The Artist: Deep Transit will be releasing a New Single: "Everything a rhythm" From the LP. "Everything a rhythm"

The Artist: Deep Transit: Will be releasing a New Single: "Everything a rhythm" From LP later this year "Everything a rhythm"

SILVER SPRING, MD, US, September 18, 2020 / — The single: "Everything a rhythm "release summer of 2020.
Another Single "Just looking at the Sunset" will be release later this year.Rob had added two new music videos last year. "Embrace" the track that was release last year with the track "After the Rain ". From the LP "Elevate". Rob has always maintain that playing music as a hobby for a balance life.

Deep Transit has 10 number #1 hits. From and from Radio airplay. And other

Rob is a Singer/songwriter and producer/Artist in the ,MD/VA/Washington DC area. R Mitchell Stage name is Deep Transit. Rob got the name Deep (For deep house music and Transit co's Rob travels local by car or train. R Mitchell started songwriting when he graduated from High School .Rob's music style comes from many elements mostly 80'd and 90's . Rob is influence by dance music, House music, Rap, and electronic music. Rob has a flair of writing songs that are ready for radio edit production. Rob realize how playing an instrument is therapeutic to him. In junior High school Rob played the trumpet, in High school he join the High School band. "I liked playing the trumpet and being part of the High School band.". But Rob realised that playing the piano was so much better at the time.Rob also played a little guitar and took classical guitar in High school. Robert took more piano lessons at Montgomery College and the Music and Art Center in Rockville, MD. he also majored in music Theory in 1986-1992. Robert's lyrics and music deals with positive and uplifting energy while having great playability, a style all his own. Deep Transit will be releasing " Timeshift" The Single as well as the newest track single "Embrace "On. CD and on MP3.. Rob will also be releasing an extended deep house dance version of "The Journey." From the 2016 album "A brilliant skyline across major cities" It will be a vocal new remix . The track just came together naturally. It is met to be only a remix from the First track. Limited edition. Rob has collaborated with other artist in the past.

The Music Video "Embrace" and "After the Rain " was put together by: Matthew Shell. I just directed the way the music video should go by. When I wrote and arrange "Embrace" it started out with a synth sound patch that I decided to use.. And when putting the chords together I just put the words with the arrangements and many drum patterns. The words start out as rap hip hop. Matthew Shell put the music video together and I suggested the way the words to each scene of the music video should go. And for the music video "After the Rain" the same as follow.

September 23, 2016-Deep Transit UNVEILS "A Brilliant Skyline Across major cities". Washington D.C. From the high school band to songwriting soon after graduation. Deep Transit started making music during the days when House and electronic music was still considered more of an underground scene. He recorded an album then but it was never released and in between then and now he releases the album Dynamic force of time last year. While it was some year.s between the first and second LP. He did not waste any time between the second and third as he's set to release "A Brilliant Skyline across major cities". The album is released this fall. Deep Transit started out his career back in the late '90s playing venues like the Volt in D.C. It was also during that time that he recorded "Traveling in distant speed". While he was excited about the music. He never released it at the time. Now though, he'll be re-released that album sometime in a few months, after "A Brilliant Skyline" is introduced to the world. Right now, he's putting his focus on the current music he's got and preparing to share his lead single. About: Deep Transit- Is inspired by Chicago deep house music/Tech house/Rap of the '90s Off the high of releasing his sophomore album last year. He is embarking on releasing the follow-up A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Cities. This fall"- Olivia Rae.

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