Birmingham UK Based R&B/Rap Artist JXB Releases Mxbel

If you’re a fan of R&B/Hip Hop delivery with a melodic delivery, then this one’s for you!

CUSTARD FACTORY, MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, January 8, 2019 / — Music Video :

The artist responsible for this sweet tune is called ‘JXB’ – on his freshman single release would you believe?

The title is ‘Mxbel’ and it’s an aspirational track about the good things in life that money can buy. Getting on that hustle, working hard, achieving success and enjoying fruits of your labour, drinking Champagne, partying with girls and the mandem and just having a damn good time!

It’s a no-nonsense Afro/Pop/R&B tune for the modern commercial market and would fit into any DJ set of the same ilk the world over.

The vocals are laid back and not trying to be to ostentatious. What you see is what you get. It’s not trying to be anything that it isn’t, which is a good thing as so many artists try too hard to over-produce their songs, and as anyone will know, if you make this fatal error, the crowd will show their disapproval, as result are often sloppy.

The mix is nice. The lead synth lines are pleasant and the 808 snare punches through cleanly over an afrobeat rhythm track that’ll have the crowd whining their waists like their spines are made of jelly!

On a personal level JXB has been on the grind and has already garnered much support from his peers, fans all the way up to management level which is a big plus considering this is first release. These guys earn their cheddar by being able to predict the next big thing and have their ears to the streets listening for the best in Urban talent and JXB is no exception to this.

As a youngster, having dabbling with the prospect of life as a Music Artist, JXB put his hobby on ice (something many do while they carve their path towards destiny) to pursue employment Aerospace Engineering. After a while he found the strong pull of musical creativity drawing him back towards the industry, but this time, as a Songwriter. He penned a track called ‘Genie’ for an artist called ‘Taught’. This riddim made a little noise on the streets and it was another track he wrote ‘Mxbel’ (the track he’s releasing) that gave him the idea to vocal the tune himself, as a performer because he was unable to find a suitable vocalist who fitted the (the sound) and the image of song he had written and Voila! Here it’s is.

A video is planned very shortly and the track itself will be released even sooner than that and we at Urban Dubz HQ have a funny feeling that it may have a lot of potential to smash the urban market!

All that remains to be said is let’s hear it for JXB! Singer-Songwriter extraordinaire!


Instagram: @jayxb_

Twitter: @JXBmusic

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Source: EIN Presswire