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GLENDALE , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2019 / — At Bridge and Co, we are a multi-media production studio equipped with a state of the art recording studio, soundstage, and the ability to do podcasts in-house with an editing bay.

One-Third of Americans between the ages of 25-54 listen to podcasts monthly and that number is only going to rise. If you own a business or are a creative, now is the time to get into podcasting, and Bridge and Co can help.

At Bridge and Co, we always remind our clients that a big reason to get into podcasting is the importance of audio content. Because of ease of use, more people than ever before are listening to audio, and that includes a whole new world for advertising your business or project as well. When you start a podcast what you want to think about is the fact that whatever you create content-wise, needs to be compelling enough to compete for potential listeners attention.

If you focus on making a compelling podcast, you can attract the attention of potential listeners and clients and build a following based on your content. Another benefit of podcasts is that since they are audio based, your listener can be doing virtually anything else while listening and that convenience is a huge sell for potential listeners. Think about making captivating audio that will hold the attention of your audience, and they will keep coming back for more.

Building an audience is another great reason to podcast as well. You can take a page from great blogs, and over time, you will build a loyal following if your content is something that the audience feels is important to their everyday life, and/or interesting enough to keep them engaged.

At Bridge and Co, we remind businesses and creatives that the biggest form of flattery in the podcast world is having someone recommend your podcast, and if it’s compelling, we promise you the recommendations will come.

There are a ton of great platforms that make it easy to get a new podcast into the hands of eager listeners. Some of the main ones are Stitcher, which has a beautiful interface, iTunes, the largest and most well known, and even SoundCloud has great benefits to putting your podcast on their platform.

As you continue to grow your brand and think entering the world of Podcasting, Bridge and Co are here to help you with our state of the art equipment and expertise every step of the way.

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