Indie Folk Artist Jared Justen Drops New Album “Wolves Teeth”

Jared Justen – Wolves Teeth

Wolves Teeth Available Now on All Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 2, 2020 / — Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Jared Justen has just released his latest album, Wolves Teeth.

Wolves Teeth is Justen’s second album after his debut album, Sky Align. On the indie folk album, Justen draws inspiration from his many musical influences, including Mariusz Duda, Riverside, Anathema, Jose Gonzalez, and more.

Jared Justen began developing his music skills while he was a civil engineering student at the University of Minnesota. Inspired to learn how to play guitar, Justen followed through on his New Year’s resolution, honing complex skills and techniques outside the realms of typical acoustic music. By this time, Justen had been writing poetry for years as a creative outlet and was able to transition into songwriting.

Justen says, “My approach to this record was more about singing and simplifying the guitar work. I was aiming to give it a more popular sound.”

Wolves Teeth reflects on the “dark period” Justen experienced in early adulthood. During this period, Justen suffered from anxiety, feeling as though facing his fears was like facing the teeth of hungry wolves. The personal vulnerabilities and frustrations in his lyrics result in a sincere and powerful album.

Wolves Teeth is available now on all major platforms. You can follow Jared Justen on Instagram and check his website to stay tuned to his upcoming activities.

About Jared Justen

Jared Justen is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been playing guitar for over 10 years and writing songs for about 9 years. Justen cites Jose Gonzalez as an important influence because of his deceptively simple take on guitar-focused acoustic songwriting. Justen’s own introverted nature is also a major influence on the honesty and creativity of his music.

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Vancouver Artist Zachary Toigo Releases New Nostalgic Pop Single, “Perfectly Clear”

“Perfectly Clear” Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2020 / — Multi-instrumentalist Zachary Toigo releases his latest single, “Perfectly Clear,” off his upcoming third album, Others.

A hybrid of 80s melodies and contemporary pop rock, “Perfectly Clear” went through several creative variations before all of the elements came together. It began as a piano ballad, but when Zachary began experimenting with a drum machine underneath his keyboards, the song morphed into the trippy, mesmerizing pop synth masterpiece it is today.

The message and nostalgic sound of “Perfectly Clear”—the entire album was recorded almost exclusively on 80s-era instruments—give the song an almost indescribable playful charm.

The song is the second single off of Others; the first, “Miloš”, was released in August. The album is produced by Jamey Koch and features a more traditional feel and sophisticated sound, giving it the most cohesive sound of all of Zachary’s albums so far.

“Perfectly Clear” is available on all major platforms. You can follow Zachary on Instagram to stay tuned to his upcoming activities.

About Zachary Toigo

Zachary is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, B.C. He writes all of his own songs and plays nearly every instrument heard in his music, including bass, keyboard, and guitar as well as lead vocals. Zachary draws inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Radiohead, Prince, Pink Floyd, and The Smiths.

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HIP Video Promo presents: MaxKaella demonstrates her magnifying appeal in new music video "Money Dance" on Hype Magazine


MaxKaella – Money Dance

The Atlanta artist is as provocative, funny, brash, confident, and entertaining as ever: she's stacking money, and she wants to make sure you know

ATLANTA, GA, USA, October 2, 2020 / — Watch "Money Dance" by MaxKaella on The Hype Magazine

This August, she declared her independence with the uproarious, soulful, buoyant "In My Bag," a duet with the like-minded R&B singer Dasia Gray. Today, the singer formerly known as Maxxy From The Trap keeps the momentum going with another fire-starter. On "In My Bag," MaxKaella showed that she had it – with "Money Dance," she's determined to flaunt it. The Atlanta artist is as provocative, funny, brash, confident, and entertaining as ever: she's stacking money, and she wants to make sure you know.

Although she's left her old identity behind in the trap, she's taken some of those beats with her. The "Money Dance" track is Southern hip-hop at its hottest and most authentic – booming kick-drums, skittering hi-hat, ominous synthesizer, throbbing bass, it's all here. For two and a half glittering minutes, MaxKaella rides the groove effortlessly, radiating assurance and absolute certainty. She knows exactly the sort of man she wants, and, freed by her own success from any financial obligation to him, she knows exactly what she wants to do with him.

That MaxKaella is red hot is evident from the first frame of the video and the first note of the song. She's also an accomplished R&B and trap music craftswoman, choosing just the right notes and right rhythms at the right moments to heighten the musical tension and drive the track forward. The "Money Dance" begins low in MaxKaella's range, and then, slowly but surely, she presses her pump against the gas pedal. By the end of the track, she's showcasing her electrifying upper register, spitting out come-ons and clever verses, drawing the listener deeper into the track and into her world.

The "Money Dance" clip, too, is a kind of seduction. Visually, it picks up right where the "In My Bag" video left off – even the lighting, with its washes of cool purples and luscious pinks, is reminiscent of the clip from the summer hit. But while MaxKaella had to share the spotlight in "In My Bag" with another artist, "Money Dance" is a solo show. She makes the most of the attention, strutting and gyrating through the video, flirting with the camera, pole dancing in a bedroom, and demonstrating the magnetism and sex appeal that's made her an unstoppable force in Atlanta R&B. When she says it's her world, you're going to believe her.

More MaxKaella on Instagram
More MaxKaella on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: The Orange Apples. takes us to serene Latvian fields for new alluring music video "Naked Love"

The Orange Apples.

The Orange Apples. – Naked Love

The relationships are deliberately ambiguous, but they're all pregnant with sexual possibilities

RIGA, LATVIA, October 2, 2020 / — The most beautiful music videos are, quite often, ones made by photographers; those who understand the art of the still image are often best equipped to capture and sequence moving pictures. Great photography requires a sense of composition, lighting, shading, shot selection, balance, and poise, and young Egija Smeile is an extraordinary photographer. She's already made a name for herself in her home city of Riga for her striking portraits and engrossing landscapes. For the gorgeous clip for "Naked Love," from the Latvian artist The Orange Apples., Smeile has joined forces with one of the most daring new filmmakers in the Baltics – the award-winning Stanislavs Tokalovs.

Smeile and Tokalovs havee chosen a worthy subject. What's Your Name?, the debut set by The Orange Apples., is as winsome, passionate, and unforgettable as the best photo exhibitions. Ilona Skuča's songwriting is consistently lovestruck, artful, and ambitious, and it begs for a cinematic treatment. "Naked Love" unrolls gracefully, Skuča's voice like an Irish diva, with notes and chords that hang in the air like mist – but there's a deep undercurrent of trouble, too. Like so much of the best Nordic art, this is music designed to haunt the listener. Skuča has crafted a sound that feels at once international and positively singular – music written in the language of dreams, sweet, and seductive, and dangerous.

The "Naked Love" clip opens with a shot of two attractive young women and a similarly-dressed young man, together in a field, backs against a tree, meadow grass swaying in the wind behind them. It's idyllic, but it's also slightly unsettling – and the feeling of unease only deepens when the trio is approached by another man. The relationships are deliberately ambiguous, but they're all pregnant with sexual possibilities. From there, the intrigue only deepens, as Smeili and Tokalovs shoot their subjects in increasingly provocative poses: dressed in black leather bodysuits, legs tied amidst the tall grass, encased and gyrating in gauzy plastic cocoons, standing with their faces so close that it feels like it's illogical for them not to kiss. It's all achingly beautiful and deeply mysterious, and it's suffused with dark and alluring magic.

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More The Orange Apples. on HIP Video Promo

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Guitar Hero Founder Backs Audio Tech Start Up Audios

Invest in Audios. The future of Loudspeakers.

Audios is the future of sound. Join the revolution and invest now.

Guitar Hero founder Charles Huang invests in black tech start up Audios. Innovations that improve how people consume music are billion dollar opportunities.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / — Audios, a start-up in the world of audio technology, sets out for its first wave of crowdfunding via a campaign on Audios has created the first truly cableless loudspeaker that utilizes their own patented technologies.

In the first week of their fundraising campaign, Audios has already seen some phenomenal traction. The start up has thus far raised over $225,000 with significant contributions by lead investor Charles Huang, co-founder of Guitar Hero, one of the top selling video game franchises of all time, having grossed over $4 billion dollars.

According to Huang, “Innovations that improve the way people consume music are frequently billion dollar opportunities (since before the days of the Apple iPod).” Huang continues, “Audios has been granted some very clever patent technologies that I think can improve not just speakers, but smart home products and smart office products as well.”

Founded by HP Alum Erik Young, Audios was created from the ground up as a revolutionary way to turn the speaker industry on its head. “We’re building the first fully wireless loudspeakers for venues and event spaces. With Audios all you have to do is place the speakers where you want them and press the power button. The speakers automatically build their own wireless network, connect to each other and start streaming” according to Young.

Audios launched their initial round of VC funding through last week, an equity crowdfunding platform that connects promising startups to reach investors across all income brackets, enabling them to share in the potential upside of venture investments. The goal of the current campaign is to raise a $500k for additional product development and distribution.

To learn more about Audios and to contribute to their campaign, please visit their campaign page on

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Rockin 247 Radio Plays Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll and Other 50's Music Styles to the World 24 Hours / 7 Days a week

Rockin 247 Radio Logo

Rockin 247 Radio Logo

Rockin 247 Radio Logo

Tom Ingram Owner of Rockin 247 Radio and Viva Las Vegas

Tom Ingram – Owner of Rockin 247 Radio

Only 2 months old it has fans worldwide with DJ's from around the world.

Online radio seems to be the way of the future now. There are so many ways to listen and we have made it as easy as possible.”

— Tom Ingram

CALIFORNIA, USA, October 1, 2020 / — Rockin 247 Radio is now 2 months old and the reaction has been unbelievable. Owner Tom Ingram says "I knew that there was a need for this radio station but am blown away by the massive response to it". Rockin 247 Radio has DJ's from around the world who pay 1950's Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Doo wop and more performed by the original acts right through to the acts on todays scene. Worldwide there is a massive scene for this music that goes totally ignored by the general music business. There are bands and DJ's all over the world playing this music. Many countries have weekend music festivals as well as regular clubs. Tom Ingram himself runs the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, the largest in the world. " When we had to cancel Viva Las Vegas because of the coronavirus, it gave me the time to set up Rockin 247 Radio, something that I had wanted to do for a long time". Tom started in radio in about 1982 on pirate radio stations in London and has come a long way since.

Rockin 247 Radio is an online radio station which can be heard on the website as well as on Alexa devices, various radio streaming devices and as of this week, via it's own smartphone apps for Android and iPhone devices. "Online radio seems to be the way of the future now. There are so many ways to listen and we have made it as easy as possible. Having the 2 apps go live has been a major boost for us".

Tom has funded the start of Rockin 247 Radio himself but quickly started receiving donations from fans of the station which has put it into the position of the radio station being close to breaking even. "Once all the events start up again and bring us their advertising we should be making a profit. Advertising for rockabilly festivals will be our main source of income". Not that Tom really cares about making a profit. He adds " All of the people working on Rockin 247 Radio are doing it for the fun of it. No one gets paid. We are all into the scene and want to see it thrive."

It looks as if they have got it right.

Rockin 247 Radio

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Rockin 247 Radio
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Up and Coming Local Artist Releases Timely First Song, "Today is a New Day"


Today Is A New


Producer Artist Don

SMYRNA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / — SMYRNA, Georgia— 10/01/2020 — Up and coming local artist and producer, Don, has released his first song, “Today is a New Day,” as a way to connect with others during the pandemic.

“I hope this song will inspire people to stay encouraged, stay safe, and err on the side of caution by wearing their mask. Your health isn't worth the risk,” said Don, producer, artist and owner of Don Music.
The song – written, recorded and produced by Don – is intended to give the listener a sense of hope, encouragement and a creative outlet for understanding what is going on in our world today.
“Today is a new day. Through it all we’ll find a way,” the song states in the first verse.
It goes on to discuss the realities we are seeing across the globe amidst the pandemic, and then to thank those on the front lines.
“Today is a New Day” is the first track on Don’s album, Today is a New Day, which also includes 16 instrumental music tracks.
“I wanted this album to highlight both the artist and producer aspects of my career. My goal was to produce a collective creative piece, nodding to both skill sets,” said Don.

To share his passion and give listeners a way to learn more about him, and to connect with him, Don has also launched his new website, All music tracks are available to preview, stream and purchase on the site.
Don’s music is available for streaming on the following platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Amazon Music and iTunes.

ABOUT DON: Don is a music producer and artist in Smyrna, Georgia who is passionate about sharing his love for music with others who enjoy music. His musical journey began in college creating tracks using production software Acid Pro and Fruity Loops. While writing lyrics is one of his interests, Don’s true love is producing music tracks simply playing by ear.
For more information, press only:

Don C
Don Music
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Learn more about Bow Tie Strategies by visiting

NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBT community and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned businesses.

Rusty Foster, Founder and President, Bow Tie Strategies

Bow Tie Strategies is now eligible to participate in the NGLCC’s corporate partners’ supplier diversity programs.

We must take every opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition and being a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise does that.”

— Rusty Foster, Founder and President, Bow Tie Strategies

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / — Bow Tie Strategies is proud to announce their recent certification as an LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Supplier Diversity Initiative. The NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBT community and serves as the nation’s exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned and operated businesses.

“We are so pleased to welcome Bow Tie Strategies to the ever-expanding network of NGLCC certified LGBT Business Enterprises and the hundreds of corporations and government agencies eager to put them to work,” said NGLCC Co-Founder and President, Justin Nelson and Co-Founder and CEO, Chance Mitchell. “According to NGLCC’s groundbreaking America’s LGBT Economy report, America’s estimated 1.4 million LGBT business owners, many of them NGLCC certified, add over $1.7 trillion to the GDP and create tens of thousands of new jobs. We are proud to count Bow Tie Strategies among those who prove every day that LGBT businesses are the future of the American economy.”

Bow Tie Strategies is now eligible to participate in the NGLCC’s corporate partners’ supplier diversity programs, can take advantage of the vast educational opportunities promoted by the NGLCC, and can work to foster business-to-business relationships with other LGBTBEs worldwide throughout the year and especially at the NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference.

“Being a business owner is challenging, especially during times of COVID. We must take every opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition and being a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise does that. I look forward to partnering with other LGBTBE companies and participating in the many educational opportunities offered to business owners,” said Rusty Foster, President, Bow Tie Strategies.

For additional information about Bow Tie Strategies, please visit them online at


About Bow Tie Strategies
Bow Tie Strategies is an award-winning, full-service public relations and event management firm that takes pride in their creativity and responsiveness. When it comes to connecting with critical audiences, their reach stretches from the traditional to the cutting edge. They have been on the ground, at the table and everywhere in between. They believe it is their responsibility to absorb every detail and nuance of your issue and make your cause their own. This approach has enabled them to influence public opinion, gain nationwide media coverage, achieve legislative victories, and ultimately, amplify their clients’ successes beyond what they thought possible. Bow Tie Strategies understands the value of emerging media presence in today's competitive market. Their approach helps brands, from the relatively unknown to the already well-established, break through the clutter.

In addition, Bow Tie Strategies manages corporate and community events from 10-10,000 attendees for live music concerts, community festivals, nonprofit galas, etc. and has been recognized by the Washington Business Journal as a Top Event Management Company.

Bow Tie Strategies Media Contact – – (703) 646-1282

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the business voice of the LGBT community and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned businesses. With more than 200 corporate partners, and 62 local, state, and international affiliate chambers, NGLCC, is the largest LGBT business development and economic advocacy organization in the world.

NGLCC Media Contact – – (202) 234-9181

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Sight, Sound & Story: Live Online with “SoundShow: Sound Design in Film & TV” on October 14th

Sight, Sound & Story: Live online event series continues in October with Sound Editors Bobbi Banks, & Mildred Iatrou, and Re-Recording Mixer Robert Fernandez

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / — Manhattan Edit Workshop’s “Sight, Sound & Story: Live” monthly online event series continues in October with an in-depth look into the world of Sound Design.

Inside Episode IV: Sound is one of the most important elements in film and can be used to elevate a performance, evoke emotions, indicate mood and emphasize what's on the screen. Join Moderator Woody Woodhall, CAS, who will take a deep dive into the creative process of sound design in film and television. He will be joined by multiple Emmy-nominated Supervising Sound Editor Bobbi Banks, AMPAS, ATAS, MPSE, multiple Oscar-nominated Supervising Sound Editor Mildred Iatrou, and Grammy and Emmy-winner, Re-Recording Mixer Robert Fernandez. This panel will take us through the creative process of sound design and sound mixing and explore how sound shapes and influences our viewing experience. Through discussion and viewing scenes, we will see and hear examples of the panelists extraordinary work in sound.

All attendees who register for this event will receive a link and password to Vimeo Live an hour prior to the event. The event will be live at 5:00 PM EST/ 2:00 PM PST on October 14th. This will gain free access for all attendees who register.

Our event wouldn’t be possible without our Master Storyteller Sponsors: OWC, ZEISS, American Cinema Editors, & EditFest Global; as well as our Technology Sponsor: Shutterstock. Following the panel there will be a chance to ask questions in a live Q&A networking event. To register, please go to

Our next Sight, Sound & Story: Live event will be on November 12th with Film Historian Bobbie O’Steen. Please go to for up to date information.

Jason Banke
Sight, Sound & Story
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Sixties Music Legends The Cyrkle to Release New Recordings of Their Greatest Hits!

The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball Cover

The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball

Lightyear Entertainment Logo

Lightyear Entertainment

Opened for The Beatles at Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park!

STUDIO CITY, CA, USA, October 1, 2020 / — Lightyear Entertainment announces a new agreement with The Cyrkle to release new 2020 recordings of their huge pop hits of the 1960’s.

The Cyrkle opened for The Beatles at Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park in 1966, and were managed by Brian Epstein and Nat Weiss. They were originally called The Rhondells, but John Lennon suggested that they change their name to The Cyrkle, and they took his advice.

Their biggest hit, Red Rubber Ball, was written by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley, and rose to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Lightyear will release the 2020 recording of Red Rubber Ball on October 2, 2020.

The band’s other huge hit was Turn Down Day, written by Jerry Keller and David Blume, which rose to #16 on the Hot 100. This has also been newly recorded and will be released through Lightyear in November.

The Cyrkle were offered another Paul Simon song but regretfully turned it down back in the day. But they have finally recorded The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) now, for the first time, and Lightyear will release it in January, 2021.

The recordings feature original members Don Dannemann and Mike Losekamp, joined by Pat McLoughlin, Mike Shoaf, Don White and Scott Langley.

Lightyear has quietly amassed a collection of big hit re-recordings by the original artists during the past few years, all released through the company’s longstanding distribution deal with Caroline/Universal Music Group. They include Jay Siegel’s Tokens (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), The Searchers (Needles and Pins), Irene Cara (Flashdance…What a Feeling), Rick Derringer (Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo), The McCoys (Hang On Sloopy), Jay & the Techniques (Apple, Peaches Pumpkin Pie), Herman’s Hermits (I’m Into Something Good), the Shadows of Knight (Gloria), the Rip Chords (Hey Little Cobra), Frank Stallone (Far From Over), and the Beau Brummels (Laugh Laugh).

All of these Legacy Artist deals were facilitated by Rick Levy, veteran manager, music director, band leader, guitarist, and author, who currently tours (when Covid allows) with The Box Tops. Levy was Lightyear CEO Arnie Holland’s college roommate at the University of Pennsylvania.

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Lightyear Entertainment, a distributor of independent films and music, was founded in 1987.

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
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