Bringing together the local talent of New Jersey, Cutty TV launches a new blog “Jersey Watch”

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Cutty TV supports the local artists of New Jersey and helps them get the exposure they deserve. Cutty TV rolls out a new blog “Jersey Watch”

The next big thing out of NJ, We need this for our Indies! NJ needs to have a voice also in the industry!”

— Cutty

EDGEWATER PARK , NJ , UNITED STATES , September 20, 2020 / — Local talent of an area should be promoted; many talented people can be found at any area, some people have a lot of expertise, but still, they can’t grow due to poor attention and are mostly ignored, which kills their potential and thus they gradually lose interest in their talent. To remedy this foul, Cutty TV LLC, aims at helping the local talent to provide the attention they deserve. Cutty Entertainment Mogul is one of the many blog posts featured on the newly launched blog “Jersey Watch”. This NJ Blog provides an outlet for the local talent of New Jersey. By showing the newest talent to the world, Cutty TV LLC is expanding its horizons each day.

Terrance Disman, A.K.A Cutty created Cutty TV LLC and Jersey Watch, in order to help the local talent of New Jersey. Cutty believes in the local talent of New Jersey and he wants to support them to help them achieve the level of respect and attention they deserve. Cutty also conducts interviews with the major names such as Brandon Clark, Vigilante and Ghetto Reese. These interviews serve as the basis of inspiration for the younger generation deciding to step into the industry of music and creativity. Cutty wants to share the local talent of New Jersey to the world by showcasing the best artists.

The blog, Jersey Watch also features Jersey Watch Exclusive Worldwide Tunes, a collection of songs from some of the best indie artists. Jersey Watch Exclusive Worldwide Tunes was also featured on Genius and was seen and loved by more than 2 million people, it also had a billboard displayed on Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles. The Worldwide Tunes contain songs from artists such as Jo Rivers, Ghetto Rese, Body Red, Silent, Teddy Martin and many others. This mixtape can be found on Spinrilla & Jersey Watch to hear it.

Jersey Watch also has some great blogs which promote the local talent and help them get an outlet to inspire others. Indie talent is something that can be found anywhere, it only needs to be polished and brought in front of the world. Cutty TV also produces YouTube videos, discussing various topics of the music industry and some interviews. With all this going on at Cutty TV, many new local talented people come forward each day and share their stories, Cutty then helps them to polish their skills so that they can fulfil their dreams of becoming the best.

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Brandon Clark Exclusive Interview on Jersey Watch

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