Max Lifchitz Up Close — November 11 @ 3 PM in New York

The North/South Chamber Orchestra marks the 70th birthday of Max Lifchitz performing four of his recent works.
Soprano Sandra Moon will appear as soloist.

Lifchitz's Tiempos took some ideas of the sort Varése favored building a fascinating piece of them. Contrasting complex clusters and simple chords, overlaid tempo on tempo, kept it static but vibrant.”

— New York Times

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 31, 2018 / — North/South Consonance, Inc. kicks off its 39th consecutive season of free-admission concerts on Sunday afternoon November 11 when the North/South Chamber Orchestra will perform four compositions by Max Lifchitz – the ensemble’s founder and director.

The free-admission event will start at 3 PM and end approximately at 4:30 PM. It will be held at the auditorium of Christ and St. Stephen’s Church (120 West 69th Street) in Manhattan. The auditorium is ADA accessible. No tickets or reservations needed.

A native of Mexico City, Mr. Lifchitz came to New York 1966 to pursue musical training at The Juilliard School. His works have been performed throughout the country and abroad meriting grants from the ASCAP, Ford and Guggenheim Foundations; the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artists Program; and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Also active as pianist, Mr. Lifchitz was awarded first prize in the 1976 Gaudeamus Competition held in Holland and has toured throughout Latin America under the auspices of the US Fund for Artists at International Festivals.

The concert will feature four compositions by Mr. Lifchitz:

Expressions, written in 1983 on commission from a community orchestra in Wisconsin

Brightness Aloft inspired by a lilting Mexican carol celebrating the arrival of the New Year in 2015

Fire Within composed during the waning months of 2017 in reaction to the dismaying events that transpired in Charlottesville, VA.

Forget Me Not, a song cycle completed in 1974 dealing with descriptions of nature as well as feelings of loss, euphoria and gaiety based on poetry by the 19th century American writer Lillian E. Curtis.

Renowned soprano Sandra Moon will be the soloist for this work. Ms. Moon has appeared on some of the most prestigious operatic stages including the Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. With over 100 operatic roles in her repertoire, Ms. Moon has been invited to sing in numerous opera houses including those of Cologne, Dresden, Linz, Munich, Bonn, Leipzig, Paris, and Vienna.

Since its inception in 1980, the North/South Consonance, Inc. has brought to the attention of the New York City public over 1,000 works by composers hailing from the Americas and elsewhere representing a wide spectrum of aesthetic views. Its activities are made possible in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs as well as the generosity of numerous individual donors

The event also marks the beginning of the 13th Latin American Cultural Week Celebration in New York City sponsored by PAMAR (Pan American Musical Art Research, Inc.)

Listen to Max Lifchitz conducting the North/South Chamber Orchestra

For the complete North/South concert series schedule please visit

Click on North/South Recordings to stream, download and/or purchase the more than 60 compact discs released by this independent label.

Max Lifchitz
North/South Consonance, Inc
+1 212-663-7566
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Expressions by Max Lifchitz

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跨界小提琴學霸歌手廖柏雅勇闖歌壇 10/28 台北花博新曲獨家首唱

2018 年 10 月 28 日「城市風格日」,則是一場改變生活,親近生活美學的最佳機會。本日廖柏雅除了表演萬寶龍合作的創作單曲《Own the Stars》(擁有繁星)外,也特別獻上首張全唱作專輯《超 人類 Superhuman》帶著新專輯實力現聲,獨家首唱專輯新歌!

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 31, 2018 / — 即將在 11 月 9 日發行首張唱作專輯《超人類 superhuman》的跨界小提琴學霸新人廖柏 雅,受邀出席『2018 城市風格日』,活動係由台北花卉公司、臺北農產、臺北漁產、臺北畜業、 臺北捷運與臺北悠遊卡公司等六家公司共同主辦,優質的食品,逛逛好吃、好玩、好美的市集, 並隨著悠揚、輕快的樂聲快樂搖擺,花開心花開,一同來探索台北這個城市的生活美學。『2018 城市風格日』音樂午後派對活動已於 10 月 28 日在台北圓山花博園區登場,台北市柯文哲市長,金馬星光零負評主持人劉傑中、泰雅族歌手張心傑、樂壇「超人類」新秀廖柏雅、還有「轉 音魔王」的葉秉桓,本週日 10 月 28 日活動當天下午 13:30 起,與大家一同分享並體驗 台北城市的生活美學。
對廣大的台北市民而言,鮮花的採購與利用及花藝生活美學都必須不斷推廣,2018 年 10 月 28 日「城市風格日」,則是一場改變生活,親近生活美學的最佳機會。本日廖柏雅除了表演萬寶龍合作的創作單曲《Own the Stars》(擁有繁星)外,也特別獻上首張全唱作專輯《超 人類 Superhuman》帶著新專輯實力現聲,獨家首唱專輯新歌!有「小提琴快手」稱號的廖柏雅,畢業於美國茱莉亞學院,放棄耶魯等名校研究所的全額獎學金,堅持音樂夢想,返台闖 樂壇。曾分享過在弦上烤肉、邊馬殺雞邊拉琴、蟒蛇纏身拉琴等影片,無極限小提琴主題,才 華洋溢且沒有限制的跨界創作,在網路上廣受迴響。此單曲也於 7 日在 KKBOX 數位上架!
台灣歌壇新超人(Superhuman)廖柏雅,將古典小提琴演奏融入流行樂中,HIP-HOP 融合電音曲風,中英文字義的轉換,讓音符呈現奇特卻吸引人的和諧旋律。豐富的舞台展現十 足魅力。以多首自創曲展現能寫擅唱的才華,現場演出《超人類 Superhuman》,深具張力又 有趣的氛圍,感染全場觀眾!
廖柏雅表示,非常感謝 2018 城市風格日活動給予的機會,每一次的演出都覺得珍貴,也 相信音樂是能傳達情感,無關乎語言、國界的藝術之一,希望這次推出的單曲,粉絲們會喜歡。 同時他也透露目前正在籌備個人全創作專輯,預計今年 11 月9日發行,請粉絲們持續關注廖柏 雅的官方粉絲專頁。


新聞聯絡人:Hank 0960-550-993

+886 2 2765 8008
email us here

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Author Brings GUITAR At The Miami Book Fair 2018!


Author Brings GUITAR At The Miami Book Fair 2018!

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2018 / — The books are definitely coming to downtown Miami as the nation’s finest literary festival, the Miami Book Fair International holds its annual celebration. This eight-day literary party will commence on November 11 with over a hundred-thousand readers and writers in attendance. Distinguished authors from the United States and other parts of the globe, as well as book lovers, will be gracing the Fair and its many activities.

Formerly known as “Books by the Bay”, the Miami Book Fair was founded in 1984 by Miami-Dade College. The growth and success of the very first event which took place in the same year were endeavored by Miami-Dade College in cooperation with the Miami-Dade Public Library System, Wolfson Campus President, Eduardo J. Padron, and local independent bookstore owners Mitchell Kaplan of Books & Books and Craig Pollock of BookWorks. The team had reached their success during the 90’s, when the two-day street fair grew steadily and became the largest literary festival in the country, thus acquiring its well-earned name, Miami Book Fair.

AuthorCentrix celebrates its second year as one of the exhibitors at the Fair. The company will be gracing the event with Kenneth Jackson, a published author and guitar lover. This year at the Fair, he brings to the readers, a special piece that serves as a manual for all those who play the guitar and those who would want to play it. A chance for one-to-one Author Interview and Book Signing with Jackson await everyone!

Ken Jackson’s GUITAR presents a monograph for all the guitar players who have dedicated their lives to music. Jackson considers music as the medicine of the mind and he wants to share his expertise for those who want to play guitar. The book serves as a manual, intended to help everyone learn about scales, chords, and the structure of songs. He encourages everyone to enjoy swinging guitar with fervour!

The Festival will bring over hundreds of renowned national and international exhibitors together as it continues to become a model for other fairs across the country. Events and activities include the Street Fair, book signings, live music, workshops, and readings and discussions with notable authors from both, the U.S., and from around the world.

The Miami Book Fair 2018 invites the book lovers to join the annual celebration, as it remains to uphold the cognizance of reading ability and literary arts in the city’s multi-ethnic community, making it the nation’s undisputable, finest literary festival!

Kenneth Jackson
+1 888-504-0951
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Russell Horning, “Backpack Kid” Spreads Togetherness Through Dance

Russell Horning

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2018 / — Russell Horning, who made a name for himself as meme-worthy Backpack Kid, uses his talent for dancing and his growing fame to encourage positivity. He openly rebukes racism and frequently gives back to the community by volunteering, giving the internet a role model for youth.

Still a teenager, Russell Horning has already made a tremendous name for himself online, on TV, on social media, and out in the dance halls and clubs of the world. Backpack Kid (as the internet calls him) is the popularIzed “flossing,” a wacky dance that you’ve likely seen before. For starters, Russell Horning performed his floss dance––accompanied by his faithful backpack––live on the SNL stage beside pop superstar Katy Perry.

Though he’s gained an international reputation in the last year or two, Horning’s danced for years. He says letting others actually see him dance came about during church camp, where he received a lot of praise and attention. From there, he decided the next step was to take his talent to the online masses through social media platforms like Instagram. With his signature dance, his iconic backpack, and his habit of speaking out against racism, he’s a fantastic, meme-worthy role model for today’s youth.

Russell Horning is different than most teenagers. He cares about togetherness and dances for all the right reasons. His style is comical and rubbery at times, hip-hop and exact at others. He’s young, but he’s already made an impression on the dance world and the internet alike. He doesn’t bother with what people are saying about his style of dance. “I'm just being myself and being original,” he says, commenting on the fact that most people don’t do comedy-style dancing like he does it.

Before his legendary appearance on the Saturday Night Live stage, another notable celebrity picked up on Backpack Kid’s talent for the spotlight. Rihanna saw one of Horning’s Instagram videos and reposted it on her own page as a reaction to her eight Grammy award nominations. Before that, another fellow Instagram star with over 700,000 of followers tagged Russell Horning for his iconic dancing.

Then Katy Perry, the meme-loving pop star, invited Backpack Kid to do his legendary flossing dance (also called “the Russell” by some) on stage with her during her “Swish Swish” performance during SNL. It was a legendary opportunity for someone as young as Horning, and the spotlight is well-deserved. Besides his frequent buzz-worthy posts to social media, Russell Horning is a regular volunteer in his community.

Last year, he performed for kids at the Zumba Instructors Convention, an annual celebration of Zumba instructors and the positive power of dance. He hopes through his involvement in the community that he can spread a little togetherness and do his part to end racism in America. With so few positive role models for youth today, Russell Horning stands out for his quirky talent and his love for all people, no matter their race or background.

Francesca Bellonte
Web Presence, LLC
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Pro Audio Design Creates Polo Ground Studios

Polo Ground Studio A

Polo Ground Studio A

Polo Ground Studio A—back of the room

Polo Ground Studio A—back of the room

Polo Grounds’ Studio A is built around Augspurger’s 5,000-watt, Duo 12-Sub 18 main monitors.

Our artists have been working in studios designed by Dave Malekpour and Pro Audio Design for years, so it was a natural fit to bring them in to create our in-house studios.”

— Bryan Leach

HANOVER, MASS., US, October 30, 2018 / — For over 25 years, Pro Audio Design has been at the forefront of New York’s recording community. Focusing on complete studio build projects is the company’s specialty. According to PAD founder and president, Dave Malekpour, “Our clients appreciate working with our design team, system engineers, and installation team since we deliver a complete facility with everything built to work in harmony; from acoustics and monitoring systems to custom furniture and equipment. We combine the aesthetics of lighting and fine finishes with ergonomics, workflow, acoustics, monitoring accuracy, and the all-important vibe that inspires artists and producers to push their creative limits.”

Polo Grounds Studios is located at the base of the 3rd Avenue bridge in the burgeoning South Bronx. It’s the eponymous in-house studio of the record label founded by hip-hop mogul Bryan Leach, whose label is home to Pitbull, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and other chart-topping urban artists. Says Leach, “Our artists have been working in studios designed by Dave Malekpour and Pro Audio Design for years, so it was a natural fit to bring them in to create our in-house studios—and they made our rooms among of the best in New York City.”

Polo Grounds’ Studio A is built around Augspurger’s 5,000-watt, Duo 12-Sub 18 main monitors. With a 16-fader Avid S6 control surface and a full complement of top-notch outboard including the AMS Neve 1073 DPX, Tube Tech CL 1B Opto compressor, and Avid’s incredible MTRX interface with DAD conversion, the audio path is second to none. The ProTools system is also equipped with a huge selection of production and mixing plug-ins including, Universal Audio UAD Octo, Softube, Native Instruments, and many others. Incorporating custom furniture, acoustic design, and color selectable LED lighting, the room has a modern look and feel that shouts, “groundbreaking work done here!”

Featuring the 3-way, active Augspurger Treo 812 CFM close-field monitors, Studio B is a smaller room, but with an expansive feel thanks to an open view of Manhattan. It features Avid ProTools Ultimate, a Slate Raven MTI2 control surface, and the same outboard gear as Studio A, making the two rooms compatible with matching mix curves, acoustic design, furniture, and lighting systems. Says Leach, “These rooms allow us to work non-stop with the sound we love. Working with Dave, Eric Anderson and the PAD team has made this project a great success for both our artists and the company!”

Pro Audio Design is a systems-oriented, full-service dealer with over 25 years in business combining acoustic design, system integration, 150 brands of equipment and on-site installation to provide clients with turnkey studio solutions. To find out more or discuss your project, visit or reach out to

John Songdahl
Professional Audio Design
+1 781-982-2600
email us here

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Melodia Women's Choir of NYC 2018 Fall Season, Where Shadow Chases Light

World Premiere RED BIRD from Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, Melodia Commission-Winner & NY Premiere WHERE SHADOW CHASES LIGHT from Deanna Witkowski

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2018 / — Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC, led by artistic director Cynthia Powell, is thrilled to present as part of the program Where Shadow Chases Light the world premiere performance of Red Bird, a tribute to Native-American musician, writer and activist Zitkála-Šá (1876-1938), from London-based composer and winner of Melodia’s 2017 Women Composer Commission Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian.

“I am so grateful to the Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC for being the first U.S. ensemble to perform my work and commission me,” said Horrocks-Hopayian. “It moves me that my first piece for America will be for its women,” performed by Melodia and an all-female string quartet accompaniment.

The New York premiere and title piece Where Shadow Chases Light, by Melodia competition finalist Deanna Witkowski is also on the bill, and brings to life a text from 20th-century Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore in a thrilling work for women’s chorus and piano.

The choir performs Memorial Rag, a work for women’s voices and string quartet from another exciting contemporary female composer, Elena Kats-Chernin, based out of Sydney, Australia, as well as stirring and emotive works by Eric Whitacre, Gustav Holst, and Romanian-born Hungarian composer György Orbán.

Speaking about this season’s concert, Conductor Powell said, “This program will have all the elements I love–exciting original premieres as well as well-loved favorites, mind-blowing harmonies, a diversity of musical voices, and absolutely divine musicianship from our all-female ensemble of singers, pianist and string quartet.”

Melodia Women’s Choir led by Cynthia Powell, Taisiya Pushkar (piano), and an all-female string quartet.

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, Red Bird. World premiere commission
Deanna Witkowski, Where Shadow Chases Light
Gyorgy Orban, Mass No. 6
Eric Whitacre, Five Hebrew Love Songs
Gustav Holst, Ave Maria
Elena Kats Chernin, Memorial Rag


NOV 17, 2018 @ 7:30 PM
Holy Apostles Church
296 Ninth Avenue
(@ 28th Street)
Chelsea, New York, NY

NOV 18, 2018 @ 3 PM
West End Collegiate Church
245 West 77th St
(@ West End Ave)
Upper West Side, New York, NY
$20 adv ($25 door)
$15 adv (students & seniors)
Tel: (212) 252-4134
More at

Anglo-Armenian composer, singer and harper Horrocks-Hopayian is the winner of Melodia’s 2017 Composer Commission Competition. Recently the composer-in-residence with the London Symphony Orchestra at the National Trust property (2015-2017) and the Handel & Hendrix in London (2012–2014), she is also a winner of a 2017 British Composer Award. Her other commissions include works for the London Jazz Festival and BBC Radio 3. She has recently written for Trish Clowes’ 2017 album and Emulsion Sinfonietta; the BBC Singers; and for Clarence Adoo’s latest HighNote technology.

Cynthia Powell celebrates her 15th season with Melodia. A graduate of Westminster Choir College, she has served on the guest faculty at Sarah Lawrence College, led the St. George’s Choral Society in NYC, and was a guest conductor at the International Choral Festival in Havana, Cuba. She is also the Artistic Director of the Stonewall Chorale, and currently serves as Director of Music and Organist at West End Collegiate Church in NYC, and Organist/Choirmaster of Temple Sinai in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Founded in 2003, Melodia is exclusively dedicated to exploring, creating, and performing exemplary classical and contemporary music composed for women’s voices. Melodia nurtures the next generation of women composers through commissions and performances and holds a composers competition periodically. Melodia is a 38-voice auditioned choir.

For press inquiries, interview requests and images, please contact Teri Duerr
(646) 862-3379 or

Teri Duerr
Melodia Women's Choir of New York City
+1 2122524134
email us here
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BET Soul Train Awards 2018 Tickets Air Date Nov 25th 8pm Las Vegas

BET Soul Train Awards 2018 Tickets Air Date Nov 25th 8pm Las Vegas

BET Announces Nominees for the 2018 Soul Train Awards:
H.E.R. leads with 7 followed by Cardi B & Bruno Mars both with six nominations each

LA, CALIF, US, October 30, 2018 / — BET Networks announce the nominees for the 2018 Soul Train Awards across 12 different categories.

The annual celebration will recognize the best in Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop from legends to the next generation.

Filming on November 17th at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, BET presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards will air on BET and BET HER on November 25th, 2018 at 8PM ET.

2018 breakout star, H.E.R. leads the nominees for this year’s awards, followed closely by last year’s top winner, Bruno Mars & Cardi B both with six nominations each. H.E.R.’s nominations include ‘Song of the Year,’ ‘Best R&B/Soul Female Artist,’ ‘Album/Mixtape of the Year,’ ‘Best Collaboration Performance,’ Video of the Year,’ and two nods in the

‘The Ashford and Simpson Songwriters Award’ category for “Best Part” & “Focus.” Bruno’s nominations include ’Best R&B/Soul Male,’ and he shares nominations with Cardi B for ‘Song of the Year, ’Best Dance Performance, ’Best Collaboration Performance,’ ‘The Ashford and Simpson Songwriters Award’ ’Video of the Year,’ for “Finesse.” Additionally, Cardi garnered a nomination for Rhythm & Bars Award (Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year).

Other nominees include SZA who garnered 5 nods, Ella Mai, Daniel Caesar, and each garnered 4 nods for this year’s awards.

Known for being the iconic best friend duo, on the 90’s hit show Martin, real-life best friends Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold are sure to bring the fun at this year’s awards.

Four-time Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter, artist, director/producer, holistic healer, activist, and mother Erykah Badu, is set to receive the Legend Award. No stranger to the Soul Train Awards stage, serving as the 2017 host of the awards, Badu’s career has roots deeply planted in soul.

The New York Times described Badu’s groundbreaking debut, 1997’s “Baduizm,” as “traditional soul vocals, staccato hip-hop rhythms and laid-back jazzy grooves.” Yet, hindsight reveals that Badu’s debut was more than just an album, it was the introduction of a new lifestyle.

In her career spanning over two decades, Badu has continued to use her platform as an altar. By incorporating instruments such as tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, and gem stones and more into her music, she has created a wave of healing energy throughout the planet. But her true instrument is the ‘intent’ with which she sings.

The fourth annual Lady of Soul Award will be presented to multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, and record producer Faith Evans. With a music career spanning over two decades, Faith has released eight studio albums, with over 18 million albums sold and spawning over 30 singles.

Faith has also performed on 20+ soundtracks and a host of guest appearances during her career. Faith Evans is a seven-time Grammy nominee; winning “Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group” in 1998 for “I’ll Be Missing You,” an homage to her late husband and hip-hop legend Notorious B.I.G.

BET Presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards will feature an exciting lineup of unforgettable performances and viewers can expect special appearances by some of the brightest stars in entertainment. The event annually showcases Soul Train’s impact on the history of music and dance from the 70s to today.

BET Presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment. Executive Producers of the network telecast are as follows: Connie Orlando from BET and Jesse Collins from Jesse Collins Entertainment.

For show information, please visit , the official site for BET Presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards.

Record Labels, Artist, Filmmakers, etc… Need Global Press Distribution: Gerald (Google Partner | BET Premier Media Partner) ☎ (305) 490-2182 (anytime)

The complete list of nominees for BET Presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards are:

Gerald (Google Partner)
PR MobileWire
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Lindsey Optics Brilliant² Rota-Streak Filters for Cinematography

A rotating swirl streak filter that creates elliptical flares in a star pattern

Lindsey Optics Rota-Streak Blue Swirl

Made with Lindsey Optics Brilliant² Rota-Streak 2mm Clear Filter that fits in 4x5.65 matte boxes

Image made with Lindsey Optics Brilliant² 2mm Clear Rota-Streak Filter

Lindsey Optics Brilliant² 4mm Clear Rota-Streak Filter fits in 4x5.65 matte boxes

Lindsey Optics Brilliant² 4mm Clear Rota-Streak Filter

Rotating streak filters for cinematography that fit in 4×5.65" matte boxes, creating anamorphic streaks and other creative lens flares

We're proud to be introducing our Rota-Streak filters for creative lens flares”

— Dwight Lindsey

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2018 / — Lindsey Optics introduces it's new product range of Brilliant² Rota-Streak rotating streak filters for cinematography that fit 4×5.65 cine matte boxes.

The Brilliant² Rota-Streak Filter range includes a wide range of filters for unique in-camera static and rotating flare effects. They create exciting streaks on any bright lights and specular highlights in a scene. Brighter lights create bigger streaks, weaker lights create smaller streaks. By choosing the right Rota-Streak filter strength for a particular scene, streaks can be dramatic, subtle or somewhere in-between.

Some Brilliant² Rota-Streak filters in the product range produce flares that precisely imitate the anamorphic lens flare characteristic of many Cinemascope films. This anamorphic streak is a form of lens flare that appears as horizontal lines extending from bright light sources and specular reflections.

Other recently developed Rota-Streak filters can produce even more dramatic lens flares with various unique characteristics and colors. The unique Rota-Streak Swirls create beautiful elliptical flares on specular light sources and highlights.

Rota-Streak filters are permanently mounted in a 4×5.65 geared filter tray that allows rotation of the flares for static flares at any angle, or for dynamic rotating streak, star and swirl flare effects. A 1/4 20 threaded hole in the handle allows mounting a motor for dynamic rotating streak, star and swirl effects.

Lindsey Optics uses a unique manufacturing method to laminate very small cylindrical rod lenses inside the glass filter. By incorporating the rod lenses with different spacing, a variety of streak effects can be achieved. A closer spacing creates a stronger effect, a wider spacing creates a weaker effect.

Brilliant Streak Filters are available in 7 types: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm, Diamond Star, Confetti and Swirl patterns. They are available now in 6 colors: Clear, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Red. They are priced at $425 each.

Brilliant Streak Filters will be initially available in the Brilliant² 4×5.65/138 Rota-Streak size that is designed to fit in most professional 4×5.65" Matte Boxes.

Dwight Lindsey
Lindsey Optics, LLC
+1 661-522-7101
email us here
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Lindsey Optics Brilliant² 2mm Clear Rota-Streak Filter

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Hip-Hop artist Saukar releases 10th album "Hard Nirvonic"

“Hard Nirvonic” cover art

Coming with introspective lyricism & a vintage sound, Saukar takes a different direction from previous releases to hit his personal points.

HUBER HEIGHTS, OH, US, October 29, 2018 / — Heatholders Music Association recording artist Saukar releases his 10th project today and will be his 2nd project released this year. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan Saukar has been under the radar making music consistently for the past 20 years. During this time he's not only honed his skills as a rapper, but as a producer, engineer and more.

The new album is available globally on all digital and streaming platforms.

Saukar noted that he has a pretty decent sized catalog, but none of his earlier releases were quite this cohesive, as far as the subject matter. Stating that –

"I wanted to give more focus on the lyrics and get in-depth with things that I think about personally to talk about versus having the hottest beat. For those kind of songs, I wanted the production to match, so I made beats that were a little more boom-bap in nature."

This album covers various topics such as self-introspection, personal spiritual positions, cultural unity & just straight bars. The focus of "Hard Nirvonic" is not only for elder Hip-Hop listeners but also the younger generation who search for deeper meaning within their music. The meaning of the tidal, according to Saukar, refers to his talent being a heavenly gift that he brings across with a urban edge.

The "Phoenix Deluxe" emcee is also the sole proprietor of his own recording company, studio & publishing outfit. Over the past 2 decades, Saukar has used his services to help other local independent artists in Wisconsin, Michigan & now in Ohio.

There are currently 2 promotional singles available from the album with the first being "Can't Stop Old Loves" featuring new & coming artist Johnathan and "KNOW" featuring Jamal Shane, who is a long-time collaborator.

For more details and announcements, stay tuned to Saukar's website and on social media.

Saukar Mullens
email us here
Heatholders Music Association
Visit us on social media:

Hard Nirvonic Youtube Playlist

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Jewish Victims of Holocaust Tribute by Artist Yanay Prague

Yanay Prague; Wailing wall prayers of Holocaust 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic, sand on canvas

Yanay Prague; Dream about you, 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic on canvas

Yanay Prague; Quo Vadis, 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic on wood

Jewish Victims of Holocaust Tribute by Artist Yanay Prague here, plus discussion with the artist of life after death among more in this exclusive interview.

On Haters & Critics: Just ignore it, and do even more art. Produce even more great work in spite of it. To fight against it, means to give more power to it by antagonism. By ignoring, it disappears.”

— Yanay Prague

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, October 29, 2018 / — International Artist Yanay Prague, born Jana Jakesova, hails from Europe. With degrees from two two top arts schools, as well as a third degree from the the prestigious Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, Yanay Prague's unique and popular work references Picasso's cubism, infused with vibrant colors, and an uplifting tone greatly needed in today's world.

Yanay Prague gives here an exclusive and insightful interview about her life and work, for The Hollywood Sentinel.

Hollywood Sentinel: Where did you grow up and what was it like for you?

Yanay Prague: I grown up in Czech Republic also known by name, Czechia; landlocked in Central Europe. It is a unitary parliamentary republic, with 10.6 million inhabitants. I was born in the capital and largest city; Prague, with 1.3 million residents. I was born to a very good family. My father was an attorney, and my mother was a nurse in a hospital. They cared deeply for my sister and I to be also be well educated. My sister is also an attorney. Even in a small country of about 30.5 square miles, we are proud of our culture in the arts and architecture, our history, and science. We are especially proud that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. It is really worth a visit.

Hollywood Sentinel: That's great. What are your other favorite places and cities to travel?

Yanay Prague: There are many places I would still like to visit. I appreciate the United States, particularly parts of Florida. I also like to spend time in the Bahamas; Sydney, Australia; and Johannesburg, South Africa. I used to live in Berlin, Germany, and so I visited neighboring countries including; Hungary, Poland, and Austria. To visit other countries makes me appreciate many people, and to see their original beauty, to make new friends, see the word from different viewpoints, and admire different culture as well. It's very inspiring!

Hollywood Sentinel: Great. What are your favorite art museums and why?

Yanay Prague: I like almost all arts museum and galleries. When I was visiting Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the heart of Copenhagen, it amazed me at the displays of ancient and modern art in such truly unique surroundings. But still, my favorite is the National Gallery in Prague. Its history started in 1796, and today displays art in six buildings, and is a de facto museum by law. When I visit there, the energy from pictures just flows to me, and I'm so inspired by the spirit of these great masters, and in awe about all of the great artists throughout history, up to the present time.

Hollywood Sentinel: Excellent. Do you listen to music when you paint? If so, what?

Yanay Prague: I usually listen music when I paint. As to what, it depends on my mood. I am not any expert regarding music, but my favorite is Luciano Pavarotti, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, music by Mozart, Verdi, and I love Queen, and also Leonardo Cohen for his poetic music. Also Lindsey Stirling for her energy, and Kitaro, because his music is so soothing to the heart with a kind energy.

Hollywood Sentinel: And what are you thinking of when you paint?

Yanay Prague: It seems to me that I do not think when I paint. The picture is already in a sketch or in my mind to be rendered, and when I paint, it just absorbs me and takes me from present time in to another universe of aesthetics and happiness.

Hollywood Sentinel: That's great. Amazing. Why do you think so many many artists are hated and criticized so much in society?

Yanay Prague: There are critics and haters in many areas of life, but there are also even more people who appreciate art because of how it makes them feel, it elevates them. Unfortunately among us is also a small percentage of people who are focused on destroying positive things, and artists are often a victim of these evil persons who covertly or overtly damage them. There is also envy of the success of famous people, and certain media which can also hunt and hurt them. Some people create, and yet some others destroy, because they are not able to create. It is a sick hunger for the affairs of those with a boring life for such destructive people, and more people in society need to learn not to go in to agreement with them. But I do not see this as a real barrier to popularity in the arts.

Hollywood Sentinel: Brilliant. How exactly do you think one can overcome this problem as an artist, of being hated and scorned?

Yanay Prague: When this happens, just know what is going on, and ignore it, and do even more art. Produce even more great work in spite of it. To fight against it, means to give more power to it by antagonism. Yet by ignoring, it disappears.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What do you feel happens to a person after they die? Will they be aware of anything
or what will it be like?

Yanay Prague: I personally trust life to continue after a person dies in a different form of YOU. There are many cases proving this. Surprise!

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone this time?

Yanay Prague: As a good person who contributed, and helped others to live a better life.

Hollywood Sentinel: Beautiful. Thank you Yanay, we love talking with you and hope you will be back with us soon.

Yanay Prague: Definitely. Thank you!

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