Acclaimed Neoclassical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK Brings the Magic With New 'Angels Watching Over Me' Mixtape available Oct 29

Acclaimed Neoclassical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK Gifts The Holiday Spirit Early With First Single ‘All Night, All Day,’ from upcoming Mixtape ‘Angels Watching Over Me’ with Renowned Opera Singer Lawrence Brownlee.

Acclaimed Neoclassical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK and Renowned Opera Singer Lawrence Brownlee at BLKBOK’s sold out show in NYC. (Photo: Annie Balliro)

BLKBOK’s Critically-acclaimed Debut Album BLACK BOOK is available everywhere.

BLKBOK Gifts The Holiday Spirit Early With First Single ‘All Night, All Day,’ The First Of The Mixtape’s Duets With Renowned Opera Singer Lawrence Brownlee

I am overwhelmed with joy to share these songs with fans of both myself and Lawrence (Brownlee). I only pray that this body of work will be a healing gift to all for the season of love and hope.””


NEW YORK, NY, US, September 30, 2021 / — Acclaimed Neo-classical Piano Prodigy BLKBOK Brings The Magic With New Angels Watching Over Me Mixtape, To Be Released October 29
BLKBOK Gifts The Holiday Spirit Early With First Single ‘All Night, All Day,’ The First Of The Mixtape’s Duets With Renowned Opera Singer Lawrence Brownlee
The Musical Laureate Continues his Select Tour Dates through 2021


“Bravo, Bravo! That was brilliant! Incredible talent!” ~ Mike Muse, SiriusXM Urbanview

“His music is taking the country and world by storm…[he’ll] be around for a while!” ~ Tavis Smiley, KBLA RADIO

New York, NY – (September 30, 2021) – Today, acclaimed neo-classical pianist BLKBOK announces a new holiday duet mixtape with renowned opera tenor Lawrence Brownlee, 'Angels Watching Over Me'. In anticipation of the future holiday must-have, the first single from the mixtape was unveiled to platforms today,“All Night, All Day '', and released through icons+giants and ADA Worldwide. Brownlee’s captivating and emotionally-charged vocals bring new and enthralling spins on some key holiday classics in the upcoming collection of intimate piano and vocal performances, recorded at New York City’s Dubbway studio, produced by Grammy-winner Billy Mann to be released everywhere on October 29, 2021.

Having already gained “notice for his unusual and beautiful approach to classical music,” as noted by Tavis Smiley on KBLA Radio, BLKBOK maintains this unique and trojan horse-like approach to the genre within Angels Watching Over Me, by stepping up his voice for activism and diversity in the industry with a sonically-rewarding body of work – in true partnership with Brownlee, the genre’s original force for the cause of diversity.

“It has been a gift and a pleasure working on this collection with the incomparable Lawrence Brownlee,” shares BLKBOK. “He brings brilliance, class, and a voice like none other to our interpretations of holiday season classics. I am overwhelmed with excitement to share these songs with new and existing fans of both myself and Lawrence, I only pray that this body of work will be a healing gift to all for the season of love and hope.” Having grown up in inner-city Detroit, obsessed with hip-hop music and culture, even referring to this collection as a “mixtape,” similar to his mixtape CVRART, all reflects his commitment to bringing alternative music and voices to the black community.

The new mixtape was born following the phenomenal chemistry audiences saw onstage during a recent emotional and rousing duet at a sold-out performance at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall this past summer, with the famed opera singer. The duet kicked off the start of the Detroit native’s national tour, who recently returned to the Motor City for the sold-out “Peace for the Soul” event hosted by Ann Delisi of WDET (Detroit), who shared “It was an honor for WDET to collaborate with this extraordinary artist as he returned home with his message of peace, tolerance and love." This followed his own “Artist Spotlight” in the Detroit News, for his opening moment ahead of Damien Escobar at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre. He escorted audiences on a journey through his dexterous arrangements and melodic scores off his recent hit album, Black Book, “a virtuosic, but not over-ripe or indulgent” project that brought “you into his head and his heart with precision and bold articulation,” as proclaimed by Atwood Magazine.

In pairing with Brownlee on Angels Watching Over Me, BLKBOK’s further exudes his “superpower: Telling his unique story and constructing a bridge between worlds in the process.” You won’t want to miss BLKBOK’s upcoming live performances, including his SoFar Sounds: Living Set airing on November 5, 2021 and even more to be announced soon:
October 2 Phoenix, AZ (MIM) The Musical Instrument Museum (
November 13 Titusville, FL Astronaut Hall of Fame Gala , Kennedy Space Center (

BLKBOK is no stranger to the industry grind, having hit the road throughout his career with Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Timbaland, Cirque Du Soleil, John Mayer and more, as their piano player on the road. All the while, BLKBOK was composing scores of unfinished piano segments, collecting digital dust on a hard drive as the tour and travel life continued and, like all of us, then 2020 hit. And now, the accomplished musical auteur continues to step into focus, with himself and his body of work as the main subject.

To learn more about his story watch I AM BLKBOK .

Born and raised in Detroit’s inner-city, BLKBOK (born Charles Wilson III), grew up in a music-filled house. By the time he was 8, BLKBOK was an acclaimed piano prodigy, winning statewide accolades and college-level competitions. When it came to music, most of the kids he grew up with pursued hip-hop, adopting hip-hop monikers on trend with their time. However, it’s no coincidence that Charles chose the name BLKBOK, which echoes that of one of the greatest pianists and composers of all time. The tag is also an apt reflection of the elements that have contributed to the artist’s identity and symbolizes his colorful journey from pop and hip-hop culture to his present-day neo-classical debut album. BLKBOK was inspired to create his critically acclaimed, debut album Black Book as a tribute to the movie Green Book and the courageous story of Pianist/Composer Don Shirley, who’s trailblazing spirit helped pave the way for black classical pianists to this day. Black Book is a 12-track body of work that includes a vocal collaboration titled ‘My Life,’ featuring Renée Elise Goldsberry, a Grammy and Tony award-winner for her role in the Broadway musical Hamilton. The rest is a collection of poignant and thought-provoking scores from ‘Michelle’s First Day at The White House’ to ‘George Floyd & The Struggle For Equality,’ ‘Cookie Waltz’ and ‘November 7, 2020’. A collaboration with award-winning poet Lauren Delapenha, provides an added creative dimension to the project. Black Book was recorded at Red Bull Studios in New York City.

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Dia album cover

Meta & The Cornerstones “Dia” album cover

Album cover photo

Meta & The Cornerstones “Dia” album photo

Breeze cover photo

Meta & The Cornerstones “Breeze” cover photo

“DIA” Pronounced (Jah) takes the Reggae mastery of one of its foremost African ambassadors to a new level.

Forgiveness will make us heal”

— Meta & the Cornerstones



“DIA” Pronounced (Jah) takes the Reggae mastery of one of its foremost African ambassadors to a new level. It is beautifully crafted and full of passion for music and message, sounding pouncing riddims and sweet harmonies to Jah (Dia) rising sun. Yet, it is much more than just another excellent Reggae album. Meta Dia offers hidden pathways to social healing – or “salvation” – as Rastas, Sufis, and all other spiritual Reggae Aficionados may have it.

Beware, many of (DIA) tracks take you to the dark side of this time and planet – racism, poverty, war, destruction of the environment. But it does not leave you in the valley of rage and revenge. Meta leads his followers to the final destination, the valley of decision, where good wins over evil.

His lyrical rivers of wisdom are fed by many tributaries, the nomadic mystic traditions of his Fulani forebears, the Rastafari I-sights based on the teachings of Ras Tafari and the wise men of the East, so prominent in his beloved Senegal. Yes, Meta sues for justice. Not only for Africans from his mother continent, but for all the “wretched of the earth”. But his bottom line is in line with so many great minds: “Just like the breeze, forgiveness will make us heal.”

It comes at a crucial time with so many destructive “signs of the time”: Wars and violence in the false name of religions or cultures, separating the one human race into ever-more fierce adversaries and foes, and selfish nations anything but united.

Meta Dia hammers the walls of division to create space for his doctrine of “Peace, Love and Harmony” – against all odds. For him, this is not a safe space of fake consolation or unconditional reconciliation.

Quite to the contrary: this Reggae album is a yet another wake-up call to come together on a basis of equal rights and justice; for there is no other way of togetherness. With this fundamental mission Meta joins the ranks of the all-time Greats in Reggae. Who could be more predestined for this “mission impossible” than a Muslim Fulani Dread, full of Rasta vibes. Here comes trouble for the warmongers. With a superb package filled with the finest sounds and ideas from Dakar to Jamaica to New York and the rest of the globe.

Buy / stream link

By Werner Zips
Prof. DDr. Werner Zips
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
University of Vienna Austria


J. Cierra
Upmost PR
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Meta & The Cornerstones – By Your Side (Official Video)

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Reggae Icons CHRISTAFARI Bringing Hope To All 50 States This Year


When the global pandemic curbed their normal international touring, the band stepped out in faith with a focus on bringing our nation back under God.

We’ve never toured this heavy, ever, in the history of the band.”

— Mark Mohr

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 30, 2021 / — Chart-topping Reggae pioneers CHRISTAFARI has toured full time for over three decades, taking their Gospel-infused world music to 25-30 nations on 5 continents annually. But everything changed with COVID-19 travel limitations. So at the beginning of 2021, the group felt the Lord calling them to tour the nation that needs it the most — the United States of America — with the goal of bringing the hope of Christ to all 50 states within one year. They will wrap their tour in February, 12 months after first hitting the road, having performed over 300 dates in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.

“We knew that God was calling us with a sense of urgency to bring hope to our nation, so we left California and decided to drive by faith with only 4 shows confirmed,” said CHRISTAFARI founder Mark Mohr. “We trusted in Jehovah Jireh with a brazen faith and He delivered every step of the way! We’ve never toured this heavy, ever, in the history of the band.”

Since its inception in 1989, CHRISTAFARI has ministered in over 85 nations, witnessing more than 700,000 people commit their lives to Christ. “Our goal as a ministry is to reach the lost at any cost,” says Mohr. This means holding free outdoor concerts, homeless outreaches, and ministering in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and churches of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. "At every single show, we make a clear call to salvation and we have already seen thousands of people in the U.S. alone raise their hands to give their lives to Christ!”

"Living on the road as full-time missionaries has made our band more than familiar with the call to be content daily,” says Mohr. "We have faced hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, theft, tire blowouts, and so much more. Incessant touring means many team members are away from their families for extremely long periods of time, but it’s all worth it as we’ve seen God move in mighty ways both on the road and back at home. We’ve seen lives forever changed, and we’ve experienced His provision every single step of the way."

While in Alaska, the band filmed their latest music video, “Jireh” — the 100th music video of their career which is available on their official YouTube channel that receives 2 million views monthly and growing. “Jireh” is CHRISTAFARI's reggae cover of the mega-hit by Elevation Worship and Maverick City. The music video accumulated over 300,000 views the first week and it's climbing quickly.

“It’s like lightning in a bottle,” says Mohr. “Similar to our version of ‘Hosanna,' which now has 20 million views, it was a last-minute addition to the album and a gift that keeps on giving. The fact that it is our 100th official music video just makes this even sweeter!”

CHRISTAFARI released their latest studio album, "Under God" (Lion of Zion Entertainment), in June of 2021.

Watch CHRISTAFARI's “Jireh” music video:

For more information on CHRISTAFARI, visit

ABOUT CHRISTAFARI: The band was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Mark Mohr in 1989. Avion Blackman joined as vocalist and bassist in 2003 shortly after she met Mohr in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. CHRISTAFARI continues to be a dominating force in world music, with six albums debuting at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart since 2012. After three decades, the Reggae pioneers are the all-time top-selling Gospel Reggae act worldwide. The legendary group has performed in all 50 states, over 85 nations, at two Olympic Games, and at a Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. The band has performed at most major Reggae and Gospel/CCM festivals with the top artists in the genres, and they’ve had the privilege of performing at many of the country’s most prestigious venues such as L.A.’s Greek Theater, Dodger Stadium, and the steps of the United States Capitol before a crowd of 500,000. The band has been featured on The 700 Club, CNN, MTV, MTV Brazil, ABC, TBN, JUCE TV, BET, TBS, and many more. Their music is even featured in the current curriculum taught at Carnegie Hall. The band's popular YouTube channel receives millions of views monthly and continues to grow.

Brian Mayes
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Velvet Chains launches debut album Icarus

new album

promotional photo by Katarina Benzova

Las Vegas group leads a new generation of American hard rock

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / —

The band Velvet Chains, which has been gaining international highlight and had excellent repercussion in South America and Mexico, launches its debut album entitled “Icarus”. The work has 10 songs, including the singles “Tattooed” and “Strangelove”, and is now available on all streaming platforms.


The first single “Tattooed” was highlighted in the media by the special guest appearance of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus. The song received an impressive music video, directed by the experienced Dean Karr, who worked with music giants such as Ozzy Osbourne, Velvet Revolver, and Iron Maiden. The second single, “Strangelove”, kept the audience's attention, and both tracks got more than 150,000 streams in just a few days.

The album also features guest appearances by Jeff Rouse (bass) and Mike Squires (guitar), both from Duff McKagan's LOADED, on the catchy “Pass the Disease” which also has a beautiful lyric video.

“Icarus” is an intimate and emotional album, written in partnership with multi-platinum composer Drew Lawrence. Recording took place in Las Vegas and Seattle, sound engineering work was carried out by Greg Williamson, while Tristan Hardin did the mixing and mastering.

The band Velvet Chains was formed in the American city of Las Vegas in 2018, and “Icarus” is their first album.
The group's musical proposal placed them as one of the highlights of the new generation of American hard rock, by uniting breathtaking tempos, a solid rhythmic section, and catchy melodies, the kind that stick in your head.

Guided by what was best done in the grunge and hard rock of the 90s and 00s, Velvet Chains has as reference groups such as Guns N 'Roses, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam, among many others from different styles, whose elements are condensed to create a unique and characteristic sound of the style that changed the way young people listen to rock music.

The lyrical content along with the musical quality is another important factor for Velvet Chains: "Our goal was to write songs with important lyrics while covering different genres within Rock from the 90s to the 00s. You will find a bit of heavy rock, a bit of grunge, a bit of alternative rock, and much more on this album”, explains Nils, founder of the band.

Jerry Quinlan: lead singer and rhythm guitar
Laurent Cassiano: lead guitar and back-vocal
Noelle Schertzer: drum
Nils Goldschmidt: bass

Icarus Tracklist:
Before We Shine
Burning City
Pass The Disease
Sex Slave
Teenage Stoner


Damaris Hoffman
Hoffman & Obrian Marketing
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Watch “Pass the Disease”:

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Northtale releases new single ‘Only Human’

cover art single

Kick off pre-order for their upcoming album “Eternal Flame”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / —

In August 2019, power metal newcomers NORTHTALE released their successful first album "Welcome To Paradise". After their debut show at SABATON OPEN AIR in Sweden followed by shows in Japan, the band underwent a lineup change and after months of auditions, the new vocalist, Guilherme Hirose from Sao Paolo, Brazil was chosen.
Now, after releasing several re-recorded songs from "Welcome To Paradise" with Guilherme on vocals, the band finally announces their new album, “Eternal Flame”, which is set to be released in November 12th via Nuclear Blast. Produced by Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, UNISONIC), the album features 12 brand new tracks and a whole range of new influences, from thrash metal, classical citations, and Brazilian traditional music, all fused into NORTHTALE's own brand of melodic power metal.

Guitarist Bill Hudson comments: "The time has come! After almost two years of hard work, a lineup change, and a global pandemic, we’re very happy to tell you we’re releasing our new album, “Eternal Flame”.
Our friends at Nuclear Blast have picked 'Only Human' as the first single. A short, straight-to-the-point Power Metal track packed with every element that makes up our music. Sonically, it’ll sound very familiar to the fans. Lyrically, it talks about the moment we’re living in, where power structures are starting to crumble and people are rising up to what they believe in, in search of evolution. But we also make mistakes, and that’s exactly what makes us human. We learn by trial and error and become wiser that way.
I know it sounds cliché, but this album is very superior to our debut. Also, I got some of my amazing friends to guest on it! I simply cannot wait to hear everyone’s reaction.
For now, enjoy 'Only Human' and we're looking forward to meeting everyone this winter in Europe with UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and STRIKER."

“Eternal Flame” features guest appearances from legendary icon Kai Hansen (HELLOWEEN/GAMMA RAY), his son Tim Kanoa Hansen (INDUCTION), Jonas Heidgert (DRAGONLAND), and Mary Zimmer (HELION PRIME).
The album artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes (MACHINE HEAD, AMARANTHE, KAMELOT)


1 – Only Human
2 – Wings of Salvation
3 – Future Calls (feat. Tim and Kai Hansen)
4 – The Land of Mystic Rites
5 – Midnight Bells
6 – Eternal Flame
7 – In The Name of God
8 – Ride The Storm
9 – King of Your Illusion
10 – Judas Be My Guide (IRON MAIDEN cover feat. Jonas Heidgert)
11 – Nature’s Revenge
12 – Ivy (Outro)

Pre-order "Eternal Flame" here:

NORTHTALE is an international five-piece Power Metal band that was formed in 2017 by guitarist Bill Hudson (DORO, TSO, ex-U.D.O), who was initially writing songs for a solo album. Drummer Patrick Johansson (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen/W.A.S.P), keyboardist Jimmy Pitts, bassist Mikael Planefeldt and former singer Christian Eriksson (ex-TWILIGHT FORCE) joined during the demo stages when a decision was made to turn the project into a full-time band. The groups’ debut album, “Welcome To Paradise” was released in August 2019 via Nuclear Blast to very high international acclaim and great reviews on the specialized media worldwide.

In the Summer of 2020, the band chose its new vocalist, Guilherme Hirose, after a worldwide search that included 40 candidates from 11 different countries.

Guilherme Hirose | vocals
Bill Hudson | guitars
Mikael Planefeldt | bass
Patrick Johansson | drums
Jimmy Pitts | keyboard

More info:

Damaris Hoffman
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+1 310-402-2320

Watch the clip for ‘Only Human’ here:

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New musical release from Daniel Tobias Behan: the You Time EP on Erupt Records

This is a picture of the artwork for the You Time EP by Bright Lights, aka Daniel Tobias Behan

Artwork for the You Time EP by Bright Lights

Poet & musician Daniel Tobias Behan, of the acclaimed Behan & Kearney musical & literary family, has a new vinyl release on Yorkshire-based label Erupt Records.

A top notch return to form. A dance floor banger, to ethereal darkness and finishing off with a proper sunrise track. Quality work!”

— Love Lizard, Imaginarium / Yeskru Records / Boomsha Recordings

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2021 / — Poet & musician Daniel Tobias Behan, fifth child of writer Brian Behan of the acclaimed Behan & Kearney musical & literary family, has a new vinyl release on Yorkshire-based label Erupt Records under the pseudonym Bright Lights, following on from this year's release on Vitamina Recordings.

The You Time EP by Bright Lights features 5 tracks of fierce, enthralling electronica, echoing the '90s rave era. The EP is causing a commotion on the underground, receiving praise and airplay from Schoco, DJ Code of Kool FM, Redíneas, Love Lizard, K Super, Breakbeat Scientist, DJ Squid (Plates Records) and Glowkid among others.

"Wicked EP from Bright Lights and Erupt Records here. If you like your breakbeat hardcore with a pinch of I.D.M. and 'nuff uplifting vibes, then this one's for you." – Stuart Hayes, Breakbeat Scientist / Strictly Nuskool Blog

"A top notch return to form. A dance floor banger, to ethereal darkness and finishing off with a proper sunrise track. Quality work!" – Love Lizard, Imaginarium / Yeskru Records / Boomsha Recordings

"Show your support on this one!" – Glowkid, Kniteforce Radio

The vinyl release will be available from November 5th, 2021 from the Lobster Records website and the Erupt Records bandcamp with pre-orders available from Lobster Records from October 1st, 2021.

Daniel Tobias Behan
Erupt Records
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Salsa Kings Now Offering In-Home Private Dance Lessons by Specialist Instructors

One of Miami's leading Latin dance studios has expanded the lessons it offers.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / — Representatives with Miami-based dance studio Salsa Kings today announced that it is now offering in-home private dance lessons by specialist instructors.

“When it comes to dance, we believe it’s all in the details,” said Andres Fernandez, owner and company spokesperson for Salsa Kings. “We invite you to take a private dancing lesson in Miami for that upcoming event or special someone with couple dance classes in-person or online.”

Salsa Kings was established in 1998. All dance instructors are certified by the World Salsa Federation and are World Champions in the Salsa and Bachata Cabaret divisions. The company has worked with world-renowned artists such as Pitbull, Willy Chirino, La India, Oscar de Leon, Jose Alberto "El Canario" and more.

Fernandez stressed that a private dancing lesson is a great way to spark up romance or rekindle your existing relationship.

“This effective way to learn can be scheduled at the time and location of your choice,” Fernandez said before adding, “Private dancing lessons in Miami are best for those who are shy, prefer to learn alone, or have a certain deadline to learn by and looking for choreographers for quinceaneras or wedding dance lessons. They are great for groups, couples, or singles, and always a great gift idea! Everyone loves the speedy results.”

In addition to offering in-home private dance lessons by specialist instructors, Salsa Kings is also gaining popularity on one of the world's hottest social media platforms. The company has more than 20K followers on TikTok. Those interested in Latin dance styles can follow the company @salsakings on TikTok.

For more information, please visit and


About Salsa Kings

Salsa Kings' mission is to train, recruit, and unite dance talent and entrepreneurs from all over the world to provide a global, loving, all-style dance culture that offers first-rate instruction, unforgettable events, premium dance supplies, paramount showcases, and more income opportunities in the arts to the masses.

Contact Details:

13944 SW 8th St #209
Miami FL 33184
United States

Andres Fernandez
Salsa Kings
+1 305-553-0555
email us here
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Award-winning Singer-songwriter Ed Roman Finds “Happiness” On New Single

The Canadian musician releases the third single from his forthcoming full-length album, "A Recipe for Perpetual Spring" on October 1st, 2021.

(Happiness)' is one of the most vibrant singles I have heard this year”

— Michael Rand, MobAngeles

SHELBURNE, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 30, 2021 / — With over 17K monthly Spotify listeners, and with streams approaching 500K all-time, Canadian singer-songwriter Ed Roman is definitely one "happy" camper. On October 1st, 2021, the award-winner releases the 3rd single from his forthcoming album, "A Recipe For Perpetual Spring." "Happiness" (MTS Records) follows the international iTunes hit, "Tomorrow Is Today" and the Top 20 iTunes Canada hit, "Stronger."

Ed says, "I’m very excited to bring some new material to people, and I think the language exemplifies the dichotomy in the living moment."

"Happiness" was written by Ed Roman and mixed by Michael Jack. Roman and Jack co-produced the track.

In 2016, the title track from his album "Red Omen" landed in the Canadian iTunes Pop chart Top 25. The animated music video has received countless awards at film festivals around the world, raising funds and awareness for the Whole Dyslexic Foundation. The mobile phone-shot and edited music video for "Tomorrow Is Today" has also made the jump to the film festival circuit receiving worldwide accolades.

ABOUT ED ROMAN: Ed Roman is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Ed’s songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations worldwide. He is a Radio Music Award winner, an Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, an IMEA Award nominee, an International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a Josie Show Awards winner, a Red Carpet Holland Awards winner, and an Indie Music Channel Award winner.

Ed Roman Social media:

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group

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Soundstripe Launches Twitch Pro Extension to Provide Streamers with High-Quality Music Safe from Takedowns

Soundstripe Logo

Soundstripe Logo

Twitch Pro screenshot 1

Twitch Pro screenshot 1

Twitch Pro screenshot 2

Twitch Pro screenshot 2

Twitch Pro screenshot 3

Twitch Pro screenshot 3

New features give streamers full playlist control over a deep catalog of songs curated for Live and VOD use

Both the free and Pro versions of the Soundstripe Twitch extension aim to help streamers avoid the frustration of video takedowns due to copyright claims.”

— Trevor Hinesley, Co-Founder and CTO of Soundstripe

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / — Soundstripe, a leading provider of unlimited high-quality, royalty-free music, video, and sound effects for creators, announced today the launch of its Twitch Pro extension, an enhancement to its highly successful free Twitch extension. Launched just last September, the free extension – which provides Twitch streamers access to Soundstripe’s large catalog of high-quality, royalty-free music that’s safe from takedowns – has been installed by more than 65,000 Twitch streamers and heard by more than 67 million unique Twitch viewers.

The new Twitch Pro version adds three highly requested features, including the ability to create custom playlists from Soundstripe’s diverse catalog of high-quality music, shuffle playlists during a livestream, and get exclusive playlists curated by Soundstripe’s Grammy award-winning music team. Streamers access the extension directly within Twitch, and the Pro features can be activated for $3.99 per month or just $36 per year.

“After seeing the rapid adoption of our free Twitch extension and the many requests for enhanced features, we went to work building new tools to make it even easier for streamers to customize playback of our high-quality music catalog and continue avoiding copyright takedowns,” said Trevor Hinesley, Co-Founder and CTO of Soundstripe. “Both the free and Pro versions of the Soundstripe Twitch extension aim to help streamers avoid the frustration of video takedowns due to copyright claims and align directly with our company mission to Keep Creators Creating.”

Twitch streamers continue to seek solutions for including music in their livestreams and archived videos on demand (VOD) without the risk of triggering copyright claims and subsequent video takedowns. Soundstripe’s solutions aim to provide streamers with copyright-safe alternatives at various accessible price points, including free.

Soundstripe Offerings for Twitch

Twitch Free Extension
– Features: Unlimited use of Soundstripe’s playlists for Twitch
– Supported Platforms for Posting: Twitch livestreams and VODs
– Pricing: Free
– Where to Sign Up: Twitch Dashboard []

Twitch Pro Subscription – NEW
– Features: Adds ability to create custom playlists from the full Soundstripe catalog, shuffle playlists, and access exclusive music for streaming
– Supported Platforms for Posting: Twitch livestreams and VODs
– Pricing: $3.99 monthly or $36 annually
– Where to Sign Up: In the Twitch Free Extension [] or on Soundstripe []

Soundstripe Music Subscription
– Features: Adds stems and additional versions of every song in the catalog
– Supported Platforms for Posting: Twitch livestreams and VODs, PLUS all other platforms, including YouTube and Facebook
– Pricing: $19 monthly or $149 annually
– Where to Sign Up: Soundstripe []

For more details on the Soundstripe Twitch extension, visit To sign up for a Soundstripe subscription or for more information on Soundstripe, visit

About Soundstripe
Soundstripe is one of the industry’s fastest growing providers of unlimited, royalty-free music, stock video, and sound effects for use in videos, podcasts, and other media projects. It is driven by a unique subscription model that lets content creators pay a fee for usage of all the media in Soundstripe’s catalog, with a la carte licenses also available. This approach has led to more than 6 million licenses being issued for tens of thousands of customers in more than 140 countries since Soundstripe’s inception in 2016.

The company is based in Nashville and was named to the Top 100 of the 2020 Inc. 5000 list, cementing its place as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. It was selected for The Tennessean’s Top Workplaces list in both 2019 and 2020, winning special awards for Values and Best in Leadership for co-founders Travis Terrell, Micah Sannan, and Trevor Hinesley. Soundstripe also won the Game-Changing Startup award in the Entertainment, Sports, and Media category at The Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s 2019 NEXT Awards, and was named one of the city’s Top 10 startup cultures by Powderkeg. For more information, visit

Laurie Jakobsen
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Soundstripe + Twitch: Stream Safely With Our Twitch Pro Extension

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Real L ife Music LLC Congratulates Dre Banks on 1 million streams on Trina assisted Boyfriend Girlfriend record

Dre Banks holding up thousands of dollars

Dre Banks gets money! Gunru’s Head Honcho

Dre Banks probably thinking about money.

What do you think Dre is thinking?

Baby Paul's ridiculous discography! Shout out BPZY!

Baby Paul has produced for a lot of heavyweights!

Real Life Music, LLC artist Dre Banks is making major moves. From a million streams on spotify, to a music video shot by the legendary Peter Parker, and a tour.

Real Life Music, LLC would like to extend our congratulations to Dre Banks for achieving the monumental goal of 1 million streams on one song on spotify!”

— Real Life Music, LLC

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / — Real Life Music, LLC would like to extend our congratulations to Dre Banks for achieving the monumental goal of 1 million streams on one song on spotify!

Dre Banks quietly signed with Real Life Music last year and started working on his roll out.

They started by dropping the lyrical masterpiece We On ft Juney Knottz and legendary wordsmith AZ.

Since then, they have partnered with Xxelulous Music Group, and 300 ENT to roll out their debut single : Dre Banks ft Trina – Boyfriend/Girlfriend with legendary producer Baby Paul.

His business partner and Producer Baby Paul has an extensive and legendary discography, and he produced a large part of AZ's new album Doe or Die II.

There has been a whirlwind of activity that has occurred following the release.

Instagram is up to 50,000 followers and a blue check mark is on the way.

There is a beautifully rich and vibrantly detailed music video with 200,000 plays

Dre Banks has been going around the country performing and promoting his hit record.

The record has made it to #138 on the Urban charts with Mediabase/BDS..

Dre Banks even showed up on the Instagram EXPLORE page!

Pay attention!

His music video has now been accepted by BET, MTV, Music Choice, VH1, VH1 Music First, and Revolt.

Dre Banks posted on his Facebook : “I want to say Thank to all my Fb friend who congratulated me on this success! This is not a win for me alone but a win for our city! I’ve been very humble getting to this point! I hope to open doors for artist out of Gr because for so many years, we have been getting look over. They have manny artist coming out of Detroit, But hardly none from Gr. There is so many great artist here that is crazy they haven’t blew up yet….. But now the light is on us now! So let’s show the world Wh we made of! From this day forward , I promise to hold the city & put it on my back💪🏾 So When y’all see my video on the screen! B proud! We deserve it! Gun ru, It’s our turn! Let’s gooooooo!!!! Love y’all 4life☝🏽🥂✅ #BanCo #XmG #RealLifeLlc #300Sparta “

We asked Dre Banks to give us a quote for the readers and he said "My name is Dre Banks, Recording Artist, Music producer, Song writer & Independent label owner. I recently reached over a Million views of my single with Trina.
I have many well known artists featured on my Up & coming project "BanCo CheckMate" dropping more towards the end of the year! I have other artists with me as well such as Torrey Carter who was recently signed with Missy Elliot the song was called "Take That!"
Jay Toliver & TnT! I am the new Cash Money bo$$ in the Game With a lot to offer! "

Mega Producer Baby Paul said "Thank You ALL for supporting the single by Dre Banks ft. Trina – special shout to all our folks in Michigan and Miami who supported the song and music video from the beginning, we are breaking the 1 million streams barrier on Spotify independently!"

Real Life Music, LLC C.E.O. NoxBond said "I couldn't be more proud of our fam, Dre Banks. He had a vision, and he followed through with it. He planned every step of the process, and he dedicated himself to breaking into this market before we got him involved with a major deal, and he has definitely exceeded his goals."

Real Life Music, LLC Vice President Lukazi said "congratulations to our family Dre banks on reaching a million streams on boyfriend girlfriend that is a huge milestone we are super proud of you we know you're heading to the top brother"

His label mate and Real Life Music, LLC C.O.O. Trill Will said "Congrats to the whole Dre Banks World family. I knew when i heard it that miami vibe would be a top streamin record for Dre."

Head A&R DJ Calie Remix said "I brought Dre Banks into the Real Life Music family with Moe Mccoy because I thought he was different, he has a different sound and a different look. Our company is different and on a whole other level and I knew we could help him get to the goals that he wants to achieve. I wanted him to learn the business as well as not just being an artist, but learning the business side of things because our boss, NoxBond is really good at teaching artists the ropes about the music industry and what goes on behind the scenes."

DJ Blayze, Program Director for Next Level DJ Coalition Radio said ""Next Level Coalition and Next Level are so proud of Dre Banks reaching a million streams on his song Boyfriend/Girlfriend. The collaboration with Trina is a good one and they looked good together in the video. Song reminds me of the throwback with Blackstreet and Janet Jackson". "We are definitely keeping the song in our power rotation on Next Level DJ Radio."

HIs label mate Blakk Da Profit said ""Big shout out to Dre Banks for being confident enough to step outside of the norm and do something different. It's DEFINITELY paying off in a MAJOR WAY #SALUTE"

Dre Banks has a massive team, and several partnerships!

He already has several artists under his label, including Jay Toliver, Kyd Offixial, Torrey Carter, and his son Juney Knottz who has a deal with Money Man through Empire Records! Itz up and itz stuck!

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Dre Banks ft. Trina – Boyfriend, Girlfriend (Official Music Video)

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