LaConda Davies

LaConda Davies in her Studio

Petty Kat “I know” Perfume Body oil

LaConda's New Single Evokes Sensual Love-Electric Energy.

LaConda's vocal energy reminds me of working with Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley and Patti LaBelle. Her work ethic reminds me of working with Nicky Minaj. Her erotic energy reminds me of working with Rihanna”

— Paul Anthony The Legendary, Full Force

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 31, 2020 / — Dallas, Texas –Multi-talented recording artist/actress LaConda Davies is a producer, singer-songwriter, sound engineer and 'True-Life Engager'. LaConda has a undying passion and 'instruction' to support and align with females in the entertainment industry. She is confident that her work will inspire and pave the way for other women to thrive and find their place in the industry and in life. Her combined vocal and production prowess, filled with elegance, passion, youthful flexibility and sensual freedom immediately arrested the ears of Paul Anthony of the legendary production songwriting group Full Force, globally respected for their work with female artists such as Lisa Lisa, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Faith Evans, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Patti Labelle, Fergie, Samantha Fox, Becky G, Shanice, Britney Spears, Melisa' Morgan, Lil' Kim, Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon, Allure and many more.

"When I heard and felt a consistency of cradled high intensity mixed with surgical vocal conviction, I was quite impressed. She reminded me of my all time favorite singer, my girl 'Soda'(what P.A. affectionately calls Cheryl Pepsii Riley) and working with Patti(Labelle). Then I learned of her relentless 24/7 work ethic in the studio. It reminded me of the early days with Nicky (Minaj) when we'd literally live in the studio, writing, recording, rapping and singing till daylight. Then I saw her gift of making others comfortable, pulling them in and feeling better about themselves. Lisa (Lisa) was like that 24/7. LaConda's vocal energy reminds me of working with RiRi(Rihanna). It has a natural sensuality and liberating sexual freedom that says to women: It's ok to be me. it's ok to be free." "I soon realized that she had 'star quality' already, all I have to do is make space and clear debris out of the way for her to just do…"

Paul Anthony and Full Force are still getting busy, having a number of projects coming in 2021, including: "BROOKLYN LEGENDS: Full Force Brothers Story" and "The House Party 31st Year Anniversary Concert". P.A. is currently featured on a single: "What Come Over Me" with Mel Holder and Chris Curry.

LaConda Davies' new single titled “I Know (Baby)” is the first release from her forthcoming album: LaConda Davies as Petty Kat “I Know Baby" will be released through Sony and will be distributed in 243 countries and over 700 platforms. LaConda produced, wrote, and mastered the new single in her personal studio, Mustaquim Studios. The song will be released on her label, Mustaquim Records LLC/TripleMan ENT. The song is very sexy and sensual in nature. Following the new single is an eye-opening video that connects the listener to the song in a deeper way. LaConda is a champion for freedom of expression. Through her music, LaConda holds nothing back; bringing the listener on an emotional and sensual journey. In addition to promoting freedom of expression, she puts high value on the free expression of love. This new single is a culmination of her feelings on this topic, drawing the listener in through expressive phrases and soul-stirring sounds. LaConda desires to give her audience release and start them on a personal journey where they learn to love freely. Soon to come will be LaConda's 'Petty Kat' Frangrances, Shower Gel and Luxury Lotion, powered by

Everyone will soon be able to get that personal touch from LaConda as she will be on CAMEO and looking forward to singing a personal message, or having 'Petty Kat' purr something sexy-sweet.

A driven individual, LaConda has blazed a bold path. In 2016, she became the youngest and only female member of the previously all-male group “Gap Band.” LaConda has continued to set herself apart, sharing the stage with many well-known artists. With the release of her new project, 'Your Girl Conda' is setting herself up to be a 'lioness force to engage with' in the entertainment industry in 2021.

Name: LaConda Davies
Company: Mustaquim Records LLC/TripleMan ENT
Management: Paul Anthony The Legendary

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Laconda Davies- I know (Baby)

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St. Louis publisher Really Big Coloring Books® expands manufacturing into new book markets including adult topics

Coloring Books Adult for mature audiences 18+

Really Big Coloring Books manufactures books for all audiences.

With popularity on sites like Amazon®, Walmart®, Target®, others the company expanded manufacturing into adult genre for publishers, artists, writers and authors.

Similar to Amazons adult 18+ spicy coloring books the company created a receptacle for offbeat, risque, adult humor, sexy fun irreverant coloring books for a specific market segment.”

— Wayne Bell Publisher

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, December 31, 2020 / — The fun and spicy side of Adult Coloring for adults, we continue to add new titles and products weekly. Mature themed topics designed for adults with topics that are chosen by our customers, our company, consumers, our writers, authors and artists. Not necessarily XXX sexual explicit adult content but fun topics, a few serious topics and mostly the silly side of coloring. Coloring Books for mature audiences welcomes consumers, artists, designers, publishers, professionals, new artists, students (18+) to sell your books here, the spicy side of Adult Coloring. The company can also design, write, edit, draw and manufacture any coloring book product for you, your company or organization.

The products ranging in price from $1.99 to $10.87 are available everywhere online and in many retail shops. Manufacturing is located in St. Louis, MO and many of their products are made of 100% hemp paper. Including calendars, greeting cards, coloring utensils, place-mats, letterhead, business cards and many other paper related products. Coloring Books Adult has a music section in which they produce and sell albums and CD covers, posters, merchandise and other products for the music industry.

"Similar to Amazons adult 18+ section of spicy coloring books the company created a receptacle for offbeat, risque, adult humor, sexy and "corrupt" coloring books for a specific market segment. During the last 15 plus years our company received an abundance of specific requests for adult, sexy or adult humor coloring books and for requests to manufacture adult 18+ themed books. So we honored the marketplace", stated Wayne Bell, Publisher. "We have been in the coloring book marketplace for over 30 years, before the internet even existed, and the demand for these spicy, offbeat, humorous books continues to only grow," continued Bell.

ColoringBooks Adult is owned by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, MO. A multi-national company providing books, coloring books, musical products and other paper products. The company holds membership in industry organizations including The Missouri Press Association, System for Award Management for the U.S. Govt. (SAM), promotional products groups, SAGE, ASI, and PPAI, The International Book Publishers Assoc. (IBPA) and other publishing industry leading groups. A Member of the Library of Congress Copyright Office in book and music publishing.1-314-695-5757 for more information. The company owns more than 1600 web domains across the globe, all relating to books and music.

To sell your book, manufacture a new book or list your products please email: info@coloringbooks adult today. Located in St. Louis, MO and all paper or coloring book products are manufactured in St. Louis, MO. Call 314-695-5757

N. Wayne Bell
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
+1 314-725-1452
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More Than Enough

More Than Enough

GHIC Music, Bristol, UK

More Than Enough – GHIC Music

The COVID-19 lockdown was a time of uncertainty for me. I was also stuck with marriage preparations and it just felt like everything was happening at the same time or not happening at all.”

— Adeayo Sangowawa

BRISTOL, AVON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 31, 2020 / — More Than Enough

God’s House International Centre (GHIC) is a multicultural community church based in the centre of Bristol, UK, registered charity and parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. With over 22 nationalities, the church aims to bring Gods glory through music.

Having released four singles last year, GHIC Music has now released a new single. ‘More Than Enough’. One of the main writers, Adeayo Sangowawa shares the story behind the song:

So far this year I’ve been learning about who God is as the ‘I AM’.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, I was home, on furlough. It was a time of uncertainty for me. I was also in stuck with marriage preparations and it just felt like everything was happening at the same time or not happening at all.

One day, I was listening to a sermon by Pastor EA Adeboye of RCCG and he was talking about Jehovah El Shaddai – God Almighty – more than enough – all sufficient – able to meet us at the point of our need. Nothing is too hard for Him to do. In that moment I was reassured that God was able to meet my needs materially and emotionally, whatever it was and even surpass my expectation. I was leaning on the following scriptures – Ephesians 3:20; Philippians 4:19; 2 Corinthians 9:8.

The message also tied in with the GHIC theme for the year which is ‘Abundant Harvest’ so I decided to write the song around this with soome final touches and help from our producer Goziam (Instagram: goz_i_am) and GHIC Music team. I wanted it be an exciting praise song because it’s really about praising God for who He is and also thanking him for what He can do regardless of the season we’re in.

God turned a lot of things around for me and every time I feel overwhelmed, I just remember ‘He’s all sufficient and more than enough…’. I choose instead to praise!! So, when you listen to the song, I want you to be encouraged. Let this praise song be on your lips and God is more than enough to meet you too at the point of your need and there is nothing that is too hard, or too simple/little, for him to do.

The song can be found on all digital platforms. We look forward to hearing more from the team.


Follow the group on instagram: @ghic_music

Ayolabi Temitope Ezobi
Gods House International Centre
email us here

More Than Enough – GHIC Music

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Luca Cerbone wins Best Young Actor Award

Luca Cerbone’s debut role in IT IS WHAT IT IS has gained him Best Young Actor recognition

Laurel for Best Young Actor, Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards

IT IS WHAT IT IS Film Poster

The selection board of the Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles, selects actor, Luca Cerbone, as Best Young Actor for his role in the film, It Is What It Is.

We are extremely proud of Luca. As a debut actor, he brought emotion and life to the character caught-up in the emotion of losing a loved one to COVID.”

— Michael Sedge, Producer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Italian-American actor, Luca Cerbone, received the Best Young Actor, Silver Award, last night from the Independent Shorts Awards, for his role in the anti-COVID short film, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

“We are extremely proud of Luca,” said producer Michael Sedge. “As a debut actor, he brought emotion and life to the character caught-up in the emotion of losing a loved one to COVID.”

The eight-minute film portrays a young couple discussing their participation in a Los Angeles party. They attended the event despite the known virus risk. It is not until the end of the film that viewers learn she has become a victim of the virus. The entire discussion, as well as their sharing a glass of wine, is only in the mind of her grieving boyfriend (Cerbone).

In addition to Cerbone’s performance award at the Independent Shorts Awards, the film was selected as a Finalist at the Vesuvius International Film Festival, Italy, and has been picked up by the Hollywood-based Bitpix TV channel.

“We are proud to be part of the fight against COVID,” said Theo Dumont, co-founder of Bitpix TV. “Young people need to understand that this is a real threat, even if the vaccine has been approved and is being administered across the nation. The short film, It Is What It Is, goes a long way in revealing the grief this virus can cause.”

Also taking Silver honors at the International Shorts Awards for Best Actor was Kevin Bacon, for his role in UNTIL.

IT IS WHAT IT IS can be viewed on YouTube at:

Michael Sedge
The Sedge Group
+39 339 703 2762
email us here

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John Preston of “22 and You” to Hike 50K in Honor of Retired Firefighter That Lost His Life to Suicide

John Preston

Marine, Firefighter, Sony recording artist and First Responder/Veteran suicide advocate will hike in honor of retired firefighter that lost his life to suicide.

There is a special bond and connection between those who have faced the tragic loss of a loved one to suicide. It is my privilege to help honor his father in this way.”

— John Preston

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Marine, Firefighter, Sony recording artist, and First Responder/Veteran suicide advocate John Preston will embark on another hike in honor of a retired firefighter that lost his life to suicide.

The event was created by Barney Smith in honor of his father, Edward Smith III, who served as an Alameda Firefighter for 30 years. Barney lost his father to suicide on January 4, 2019. He planned this event in honor and memory of his dad and all first responders and veterans that struggle with mental health.

Barney is unable to participate in the hike, so John will be taking his place.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 50K hike will include only a small group of friends that will hike for 24 hours on January 3-4, 2021, from Livermore to Alameda, California. The 24-hour period represents the shift of a firefighter. Others may participate in the event through a virtual platform where they are encouraged to complete the same distance on their own over 22 days and log it online.

The route will cover Edward’s daily commute from his house to the fire station where he worked. You can view the course online.

“Dad was a big supporter of whatever I did,” said Barney Smith. “I love him and miss him daily. I am doing this for suicide awareness for people who think there is no help.”

Registration is only $22, and all participants will receive either a commemorative medal or a challenge coin.

All proceeds will be given to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can find out more information, register, or donate on the event website.

About 22 and You
22 and You was founded by Marine, Firefighter, and Sony recording artist John Preston as a movement to save the lives of first responders and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS) after losing his brother to suicide in 2016. John started the movement by embarking on a 630-mile hike from Palo Alto to San Diego that caught the attention of many individuals, including first responders and veterans to walk alongside John. Encouraged by John’s perseverance, these fellow hikers shared their own personal battles or stories of loss as they descended the California coast together. John brought along a film crew also composed of veterans and first responders that not only covered the hike but helped him push on to the finish line on the USS Midway.

A documentary film about the hike, John’s story of loss, and the struggles of mental health will be released in 2021. Find out more and watch the documentary trailer on the 22 and You website.

Tamrin Olden
+1 909-285-4575

22 And You Documentary Trailer

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ADA Showcases the Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

App Development Agency

ADA showcases the best mobile app development companies in their recent listing, find more reasons for their selection here!

UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / — Mobile App Development has been straight right since the beginning of 2020. They have significantly made market inroads ever since the surge in demand, covid-struck-lockdown, people staying indoors, and those who are trying to figure out the best use with the available resources in hand. This pandemic has added some potential in this field which has been banked by the best app development companies.

So now we know that the first assistant we will interact with will be virtual; we are more sincere with collaborating at a distance. The app icons will come with badges and asks. Instead of having an app for every neigh task, why not make it comprehensive with different categories and sub-categories.

Different phones with different operating systems and different features – everything in place with the right pricing to make it a better purchase option for the users but a few more things need to be considered during the development to make it adorable and an instant pick for the users like something that could take the load off the phone processor that will speed it up and make it faster, save battery life and increase personal privacy. ADA researched some of the top mobile app development companies in India just to verify what we discussed. It was a tedious process but all worth it. Have a look at them:

1. Prismetric
2. Konstant Infosolutions
3. Space-O Technologies
4. Y Media Labs
5. AppInventiv
6. Hidden Brains Infotech LLC
7. Dev Technosys
8. QBurst
9. Mtoag Technologies
10. ChopDawg
11. Intuz
12. Nimble Appgenie
13. Techugo
14. Mindinventory
15. Mobisoft Infotech
16. Octal Info Solution
17. ChromeInfo Technologies
18. Yelowsoft
19. Peerbits
20. Nextyug India

About App Development Agency

ADA works to gel up the best developers with the best service buyers. Their work is independent but has been acknowledged by various developers across the globe. Visit their website to know more.

Ada James
App Development Agency
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Civil Rights, Business Leader President Releases Hip-Hop Racial Justice Visual “Cross” With Community & Labor Support

Cross Cover Image – Courtesy of Prime Minister, MPAC Holdings LLC

Business Leader, Author, Harvard Graduate, Activist, MC President releases
'Cross" visual launching historic 2021 Civil Rights & Labor Union Partnership

I created "Cross" to support BlackOut Movements, in order to enfranchise as many as possible to carry the cross of racial justice. I'm thankful to NAN, RWDSU, #BlackOutWholeFoods and #BlackDadsMatter”

— Michael "President" Anderson

NEWARK, NJ, USA, December 30, 2020 / — Civil Rights and Business Leader Michael “President” Anderson Releases Hip-Hop Racial Justice Visual “Cross” With Broad Support

NJ-based Hip-Hop Artist President kicked off a historic campaign today in Newark, NJ with the release of “Cross”. “Cross” was created to raise awareness for BlackOut Movements, which is a coalition focused on creating racial equity solutions for Public, Private, and Philanthropic institutions. Various initiatives include #BlackOutNewark #BlackOutWholeFoods and #BlackDadsMatter campaigns.

“Cross” was first posted to Youtube at 12AM EST. The video opens with a reference to a now infamous October 3, 2020 incident, in which the prominent member of Newark’s community was detained improperly for shoplifting at Whole Foods Newark. Today’s launch coincides with #BlackOutWholeFoods’ announcement that Civil Rights, faith organizations, activists, a leading retail workers union are partnering in 2021 to demand Governments and Corporations address institutional racism. Retail Wholesale Department Store Union (RWSDU) joined the #BlackOutWholeFoods coalition.

In late October 2020, NAN NE Regional Director Rev. Bartley convened a meeting with Newark, NJ Mayor Ras Baraka, Newark City Council Speaker Mildred Crump, and #BlackOutNewark, regarding President’s discrimination incident at Whole Foods Newark, NJ location. In that incident, President was wrongfully profiled, assaulted, and detained after being accused of shoplifting in that store. The shoplifting claims were later proven false. A Whole Foods spokesperson since admitted the search and detention violated company protocol. Upon further review, similar incidents of discrimination against consumers and employees of color at Whole Foods Markets located in Boston, Oakland, Charlotte, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.

In a response to the October 3, 2020 Whole Foods Newark incident and others, Reverend Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) stood with #BlackOutNewark, recently sending a formal letter to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey requesting a meeting to discuss systemic racial discrimination, and strategies for preventing similar conduct in the future. NAN argued the mistreatment of consumers and workers violates basic standards of justice and amounts to discrimination.

“BlackOut Movements coalition arrived in response to several incidents where it became clear to me, many view my race as a limiting factor. On almost a daily basis, I am forced to deal with Police being utilized to threaten me in my own home and community, simply because society has been trained to view Black men as threats. The launch was delayed today because The State of New Jersey sent NJ State Police to my home because they interpreted the message of this music as potentially “dangerous.” I partnered with #BlackOutNewark #BlackDadsMatter and with NAN and RWDSU for #BlackOutWholeFoods, in order to involve and enfranchise as many as possible to carry the cross of racial justice. We hope “Cross” engages the Hip-Hop community to utilize Culture and our Capital to Change our Communities. We need corporations that lord over communities to play their part in creating equity, and the public sector to end systemic racism in all facets of life. ”

“Cross” by President is available where music is sold. "Cross" is the first visual released from President's Billions In My 30s Album/Movement. NAN and RWDSU are expected to announce the #BlackOutWholeFoods partnership officially early next week.

Wes Turner
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“Cross” Visual

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Warith Niallah Approves 4% Raise

Photo of Warith Niallah in black shirt speaking.

Warith Niallah

Media Executive Approves Largest Increase Since 2017

A 4% raise is deserved thanks to the hard work of everyone”

— Warith Niallah

ATLANTA, GA, US, December 30, 2020 / — FTC Publications, Inc. Chief Executive Officer approves a 4.5% raise for all staff in North America. The approval, which is the largest since 2017, which on average was 3% will take effect January 4, 2021. Notable increases will be in contract pay among entertainment industry professionals which consist of actors, artists, models, and their support teams, revenue share pay, and royalties for upcoming renewals.

Mr. Niallah credits the Company’s low debt and fiscal responsibility for being able to give increases when so many other similar players in the industry are suffering losses and making cuts. All was not rosy in the FTC Publications multiverse; as an example, even though little to no staff were actually present in the offices, the Corporation was still required to maintain parking and office space contracts, causing a 40% drop in revenues amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Entertainment and corporate staff performed duties remotely, allowing for operations to continue and keep operations fluid. “A 4% raise is deserved thanks to the hard work of everyone”, Mr. Niallah stated as he briefly browsed the social media platform Clubhouse which caught his eye late December.

Non-profit operations will also receive the same increase, though technically a separate entity, the same raise keeps it all consistent.

As far as international operations go, no announcement has been made just yet. Locations in France and the United Kingdom for example would undergo individual assessments to determine if and when an increase would be warranted, but the Corporation is usually consistent in those matters.
Warith also hinted at an aggressive recruiting strategy for 2021 but did not go into much detail. Speculation is that more will go into documentary and life improvement productions.

Media Relations
FTC Publicatons Inc
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Mary Bolton Performs Live Music This New Year's Eve, Featuring Her New Song, Goodbye 2020

Mary Bolton #VirtualMusicParty

Mary Bolton #VirtualMusicParty December 31, 2020

Mary Bolton It's Christmas 122520

Mary Bolton It’s Christmas 122520

Mary Bolton Smooth Jazz

Mary Bolton Smooth Jazz

Bolton's 41st weekly #VirtualMusicParty is scheduled for December 31 at 8 pm central on Facebook Live

I want to say thank you, Mary. I'm trying to pump your numbers up this week, because it's really great – not just reaching out to her students but using her talents to brighten the day.”

— Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, December 30, 2020 / — With the music venues and bars closed across much of the USA this holiday season in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, Mary Bolton continues to bring live music weekly on Facebook Live to thousands of fans across the country.

This week, Bolton’s #VirtualMusicParty, Rock Country Fun to Bring in ’21, takes place Thursday, December 31 at 8 pm central, featuring a new song, Goodbye 2020!, Bolton wrote to commemorate the end of a tumultuous year. Performed to the melody of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bolton’s original lyrics recount the struggles of a lost year and the anticipation of returning to a new normal in 2021.

When the stay-at-home order was announced earlier this year in mid-March, elementary school music teacher turned music performer, Mary Bolton, stepped up to fill the void, providing live music each Friday night for forty-one weeks in 2020 at 8 pm on Facebook Live at her page @MaryBoltonMusic.

Bolton’s smooth, sultry voice and keyboard skills allows her to move easily between the rock, country, smooth jazz, folk, trop rock and holiday genres. Every Friday night Mary performs – what she calls a @VirtualMusicParty – a 75-minute musical show emceed by her husband, Chuck, at their Orono, Minnesota home.

This Thursday, December 31, Mary will performs a special New Year’s Eve performance at 8 pm central. Her set, Rock Country Fun to Bring in ’21, features covers from Journey, Bon Jovi, The Black Crowes, Poison, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Luke Bryan, Gretchen Wilson, Garth Brooks and many others.

When Minnesota Governor Tim Walz shut down schools and ordered stay-at-home in mid-March, schools began distance learning shortly afterwards. While Mary’s first priority is her daily teaching, she felt there was more impact that could be made to help others through music. As a lover of live music, with the live music venues closed, Mary took matters in her own hands, to lift the hearts and spirits of others and help them forget about their worries every Friday night.

Mary Bolton’s purpose is, “I know how powerful music can be in someone’s life and how much joy and positive energy it can add. My purpose is to bring joy to young and old by sharing songs that inspire.” She lives her purpose each days as music teacher at Hanover Elementary School and now as a Friday night musical performer.

Mary said, “People miss going out and hearing live music. We’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future. But people can still enjoy live music. We just have to be a little more creative.”

Since her first #VirtualMusicParty, Mary has sung and performed forty-one Fridays typically performing 14 songs. Each week brings a new theme and Mary has performed over 580 songs from 169 artists. The livecast is full of audience participation and engagement, with her husband commentating and giving online shout outs to make the viewers a part of the party. Mary enjoys a global audience with fans from across the USA and regular viewers from Canada, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Each week’s performance is chronicled @MaryBoltonMusic with the videos receiving over 200,000 views.

On May 7, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called out Mary and her weekly Facebook Live events as his “Good Story of the Day”, during his COVID update. Walz said, “I want to say thank you for that, Mary. I’ trying to pump your numbers up this week, because it’s really great – not just reaching out to her students or others but using her talents to kind of brighten the day.”

Mary said, “With the live music scene being shaky due to the crisis, I plan on continuing to perform Friday nights on Facebook Live until we get back to a new normal.”

Mary Bolton’s story, Bringing Joy to Young and Old by Sharing Songs That Inspire, is shared in the bestselling book, 19 Fighting COVID-19: Unsung Heroes Creating Impact During the Pandemic and Unrest, available at Amazon.

With the COVID-19 crisis raging and many suffering from illness, fear, loneliness and grief, Mary Bolton is lifting hearts, having a great impact on others during a time of need. At a time when we could all use a little more inspiration, she’s bringing joy to young and old by sharing songs that inspire.

Chuck Bolton
The Bolton Group LLC
+1 6122291020
email us here

Goodbye 2020! by Mary Bolton

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New Singer/Song Writer Hakeem Romance’s Record Available Now



The Legendary Record is Available On All Streaming Platforms!

DISPUTANTA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / — The music industry is known to be one of the most competitive in the world. It’s an industry where producers sell dreams. Hakeem Romance is out to show the world all that he has learned in his time in the industry, showcasing reality over a pipe-dream.

In 2017, Hakeem Romance released a record that was a culmination of effort, talent, and passion. The record highlights all that he has learned in his time in the music industry. It showcases a unique blend of R&B and soul that is a combined effort of Grammy animated producer Rocky Byrd and Hakeem. He pours everything into this beautiful record.

Even as a child, Hakeem held a passion for the arts. From musical performances to television theme songs, music has been his destiny. He developed a taste for learning about the different styles, genres, and the process of creating something beautiful.

This new artist had yielded to the experts when it came time to produce his own record. The single was created in collaboration with the best producers, engineers, and managers in the industry. But even as he went into the process of creating the track, Hakeem’s own uniqueness slips through.

Hakeem Romance is all about learning. He wants to show the new artists the reality of the industry they’re hoping to make it in. Even before creating his own record, Hakeem made sure to learn as much as he could. All of his R&B inspirations have been thoroughly studied, and not just their music either! As a passionate student of music, he has gathered knowledge from everybody he came into contact with, and the most amazing part is that he continues to learn.

Check out Hakeem Romance’s new record that you can now stream on all major platforms! For more on Hakeem Romance, you can visit his website and support this budding new artist in his dream.


Hakeem has always been a fan of music. Whether it be singing along to the theme song of a television show or learning from the best producers in the industry, he is passionate. As a child, he was exposed to several mediums of the art, from school performance to meeting the talent; he recognized his destiny early on. He took the leap in his senior year of high school and is now jumping headfirst into the music industry that he is going to take by storm.


Main Website:




Hakeem Romance
Sing On Everything LLC
+1 800-983-1362

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