Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers — Pianist Robert Thies and Flutist Damjan Krajacic Explore New Soundscapes

Blue Landscape mountainous album cover

Music in the award-winning Blue Landscapes series is described as “beautiful, calming, transforming, naturally-flowing, unique, sincere, pure.” The collection includes Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers, Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries, and Blue Landscapes.

Musicians by the sea

Pianist Robert Thies and flutist Damjan Krajacic: “Blue Landscapes is inspired and grounded by our love for Earth’s beauty and all of her natural wonders.”

Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic standing by the Pacific Ocean

Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic in California by the Pacific Ocean; photo by Anna Webber.

A serene and meditative improvisational album inspired by love of nature and the friendship of two world-class award-winning musicians; now available worldwide.

Improvisation in music is risky, but when executed well, you can sense the breath of the music that by design is unpredictable and uniquely original.”

— Darren Blumenthal, President, Real Music

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 24, 2020 / — Mindfulness music leader Real Music presents Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers, the pioneering third album in the award-winning Blue Landscapes series from internationally renowned pianist Robert Thies and flutist Damjan Krajacic. The instrumental album ushers in the "new" new age by generously offering 15 improvisational tracks. Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers is scheduled for worldwide physical and digital release and available everywhere music is sold on January 24, 2020; visit myndstream for more information.

When Krajacic and Thies were introduced by a mutual friend in 2006, no one foresaw that their very different backgrounds and music pedigrees would lead to a prolific collaboration lasting over a decade and resulting in four albums. Krajacic (a native of Zagreb, Croatia) is a globetrotting performer who holds a Master of Music degree in Afro-Latin Music from CSU and has studied with jazz, Latin-jazz, and classical masters all over the world, including James Newton, while U.S.-born Thies’ strict classical music training led to a Gold Medal win in the famed Prokofiev Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia, countless worldwide concert performances, as well as a recording career in the Film/TV industry.

What emerges when the universe aligns to support artistic curiosity? As their friendship grew, the artists found common ground in their love of music and nature, and eventually the idea of improvisation became the jumping off point for exploring an undefinable new sound that is often described as “blissful.”

“Blue Landscapes is inspired and grounded by our love for Earth’s beauty and all of her natural wonders. Whether it be the motion of the seas, the majesty of the mountains, the rhythmic flow of the rivers and streams, the migrations of her creatures, or the mysteries of the forests, all feed the imagination,” they share, adding “It is our hope that this music will take you to a quiet and reflective space.”

The music of Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers continues the tradition of the duo’s earlier collaborations, in that the album was improvised over the span of five days, except for two previously composed works — “Le Musicien” and “Goodbye.” Though the music draws from the same spacious atmosphere and feeling of the previous Blue Landscapes albums, this album continues to explore different compositional approaches, metrically and texturally. Listeners will be intrigued to discover that all the sounds on the album were acoustically created on flute and piano, often by using extended techniques not commonly associated with the instruments, such as “puttied” strings on the piano or various textures on the flute.

Music writer Jonathan Widran observed, “Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers has a few colorful outliers that stretch their artistry, most notably, ‘The Abandoned Monastery,’ which features Robert’s four-voice chord progression and an eight-bar chorale-type phrase he visualized Damjan doing; Damjan in turn recorded each voice on bass flute. Another track that sets itself apart is the hypnotic ‘Forest Path,’ whose main structure is a loop that Robert created on the piano using puttied strings. He used the sound those strings created to form a rhythmic and harmonic structure to the piece.”

Much like life, improvisation is unpredictable, and sometimes magical. Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers delivers an honest, spontaneous musical conversation capturing breathtaking moments in time. Recorded live with minimal overdubbing, the uncertainty of the process enabled the musicians to reach deep and let go, unifying with the listener both musically and spiritually. The result is intimate music that evokes uplifting visions of nature, and reinforces a feeling of connection to our planet, and to all of humanity.

Beginning their history as friends and collaborators in 2006, Krajacic and Thies released a crossover improvisatory album, Difference, which eventually led to Blue Landscapes (2012) and Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries (2016), two albums of original compositions and improvisations. Critical accolades and a couple of well-deserved awards brought the duo to the attention of Real Music.

“From the first moment I heard the tracks of Blue Landscapes III, I knew this was going to be a special record, a record Real Music would be fortunate to release,” says Darren Blumenthal, President, Real Music. “Improvisation in music is risky, but when executed well, you can sense the breath of the music that by design is unpredictable and uniquely original. I am confident the world will agree the execution here is flawless and Blue Landscapes III will forever live as an important soundscape for listeners’ own personal landscapes.”

The Global Music Awards recently honored Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers with a Silver Award; explore the past decade of reviews and accolades, as well as the artists' complete biographies on the Blue Landscapes official website.

Artist interviews and album review copies are available upon request, please see contact information below.

Track List:
Drifting (3:34)
Forest Path (6:54)
The Abandoned Monastery (5:39)
Le Musicien (3:31)
The Lighthouse (3:44)
Goodbye (6:21)
Frontiers (6:07)
Tranquility (4:22)
Take My Hand (3:46)
Infinity (6:39)
The Distant Waterfall (3:40)
Waves on the Moonlit Sea (4:24)
The Valley of Echoes (4:32)
Forgotten Memories (6:26)
Letting Go (4:38)

About Real Music: Real Music is part of the myndstream group of labels. Leading Music services company Cutting Edge recently acquired Real Music to add to its roster of record labels, marking its first acquisition in the mindfulness music space under its myndstream brand. Real Music is a well-established leader in producing, marketing and curating music for the mindful consumer; music for relaxation, meditation, sleep, focus, movement, and general health and wellness. Real Music, with its roster of world-renowned, award-winning artists, enjoys considerable label market share, occupying specific, popular mindfulness categories with dedicated fan bases and sitting atop the leading streaming playlists. myndstream is now distributed worldwide by AWAL. For more information about myndstream, visit:

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*Artist photos by Anna Webber.

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What is Blue Landscapes? The artists discuss how the improvisational process both inspired and enabled them to reach deep and let go…

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Jay Daniels Releases "Rock & Roll and Me" on Dark Lonesone Label

Jay Daniels “Rock & Roll and Me”

Jay Daniels – Dark Lonesome Records

“Rock & Roll and Me” Jay Daniels Dark Lonesome Records

GOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — For Immediate Release:
Nashville, Tennessee

Dark Lonesome Recording Artist Jay Daniels has released "Rock & Roll and Me" to Country and Rock Radio formats.

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Jay Daniels brings a new sound to music lovers. Jay Daniels uses his singer/songwriter talents to meld the contrasting sounds of heavy metal with country and southern rock to create a unique, gritty sound.

Jay Daniels is a Country Blues Artist with a slash of Rock and Roll! Being a writer each song he writes tells it's own story. Raised in Mobile, Alabama he has played everything from hard rock to heavy metal. Jay began playing at the age of 16 years old playing local bars with his brothers and his bands. As an adult Jay found his own sound and brand that rocks he music world.

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jay Daniels was established in April, 2019. The brand has continued to grow with an increasing fan-base and number of followers. His video views are in the thousands and because his music stretches across the genres his fans come from all over the world.

Jay signed with Dark Lonesome, an imprint of MC1 Nashville in August 2019. His first single "Rock & Roll and Me" is raw, risky and real – this music will roar in your spirit! With an enormous fan base that stretches across across the globe, Jay Daniels is sure to be a name you won't forget! Expect great things ahead for those who love rock with a little country soul.

Available on at Jay Daniels and on Play MPE

Rhonda Thompson
MC1 Nashville
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Jay Daniels “Rock & Roll and Me”

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Multiple GRAMMY Award Winners MARY J. BLIGE and JACKY CLARK To Release "Feel Good" Digital Single On February 7, 2020

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, January 23, 2020 / — LENITA, Inc. in partnership with Nashville-based United Alliance Music Group is excited to announce the newest solo single "Feel Good," from two-time GRAMMY® Award winner Jacky Clark-Chisholm, of the legendary Clark Sisters. "Feel Good" is set to release Friday, February 7, 2020 and features the legendary GRAMMY® and Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated singer-songwriter, actress, philanthropist and honorary Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige. The forthcoming single is the first from Jacky Clark-Chisholm's own record label and this release has been an independent effort for quite some time.

"Feel Good," which is produced by GRAMMY® Award winning producer Dominicke A. Polk also features a bonus track with multi-talented rapper and entertainer Tia P. (as seen on BET's 'The Next Big Thing") who co-wrote "Feel Good" along with emerging songwriters Tommy & J'Mel Johnson (TommyJay), Dante Bowden, David Bowden, and John Murray.

"Feel Good" is Jacky Clark Chisholm's first solo record since 2018's My Season/On My Mind EP, nearly 13 years after her debut solo album Expectancy in 2005. "Feel Good" continues to gain traction at Gospel radio and within two weeks has peaked in the Top 50 on Billboard's Gospel Airplay chart. Key supporters include WCHB (Detroit), WFMV (Columbia, SC), WHUR (Washington, D.C), WOAD (Jackson, MS), and WJNJ (Jacksonville, FL) WGRI (Cincinnati, OH).

Lifetime Television is also set to premiere the highly anticipated The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel on Saturday, April 11 at 8pm ET/PT, which is executive produced by Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, and Missy Elliott and tells the story of the highs and lows of Jacky Clark-Chisholm and her sisters who are known as the top-selling female gospel group of all time.

About Jacky Clark Chisholm:
Jacky Clark Chisholm is a solo gospel artist, business-woman, educator, evangelist, and member of multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning legendary group, The Clark Sisters. With 16 albums, millions of sales to their credit and considered pioneers of contemporary gospel music for their crossover mainstream appeal and classic performances of "Is My Living In Vain? and "You Brought the Sunshine," The Clark Sisters are the highest-selling female gospel group in history. Chisholm earned an associate of Science degree in nursing, bachelors degree in Family Life Education and is a formidable leader in business. Jacky Clark Chisholm is a former spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, serves now as Supervisor of Women for the Dominican Republic 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ Inc., former National Youth Choir Coordinator of the Church of God in Christ Inc. for over 16 years, and was a motivational speaker for fundraisers such as H.O.P.E. South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was an instructor for the American Red Cross before retiring in 2010.

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Finnish Singer in New York Releases a Debut Album with a Nordic Flair

Petra Jasmiina Portrait - Photography by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina – Photography by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina EP "Cygnet" Cover Image - Album cover by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina EP “Cygnet” – Album cover by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina Perfoming in NYC - Photography by Aleksei Postnikov

Photography by Aleksei Postnikov

Cygnet, the debut album by Petra Jasmiina, is rapidly gaining wind under its wings ever since the release on October 5th, 2019.

I stepped away from music for a few years while I was traveling and working abroad. I think I was finding myself, seeing the world, and living in the moment. But I always kept on writing.”

— Petra Jasmiina

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, January 23, 2020 / — Singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina, born in Finland and based in New York City, enchants listeners with poetic storytelling, set in fresh sounds of indie pop and folk with a Nordic flair. Taking us to a unique place between a fast-paced city and a sunset by the lake, Cygnet, not unlike the story of the singer-songwriter herself, is a story of love, home, growing pains, and following your dream into the unknown.

Petra Jasmiina Haapamäki, born in Helsinki, Finland, started writing songs when she was only nine years old. Music was always her favorite thing to do, but after graduation, life took her elsewhere – to work in Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Thailand, to be exact. “I stepped away from music for a few years while I was traveling and working abroad. I think I was finding myself, seeing the world, and living in the moment. But I always kept on writing.” After some years in the sun, she found what she had been looking for.

In 2015, the 25-year-old left her friends and family to book a flight across the Atlantic. “Now that I think of it, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I had no job, no apartment, and knew no-one in the city. I had barely researched visas, job permits, or apartment prices. But there have been a few of those moments in my life when logic or practicalities just don’t matter, and it’s like I had no choice. I had to do it. Realizing I needed to make music and pursue my dreams. Even with all the chaos and uncertainty that followed, the moments of clarity and determination gave me peace.”

The beginning of a new life in New York City wasn't a soft landing. Finding friends, getting an apartment, or even opening a bank account, didn't come easily. Following a dream of making music seemed very different from what we see in the movies. A few years and a handful of experiences later, she not only calls New York City her home but enjoys the exciting and ever-changing music scene of the city. This is partly thanks to Writer's Room Songwriter Series, which started as an all-original-songs' open mic, and has grown to be a respected showcase of the city's best up and coming songwriting talent. To Petra, it's felt like a safe haven, a hub to form new friendships and a doorway to a new community of songwriters and indie musicians. "We've had the pleasure of having Petra regularly perform at our series since we launched back in the summer of 2018 and are proud to see her quickly become a dynamic songwriting force. We are also grateful for her passionate support of our series, including creating our Indie NYC playlist on Spotify", says Scott Krokoff, who founded and hosts the showcase alongside Jeff Jacobs. Like Krokoff, Jacobs has been creating and performing in New York for over a decade. He's also performed with Petra on various occasions and says, "Listening to Petra takes me back to a time when songs were songs. She's a natural-born weaver of poetry and melody, and there's a sweetness to her voice that is unmistakable."

In January 2019, Petra started recording with beloved New York producer and sound engineer Craig Levy of Little Pioneer Cider House Studio in TriBeCa. “Petra was secretly my favorite new collaborator in 2019. In such a short time, she’s gone from a singer-songwriter to being a true co-producer with so many interesting ideas that match her personality perfectly. She’s a natural storyteller – besides lyrics, she wants to tell a story with the production, too, whether it’s a near theatrical choice of instruments or a Finnish word hidden in the backing vocals. It’s always something new and even strange, but there’s a meaning behind each choice.”

Cygnet, her debut album, is an excellent example of this. Hours, the first single of the album, released in September, opens with a beautifully restless guitar picking by Finnish jazz master Olli Hirvonen. The song makes us chase sunsets alongside powerful drums and ethnic chants. At the same time, catchy, pop Sheeran takes us to a dingy live music joint in the heart of the city with the strums of an old guitar and percussions created by literally sliding a beer bottle down a studio table. Possibly the most adored song on the EP, however, is Arsonists, a melancholic piano ballad with swelling violins played by Estonian entrepreneur and musician Valev Laube. The lyrics move elegantly between the secular and the poetic, something that seems to have become a bit of a staple of her writing. “Arsonists is a story about a love burned out. It is something that is both day-to-day and ordinary, and also full of metaphor and poetry. As it is the most personal of all the songs, and probably the one I’m most proud of, it has been amazing to see how people have embraced it and made it their own. That’s really what making music is about for me – a connection.” Petra says.

Even though she left Finland at the age of 19, home is and always will be a big part of Petra’s identity and music. After all, the album title, meaning a baby swan, honors the national animal of Finland while signifying a debut and a beginning. The album is for her, and exciting plans are already in place for recoding a full-length album. Petra is also a cast member and an Associate Producer of Kalevala The Musical, an upcoming Broadway production based on the Finnish National Epic. The creator of the musical, Johanna Telander says, “Petra is a welcomed, bright new voice in the world of singer-songwriters. Her honest, reflective songs are catchy and relatable with just the right amount of Nordic Twist. What she brings musically can only be matched by her intelligence, drive, and SISU.”

Stay updated on future performances and releases by following Petra Jasmiina on Facebook, and Instagram

Valev Laube
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Petra Jasmiina – Hours

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Award Winning Documentary “MELODY MAKERS The Bible of Rock 'n Roll” Companion Interactive Apple Book Now Available

Melody Makers Title Screen

Melody Makers

Melody Makers Rock N Roll Trivia

Melody Makers Companion Apple Book

Melody Makers Group Photo

Copyright © Barrie Wentzell


ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, January 23, 2020 / — In tandem with the theatrical and home entertainment release of the film MELODY MAKERS (December 17. 2019) comes the release of the Melody Makers Companion Apple Book. An immersive experience, this interactive book takes users through the rise of Melody Maker magazine through a series of rock trivia games, photo puzzles, embedded interviews, and a photographic gallery full of Barrie Wentzell's Legends Series from his iconic rock photographic archive (1965-1975). The book is a robust partner to the film that offers viewers an added music history experience. The book was “invented” – designed, curated and created – by Canadian filmmaker, and film festival producer Leslie Ann Coles.

For more information:

MELODY MAKERS is not just another music doc. It chronicles the birth of music journalism and the world’s oldest and longest standing seminal music magazine; Melody Maker. Through a series of interviews from artists (Ian Anderson/JETHRO TULL, Eric Burdon/THE ANIMALS, Alan White, Steve Howe and Chris Squire/YES, among others) and journalists of the time, the film tells the true story of the rise and fall of the world’s most influential music publication and uncovers an era of tremendous creative freedom.

At the heart of the story is Barrie Wentzell, Chief Contributing Photographer of Melody Maker Magazine (1965-1975) and his iconic photographic archive of legendary musicians during the birth of the rock 'n roll era, who along with his journalist colleagues gained unprecedented access to bands and musicians that would go on to become the legends of rock n' roll. Wentzell's photos are the touchstone of this documentary as the photographer and others recount the many untold stories from behind the pictures. Barrie recalls a Peter Townshend telling him about an idea he had for a rock opera when Tommy was a concept. Melody Maker journalist, Chris Charlesworth recalls when the magazine tried to expand into the US market without paying off the mobsters who controlled magazine distribution in key cities such as New York, and PR Keith Altham shares an anecdotal story about a publicity stunt gone awry involving the notorious drummer, Keith Moon and a hovercraft.

Beyond the visual stories told, Melody Maker includes interviews ERIC BURDON (The Animals), IAN ANDERSON (Jethro Tull), YES (Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White), DAVE COUSINS (The Strawbs), JUDY DYBLE (Fairport Convention), Nazareth (PETE AGNEW & DAN MCCAFFERTY) and SEVE ABBOTT (UK Decay); journalists CHRIS WELCH, CHRIS CHARLESWORTH, ALLAN JONES (Senior Editor UNCUT Magazine); ALAN LEWIS; and other notable subjects PETER WHITEHEAD (filmmaker Charlie My Darling), ROGER DEAN (artist), JEFF DEXTER (DJ/ Promoter), KEITH ALTHAM (PR for The Rolling Stones, The Who) and GLEN COLSON (Stiff Records) to name a few.

Leslie Ann is thrilled to launch her debut feature documentary MELODY MAKERS with the enhanced Apple Book made possible with the generous support of Telefilm Canada’s Marketing and Promotions Program. As the executive producer and director of LA Coles Fine Art Films she is currently engaged in a wide variety of works which include theatrical features, non-scripted TV, documentaries, shorts and interactive digital media. Her company is committed to producing films and cross platform projects that combine art, entertainment and social justice. Coles is a Women In the Director’s Chair alumni, and a recipient of three CTV Banff Fellowships for original series. Founder of the Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) in 2001 to address gender parity in the film industry, she has executive-produced 46 short films directed by at risk female youth through the Young Filmmaker Development Workshop (YFDW), a program established under the auspices of the FeFF. In her capacity as Festival Director for the past 17 years, she oversees the rigorous evaluation and selection of independent films for FeFF from over 2,500 entries every year. Intimately familiar with the local and international filmmaking community since 2001 with the inaugural festival and her debut multiple-award-winning film “In The Refrigerator: Spirit of a Haunted Dancer,” Leslie Ann’s strength is her ability to creatively strategize projects and determine market potential during the development process, always with a critical understanding of a film’s milieu, be it social, cultural, or art-focused.

MELODY MAKERS will see a limited theatrical release on November 29, 2019 at the Arena CineLounge Sunset, 6464 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA, followed by the Apple iBook on the same day and the DVD Release on December 17, 2019.

MELODY MAKERS, English, Color, Stereo, 5.1 HD, 78 min., Canada

“A cinematic love letter to late British weekly music magazine Melody Maker — captures a vital passage in 20th century music history.” – Kim Hughes, Original Cin

“This cheerful history of the music weekly Melody Maker has enough inside dope to maintain interest.” – Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

“Whimsically titled Melody Makers leans heavily on Barrie Wentzell, chief photographer from 1965-1975, both for his recollections and his amazing collection of images.” – Chris Knight, The National Post

“Melody Makers is charming, informative, and highly entertaining.” – Andrew Parker, The Gate

“The narrator-less film rattles along to the extent that I couldn’t believe it was over, so enthralled was I by the anecdotes, analysis, pictures and film of such an extraordinary ten years of music.” – Martin Webb, A New Day

WINNER Best Music Documentary, 18th Bare Bones International Film Festival 2017
WINNER Best Documentary, 8th Fort Myers Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best International Documentary, 16th Garden State Film Festival 2018
WINNER Audience Choice Award, Hot Springs Women’s Film Festival 2018
WINNER Gold Award Best Documentary, Spotlight Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best International Documentary, Color Tape Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Documentary, Meraki Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Director, Borderlands Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Feature Documentary, Nice IFF 2018
WINNER Best Documentary, MedFF 2019

To purchase “MELODY MAKERS The Bible of Rock 'n Roll” documentary:

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Vancouver Film School launches new podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube

The VFS Storyteller’s Studio Podcast is now available for viewing and listening on popular streaming platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Vancouver Film School’s new educational podcast features useful advice from top creative professionals in the entertainment industry.

The Storyteller’s Studio Podcast will feature top industry artists, directors, writers, and thought leaders with new episodes published weekly

VANCOUVER , BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA , January 23, 2020 / — Announcement Highlights:

· Vancouver Film School’s new educational podcast features useful advice from top creative professionals in the entertainment industry.
· The VFS Storyteller’s Studio Podcast is now available for viewing and listening on popular streaming platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.
· To subscribe to the VFS Storyteller’s Studio podcast on the streaming platform of your choice, visit

(VANCOUVER, B.C.) January 20, 2020 – Vancouver Film School is proud to announce the launch of its new Storyteller’s Studio Podcast, now available for viewing and listening on popular streaming platforms including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

The VFS Storyteller's Studio Podcast features unique creative and “how-to” tips and advice from top professionals in the entertainment industry.

Learn how these standout individuals perfected their craft and became leaders in their field through in-depth interviews you won’t hear anywhere else. Whether you're an aspiring creative or simply someone who wants to be inspired, this podcast is for you.

For more details and to access and subscribe to the VFS Storyteller’s Studio podcast on the streaming platform of your choice, visit

About Vancouver Film School

In 1987, Vancouver Film School introduced the world’s first true immersion film program. Today, VFS is Canada’s premier entertainment-arts centre, offering an immersive curriculum in film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, motion and interactive design, programming, art/production foundation, and other related programs. VFS is known for providing high-quality education in accelerated timeframes. VFS alumni are consistently credited on the most successful products in the entertainment economies.

For more information, or to schedule interviews, please contact:

Christopher Ian Bennett
Executive Producer & Head of Marketing
Vancouver Film School

Max Harvey
Vancouver Film School
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VFS Storyteller’s Studio Podcast Trailer

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HIP Video Promo presents: Greg Hoy & The Boys premiere their electrifying new music video "Green" on The Big Takeover

Greg Hoy & The Boys

Greg Hoy & The Boys

The track is pop-rock perfection with zero pretension. Bright and upbeat, while the lyrics are a bit more wary – although delivered with spirited aplomb.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, January 23, 2020 / — Watch "Green" by Greg Hoy & The Boys on The Big Takeover

Greg Hoy is one of those creative creatures who does it all: singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, designer, and indie label owner. He's put out dozens of records under many monikers, cranking out power pop, rockabilly, and heavy riff rock, working both sides of the control room glass. In between, he jumps in a vintage Airstream RV and tours whenever the time is right, which seems like always.

But his latest single, "Green," makes it glaringly obvious that there's one thing this West Coaster can't do: Greg Hoy couldn't toss off an undercooked idea or a phoned-in sort-of-song to save his life. There's a wide-eyed immaturity in all of his work that gleefully manifests itself in youthful, livewire energy and up-for-anything bravado – without any of the, well, immaturity.

Hoy's fans in the press read like a wish list for every indie band that's hijacked a garage in the last 20 years: everyone from Punk Planet and Big Takeover, to Time Out and the late, beyond-great Village Voice shout him out as breathlessly as if they'd just walked out of his show. Greg Hoy & The Boys is a loose collection of friends he calls on to give a backbeat and a bassline to his fuzzed-out rock ‘n roll daydreams. True to form, "Green" is pop perfection and zero pretension.

Killer hooks might get a great rock song into your head, but what keeps it there is the way it elevates a simple pleasure to the most important thing in the world. "Green" is a song about a girl, sure, but the euphoric fuzz, melodic punk, and propulsion contained within these three minutes hit the listener like a wake-up call to jam more life into their life. She's the dancing, elusive, and yes, beautiful embodiment of pure joy. Hoy brings her to life over a track bursting at the seams with distorted, hooky abandon, with subtle nods to masters like The Jam, The Buzzcocks, Guided By Voices, and Superdrag. "Green" and the Enjoy the View EP was recorded mostly live by studio brainiac and curmudgeonly indie icon Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) and mixed by the legendary Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

A woman with striking red hair and an emerald dress dances down the halls of a well-appointed Brooklyn hotel, then up to the rooftop to move and flow against the borough's skyline. She's got a devil-may-care thing going on, so we can't even be sure she didn't sneak in. But if that's the case, all the better: she belongs here, moving and posturing with a wild freedom and joyful intensity against her pretty but tame environments. The band meanwhile rocks it out at downtown NYC's snug, venerated Pianos bar. It's the perfect room for a kickass power trio to play just a little too loud, and it makes us think we probably missed a really good show. Greg Hoy & The Boys are not an act to miss them next time they're in town, and in the meantime, pull up "Green" whenever your day could use some jumper cables.

More Greg Hoy & The Boys online
More Greg Hoy & The Boys at HIP Video Promo

Andy Gesner
HIP Video Promo
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LV might be DONE WIT IT but she’s just getting started!

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2020 / — LV is set to release her next single, ‘DONE WIT IT’ featuring rap artist DDG. Following the release of her single, ‘I GOT YOU’ featuring Chief Pound & Baby Soulja, LV is back again with a hip-hop twist on her classic pop sound. This time, LV is over her relationship with her boo who doesn’t value her as they should – and as she deserves.

It might be cuffing season but LV is DONE WIT IT in her new single. Her sensuous but powerful tone expresses what it feels like to be taken for granted. This song explains what it feels like to be with someone who’s actions speak louder than their words. She ultimately cuts her boo off for not treating her with the respect and appreciation that she deserves. LV’s “too good for this s***” and this song shows it.

Check out her exclusive breakthrough breakup anthem here:

And her complete press package here:
LV is an upcoming crossover pop sensation with over 1.4 million views on YouTube and 2 million streams on Spotify. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, LV is currently based in Miami where she dropped her EP in August and has been doing numbers on all major streaming platforms. She has previously worked with Quavo, Flo Rida, Chief Pound, Baby Soulja, CNCO, Futuristic, and has collaborations in the vault / in the works with some of the biggest names in music today – Chris Brown, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Bruno Mars, Khalid, Lil Baby, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Tory Lanez, G-Eazy, and more. LV is next to pop off – stand with her or stand back!

Keep up with LV on social media:
Instagram: @lvtheartist
Twitter: @TheArtistLV
Facebook: @lvtheartist
YouTube: @LV
Spotify: @LV
Apple Music: @LV

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Deviate Agency interviews Noah Taliferro Spaulding

Noah Taliferro Spaulding

Noah Taliferro Spaulding

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 22, 2020 / — 1. Please tell us something about yourself.

Well to start, people would call me a “hustler”, and mostly in a positive way. I was able to achieve what most do by the middle of their lives, just in a matter of two years..(right after graduating high school) getting to where i am today, it was never about the hard work, but more of the “smart” work. I hit the ground running and digging and I'm the type of person who wont “die for it” but i sure as hell will “live with it”

2. How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey.

I hate to say thing happen randomly, but in a sense i never planned on being where i am currenlty, and i truly believe that the universe put me in this position for a purpose. My whole life ive been chasing a dream, but i really feel like ive been put in the position im in, for a tru purpose – i flew directly accross the country alone at 18 as soon as i graduated high school, i didnt know what i was leaving to do, but i knew that i wanted to have a platform so my voice is heard and i can give the ones around e a voice. So me being me and the heart i have, I've been able to quickly gain an amazing network of friends and business relationships that have put myself in a very good position in such a short period of time

3. Who are your role models?

I get this question alot, and id have to say myself. I dont see what others do and envisioning myself getting in their shoes, but i do see myself surpassing those who have made an impact in this world, and i really get my “drive and motivation” from evey single person i interact with. I’m always chasing my last accomplishment, i just want to beat myself over and over again

4. What inspires you?

People who care. When i see people who genuinely care about life, others, etc, that keeps me going, knowing that i can REALLY give as many people a voice as possible

5. Please tell us about your company (if you are CEO or entrepreneur) / book (if you are author) /art (if you are artist) / film (if you are filmmaker)

I am the co-founder and part owner of WHP Entertainment, we are a fully fledged record label and entertainment production company co owned by my parter Amir Ben-Yohanan, whos the CEO of West of Hudson Properties, as well as I’m the CEO of TE (Taliferr Ent.) my independet production company, which im the exec prod, writer, and creator of “defining change”, which has a joint venture with 13films. And lastly I'm an artist to my own label which we have my first ever music video “welcome to the stage” dropping this month

6. What’s your most memorable experience?

Flying across the country at 18 alone with nothing but a few hundred bucks and a desire

7. How are you using different social media channels/online marketing to market your work?

a lot of influence push, with pay to plays pr pay to posts

8. What’s your greatest fear?

Getting to the end of my life knowing that I wasn't able to accomplish everything that i know i was able to reach

9. Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood better before you ever got started?

I wish I understood the business, I kind of had to learn as I went

10. What are the success strategies/secrets that helped you in your journey?

PUT YOURSELF FIRST, and i don't say that in a selfish way, I truly mean that. if you don't put yourself first, no one will. and that tied into just being “myself”.

11. What keeps you going when things get tough?

The fact that I have people who rely on me, people who in a sense NEED me

12. How can people connect with you?

Directly Instagram– I'm always on there, haha. But in directly, just relate to me and be real with me

13. Any message for our readers…

Don't chase for something that is safe or already has been done, chase for whats stupid out of this world

14. Please mention any hashtags you would want us to use while publishing your Interview​.

Motivation, Hustle, Love, family, determination, actor, business owner, instagram, etc

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VHRP LIVE! Continues Its Sixth Season, with Victor Herbert’s 1914 Experimental Opera, Madeleine, in NYC

VHRP LIVE! Presents Madeleine March 3rd & 4th in NYC, 8PM at Christ & St. Stephen's Church

VHRP LIVE! Presents Madeleine March 3rd & 4th in NYC, 8PM at Christ & St. Stephen’s Church

Come explore this daring work by Victor Herbert with the VHRP LIVE! creative team and company. The Metropolitan Opera Company produced Madeleine in 1914.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, January 22, 2020 / — VHRP LIVE! is reacquainting New York City with the music of composer Victor Herbert. To date, the company has restored 13 full productions and 5 concerts consisting solely of this composer’s music. With Season Six, the Company has launched an exploration of Love, Parisian Style! Each offering features a modern woman with definite ideas of her own – a debutante, a diva and a dreamer – in Paris, the city of light, art, and romance! Up next will be Herbert’s 1914 experimental opera, Madeleine, on Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 at 8pm.

Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!
Madeleine, the 1914 one-act black box experimental opera
with The New Victor Herbert Orchestra
March 3rd & 4th, 2020, 8PM
All performances take place at
Christ & St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
120 West 69th Street, between Broadway and Columbus Ave.
Subway: 1, 2, 3, B, C to 72nd St.
Bus: M5, M7, M104, M111

It is New Year’s Day in Paris! Madeleine Fleury, diva of the French Opera, must dine with someone. It is a must! Three gentlemen callers, a Chevalier, a Duke, and an Artiste, all visit Madame. The invitation is extended but alas each has the same exact excuse . . . “I am honored and would love to dine with you – shrug – but tonight, I really must dine with Mama!” What’s a Diva to do? Madeleine is a rare, one-act experimental black box opera circa 1914. The Metropolitan Opera Company produced it for soprano Frances Alda. It was historic and completely misunderstood. Come explore this daring work by Victor Herbert with the VHRP LIVE! creative team and company.

“Madeleine follows Victor Herbert's grand opera Natoma by three years. It is the composer's attempt to set dialogue to music much as is done today. While it has been performed since 1914, often it is concertized which usually does not work. There is so much emotion on each page that this 55-minute work needs staging and direction which VHRP LIVE! is providing with this production,” says VHRP LIVE! Artistic Director, Alyce Mott.

Madeleine is presented by VHRP LIVE! and features the voices of Claire Leyden, Thomas Woodman,
JoAnna Geffert, Andrew Klima, Jonathan Hare, David Seatter, Keith Broughton and Shane Brown.

Music Director/Pianist-William Hicks
Conductor-Jestin Pieper
Stage Director-Alyce Mott
Supported by the New Victor Herbert Orchestra

Specially priced tickets for Madeleine are $10-$35 available online at or
up until noon on performance days. $10 for students-for those with current student ID cards,
$20 for Industry-for those with a valid Entertainment union card, Senior Citizens $25, General Admission $35.

DAY-OF TICKETS ON SALE AT THE DOOR: Full price $25-$40 tickets are available at the door at 7:30pm on performance dates. For more information call (917) 815-8899. (Please do not call the church.)

Madeleine features soprano Claire Leyden in the leading role, who received praise for recent performances of Heartbeat Opera’s Der Freischüetz:

“Claire Leyden motivated absolutely every move and utterance to a degree rare in opera.”
—David Shengold, Gay City News

The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! is the world’s only company exclusively devoted to Victor Herbert, the Irish-American conductor and musician who composed innovative scores for early Broadway, as well as classical and popular music. Herbert contributed powerfully to the emergence of an authentically 20th century American sound; and did so lavishly, producing 43 operettas, 2 operas, and innumerable compositions for orchestra, band, cello, violin and piano. Supported by generous funding from The Victor Herbert Foundation, VHRP LIVE! is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 2014 by the company’s Artistic Director Alyce Mott, a leading Herbert historian and librettist
and Music Director Michael Thomas.

For more information go to:

Karen Hudson | Marketing Director
Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!
+1 917-488-9963
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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