Bungalo Records / UMG Released One of the Most Sought After Artist. Who is she?

Zaina Juliette the Entertainer

Zaina Juliette The Empress of Pop, Funk, Rock & Soul

Zaina Juliette new song, Hit Em Hard

Zaina Juliette song release Hit Em Hard

Zaina Juliette Singer, TV Host, Actress, Entertainer

Zaina Juliette new LP Release on Bungalo Records/UMG

Many in the music industry are speaking of. If you have not seen or heard of Zaina Juliette, I strongly suggest you look her up and hear her music.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — With over 360 Awards as an entertainer, Zaina Juliette is prominent in the industry for her astonishing live performances and impeccable stage presence. Zaina Juliette has all of the components of an astounding artist from her work ethic to her ingenuity and we had to jump at the opportunity to join forces with this incredible recording artist.

Zaina Juliette was giving her own TV Talk Show, a unique contemporary talk show hosted by, Zaina Juliette, featuring celebrity guests and upcoming talent, positive events in the city, empowerment and showcasing her talent. Currently, the show is gearing up to go international and is now a TV show about The Making of a Pop Star, starring Zaina Juliette. Where Zaina along with her co-star Sharon Park of China will be seeking the best talent for Zaina Juliette Live Show "The Awakening" through a talent search/competition China vs. America. Focusing on producing mind-blowing shows and writing music from her heart and soul.

Zaina does not have a competitive spirit but a spirit of greatness. Seeing Zaina Juliette in action, creating, and live on stage with her band, one can only understand why this extremely passionate Artist is a force to be reckoned with. Zaina live music and entertainment every day, her home is a studio for her TV Show, music production, rehearsal space, and dance.

As a person, she is a soft-spoken loving child of the light and yet on stage, she is called a beast in a good way. Zaina Juliette style is a mixture of Rock, Funk, Pop & Soul. She calls it Z-Style. Zaina Juliette theatrically visual breathtaking live show is entitled "The Awakening". It's exciting, uplifting with messages of empowerment. Simply put, it is breathtaking and creating this all herself in quite amazing.

Zaina Juliette, The Empress of Pop, Funk Rock, Soul & also Dance.
Zaina Juliette is more than a Triple Threat: Exceptional Recording Artist, Dynamic Live Performer, Compelling Actress, and Outstanding Dancer and Tap Dancer. The press has compared Zaina to Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Bruno Mars, Beyonce and Betty Davis (Miles Davis wife), she is definitely "an up and coming legend on the rise. With all these comparisons, one would argue Zaina is in her own lane.

Zaina is currently seeking a new manager. A manager that understands her as a creative Artist with her own style, not afraid to be different and not lock her down to just the USA. Zaina is an International Artist in every way.

Zaina currently hosts her own TV Show entitled Zaina Juliette and Friends, with her co-host Sharon Park from China, now covering her music journey. The making of a Popstar with a talent search (China vs America) for the making of her live show which will launch in China.

Bungalo Records and Universal Music Group presents Zaina Juliette. This is a big win-win with this Artist and Bungalo Records.

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From the Film The Story of Zaina Juliette, also new Release on Bungalo Records/UMG

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