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Here are the reasons why these web development companies were chosen as the best!

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2020 / — A business needs to practice caution as they select a new or an experienced technology as it will eventually define the uniqueness of the solution as compared to their competition. It is important to know if that solution is sustainable, the scope in future is scalable, is the business open to change, will you be able to adapt to suggestive technologies and more.

We understand that the standards in web development companies are subject to changes faster than the implementation itself. The top web development companies need to pick up on a mix of new vs. mature development practices like voice search, web assembly, personalizing content through machine learning, customizing search results by utilizing machine learning algorithms as part of any web service to analyze the behaviour of website visitors and adjust content according to their preferences.

Popular Web Development Frameworks 2020

The technologies that have been popular with web development companies in 2020 were Angular and Mean stack, Lamp stack, React, Vue.js, Flutter, Node.js, Django, Laravel and many others JS-based frameworks and web services. This forms the basis of web development but also the trends keep changing with the fluctuating demand.

Features in Best Websites/Web Apps

Popular web browsers prioritize Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that reduce the web page load time. Providing multi-experience to the web apps and sites, increasing the optimization for a better ranking on search engines, make the users work at their convenience on tablets/mobiles/web, making it multisensory, multitouch, multiscreen, multi-device experience – all with motion UI and micro frontends.

Trends in Web Development FY21

Best web development companies make use of the latest security testing methods, monitoring requests and suspicious activity, making sure that you work only with trustworthy third-parties, data encryption, improving cybersecurity by adopting AI and blockchain (this concept is still new and not has been adopted by many firms yet), securing the database, protecting DNS against DDoS attacks, making use of AI-powered solutions to detect potential threats, use the idea of distributed databases to keep DNA and data safe.

Popular Technology Stack 2021

Undeniably, CSS, HTML, JS will be there to branch off into more complicated frameworks/libraries/languages. Django, Jquery, React, Angular is all very good libraries and frameworks for web development. Moreover, image loading, shorter response times; optimizing website performance will be very important in web development 2021. Owing to the simple structure, the NoSQL database will be a great choice in simplifying web database development. Chatbots and virtual assistants are inherent to any marketplace web app these days and even more in the service websites that work equally good replacing the need to have 24* 7 customer care support representatives, plus facilitating dark modes, 3D elements, mobile-first approach, navigation to make the website attractive, interactive, fully-functional for maximum user satisfaction will be very important.

Basis of Selection of Best Web Development Companies by ITfirms

ITFirms simply captured and diagnosed a few such companies that were into active web development and design. They do bring value to the overall web development landscape, check them out:

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Hidden Brains
3. Dotsquares
4. Net Solutions
5. Techuz
6. NMG Technologies
7. Mobikasa
8. Xicom Technologies
9. Radixweb
10. Rave Digital

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