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StreetSmartz 101

StreetSmartz 101 – Queen’s Anthem

The clip for "Queen's Anthem" is an ode to the inner strength and beauty of women everywhere – all the things that make them royalty.

OCALA, FL, USA, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Watch "Queen's Anthem" by StreetSmartz 101 on The Hype Magazine

Hot off of their singles "Trap Stay Open" and "That's My Dog," Ocala's StreetSmartz 101 is back on their grind with the female empowerment joint "Queen's Anthem." These three MCs are putting in work and putting Central Florida on the hip-hop map, with eye-popping bars and huge hooks. More than just a hip-hop outfit, these three, along with their fiercely independent label Zero18 Global, are a legit movement, with an all-in mentality and a drive that won't allow them to quit until they reach the top. While the competition is happy to make their name wearing brands, StreetSmartz 101 is busy becoming a brand. Late nights, early mornings, staying focused on the risk instead of the reward – that's how they've dropped a string of white-hot singles culminating in their best yet, "Queen's Anthem."

Staying true to the hustle but spotlighting a different kind of grind, StreetSmartz 101 shout out the women in our lives, the ones who make all things possible, on "Queen's Anthem." Family forms from them, home is found in them, and empires are built with them. They can hustle with the best if it means caring for the rest. They are smooth, calculated, and can make moves that Kings can't. They are the Queen, and they need to know their worth. Over a classic Southern bounce, the trio reveres, uplifts, and honors the Queen in the title: "Tug of war. Do what I can, need you on my side / Leadership. Use your brain, they so far behind / Independent, that's what got me blowing up your line / Your open mind. One of a kind. Yes you're so divine." StreetSmartz 101's third single is set to blow them up on a national level, and every time we spin one of their tracks, there's a Queen out there we should be thanking for that.

It's no wonder StreetSmartz 101 calls out The Queen of Soul in the 2nd verse. The clip for "Queen's Anthem" is an ode to the inner strength and beauty of women everywhere – all the things that make them royalty. Director Gregg Williams' imagery and editing elevates the many women featured to icons, whether they're holding their own in a disagreement, enjoying some well-earned R&R, or handling their business. Women from different ethnicities, ages, and parts of the world are brought together here in this clip, united in their power, comfortable and resolute in their various roles. In "Queen's Anthem," women are a global force to be reckoned with, and it's high time the rest of us recognized it.

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