FTID for the Fan Economy with a Message – “Everyone Shall be Rewarded!”

BEIJING, BEIJING, CHINA, October 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Booming Chinese fan economy reportedly cultivated around 80 billion Yuan in 2017. However, who gets to enjoy the incentives still remained questionable. The company with a remarkable team of finance and blockchain specialists introduced FTID at the very crucial moment, a new project that belongs to FansTime.

The vision behind FTID is to eliminate the gap between the idols and their fans and introduce a rewarding system where real contributors and supporters are appreciated with actual benefits. FTID tends to restructure the traditional fan economy into a token economy where the sponsors, investors, partners, and fans who actually work to turn a creator into a star are paid using token rewards.

The FTID project consists of two parts. FansTime Idol group – the artists themselves, and the token launched based on the business value generated from the idol group.

FansTime Idol group members will be selected via a worldwide audition and then undergo the cultivation process where they will get the necessary training to enhance their skills in singing, dancing, stage performances, etc. They will be given exposure to build a fanbase via TV programs, music videos, and other activities.

The token of FansTime Idol group is called FTID, and it will be launched with a total global issuance of 10 billion pieces. The fans get the highest share of 25%. With FTID, the fans will be able to purchase star merchandise like signed posters or commodities, tickets for exclusive events, customized birthday blessing videos, and offline meet-ups with FansTime Idol group.
Through the token economy, the real investors behind a celebrity’s growth will become the first beneficiaries who get the reward gained after a talent gains fame. Unlike the traditional system where fans worked to put a talent into the spotlight but the third-parties took over the command at the time of fetching the benefits.

About the Company:
FTID is an innovative idea of FansTime, the first blockchain-based fandom ecosystem registered in Singapore with operations currently focused in China. The company’s focus is on the entertainment industry, safeguarding the rights of creative content, conserving value, and making star-chasing a fun and easy way for fans around the world. FTI, the main token of FansTime ecosystem is exchangeable on Gate.io, Huobi, Bit-Z, Coinegg etc.

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