Iranian Born Pastor Takes Up the Cause of International Persian Music

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2021 / — International Persian music artists are now receiving a boost in visibility and recognition thanks to the efforts of Iranian-born American Pastor Ara Torosian. Pastor Torosian who heads the Cornerstone Farsi Church in Los Angeles is well known for his unconventional methods of expanding his ministry and propagating the message of love and hope among people through events, conferences, social media, and music production.

Pastor Ara Torosian has come a long way since he set foot in the USA from Iran in 2010. Besides his religious duties, the pastor is producing Persian music videos as an executive producer, thus contributing to the growth of International Persian Artists like Cameron Cartio, Andre Hovnanyan, Helen Matevosian and Salpi Kelishian. Pastor Torosian’s passion for music is making a huge difference to the careers of both Persian musicians and the community at large.

Pastor Ara Torosian was born and raised in an Armenian family in Iran before fleeing to the USA as a refugee in 2010. Civil strife and persecution in Iran led to the Pastor being placed under a two-year house arrest for trying to get Bibles into his church. Fearing the worst, the pastor was forced to leave Iran and flee to the USA where he could freely practice his beliefs, propagate his religion, and work for the Persian community in the US. Pastor Torosian set up the Cornerstone Farsi Church and soon grew in popularity for his unconventional methods such as soccer fellowship group and children’s Sunday school in Farsi. The Pastor’s added passion for art and music soon found him producing music for contemporary Persian and Armenian artists of international repute.

Pastor Torosian’s reputation has grown far and wide. He began gaining invitations to speak in several conferences across the country which he used for spreading love and hope among people and bringing awareness for persecuted Church in Middle East. The Pastor’s affinity for using social media resulted in him setting up a successful YouTube channel called Drivewithme where he sought to promote the city of Los Angeles and draw attention to the growing problem of homelessness in the city. Pastor Torosian’s videos have gained thousands of views and have been receiving credit from TV stations and news bodies worldwide.

Pastor Ara Torosian is now a beacon of light for the Persian community in Los Angeles and a prominent figure of the Cornerstone Farsi Church. He has envisioned a successful career as a music producer in line with his ministry where he has pledged to be a true servant of God.

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Pastor Ara Torosian
Pastor Ara Torosian

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Angelena Bonet Wins The 'Social Awareness Award' For Her Web Series HEART OF THE MATTER at the Vegas Movie Awards

Angelena Bonet - Heart Of The Matter

Angelena Bonet

Angelena Bonet

Angelena Bonet – Social Awareness Award

Angelena Bonet

Angelena Bonet – The Emmy’s Viewing Party (Sydney)

Australian documentary filmmaker and singer-songwriter, Bonet, wins the 'Social Awareness Award' at the VMAs for her inspiring women empowerment web series.

Creating Heart Of The Matter has been deeply fulfilling for me and I'm honored to interview inspiring women around the world. To win the 'Social Awareness Award' at Vegas Movie Awards is so special!”

— Angelena Bonet

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, April 19, 2021 / — Angelena Bonet, of Crystal Heart Productions, has won the prestigious 'Social Awareness Award' from Vegas Movie Awards. The award was given for Angelena's inspiring web series, "Heart Of The Matter", which is focussed on women empowerment. "Heart Of The Matter" features exceptional visuals and inspiring interviews. Filmed in Australia, Canada and the United States Angelena produces her web series in its entirety. She interviews women all around the world and from all walks of life.

Multi-award winning Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and global ambassador for women and girls, Angelena Bonet, has won nearly 150 film festival awards worldwide. The short film recently screened in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Munich and Rome. She has been the recipient of many awards including the 'Humanitarian Award' at The Jane Austen International Film Festival and the 'Human Spirit Award' at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival in The Bahamas.

A former Australian supermodel and actress, she experienced two life changing tragedies, which she has chronicled in her documentaries. Her soulmate and fiancé of three days, Erick Deeby, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in August 2007. He had written and recorded instrumental pieces of music for her between 2005 and 2007. Bonet then wrote the lyrics and melody to his music after his devastating death and during her time of deepest grief. Then on May 26, 2012, she was a victim of a violent attack and was kidnapped and gang-raped but miraculously survived the attempted murder in Melbourne, Australia. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the heinous crime, orchestrated by someone that she knew and trusted. The music she co-wrote with Deeby has become the soundtrack for her films and also won numerous 'Best Original Soundtrack' and 'Best Film Score' awards. She promised him whilst in a coma that she would finish their special project and thirteen years later she has received accolades from every corner of the globe.

As a global ambassador for women and girls, Angelena is a voice for those who cannot speak, or those struggling to heal. Now empowered by the crime that almost took her life, Angelena is a warrior in the fight to end violence against women. With a fierce commitment to helping victims heal and take back their life, she brings to bear a multitude of talents, wisdom and personal experience. Only from the depths of her despair and darkest days has she truly found her voice and the courage to share about her experiences and to speak out. Before the #MeToo movement had begun, Angelena chose to go public with her story and decided to create her production company, Crystal Heart Productions, in Toronto in 2014. She had the intention of interviewing women and girls all around the world and from all walks of life for an online talk show "Heart Of The Matter", and thus allowing women’s voices to be heard. She then included interviews with women's rights leaders such as President Obama's Women's Equality Advisor Tina Tchen, Tony award-winning playwright and activist Eve Ensler, CEO of Canadian Women's Foundation, Paulette Senior and Australian Journalist, Tracey Spicer, to name a few in her sequel "Angelena: Heart Of The Matter" which has won numerous film festival awards worldwide.

Bonet has also served as the Australian Ambassador for World Mental Health Day, an official blogger for OXFAM, a public speaker at V Day One Billion Rising Organization events, a current member of the RAINN Organization Speaker Bureau in Washington D.C. and also raises awareness and funds through her non-profit organization, Crystal Heart Foundation. Her mission is to support charities that are in alignment with ending of violence against women and supporting survivors’ recovery from PTSD and has also created a non-profit web series "The Angelena Bonet Show". Angelena tells us “it is crystal clear to me that love and forgiveness really are the keys. They can and do conquer all”

IMDb Qualifying, Vegas Movie Awards, is a prestigious and caring International Film Festival for filmmakers and screenwriters looking for global recognition and exposure, based in one of the most dynamic and classy cities in the world.

Now in its third year, the Vegas Movie Awards™ is one of the most influential and fastest-growing Festivals worldwide, with exciting competitions aimed at the best talents that Independent Cinema has to offer nowadays.

Angelena Bonet
Crystal Heart Productions
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USA, April 18, 2021 / — “Impactul Simplicity”
The American Reporter

"Sonically rich"
Austin News

“Unorthodox brand of hip hop filled with Rnb and pop sensibilities”
The Word Is Bond

Pittsburgh/Los Angeles based artist georgiaxx returns with a new single “i don’t feel”. The single marks a new chapter for the singer who’s goal in music is to “bring positivity to people through honesty and starting discussions about subjects that have traditionally been taboo is a great way to do that and connect on a deeper level”

The pop trap track features georgiaxx’s signature pop-leaning vocal propelled along by rhythmic trap production. georgiaxx makes her presence known in pop trap realm. It follows her recent features in the New York Weekly, and Women of Substance Podcast, The American Reporter, among others.

“I don’t feel ” opens with a silky vocal echoing the hook melody singing “ I don’t feel, I don’t feel no '' The phrase repeats, and rhythmic high hats and signature trap production set the tone. The hook cascades into a rhythmic verse “I been trippin, I been sippin..” gracefully teetering the line between rapping and singing. The hook comes back in the deep bass complemented by the airy melodic falsetto. georgiaxx elaborates on the message behind the track:
“I wrote i don’t feel in Los Angeles. Being young, single, in LA there’s this glorification of how you’re supposed to feel, having this great time. I suffer from anxiety, and felt like I was always trying to keep up to this ideal that I had created for myself. This track is really just saying, I’m living this great life, but it’s numb in a way. That’s not really what’s important in life, it’s loving and being loved.”


Follow georgiaxx on social media:

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Georgia Concilus
georgiaxx music
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Vikram Sachora Is A Risk-Taker & His Success Amid Pandemic Is A Proof Of The Same

Vikram Sachora an Indian Entrepreneur and Singer

Vikram Sachora an Indian Entrepreneur

Vikram Sachora is a Indian Entrepreneur, Singer And Founder of DigiTroz an Online Digital Marketing Company.

INDIA, April 18, 2021 / — Vikram Sachora is frequently checked among the elegant rundown of such business visionaries whose difficult endeavors haven't quit during such vital occasions. Truth be told, with try harder, Vikram is chiseling his profession and future. he's the individual who is achieving more current headways and unrest inside the field of advanced promoting. His spaces of involvement incorporate works like getting clever thoughts and advanced procedures which will cause gigantic development inside the online presence of his customers to help them in increasing their image mindfulness and worth.

Vikram initiated to get some answers concerning advanced advertising at the principal age of 19, yet has now accumulated various skill inside the field that he offers people with the brand, music promoting, online official statement, lead age, startup specialist. Vikram Sachora is now an acclaimed name and business visionary inside the space of computerized advertising in India.

As a computerized advertiser, it's basic to comprehend certain fundamental methodologies which will make 360 degrees turn inside the customer's general presence inside the market to understand the greatest measure of prevalence they merit and may get. Furthermore, for such jobs, the planet needs individuals like Vikram Sachora who fit the bill consummately to hold out of these duties with unremitting endeavors and at a comparable time make it look easy.

he's likewise wonderful when it includes utilizing web-based media stages to grant esteems to other people. It is, maybe, the easiest gratitude to arriving at bowed a youthful group and put them on the legitimate way, he believes. Vikram Sachora is adroit taking everything into account and, along these lines, he doesn't take his mantle of being the 'most persuasive individual' gently. Vikram Sachora understands that this affirmation accompanies huge loads of obligation. that is the reason his thoughts and ideas are constantly carried out with learning and information, regardless of whether it's his own or that of others. Vikram likewise puts stock in holding a down to earth way to deal with life, which can be an uncommon prudence in the present materialistic space.

Vikram Singh
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Anticipated Follow-Up to Acclaimed Album by John Consalvo – Released nearly 15 years ago

USA, April 17, 2021 / — “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s a saying that conveys — at its core— the idea that greatness isn’t a short-term project. Instead, it’s one built over a series of days, a series of months, and in one musician’s case – a series of years. For singer/songwriter and fantasy author John Consalvo, greatness means remaining steadfast in the face of hardships, even if they seem insurmountable. Fifteen years ago, Consalvo explored these themes of hope and uncertainty in his breakout rock album: Choose This Day. Filled with Consalvo’s original acoustic beats, the album was a raw and honest introspection by a man learning to overcome the pain and precariousness of life, both on his own and through a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fifteen years later, Consalvo is ready to explore the boundary between the sacred and the mundane once more — this time exploring the role of faith in a time where the world seems to be ending, a sentiment shared by many in the wake of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Consalvo’s second album Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered moves from the realm of self-reflection into the realm of man during the end-times.

The album was recorded at Irongrove Studios and produced by Tyler Mays. "Working and collaborating with Tyler is incredible. For certain, he is one of the true prodigies in the business today. I really appreciate how determined he is when it comes to maintaining the spirit of a song. And the end result makes it all worthwhile."

Serving as the first half of an apocalyptic journey told from the viewpoint of one person, Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered is a lyrical and melodic expedition by a man who, while en route to reclaiming his purpose and dreams, is beset by challenge after challenge. "This entire story is one that I believe many can identify with,” says Consalvo. “A man finds himself in a world, not much different than the one we live in now. He knows in his bones that he has a calling or purpose for his life.”

As if paralleling the journey undertaken by John—the apocalyptic prophet and author to the New Testament’s final book, the Book of Revelation— Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered too delves into the crises of the human condition when faced with chaos. Whereas the Book of Revelation relies on vivid imagery to walk its reader through the end times, Consalvo instead takes listeners on a journey through his distinct hybrid of folk-rock and pop with country undertones that characterized Choose This Day, while setting itself apart with catchy rock edginess that is, proudly, without any filler tracks. The album’s debut single, “Open the Sea”, is described by Steven Azami, the multi-instrumentalist song reviewer from, as follows:

"Open the Sea" from singer/songwriter John Consalvo is a stirring and powerful plea for true love. Featuring a great build-up to an epic song, this country/rock hybrid should have a broad audience appeal. Opening with a slinky acoustic six-string blues, Consalvo's raspy baritone carries the tune and is soon joined by massive electric guitars and slamming drums. "Where is my soulmate?", asks Consalvo over top of big southern rock riffs as he comes out of a transcendent bridge and brings this track to a satisfying close."

The fifteen years between Choose this Day and Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered is a testament to Consalvo’s belief that despite life’s obstacles, we are instilled with the resilience and grace necessary to overcome them. According to Consalvo, success in this endeavor comes down to what you make of your day-to-day life: a theme which permeates Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered. “Even with the best intentions, [the man] allows the madness of the day to distract him from that calling,” explains Consalvo. “Ultimately [the man] has to come face to face with the reality that if the focus remains on those distractions-many legitimate, his calling will fade and life will pass him by."

Undoubtedly, Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered will be a glimmer of hope to rock fans beleaguered by the insanity of today’s world: a much-needed respite for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered is set to release sometime in the second quarter of 2021. The album’s debut single “Open The Sea” will be released on April 16, 2021.

Media Manager
John Consalvo
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Mixing Inspirational and Energizing Hip Pop and Rap Fusions: Rising Artist Dweeze Releases Fresh New Singles



Producing colorful and wide-ranging musical compositions, from stunning Pop to memorable R&B, emerging vocalist and songwriter Dweeze is all ready to capture

BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2021 / — An up-and-coming phenomenon, Dweeze is a budding singer and songwriter who is on the right track to solidify his position within the diverse and fast-paced musical scene of the Rap and Pop industry.

With unique and enriching compositions that encompass refreshing Pop beats and lyricism to soul-stirring and authentic Hip Hop songwriting, the growing powerhouse of talent is driven to reach new heights.

A growing artist, Dweeze wishes to bring back a sense of authenticity with hard-hitting, raw, and unfiltered musical composition. With the release of his striking and memorable new single titled “From The Back”, the budding singer is slated to achieve all these goals and more.

Having put out for fans of R&B on October 4th ‘2020, the rousing single is a thrilling narration of Dweeze’s own experiences, put against the rich and stunning beats of R&B blended with Pop. The gifted artist has carefully strung together sensual lyricism with an exciting R&B soundtrack that beautifully complements his vocals.

Having collaborated with up-and-coming icons of Hip Hop such as Cr8te Beats, Big Mike and GKD Natural among others, Dweeze’s single shows passionate storytelling and raw and authentic vocal prowess. With original tracks such as “Secrets” and “Strange Sound”, Dweeze wishes to use his vocals to raise awareness about things he feels are important, while surprising fans of his music.

“I have had crazy feedback about my music and I’m not the only one that feels like this”, says Dweeze, regarding the stunning line of singles and musical tracks that he has successfully put out for fans of Rap.
Check out his fresh new tracks and discover more about Dweeze on the links below and reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.


Up-and-coming Hip Hop and Pop sensation Daniel Brown, known better by his artistic name “Dweeze” is a skilled singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Oakland, California.

As a child, the rising singer was exposed to a surrounding that was both loving and appreciative of his growing talents and inspirations. Dweeze believes that his musical strength and multi-genre abilities were inspired and driven by the support of his loving family while growing up. The passionate songwriter first tried his hand at crafting musical compositions when he was 16 but was unable to find the right chords or interests to persevere. Experiencing a series of roadblocks and hardships growing up, Dweeze had to put his musical passions to a side for a long time, before getting right back into the industry with breakthrough singles in 2016. Today, the budding singer credits icons such as GKD Natural for getting him to fall in love with Rap once again.






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From the Back

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Huntsville, Alabama Local Small Business Owner Queen Harper of Glamlife Beauty Brand

Queen Harper of GlamLife Beauty

Queen Harper

Customer Appreciation “Sip N Shop”

Sponsors Customer Appreciation Sip and Shop event on Saturday, April 17, 2021

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life”

— Queen Harper

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — Queen Harper of GlamLife Beauty Brand will be sponsoring a “Customer Appreciation Sip and Shop” event on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The event will start at 10:00am and last until 4:00pm. Queen will be introducing her newest collection of fine wigs and accessories. You don’t want to miss this exceptional event!

You can contact Queen Harper at:
GlamLife Beauty Brand
1420 Paramount Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Who is Queen Harper? Queen Harper is Owner of Glamlife Beauty. It is a lifestyle and Beauty brand that Brings Opulence and Simplicity to woman of Diverse backgrounds, by Providing High Quality Hair, Beauty, and Jewelry products that Simplify Glam, making it Easy and Effortless.



Delia Lindsey, Owner
Stellar Alchemy
Social Media Management and Verification Services

a Division of GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC



Queen Harper
Glamlife Beauty
+1 256-501-0236
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Queen Harper of Glam Life Beauty

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D-Luxe Properties Park Preview and Groundbreaking: D-Luxe to host party to preview its new multi-purpose experience

D-Luxe Properties Park Preview and Groundbreaking: D-Luxe to host an all-day party to preview its new multi-purpose experience

D-Luxe Properties Park Preview and Groundbreaking: D-Luxe to host an all-day party to preview its new multi-purpose experience

Erica Enders will be on hand with her NHRA Chevrolet Camero, meeting fans and discussing her illustrious career that is still racking up championships.

Erica Enders will be on hand with her NHRA Chevrolet Camero, meeting fans and discussing her illustrious career that is still racking up championships.

The Travis Kidd Band will close out the evening as the main event, starting at 7 p.m. Based out of Tulsa, Okla., Kidd has been a professional musician for 20-plus years, and his music is rooted in rock and country soul.

The Travis Kidd Band will close out the evening as the main event, starting at 7 p.m. Based out of Tulsa, Okla., Kidd has been a professional musician for 20-plus years, and his music is rooted in rock and country soul.

Bring the family to enjoy the new multi-purpose experience complete with food trucks, fun, live music, and much more

SAPULPA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — D-Luxe Properties Park Preview and Groundbreaking: D-Luxe to host an all-day party to preview its new multi-purpose experience

Bring the family to enjoy the new multi-purpose experience complete with food trucks, fun, live music, and much more

D-Luxe is hosting a sneak peek at its new Sapulpa location, and it will be an experience for the whole community.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, D-Luxe is pulling out all the stops, celebrating the opening of their new property that includes a multi-purpose space that the entire community can enjoy. The family-friendly event will include live music from regional recording artists, car and bike shows, food trucks, the Black Diamond boat, a professional drag car racer, and much more.

The event starts at around 10 a.m. and bands start taking the stage at noon. Around that same time, food trucks will start serving food, and NHRA Pro Stock champion, Erica Enders, will arrive with her Elite Motorsports/Melling Chevrolet Camaro.

D-Luxe is a firm built on integrity by a team working in unison towards a common goal of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with the FOCUS of delivering the most superior products. FOCUS stands for Firm Values, Optimal products, Customer satisfaction, United team, and Sustainable quality, and each represents the core values of the company.

The campus, located at 927 S. Main St. Sapulpa, OK., will include covered gazebos, a food truck court, outdoor games, food vendors, an amphitheater, a dog park, and an event center.

There will be a special tent set up for veterans and servicemen and women, which includes first responders, and the first 250 veterans and first responders to the tent will receive free food vouchers. There will also be free food vouchers for the first 250 general visitors. Drinks will be available for $1, while all proceeds and donations will benefit Sapulpa Park Friends Foundation.

-Erica Enders Racing

Erica Enders will be on hand with her NHRA Chevrolet Camero, meeting fans and discussing her illustrious career that is still racking up championships. Enders has spent nearly her entire life establishing herself in the 200-plus mile per hour world of professional NHRA drag racing. Enders has been driving race cars since the age of eight and is a veteran driver despite her young age. In 2019 and 2020, fielding the Elite Motorsports/Melling Chevrolet Camaro, Enders secured her third and fourth NHRA Mello Yellow Pro Stock Championships.


Starting at noon, event-goers will be able to hear some of the top up-and-coming regional artists, beginning with country musician Jeremy Studdard. From Tishamingo, Studdard has been described as “living the country song,” and country music superstar Blake Shelton recently gave him a shout-out on Twitter, championing Studdard’s new album.

Kaitlyn Kilian will follow, bringing their own style of music to the stage. From northern Oklahoma, Kilian recently released her single “Breakdown” and has recently been touring Oklahoma and Texas.

Rising singer/songwriter, Makayla Gaylord from Vinita, Oklahoma. "Small town girl with big city talent!" Makayla's roots run deep with Country Music, although she loves Christian and Bluegrass Music as well. She has been singing since she could talk. Prior to that, she was humming any note of the scale. Makayla's passion for music is undeniable.

The Travis Kidd Band will close out the evening as the main event, starting at 7 p.m. Based out of Tulsa, Okla., Kidd has been a professional musician for 20-plus years, and his music is rooted in rock and country soul. His style can be hard to pin down, incorporating elements of classic and southern rock, country, blues, and folk, proving Kidd to be an eclectic mix as singer/songwriter and acclaimed guitar player. Calling him a southern rocker begins to touch on it, but doesn't do him justice or take into consideration his involvement in the regional music scene on a number of levels.

-Team Black Diamond

The Black Diamond boat, the first MTI 52′ catamaran, will be on display at the event on its trailer. Boasting an air-conditioned, enclosed canopy with seating for six and leather-trimmed bucket seats, the space-age-looking, slick vessel features stellar comfort for all riding along.

-Car and Bike Shows

A bike show is scheduled for 3 p.m., showing off some of the top motorcycles around. The bike show awards are set for 5:30 p.m. Only half-an-hour later, the car show will begin, and the awards are slated for 8:30 p.m. Both the bike and car shows will last around two-and-a-half hours. Those wanting to participate in the car show can register online by completing the registration form.

-D-LUXE Grand Opening Schedule

10 a.m. The Fun Begins
Noon Food Trucks Open
Erica Anders arrives with Race Car
Music Begins
3 p.m. Bike Show Begins
5:30 p.m. Bike Show Awards
6 p.m. Car Show
7 p.m. Travis Kidd
8:30 p.m. Car Show Awards
10 p.m. Event Ends

-Music Schedule
Jeremy Studdard
Kaitlyn Kilian
Travis Kidd

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Alan Cruce
D-Luxe Properties
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“Stronger Together”, canção inédita da banda Armored Dawn, propõe reflexão sobre a importância da amizade

New photo of the brazilian heavy metal band Armored dawn

Canção traz uma mensagem de esperança para todos que precisam se reerguer nesse momento de incertezas.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 16, 2021 / — Reconhecida internacionalmente por ser um dos maiores expoentes do heavy metal brasileiro no mundo, a banda Armored Dawn está lançando um novo single, intitulado “Stronger Together”. A canção inédita foi composta durante o período de isolamento criado pela primeira onda da pandemia, o que imprime à faixa uma forte carga emocional, por ser fruto de um momento complicado vivido pela sociedade em todo o mundo.

O lançamento mundial de “Stronger Together” acontece nesta sexta-feira, 16 de abril, a partir das 11h da manhã, em todas as plataformas digitais. De maneira simultânea, estará disponível no YouTube um lyric vídeo da faixa. A música será transmitida, na mesma data, em rede nacional pela Rádio Transamérica e nos principais estados brasileiros através da Rede Atlântida, Rádio Cidade, Kiss FM, entre outras rádios de renome no Brasil.

O vocalista do grupo, Eduardo Parras, comenta o conceito lírico, que lança um olhar de esperança e força neste momento difícil e exalta a primeira composição da nova formação: “Dois amigos compartilham o desejo de dominar o mundo, lutando pelos seus sonhos e ideais. Muito já foi feito e vivido, eles já conquistaram tantas coisas que agora é impossível desistir. Um por todos e todos por um, não importa o que digam ou o que aconteça. Juntos podemos muito mais e nada pode nos derrubar.”, explica. A letra, escrita no período de isolamento social, fortalece o conceito de amizade e reforça a importância das pessoas que dividem umas com as outras o peso de dias tão difíceis. Nessa nova realidade da sociedade, a maior prova de afeto por outro ser humano é manter a distância.

A banda está na fase final da promoção do aclamado álbum “Viking Zombie”, lançado em 2019, e está em fase avançada de gravação de seu quarto álbum de estúdio, que será lançado ainda este ano.
O grupo que é amplamente conhecido por se apresentar em turnês nacionais e internacionais ao lado de grandes ícones do metal mundial como Saxon, Megadeth, Symphony X, Rhapsody, Hammerfall, Tarja, entre outros, prepara novas datas para a retomada de seu projeto ‘Armored Dawn Convida’ e turnê especial por diversos países em um cenário pós-pandemia.

Hoffman Obrian Marketing LLC
Damaris Hoffman
+1 3104022037
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Novo lyric vídeo

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John Schneider’s 4th Annual Bo’s Extravaganza Closes Out Another Successful Year In Louisiana

Bo’s Extravaganza

For the first time ever, Bo’s Extravaganza is hitting the road in 2021 with events scheduled in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri and Georgia.

HOLDEN, LA, USA, April 16, 2021 / — John Schneider called it a wrap on his 4th annual birthday bash, otherwise known as Bo's Extravaganza. Thousands attended the popular fan event that took place April 9-11 at John Schneider Studios in Holden, Louisiana.

The event brought in fans from all over the country with many attendees appearing as extra’s in Schneider’s upcoming film, Poker Run, which filmed scenes and stunts during the weekend.Schneider and his wife and producing partner Alicia Allain are at the helm of the new movie, which is a sequel to their 2020 film, Stand On It.

"Bo's Extravaganza went off without a hitch,” says Schneider. “People were happy and got to star in a brand new movie! The weather could not have been better and I couldn’t have been more delighted.”

“We appreciate the level of enthusiasm for Bo’s and the filming that took place again this year,” adds Allain. “We loved being able to include attendees in the movie, bringing them further in to our world.”

A huge part of Bo’s Extravaganza was a series of stunts filmed for the movie, including a high-speed car jump over water by Schneider himself. Stuntman and coordinator James Smith was brought back this year to oversee the four stunt and action sequences of the film. Smith says, “We had two boat jumps and two car jumps, which took us weeks of planning and preparation. I’m proud to say that no one was hurt and all of the stunts went amazingly well.”

Another highly anticipated part of the weekend is the annual car show, which boasted it’s highest number of entries to date. They had seven different classes including the General Lee’s (Vintage), FOMOCO (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury), MOPAR (Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler), GM (Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac), Special Interest (Rat Rods, Race Cars, Foreign Cars, etc.) 01 State of Mind (Any vehicle with an 01 on it) and TV LAND (any TV or movie replica vehicles).

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” says car show organizer Betsy Mazzuola. “Mother Nature threw us some challenges, but we prevailed. We also appreciate John and Alicia and the confidence they put in our show each year.”

In addition to stunts and the car show, attendees took in a weekend full of live music and celebrity appearances and autograph signings. “The amount of talent we had with us was off the charts,” says concert promoter Colbi Rosenthal. “We very much appreciate that a lot of these artists traveled so far from out of state. They all delivered incredible performances.”

The weekend included live concert performances by John Schneider with the Stars & Bars Band, Cody McCarver, Keith Burns, Clayton Q, Jack Michael Band, Billy Lord, Joe and Stacy Hudson, Jacob Lyda, American Idol’s Ashton Gill, Jo-EL Sonnier, Wayd Battle and Jimmie Dormire. Fans also enjoyed celebrity appearances and autograph signings by John Reinke (Tiger King), Turtle Man (Swamp People), Byron Cherry (The Dukes of Hazzard), Mayf Nutter (The Dukes of Hazzard), Lyndsay Bloom (The Dukes of Hazzard), Mindy Robinson (Stand On It) and more.

Additional events included Schneider’s annual outhouse explosion kickoff, the Stars N' Cars Parade, carnival rides, a VIP Meet & Greet Breakfast, Cowboy Church and a Civil War reenactment. In addition, Quad VETS and SouthernBoyz Outdoors hosted a cook off event raising funds for TARC, which serves people with special needs. ALL proceeds from that event benefit TARC.

Due to popular demand, Schneider is taking Bo’s Extravaganza on the road:

* May 21-23, 2021: Birdsong Drive-In in Camden, TN
* June 11-13, 2021: Longdale Speedway in Longdale, OK
* July 30-August 1, 2021: Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO
* October 8-10, 2021: Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, GA

“Alicia and I really are looking forward to taking “Bo’s on the road,” says Schneider. “Join us in Camden, TN next month! You do not want to miss out on the fun we’ll have at the drive-n, racetrack and marina!”

Guest lineups and event schedules for each weekend event will be announced soon. For more information, visit

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