NOISY BOYS release their new single and video “Slave to the System” in time for Halloween

Just in time for the horrors of Halloween (and the US election), the American band NOISY BOYS release their latest single, and call to arms, Slave to the System

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — Just in time for the horrors of Halloween (and the US election), the American band NOISY BOYS release their latest single, and call to arms, “Slave to the System”, an anthem that captures the apathy and anger at the global status quo. The new single is available on all major music streaming platforms and their new video can be seen on YouTube or at With lyrics such as: “They keep changing the way that your mind works / Changing the way that you’re seeing these things” the NOISY BOYS perfectly articulate our new distorted reality, fake news and propaganda saturated existence. While calling attention to the twisted 21st century experience and a society that is churning out mindless zombies, the song is also a powerful call to wake up and resist.

Not always political, NOISY BOYS is the mutant rock-hiphop spawn of LEARICAL (Christian Morant) and Josh Davidson. The duo fuse their love for Rock, Blues, Funk and Hiphop to create mind bending destabilising new sounds that are genre defying and resolutely fresh. While both share a passion for great guitar riffs, and strong storytelling lyrics, their self-penned songs frequently touch on sensitive, personal and emotional issues. Not always the obvious course for a rock-hiphop band, but NOISY BOYS seek to challenge musical preconceptions. Last year’s hit single, “Shot Girls” was a celebration of the club scene with nods to the musical styling of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eminem. While, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the LEARICAL, Davidson collaboration, “Beautiful Pain” is a heart wrenching acknowledgement of the widely ignored issue of male depression and suicide.

The events of 2020 saw the childhood friends and collaborators dig deep to produce a single that reflects these darker, tumultuous times. “Slave to the System’s” message of political, technological, pharmacological and cultural turmoil is reinforced in their disorienting and impactful music video. The four minute video channels the dystopian post-society aesthetic of American Horror Story and The Purge. Filmed in and around their home city of Charleston, South Carolina, the video features its own version of the political stump speech along-side pitch forks, clown masks and sledge hammers. As the song enters its dramatic and powerful outro, the NOISY BOYS sing directly to the powerful elite: “No more, no more / We’ve seen this all before / No more, no more / We’re knockin’ down your doors”. As the video closes, it cuts to a striking final image of the US flag, broken chains, Fentanyl and bullets, leaving the viewer to decide what it all means. music journalist Abby Duran wrote in her single review, “Whether you’re battling addiction, breaking from the chains of a toxic environment, making your voice be heard, or facing fears, one thing is clear “We’re slaves no more””.

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