SPRUCE GROVE, ALBERTA, CANADA, October 27, 2020 / — People from all over northern Alberta came and heard some world class entertainment this past weekend as Hockey Sticks and Honky Tonk, featuring headliner Gord Bamford, rocked Acheson, Alberta on Saturday.

Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment would like to thank presenting sponsors GS Construction and NeXgen Transportation, as well concert hosts Western Star Trucks North for being the main drivers of this year’s event. We would also like to thank event sponsors Cowan Graphics, Fraser Brothers Roofing, Q-Line Trucking, Academy Fabricators, The Co-operators-Ashdon Agency, Select Engineering and Lobay Dental Group for their support.

A big thank you to Gord Bamford, his band and crew, Steve Newsome and Jake Buckley for their incredible performances and to all the amazing volunteers whose hard work was greatly appreciated.

The mission for Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment was to provide people with some much needed entertainment and raise some funds and awareness for some charities in need. With that being said, we are extremely proud to announce the following:

A donation in the sum of $10,000 to be split evenly between CURE – ECHS1 and The Foundation for Cohesive Communities Parkland County. In addition to this donation, both NeXgen Transportation and GS Construction have committed an additional $5,000 each, bringing the amount raised for each charity to an even $10,000.

The Kinettes Christmas Hamper Drive was an outstanding success! Over $2,200 in cash and over 300 toys were donated by people attending the event.

With cash and toys, an estimated total of over $28,000 was raised for local charities from the Hockey Sticks and Honky Concert.

Silent Ice Sports and Entertainment would once again like to thank everyone who played a role in making this incredible event such a success. We can’t wait to see you all again!

J.J. Hebert
Silent Ice Sports & Entertainment
+1 780-862-6209
email us here

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Goth Artist, Kobenz, Turning Heads With Alternative Music Like Kurt Cobain

Kobenz logo

Alternative Artist, Kobenz

Alternative Artist Kobenz

Alternative Artist, Kobenz

Alternative Artist, Kobenz

MINNEAPOLIS , MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2020 / — Alternative Artist, Kobenz, popular for his unique style of Goth rap, is fast emerging as a musician of contention. He might be the new kid on the block, but the artist is trending on many musical platforms. He is fast becoming everyone’s favorite with his ability to connect with listeners by churning out music with a message. Kobenz revealed that Kurt Cobain is one of his biggest role models, and it is subtly noticeable in his unique Gothic-Rap.

Since the start of his career, Kobenz has shown a steady rate of progress and now many people are saying that he has the potential to be the next Kurt Cobain of alternative music. Kobenz displays intelligent skills as a musician with superb transitions between Rap and Gothic rock. Blending the fine lines between the two, a listener easily gets the feel of a Nirvana style tempo but Kobenz is also influenced heavily by other greats like Chris Cornell, John Lennon, and Biggie Smalls.

As an independent artist, Kobenz is no stranger to collaborations. He has worked with prominent names in the music industry. Just recently he released a single Gothbxch with popular Hip Hop artist Spaceman Zack of Wicked, In My Room, and Kill Me Now fame. Kobenz will also be releasing a song with Elton John’s Keyboard player Kim Bullard and his daughter, Billboard chart-busting artist Katy Rose. Next on his list is a collaboration with Lil Tracy, ex of Lil Peep.
Kobenz music is all about passion and connecting with his listeners. His powerful lyrics send out the message that people suffering aren’t alone. A victim of depression himself Kobenz voices his own personal challenges in music hoping it will help those who identify with it. On a musical note, Kobenz unique Goth-Rap is a fluid rendition of vocals that aren’t noisy but smooth and captivating much like his own idol Cobain.

Kobenz is an alternative artist from Minnesota who was always regarded as a rebel for being different. Fighting depression in 2020 was his biggest challenge with the artist spending a brief stint in a psychiatric facility battling trauma from a toxic relationship. He turned to poetry and music like Goth -Rap and emo-rap that helped him towards recovery. Rather than ignore, he chose to acknowledge his emotional upheavals doing so through music. His debut single was an instant hit acquiring thousands of streams and radio play. It was received critical acclaim for its raw passion and even acknowledged by brands and celebrities.

Through his authentic and powerful music, Kobenz wants to raise awareness of mental health and make sure that others don't feel alone or alienated because of what they are going through.

Look out for his second single featuring Spaceman Zack on his website

For more information:

James Cheri
Artist Kobenz
+1 862-354-1355

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Hillbilly Love

Hillbilly Love

Hillbilly Love Pink Camo Cap

Hillbilly Love Pink Camo Cap

Hillbilly Love Onesie

Hillbilly Love Onesie

Hillbilly Love is pleased to announce the formal launch of our new company, and beautiful website.

I’m happy & proud to announce The "Frank Alexander" Leadership Fund. In honor of my father, Hillbilly Love will actively donate 10% of all net profits to youth-focused charities every year.”

— Lynda Weingartz, CEO & Founder – Hillbilly Love

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, October 27, 2020 / — Hillbilly Love is pleased to announce the formal launch of our new company, and beautiful website.

“There is a strong and on-going global awareness, interest and appreciation for the southern way of life, arts and history," said Lynda Weingartz, CEO & Founder – Hillbilly Love. "This cultural evolution is driving a new generational awareness of and demand for freshly-inspired forms of fashion, art and entertainment that are influenced in some way by Hill-Folk and Mountain People from around the world. Our goal is to share the message of Hillbilly Love, while creating positive opportunities to serve our communities, and to support our children's future.”

Weingartz further states, “I’m truly happy and very proud to announce the formation of The "Frank Alexander" Leadership Fund. My father always believed that investing in our children with strong leadership was the key to our collective success. In honor of my father, Hillbilly Love will actively donate 10% of all net profits to youth-focused charities every year.”

Hillbilly Love is pleased to announce our first Charity Partner, the Share America Foundation. Promoting the traditional music sounds of Appalachia in our youth is the major focus of the Share America Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501-C3, operating from Catoosa County, Ga.

Hillbilly Love’s collection of premium quality merchandise and casual wear features super-soft, sueded Bella+Canvas T-Shirts. You will look and feel great while helping to share the beautiful and inspiring message of Hillbilly Love.

HBL Entertainment recently announced the release of our new single… "Hillbilly Love"! Currently, 175+ radio stations globally are helping to share the “Hillbilly Love” message by playing our song!

Hillbilly Love supports and believes in the power of music and art to change the world… and so do our friends!

"We are deeply inspired by the vision of Hillbilly Love and find that it is so akin to our own! We believe in this dream of and devotion to honoring your truth, your family, your friends, your community, and this gift of creation that Hillbilly Love embraces.” ~ The Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Singers / Songwriters / Recording Artists

“'Hillbilly love' is what we are all about hence our name The Ebony Hillbillies. We are all about the heart and soul of things. The freedom to be our true selves. That freedom allows us to bring all kinds of people together in love." ~ The Ebony Hillbillies, Americana / Roots Music Recording Artist

“I am honored to be a part of this great adventure and come alongside "Hillbilly Love" to share the message of faith, family and community." ~ Deborah Berry, Photographer / Artist

“A native of Louisiana, I may be a swampbilly, but I am all about some Hillbilly Love! Their message is one we all need more of today, so I can’t wait to share my story and bring some Hillbilly Love to the rest of the world! After all, they don’t call me the Hillbilly Goddess for nothing!” ~ Alecia Nugent, Country / Bluegrass Recording Artist

"I am thrilled to share for Hillbilly Love! It reaches for the greatest strength within each of us – a God-endowed independent nature to live life sharing love while making a difference for others.” ~ Randall Franks, Actor / Singer / Songwriter

Find out more about our Hillbilly Love "Featured Artists" at:

"Cultural Evolution" is an evolutionary theory of social change. Hillbilly Love will always be actively searching for and creating positive, relevant possibilities to serve our communities in meaningful ways. Hillbilly Love… where your thoughtful choices create opportunities for others.

Lynda Weingartz
Hillbilly Love
+1 615-305-4567

Scott Holstein “Hillbilly Love”

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This Halloween Young Art Students Stay Positive Creating Virtual Stages at Home

3 year old Emma performs for the online Halloween concert

3 year old Emma dressed up as a mummy ballerina for Westminster Arts Academy’s Spooktacular Halloween Concert.

6 year old Jacob Marin plays the guitar in his vampire costume on his virtual stage.

Jacob Marin, age 6 decorated his living room and put on his vampire costume to perform for the online concert.

With their annual Halloween party cancelled, students of the Westminster Arts Academy turn to creativity to celebrate a favorite holiday.

Students were heartbroken when they found out the Halloween party was cancelled. When we told them about the opportunity to be Hollywood producers and make a music video at home they got so excited!”

— Augustina Rios, Director of Westminster Arts Academy

WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 27, 2020 / — Things are certainly different this year. Both parents and students of all ages have had to adjust on many different levels. The latest in “corona-challenges” is how to still enjoy Halloween. For the first time, a favorite holiday for probably the majority of children, could be drastically different.

At the Westminster Arts Academy in Orange County, CA, music, dance, and art students are accustomed to attending the school’s annual Halloween Party. This year is an exception. No potluck, no costume contest, no haunted mazes, no Halloween themed games. Instead teachers asked their students to help create a unique experience. One that has never been done before. This year, the Academy is putting on a virtual event for the holiday. The “Spooktacular Halloween Concert” will contain individual and group performances by hundreds of young artists.

Music performances of piano, guitar, violin, drums, and more will stream over the internet for students and their families and friends to watch at home. Dancers will also put their skills on display as well as the visual artists who will have their holiday creations on the screen in slideshows throughout the event.
Perhaps the most unique part to the event is the Halloween theme in combination with the virtual setting. Students as young as 3 years old will be dressed up in their costumes and many have decorated their living rooms into a “virtual stage” themed for the spookiest and sweetest of holidays.

The Westminster Arts Academy’s Spooktacular Halloween Concert will premiere on October 31st at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time on their YouTube channel.

Awarded the 2019 National Music School of the Year, Westminster Arts Academy is currently owned by 3 siblings Francis, Teresa, and Augustina Rios, in succession to their late father. Currently employing 49 dedicated teachers and office staff, the Academy has provided arts education in Orange County since 1991. More information can be found on their website and social media channels.

Francis Rios
Westminster Arts Academy
+1 714-899-4823
email us here

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Women of Note: Max Lifchitz plays piano music by Women Composers from Europe and the Americas

Oct 30 composers in North South event

Oct 30 composers in North South event

Livestream featuring Max Lifchitz performing piano music by three generations of women composers from Europe and the Americas: Friday, October 30 @ 4 PM (EST).

a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist”

— San Francisco Chronicle

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 27, 2020 / — On Friday October 30, 2020, Max Lifchitz will perform arresting piano music by three generations of women composers hailing from Europe and the Americas.

The event will be streamed live from the intimate Scorca Hall of the National Opera Center (330 7th Ave at 29th St) in Manhattan. It will start at 4 PM and will end at approximately 5:30 PM.

It will be livestreamed through the National Opera Center YouTube Channel <;

This event was scheduled to take place March 16 marking Women History Month. Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be re-scheduled.

The following works and composers will be featured:

ELIZABETH BELL Piano Sonata No. 2
ALISON YUN-FEI JIANG As Birds Bring Forth the Sun
ZIBUOKLE MARTINAITYTE Flashes of Illumination
CAMILLE VAN LUNEN Boca do inferno

Active as pianist and composer, Max Lifchitz has appeared as soloist with among others, the Albany Symphony Orchestra, the Sheboygan Symphony, México’s National Symphony Orchestra, and the Neuchatel Orchestra in Switzerland. The San Francisco Chronicle described him as "a composer of brilliant imagination and a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist" while the New York praised commented on his "clean, measured and sensitive performances." He is the director of the New York City based North/South Chamber Orchestra now celebrating its 40th consecutive season. His numerous recordings are widely available through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, and most other music streaming services.

The event is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; a grant from the Women's Philharmonic Advocacy; and a Seed Money Grant from New York Women Composers, Inc.

Max Lifchitz
North/South Consonance, Inc
+1 518-852-6100

American Women Composers performed by Max Lifchitz

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The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra opens its 29th season in an industrial warehouse on All Hallows Eve with Strings Noir

Social distancing for safety at the KSO's season opening performance in a warehouse.

The KSO performs Strings Noir October 31, 2020 at this industrial warehouse.

Watch via video as Geff recreates his art while the KSO performs Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht.

The KSO strings playing Mahler's Second Symphony.

The KSO is a professional orchestra based in Northern Kentucky known for its unique, thematic programming.

The KSO pushes forward this Halloween in a spooky 140k sf warehouse for safe, distanced seating. Trick or Treat with Respighi, Schoenberg, Hermann & Beethoven.

The Great Fugue of Beethoven now seems to me the most perfect miracle in music, it is also the most absolutely contemporary piece of music I know, and contemporary forever.”

— Igor Stravinksy

NEWPORT, KY, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2020 / — The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra opens its 29th season in an industrial warehouse with a Halloween mix of string classics that should provide a good scare for musicians and audience alike. Keeping musicians employed and playing during the Covid crisis requires following safety guidelines that are nearly impossible to enact within traditional auditorium settings (visit for safety guidelines). However, since the KSO possesses the will, it certainly has found a way, by turning to unconventional spaces. Verst Group Logistics generously offered the Symphony use of its Hebron warehouse with the square footage of a football field and 40’ ceilings to address adequate distancing and circulation concerns. Even the City of Bellevue helped out for a single rehearsal at the former Joe’s Crab Shak to assist with its season opening program dubbed Strings Noir.

The black and white Film Noir genre of 1940s-60s was characterized by its foreboding fatalism and menace. The KSO’s Strings Noir selections capture a similar aura and mood for All Hallows Eve. “String instruments have the ability to create a sublime beauty and then shift the mood and character to abject fear and terror. The audience will experience all emotions in this program,” commented KSO Music Director and founder James Cassidy.

With the third suite of his Ancient Airs and Dances, composer Ottorino Respighi transcribed 17th century lute music for strings that reflects a distant, poignant sense of melancholy. Arnold Schönberg’s Verklärte Nacht loosely follows Richard Dehmel’s poem describing a man and woman’s late night walk through a grove, and the revealing of a deep dark secret. In 2018 The Florida Orchestra teamed up with visual artist Geff Strik to paint a work of art based on Schoenberg’s music and the poem. The result was a 5’x12’ oil on canvas painting. Strik’s painting process was captured on video and edited to simultaneously project over the orchestra as it performs Transfigured Night. (See more about the project below).

After a brief intermission, the strings return with a suite from Bernard Hermann’s film score to the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, starring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins. The infamous murder scene, with the slashing glissandi in the upper strings, represents the KSO’s trick and the audience’s treat. The program concludes with Ludwig van Beethoven’s fiendishly difficult Grosse Fuge. Beethoven turns 250 in December, and the KSO celebrates the composer’s great music and continued relevance with this late enigmatic, rarely performed tour de force arranged for string orchestra.

The KSO invites everyone to come out on Halloween for a unique live concert at Verst Group Logistics 1985 International Way, Hebron, KY. Distanced seating is limited to 300. Don your favorite mask, and know that the KSO is committed to safety and keeping the energy and spontaneity of in-person performance alive and well in Northern Kentucky. Tickets for each show this year remain where they have been for several years at $35 to experience great musicians, guest artists and innovative programming unique to our region.

For those who need to stay home, the KSO is live streaming each concert (via multiple cameras) for your ‘at home access’ for the price of a single ticket. Subscribers to all five shows get in-person, flexible use and access to livestreams with a 14% savings. Tickets are available online at, by phone
(859) 431-6216, or at the door.

James R Cassidy
Kentucky Symphony Orchestra
+1 859-431-6216
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Children’s Album Awarded 2020 NAPPA Gold Award “OOH LA LA TOO DOO NA NA OOP BOP OOP BOP RIBBIT” by Kelli Welli

Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit album cover with NAPPA Award

“Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit” Awarded 2020 NAPPA Gold Award

Awarded the 2020 National Parenting Products Gold Award for recognition as the best in the industry.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 26, 2020 / — Award-winning Children’s performer and songwriter Kelli Welli is thrilled to announce that her first full Children’s album, “OOH LA LA TOO DOO NA NA OOP BOP OOP BOP RIBBIT” has been awarded the 2020 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) for recognition as the best in the industry.

Praise from the NAPPA Awards: “Very well done, Kelli Welli! The award-winning Portland, OR-based musician exhibits a wonderful sense of silliness for little ones on tracks “Turtlurtlurtle,” “Tacos, Bananas, and Toy Boats,” and “Hello, I Am a Monkey.” But she also reveals (mainly in the middle of the album) a quiet, gentle side with songs like “I’m In Love with You,” “Just Snuggle In” and “La Lullaby.” Wrapping up the album, “Pretend Summer,” “Got So Much Love For You,” and “Cooking Up Some Happiness” provide joyous music for the whole family to enjoy. Good-humored and good-hearted, Ooh La La Too delivers a strong set of twang-flavored songs (you’ll find some fine picking on “Little Ray of Sunshine” for example)… If you’re new to Kelli Welli, this album will serve as a great introduction to her music.”

Several of the songs on this album have also been recognized with songwriting awards in the last year, including the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest (Winners in both 2019 and 2020 competitions), and the 2019 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition.

What is the story behind this album’s unique and very long title? Each part of the title is taken from parts of one or more of the songs in the album… “Ooh La La” is the title of a favorite lullaby Kelli actually wrote first for her doggie… “Too Doo” and “Na Na” are in other songs and lullabies… the “Oop Bops” and “Ribbits” are sounds both frogs and kids are encouraged to make along with “The Froggie Song.” Most of the songs have some piece of the title somewhere. And Kelli was very deliberate about including these sounds in her songs, “I love that simple sounds like these in songs for kids and their grownups help make it easier for them to sing along before they know the words. As a songwriter dedicated to craft, I think a lot about those kinds of details. As a mother dedicated to her young children, I care a lot about the songs being smart, accessible, and fun.”

This album is a compilation of favorite Kelli Welli sing-a-long and storytelling songs, along with some new tunes, and the lullabies she wrote during her first year as a new mom to boy/girl twins. Kelli’s original songs, often inspired by the kids and animals in her life, weave unique, sometimes silly tales, celebrate love, sunshine, nature, different languages, and honor the details that come with raising the amazing little people in our lives. The album was produced by masterful musician Timothy James Uecker and excellent recording engineer Gabe Johnston at Falcon Recording Studio in Portland. It features children’s voices and musical talents of some parents whose kids a few songs were written for.

Listen to the album now on SoundCloud:

The album is currently available on CD and all digital streaming platforms including: Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Amazon

Free Download Activity to go with the album: The “Pick-a-Song” fortune teller style fold-up and play activity is a free download that parents can print out for their kids to play along with the album.

About Kelli Welli: Kelli Caldwell is an active songwriter in both the Children’s and Singer-Songwriter/Americana “grown-up” music arenas, mainly performing for kids as Kelli Welli. She’s released several children’s EPs and singles over recent years and though she’s new to the thriving Portland kindie scene, was named TOP 5 Parent Picks for 2020 by PDX Parent Magazine. Drawing on her unique upbringing (more below), Kelli’s wide-ranging songwriting for children is smart, fun, often hilarious, sometimes reflective and deeply sweet. Always genuine. Kelli’s been called, “hysterical and superbly talented” by fellow artists and parents often say, “This is music I can actually listen to over and over… and over… and still enjoy!” And a local fan mom recently wrote to say, "I've cried twice now when listening to 'I'm in Love with You.' Such lovely songs!"

Kelli has a Master of Publishing degree and a B.A. in Speech Comm with minors in Japanese and German. After working in PR for Harper's Magazine in NYC, she returned to Portland and started a corporate publishing business before focusing more full time on motherhood and music. Kelli has studied speech-level singing with The Voice Project and spent 8+ years as a key member of the Portland Songwriters Association board, is a member of West Coast Songwriters, Nashville Songwriters Association, Children’s Music Network, and SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

About NAPPA: Integrity and honesty are at the core of what NAPPA stands for. For over 30 years, the
National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) has been ensuring that parents purchase the highest quality products that help them connect and enjoy time with their families. NAPPA’s team of evaluators, along with parent and child testers, select the best baby gear, toys, apps, games, books, music, and other family must-haves to be award winners through year-round product testing. For more information, visit NAPPA. For additional questions, contact NAPPA Director Elena Epstein: or 818.264.2222, ext. 222. | #NAPPAAwards #NAPPAWinner #PlayLearnConnect

For more information visit: | Instagram: @kelliwellikids | Facebook: kelliwellikids.

Contact Kelli at or 503-476-5300
Ooh La La Too Doo Na Na Oop Bop Oop Bop Ribbit | #oohlalatoodoonanaoopbopoopbopribbit #familymusic #kelliwelli #turtlurtlurtle #childrensmusic
Suggested Retail: $12.00
For Ages: Expectant parents, Parents, Birth to 8 years
UPC: 194660696168

Link to the album cover:

Link to the “Pick-a-Song” activity to go along with the album:

Kelli Caldwell
Kelli Welli
+1 503-476-5300
email us here

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Rocky Morningside releases newest single Web alongside His Re-Release of Dracula just in time for Halloween

To help you get in the Halloween spirit, Rocky Morningside releases newest single Web to accompany his single Dracula

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / — Rocky Morningside releases new single in time for Halloween with spooky, dark rock sounds named Web. Web is Rocky’s newest song which speaks from the perspective of a spider. He also re releases one of his popular songs Dracula. Rocky has a skill for mixing the macabre with sexy and darkness. Rocky’s music is diverse and may not fit one category defined as classic rock, pop or rap but rather influenced by all.

Rocky talks about the new project Web, “Spiders construct elaborate, extremely intricate webs, setting them up in promising areas of insect travel then wait to see what happens. It’s a lot like song writing. A lot goes into the foundation of a piece of music. The idea has to be solid. The structure, instrumentation, and even ambience have to work in concert to lure the listener or from a spiders prospective, prey. Each song that I write is personal to me. It’s an expression of something that has inspired me or something less inspiring that I went through. It’s a means of celebrating or letting go of something that has effected me deeply. I took a break from song writing a few times back and it felt miserable. I have to create to grow. Much like a spider, it’s a means of survival. I could be one of those artists that say “oh I write music just for me” but that’s not completely so. Of course I make music for me but I also write vague and open ended lyrical pieces that can be relatable from many prospectives and many different personality types. Like a “web” I try to make my songs as sticky as possible with the hope that listeners and fans alike can enjoy my take on a subject.”

Music video/ lyric:

Spotify link:

Apple Music Link:

Rocky Morningside Bio
Rocky Morningside’s artistic approach is an anomaly, deviating from the standard norm of the typical musical genre. His music is not HipHop. It’s not Rock. It’s not Pop either. Rocky’s music is a little bit of all of those which headmits leaves him sort of orbiting in a space of his own. “People love me or they hate me” says the Louisiana based artist. “The people who get me stick with me. People who don’t talk mad shit which is generally amusing. I make music for me to channel emotions or to filter life’s negatives. I hope people like it but if they don’t fuck em. I will always write more music and I am always perfecting my craft so maybe I will win some of those critics over down the road as my sound matures. My music has its own identity. The freedom of self expression and the true essence of art is one’s unique individual approach to or outcome of something that they’re truly passionate about. That is the foundation from which everything I make creatively is based upon.” Morningside has spent the majority of his quarantine making music and staying fit. “An entertainer should be fit and never be lazy because it’s his or her job to entertain” he says. Fans can expect a more polished sound from Rocky Morningside in an avalanche of new music coming from him tentatively around the beginning of summer. “The new music is a lot more melody driven. I brought in guitars, bass, keys, other instruments, and really went back to my rock roots on a lot of the new material. My love for HipHop will never go away but I find it harder to resonate a message with within that genre because it has changed so much.
Rocky grew up listening to classic rock with his father. Having always liked the song Rocky teamed up with friend and fellow entertainer One Touch to remake “These Eyes” with a flare. Rocky laid a HipHop beat for the foundation in collaboration with music producer Focuz Muzik. Rocky brought in guitars, bass, key’s and recorded the live instruments in his Louisiana studio, engineering and producing the project himself.

Juliette Harris
ItGirl Public Relations
+1 8183212317
email us here

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Music Marketing and Music Video Promotion: HIP Video Promo celebrates our 20th birthday!

HIP – 20th Birthday

We know that a good music video isn’t merely a commercial or a promotion: it’s a piece of the musician’s soul.

SOUTH RIVER, NJ, USA, October 26, 2020 / — Longevity is a rare thing in any business. In the music industry, it’s practically unheard of. Continuing relevance requires a combination of vision and flexibility. A company needs to accommodate new trends while staying true to its original principles. Any outfit that can do that for a few years has something to brag about. If a business can keep its balance – and keep growing! – for two decades, that’s a remarkable accomplishment. Some might even call it legendary.

At HIP Video Promo, we don’t boast too often about what we’ve done. On the anniversary of our twentieth year in operation, we’re inclined to let the facts speak for themselves. We remain what we’ve always been: the undisputed leader in independent music video promotion, pledging our allegiance and dedication to nobody but the artists we serve. Since founding the company in 2000, we’ve promoted more than 3600 music videos by artists of all kinds. We’ve partnered with legendary artists like Pearl Jam, T-Pain, Armin van Buuren, Elvis Costello and Pixies. We’ve assisted the ascendancy of artists like Paramore, Maroon 5, Sia, M83, Nicky Romero, Justina Valentine, 30 Second To Mars, Luh Kel, and The Lumineers. We’ve earned the respect, and the business, of powerhouse labels like Sony and Universal, and we can call some of the hippest imprints on the planet – 4AD, Saddle Creek, Merge, Matador, Polyvinyl – repeat customers.

But we’re just as proud of the work we’ve done for hundreds of true oddballs and absolute independents: regional, unclassifiable artists whose voices deserve to be heard. Those who enlist the support of HIP Video Promo know we will apply the same sort of muscle – and the same sort of tireless advocacy – to their campaigns as we do when we’re out there sweating on behalf of Queens Of The Stone Age and Johnny Cash.

We’ve also done our part to expand the distribution environment for musicians of all kinds. Our reach is international: not only have we regularly placed clips on MTV, mtvU, BET Jams, REVOLT TV, Music Choice, and other familiar outlets, we’ve established productive relationships with programming outlets seen on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and more. As viewing habits have evolved, so has our focus. When it comes to placing videos on the most prominent music websites and blogs, we easily outpace the competition. We’ve anticipated industry trends by offering comprehensive Spotify promotion and social media marketing alongside the services for which we’re best known.

How have we managed to keep this up for twenty years? Our success begins with our deep respect for the form itself. At HIP, we see the music video as the perfect synthesis of art and commerce. We believe that the music video is the single most important piece of marketing currency a musician has at his or her disposal – and that importance has only increased as audience attention has migrated online. At the same time, we recognize that the music video is a translation of the artist’s personal voice into a visual medium. We know that a good music video isn’t merely a commercial or a promotion: it’s a piece of the musician’s soul.

We’re able to talk about videos and explain their importance because we, too, are artists. HIP is staffed by musicians and filmmakers who are motivated by our love for songs and visuals, and by the joy we feel when we encounter the new and the exciting. In recent years, we’ve parlayed our experience promoting videos into making them. We’ve now made lyric clips and official music videos for dozens of clients, many of whom are members of the same New Jersey musical community that we proudly inhabit. HIP founder and president Andy Gesner has always been deeply embedded in Garden State music. He’s been a band member, an organizer, a show promoter, and a tireless champion of the underdog. In an industry that’s become sadly de-regionalized, we know where we come from, and we also know that those roots will keep us strong – and ready for the next twenty years, too.

Visit HIP Video Promo
More HIP Video Promo on Facebook
More HIP Video Promo on Instagram

Andrew Gesner
HIP Video Promo
+1 732-613-1779
email us here

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WD-HAN Challenges Popular Notions With New Rock Single 'Work For It'

Work For It Art

Cal Henry, Spencer Barnes and Lea Campbell of WD-HAN

WD-HAN Live Concert Opening for Kaleo


WD-HAN's new single 'Work For It' is the anthem of your inmost desire, and the beacon of your inevitable success.

They have a gritty style that is fantastic with the vocal delivery which is clear and has you dancing along.”

— A&R Factory

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / — Work For It drives deep, way down into the core of your dreams, and like so many of WD- HAN’s songs, tells the world to go to hell because you’re gonna make your dreams happen in spite of anyone saying you can’t. This relentless, haunting, daunting beat awakens the power within you. Hard doesn’t matter, time doesn’t matter, getting where you are going is what matters.

In Work For It, WD-HAN exults in creating the raw rhythm of worthwhile work. No one tippy- toes to the top – you pound the ground. The chorus of Work For It echoes your every step forward as the drumbeat of a giant’s. Others can beg, others can wait, others can die a living
death. This song is the anthem of your inmost desire, and the beacon of your inevitable success. Yes, the song is raw. So is life. Yes, Work For It challenges popular notions that people deserve what they haven’t earned.

WD-HAN celebrates those who have dreams and are willing to fight through the lightning storm to achieve them. This song is a hard rock rough-hewn tribute to winners.

Let Work For It be your armor and your banner.

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Press Release written by Don Dewsnap

"WD-HAN are one of the most prolific bands out there. Never issuing two tracks that are too similar, the band are versatile, unique and interesting." – Love It To Death Reviews

"WD-HAN are back with yet another earworm…" – Turtle Tempo

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