Sonarpilot, earth name Michael Moppert, has been drawn to envelope-pushers, risk-takers and boundary-exploders since the space travel heyday of the 1970s. Rock iconoclasts like Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Roxy Music. Electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Eno. To Moppert, these were astronauts disguised as artists. He made it his life’s calling to first follow their footprints, then leave his own. What began with a guitar, a 4-track, a battered drum machine and a single analog synth morphed over decades into a fully-operational recording studio. All the while, his musical output went from punk-inflected Rock to increasingly technoid, ambient and experimental music. The tail end of the 00’s was the dawn of a new era for him, a new name, Sonarpilot, and a new mission, his most ambitious ever. The Mirage Project. So what is The Mirage Project? A collection of six stunning and unique fractal films with bespoke electronic soundtracks, appearing monthly online from May to December. “Fossil” is the second audio/visual piece to be released, coming one month after “City In The Sky” ushered in this sonic sci-fi opus.

The year is 2020. A 2020 spun from another timeline. A year spent gazing outward, not withdrawing inward. Humanity watches transfixed as Deep Space Mission Probe "Mirage 2" does a breathtaking fly-by maneuver on an interstellar object that has entered our Solar System, the first of its kind in recorded history. “Fossil” provides a 10-and-a-half minute soundtrack that matches perfectly. Synths flare and skitter across a pulsing, ambient beat, like the heat and light signature of a far-off star. Sonarpilot takes his time building the sound of the strange, hypnotically beautiful parallel universe from which this object originated. The chips and circuits of electronic instruments are utilized here to reveal undiscovered forms of life that may be alien, but sound and feel incredibly human.

Sonarpilot created each of the videos and their soundtrack in cooperation with film producer Roger Mäder. “We were using software that generates highly complex fractals. Some of the formulas took a week to render one minute of video,” Mäder explains. Once he generated the raw visual material for each song’s world, Moppert would edit the footage and, at the same time, write the music. The results are extraordinary. In “Fossil,” shimmering skeletal arches and caverns repeat and repeat, networking in endless geometric patterns like an HR Giger panorama. Like all great sci-fi, the power of the video lies in the suggestions it makes with its eerily organic architecture. Everyone will arrive at their own conclusions as to what they’re witnessing — and that’s the point.

The song and video that launched the story of The Mirage Project, “City In The Sky” is an awe-inspiring introduction to the epic series, another perfectly matched immersive experience. The icy synths and vocal fragments ascend and bubble ever upward through a layer of reverb, along to the muted thump of the beat. It commands the eyes to look up, at the video’s Cubist crystalline cityscapes, unfolding and blossoming infinitely in the stratosphere. As breathtaking as it is, it’s meant to be a mirage about the impermanence of even the most technologically advanced societies and their material achievements. These skyscapes mimic Earth’s urban constructions, but here gravity is optional, and beauty is not. It’s something the Borg might travel in, if they were better neighbors. The song itself is a journey, every measure and modulation guiding the listener deeper into the narrative and the world Sonarpilot has created out of thin air.

More Sonarpilot on his website
More Sonarpilot on HIP Video Promo

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New Media, DA ASIAN HIP HOP Bridging the Gap Between Asians and the Black Lives Matters Movement

DA ASIAN HIP HOP, a hub for Asian artists, is encouraging unity and providing a platform to connect people of color through hip hop music.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 8, 2020 / — DA ASIAN HIP HOP (DAHH) showcases Asian hip hop and R&B artists. DAHH's goal is to share with the world the experiences and cultural upbringing of Asian Americans. DAHH hopes to connect cultures and people from different backgrounds as DAHH shares artists' stories that are expressed through music because these are not just Asian stories, but human stories and through hip hop Asian artists voice their stories.

With recent events surrounding Black Lives Matters, DAHH is on a mission to create unity between the Asian and Black community by partnering with a Black Lives Matter organization, The World Is Watching – The World Is Watching is a global coalition of international youth on a mission to end police violence and institutional racism in the United States. DAHH has compiled and provided a list of resources for Black Lives Matter, sharing Black artists' stories, and hosting online events such as an online fundraiser concert called, 'We Stand With You' to support the Black community.

DAHH's global platform is a place for Asian rappers and singers to share their stories and express their artistry. As DAHH continues to connect artists, producers, and creatives worldwide, DA ASIAN HIP HOP community stands against all forms of racism and injustice giving voice to not only Asian artists, but all artists of color.

"We are DA ASIAN HIP HOP. We showcase Asian hip hop and R&B artists from across the world. We are influenced by Black culture and music and our playlists would be empty without Black artists or Black influenced artists." – DA ASIAN HIP HOP

DAHH started because of the lack of Asian representation in mainstream media, particularly in the U.S. hip hop scene.

DAHH started last May and since then has rapidly gained over 4.6k followers on Instagram and over 4.8k followers across all social media platforms. DAHH has also attracted support and following from well-known Asian artists such as MC Jin, Bohan Phoenix, Chow Mane, NITEMRKT and CHOPS, an Asian American hip hop producer, rapper and former member of the Asian American Hip-Hop group, the Mountain Brothers.

DAHH has captured the attention of Asian hip hop and R&B fans from across the globe from all parts of Asia to Denmark and across the U.S – DAHH’s main audience. With DAHH's rapid growth in the scene, DAHH has been called the voice of Asian hip hop and R&B. With that voice, DAHH seeks to bridge the gap between Asian and Black communities.

"Discrimination against Asian and Black communities has been on the rise, it is now more important than ever to share Asian and Black stories and voices with the world." – DA ASIAN HIP HOP

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Shaka Banton New Single I Do

Shaka Banton Making Big Waves With His New Single I Do listen on your favorite platforms.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — Shaka Banton's story is of a strong hearted- person.Expressing his emotions and passion to save the world with his music,about down falls,love and the strength it takes to stand back up.Shaka say's music saved his life it gave him an open door out from the oppression in his environment.Shaka say's what makes him unique and different he can produce his own beats,song writer,publisher, with calibration's with & and a love for fitness and staying fit.Shaka say's he understands the importance of communication it brings people together and you can go higher.Shaka how do you want your fans to fell about your music,well l want it to be a healing to them.Shaka born in texas and raised in new york on long island with his mother father and brother.Shaka say's its amazing the support he's getting on his new single I Do released march 6 2020 he's all the rage on spotify.Shaka's music is available on all streaming platforms,spotify, google play, apple music, amazon music, tidal,,bandcamp,tictok and more.Shaka say's that he always new music would be his ultimate goal because its something that came easy to his nature.Shaka banton indie artist say's he's doing it on his own right now under his own imprint and if a major label comes along he would not mind because a artist needs that boost to start,with the right deal, i got a lawyer for that.Shaka's team are setting up shows for shaka already as soon venues open tickets will go on sale & any booking info can be sent to or call 210-587-5221.Shaka has his merchandise on his website and listen to this if you buy his merchandise you get free music that's right shaka will give you a free mp3 download of his music to you for free.Shaka banton the next to become a house hole name hip hop artist is ready to take the world by storm!check out his new single I Do on spotify it will change your life.Their is a lot of artist coming out but their is always that one rose from the concrete that shines better then the rest of them and that's Shaka banton his future shines bright,shaka say's his fans are the proof.

Shaka Banton
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Joty Kay Hosts Rukus Avenue Radio Presents Summer Special

Joty Kay Podcast Host

A Celebration of Music, Art, Comedy, and Social Good from the South Asian global community.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 7, 2020 / — Rukus Avenue presents Summer Special: A Celebration of Music, Art, Comedy, and Social Good from the South Asian global community. The online event will be hosted by Joty Kay on Sunday, July 19th, 2020. It will begin at 12 pm, noon, Pacific Time on

This showcase is curated by Rukus Avenue Radio and features a diverse and vibrant roster of hosts. Their show segments range from lifestyle, relationships, current social commentary, various musical genres, artist performances, personal wellness, community impact, and their partnership with meaningful NGO’s.

Joty Kay will be the host introducing the various segments, providing comedic relief and wardrobe changes making the virtual experience interactive and cohesive for the viewer. She is an Indian entertainer who gained her popularity from Vine by having more than 100 million views and a growing fan base of more than 60,000 supporters and counting. She also co-stars in a popular web-series called Anarkali in which she wins the hearts of viewers with her character named Navi. Joty is known for her fearless and bold personality. She has decided to take her opinions and experiences to Joty Kay Uncut her appropriately named Talk Show.

"I am so excited to host the RAR Summer special! With all the Chaos going on in the world right now, this special is a refreshing way to uplift our listeners' spirits. Even though we can no longer attend shows this year, we can bring the show to you. This show is so important because it is so easy to feel unmotivated and feel sad because of the changes we are facing. This show helps creatives stay creative and keeps our listeners engaged with the creatives. It gives us all a sense of hope for the future of entertainment."

It's summertime and what better way to celebrate than with some good vibes, fun, and frolic. The world needs positivity and light now more than ever and Rukus Avenue Radio’s Summer Special intends to do just that.

If you are interested in an interview with Joty or have further questions, please feel free to contact me at​, or ​+1 (916) 690-7787.

Amanda Cosenza
Press Contact, Otter PR

Amanda Cosenza
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New EP, Collaboration Sessions Vol I, Released in Partner With Future x Sounds

Collaboration Session Vol I Now Available

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — New EP, Collaboration Sessions Vol I, released as a part of Future x Sounds: Virtual Sessions. It has been pre-released through a virtual festival featuring interviews and exclusive performances.

This 4-track EP was created to shift the spotlight onto local artists, community-makers, and activists, as well as raising funds for organizations doing outstanding work on the ground to help minorities affected by COVID19 and fighting for social justice.

With a strong social message, each track on the album features special collaborations and supports a different cause selected by producing artist and Future x Sounds Community Director, Dr. Shamell Bell, (an original member of Black Lives Matter).

The EP includes the following socially reflective tracks – “Maybe” by Black Milk, “Question On My Mind” by Georgia Anne Muldrow, “Y.B.B (Young, Black, Beautiful)” by Chris Dave, and “Away From You” by Tank & The Bangas. The Detroit Justice Center, Beauty 2 The Streetz, Campaign Zero, and The Trombone Shorty Foundation respectively, are supported through these singles.

“Music has the ability to transform emotions and communicate messages of love and unity, reaching the deepest recesses of our minds,” says Gina Belafonte, an activist performer with Future x Sounds.

Collaboration Sessions Vol I is available now. Follow Future x Sounds on Facebook for virtual sessions. For more information, visit their website.

About Future x Sounds

Future x Sounds™ is the result of a collaborative effort between a like-minded community of producers, promoters, curators, and iconic artists across the country. Launched in 2019, the music and art series provides iconic, award-winning, and socially conscious artists the opportunity to share their vision, shift the spotlight onto their talented peers, and celebrate their communities. Future x Sounds™ is an authentic window into a like-minded artistic global community that stands for the sounds of music and for the sounds of global change. Future x Sounds: Virtual Sessions are in partnership with 5-time Grammy-nominated and 2-time Grammy-awarded Chris Dave, Grammy-nominated Tank and The Bangas, and Georgia Anne Muldrow, and widely- acclaimed hip hop artist Black Milk.

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Minnesota Actor Joe Keith Weighs in on Theater Event Promotion

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith of St. Paul, Minnesota explains how to maximize your exposure when organizing a theatre event.

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — It is one thing to create an amazing show with everything from talented performers and crew to exciting staging. It is another thing to promote that ‘must-see’ show with great production values for your prospective audience to hear about it and attend your show.

“This promotion means more work since all the effort put into the creation of the show won’t mean much if you don’t tell the world about it and get people to attend,” says Minnesota actor, Joe Keith.

However, with commitment, promoting your show can be done successfully even on a small budget. There are some methods that have proven effective in theater event promotion which you may find useful. These strategies, suggested by Joe Keith, will help you in obtaining the publicity you need to promote your show.

Joe Keith explains one of the many ways to promote your theater event on a small budget is through news interviews and press releases. To use this strategy, you need to build an inclusive media list of people who you want to receive your news and write about them. Every vital media contact such as arts and events bloggers, magazines, local and regional newspapers, weeklies, radio stations, and TV stations should be on your list. You can use these contacts to promote your event by writing and sending dynamic press releases promoting your show along with all the important details.

Also, creating a buzz about your show on social media can get you the publicity your show needs. Adding a small video of the performers introducing themselves, or a trailer of your show to your Instagram and Facebook story can help. Consider picking a memorable hashtag for your show. Use this hashtag when tweeting or posting on Instagram, and encourage your audience to use it too. You may also want to offer discounted tickets, freebies, or roll out contests on social media platforms to promote your show.

Another strategy is Q & A. Consider taking your production team to the park or any other public place. Spend some time to talk about your show and why it is cool. You can entertain questions from the audience and in this way, get them interested enough to attend your show.

Word of mouth is also a very popular referral source, especially for theater events. In addition to being an incredibly easy promotional method, word of mouth is very effective in increasing awareness and ticket sales. You can encourage everyone to attend your show and to bring a friend. The outcome is pretty obvious; your ticket sales would double! You and your team can utilize the effectiveness of word of mouth to encourage everyone in your team to bring family and friends who you think would be interested in your show.

“Your show deserves to be seen, so you need to utilize these strategies to get it out there. There are many strategies that may prove effective in your theater event promotion, but these can help you achieve significant publicity on a smaller budget.” Joe Keith Stated.

About Joe Keith

Joe Keith is an accomplished software designer and theater actor. He is the business development manager at SJ Computers, a major force behind the growing success of the company for years now.

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