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KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, June 21, 2021 / — We had enough of quarantine since the emergence of the deadly virus Covid-19 causing the pandemic and the massive chaos with no surprise of the downfall affected some of the worldwide economies. But, the unexpected twist by the used to be modern dancer and choreographer, currently dance music producer the Malaysian Keemo Rahman from Sarawak has showed us the meaning of “Quarantune”. With his signature reggaeton of Delicious Borneo taken from his previous release in July 2020 album called Quarantune which was at the right moment at that time, he truly brought us into another side of a chilling and calming world rather than the chaos swirling around the pandemic. “This is the true test to our sanity and stability” as Keemo Rahman said during the Zoom video call recently.

Sharing on his inspiration garnered for his first album, Keemo Rahman shared that it was due to the pandemic situation “which the whole world is experiencing at the moment. And being under the Movement Control Order (MCO) also inspired me to be creative, hence the release was timely.”

A year has gone by and the pandemic still has no sign of slowing down, as that also happens to Keemo Rahman who is still showing no signs of slowing down to experiment with the new sounds. His next chapter of the experimental dance music album is set to release after the success of his previous release called Quarantune. His second release called “Ministry Of The Dance Floor” is set to release on August 14, 2021, containing 19 all dance-oriented music tracks that are all inspired by his journey as a modern dancer actively in the 1990s/2000s as most of his creation was massively inspired by the 80s synthesiser disco beat and the 1990s street dance tune which obviously rave theme and club deep house music which was really happening at that time. ‘I’m going to take you to a place you’ve never been before!’ as he stressed out. ‘The inspiration came from the moment I was actively dancing and that moment when I was very young then, as he recalled. Ministry Of The Dance Floor is his true biographical themes as how the music we listened to in the past is all brought into our current moment with his advance of current digital sounds mixed well to make new great dance tracks to listen to and enjoy with some tracks highlighted are Disco Dancer, Into My World, Survival, Outrageous, Who Dares Win and Land Of Unity.

Asking about any obstacles during the album process, Keemo Rahman insisted on the movement control order has limited his ways to look for sources but it’s not stopping him to have another creative way to record his dance tracks. He called his idea insane during the process of one of his music tracks collaborated with the successful finalist of Bintang Klasik, Hijrah Yahya. ‘I love to challenge people as I like to push people’s buttons, he said. Giving the task to Hijrah Yahya to lend her voice to a dance track was a true adventurous idea as the modern dance genre is indeed not for her. But the chemistry built up during the creative process has resulted in amazing works of ‘Land Of Unity’, one of the dance track highlight blended Keemo Rahman’s signature house dance music with the Sarawak anthem of urging message to unite and to look after Sarawak as what the late ‘Tok Nan’, the beloved previous Chief Minister of Sarawak advice to all his people.

Asking if he releases another dance album or another genre in the future, ‘only time will tell, dance music will never be dead, and as long as I am around, all the dance music producers are still around, there will be dance music produce’ as he ended the conversation.

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Source: EIN Presswire