Fiddy the Rapper. A youngblood from Windhoek City, Nambia with his debut release, a mixtape ‘The Freshmann’.

Enter the stage young Fiddy the Rapper. A youngblood from Windhoek City, Nambia with his debut release, a mixtape entitled ‘The Freshmann’.

LONDON, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, August 28, 2018 / — The nation of Namibia is rich in many things such is its amazing natural beauty and vast landscapes. It’s a country of a modest population but as with many nations within the African diaspora, it has a rich cultural heritage and in influence Hip Hop and R&B have hit the continent and spread like wild fire both towards the landmass and afrobeat tinged urban music exported out, which the world seems to be lapping up by the bucket load at the moment.

Why is that, I hear you ask? Who knows trends follow their own paths but one way could be the rhythmic foundation of various styles of African of music. Rhythms and dance is in the blood.

Fiddy comes from distinguished stock. His father was a well-respected drummer in his homeland for a band called Ndilimani. Fiddy recalls regularly accompanying him to local gigs and concerts as a youngster, watching in awe as the artist plied their trade slowly sowing the seeds that would bring about his own introduction to the business.

His flow is SERIOUS. Just  a few minutes listening and I knew I was dealing with a guy who has put in the work studying his craft. Paying his dues. Not just to the old school but to the new also. That quick fire trap style if there. That ambient laid back style – check! Its no surprise that his main influences are J Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Brooklyn-powerhouse Joey Badass (one of my personal favourites). These young cats from the new school are the saviours of Hip Hop and have already gain much respect and critical acclaim for their music across the whole scene from the new fans to old school pioneers. Fiddy The Rapper is continuing that tradition in the right way for the right reasons

One things for sure if he keeps putting out good material such as the tracks I’ve heard, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be getting a little bit of the Namibian heat emanating across the four corners of the globe before too long..

“the first half of the project tells the “Fiddy The Rapper” love story which talks about the challenges of the love life of a rapper,

The second half showcases where I am from and my socio-economic challenges which sees me go on a journey of self-discovery through hell to heaven. To enlightenment. “

So you heard it here first…

If you want some, come get some,

Come get wid Fiddy The Rapper… Pronto

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eGrove launches Elite mCommerce 3.0 – Bespoke features to elevate the consumer experience!

Mobile commerce app builder

Next Gen Mobile App Builder!

Mobile ecommerce app builder technology

Elite mCommerce 3.0 in a nutshell

Mobile commerce app builder infographic

Elite mCommerce Mobile commerce app builder

Egrove systems, a connoisseur in the Mobile app development arena has announced the release of Elite mcommerce version 3.0.

Elite mCommerce 3.0 aims to untangle the intricacies that goes into the development of a mobile app. We've empowered the retailers to build their mobile app seamlessly, with minimal technical support.”

— Krish Govindraj, CEO – eGrove Systems

PARLIN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 27, 2018 / — eGrove launches Elite mCommerce 3.0
Bespoke features to elevate the consumer experience

Egrove systems, a connoisseur in the Mobile app development arena has announced the release of Elite mcommerce version 3.0. A mobile commerce app builder which targets to ease down the complete process of mobile app development for online business owners.
“This mobile app builder will be a comprehensive package of various elements intending to decode the technical complexities which accompany a typical mobile app development.” says Sathish Govindaraj, Chief Technical Officer.

Release Highlights:
Elite mcommerce 3.0 will support retailers to own a personalized mobile app branded with themes, layouts and templates of their preference. “Elite mCommerce 3.0 aims to untangle the intricacies which go into the development of a mobile app. We have ensured that with Elite mCommerce 3.0 retailers can build their mobile app seamlessly, with minimal technical support” said Krish Govindaraj, Chief Executive Officer, eGrove Systems.

Elite mCommerce 3.0 will bring with it a number of standalone features. Our engineers have approached the whole creation from three interesting angles of a “Mobile retail store”: One, minimizing the technical dependencies, secondly, dovetailing with app analytics and finally, end users’ shopping experience.

Features such as Home page builder minimizes the technical dependencies and yet help in creating a killer app. This feature enables the business owners to design their pages and arrange the categories of items they sell based on criteria like seasons, themes, brands and so on; with least technical intervention. With App Analytics – business owners can now be informed of their page performance then and there and act immediately.

Here is a list of distinctive features that will make you curious about EMC 3.0:
Multilingual support
Deep linking
Intelligent push notifications
Robust social media interaction
Scalable product listing & detail layouts
Compatible payment methods
QR code & NFC scanner
3-way enhanced communication
White labeling

Elite mCommerce 3.0 will be a game changing mobile commerce app builder and aims for aspiring retailers to interact and understand the customers and serve them seamlessly.

About eGrove systems:
eGrove systems is a IT solutions provider and a front runner in the ecommerce space. It is a ISO 9001:2015 QMS and ISO 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management certified organization which has been instrumental in supporting several companies carve its niche in the eCommerce arena. Headquartered in New Jersey, eGrove strives to deliver the best-in-class solutions specific to the client requirements and industry vertical helping them to attain their business goals.

Elite mCommerce Team
eGrove Systems
732 307 2655
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EMC 3.0 – mobile commerce app builder

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Stars Shun Love and Amber Diamond Host Season 5 Viewing Party at Rain on August 27

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Stars Shun Love. And Amber Diamond

Amber Diamond and Shun Love are making money moves on VH-1 Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5.

Entrepreneur and Talent Manager Shun Love plans to take her clients Amber Diamond and Apple Watts to the next level. Watch her savvy business moves unfold on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5.

Amber Diamond is no stranger to the public eye. The former Wild ‘N Out star and model returns to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 to rise to the top.

Music Artist Amber Watts is managed by Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 star Shun Love.

Playhouse Entertainment presents a Viewing Party for LHHH Season 5's "Pretty Hurt" Episode Starring Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo Shun Love and Amber Diamond

Our appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood will show we are wiser and more focused on our business. I'm here to teach the other cast members how to be a boss with class.”

— Shun Love, appeared on Fix My Mom with daughter Amber Diamond.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2018 / — VH-1's Love and Hip Hop Hollywood returns for Season 5 with new cast members, the no-nonsense mother and daughter duo entrepreneur and music manager Shun Love and model and music artist Amber Diamond. To kick off their appearance on the show, Playhouse Entertainment presents the LHHH viewing party hosted by Shun Love and Amber Diamond on August 27 from 6 pm until 1 am at the Rain Bar & Lounge, 12215 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA 91604. Media check-in at 5:30, Red Carpet at 6 pm and showtime at 7pm. Live musical performances to follow with Amber Diamond and Apple Watts. Preferred dress code is upscale attire. This is a media-friendly event.

“I joined the Love and Hip Hop franchise as a gateway to the entertainment industry,” said Love who hails from Birmingham, Alabama and currently resides in Los Angeles CA. “Our appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood will show we are wiser and more focused on our business. I'm here to teach the other cast members how to be a boss with class. The popularity of the show is the perfect platform to showcase my business savvy and my talented daughter as a singer, model and actress in front of the movers and shakers and not the fakers in this industry.”

Love is more than a “mom manger,” the fierce and fabulous club and concert promoter from the Dirty South has worked with the likes of Future and Gucci Mane, but now she’s determined to build a family empire. A three-time teen mom and visionary, Shun wants to elevate daughter Amber Diamond into a superstar and, in the process, take Kris Jenner’s spot as Hollywood’s reigning “momager.” “My biggest concern giving Amber the privileged life I never had is I may be raising a spoiled and naive monster,” said Love who owns Playhouse Entertainment, an organization started in 2014 for the purpose of promoting major entertainment events such as concerts, arena shows and music festivals. Playhouse Entertainment was also a local club venue but has since expanded its influence to managing talent and securing music contracts for artists.

Amber Diamond is no stranger to the public eye. She is known for her appearances on various reality shows, including Fix My Mom. She's also been on Binge Thinking and Wild 'N Out on MTV. She started modeling when she was 15. A couple of years later, she and her mother appeared on TLC's Raising Fame.

“I joined the show to promote my music career and gain more experience,” said Diamond who grew up in Chelsea, Alabama. ”Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is a great way to make new contacts in the industry and promote my brand. Appearing with my mom on this show is different from Fix My Mom because I am more mature and serious about my career.”

The viewing party is sponsored, in part, by Smith Entertainment, a limited liability company specializing in servicing, managing, operating, promoting, contracting, and dealing with any and all possible entertainment investments. Smith Entertainment Group, LLC provides full service consultation in the areas of Talent Booking, Talent Management & Event Promotion and producing cutting-edge Live Entertainment, providing innovative and interpersonal artist management promoting on air personalities and products that meet the needs of the Millennial Hip Hop Generation.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs Monday nights, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the VH1 network.

For talent and media submission consideration, contact 323-717-3686 or send email to

Folllow Shun Love and Amber Diamond on social media:
IG: @shunlove Twitter: @ShunLove
IG and Twitter: @Amberdiamond


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Private Jet Flight – How to Book Your 1st Successful Charter Flight

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, August 27, 2018 / — So, you have decided you want to give private jet flying a shot. A far-fetched dream of most, the extravagance of private jet flight offers speed, privacy, safety & comfort.
Now that you have made up your mind, who are you going to contact to book your first private jet flight? Which aircraft best suits your travel requirements and entrusts your safety & security. Have you discussed your options for in-flight dining/catering menus and concierge services? Are there any hidden costs involved?
If it is your first time, it can get pretty overwhelming and you might get in a muddle trying to figure out the rules of this game. Keeping first-timers like you in mind, Delta World Charter has put together this easy-to-read article to help you ask the right questions. And thus make the right decisions before you book your private jet flight. We believe this 10-minute read will give you a fairly good run down of what to look out for when booking your first private jet flight. As well as the common terminology used.

How much does it cost to charter a Private Jet?
Well it depends on a few factors:
• Where you want to go.
The more the distance, the bigger an aircraft that’s needed.
• Number of people and the baggage.
Again, a directly proportional relationship to the size of aircraft and the cost.
• Re-fueling stops, if applicable.
• Your travel times and dates.
As in commercial travel, traveling in busy summer months is more expensive than traveling in non-peak times.
• Want only one-way?
You still have to pay for the repositioning of the aircraft as it going to travel empty, which is a common term in aviation called the ‘empty-leg’.
• Where you are starting your journey and the destination.
Government fees, navigation charges, airport fees and handling costs are incurred. These can drive up the total cost of the flight.
• Although your private jet flight quote is not really a minefield, there can be some costs that you can incur on top of what’s on the contract. For example, in case of snow, an additional de-icing cost needs to be borne by the customer. The average de-icing cost for a small jet can range from US $1,000 per application, however for a larger aircraft it can cost over $10,000.
• Do you have a flexible schedule? And are you after a good deal?
Flying an empty-leg will be beneficial in cost-terms, as operators will offer them at a discounted rate.
Should I choose a Charter Broker or book directly with an Operator?
Brokers usually have access to a much larger fleet of aircraft types and varieties of private jets, which usually means more aircraft options matching your needs and better rates. If you contact an operator directly, you may be offered only a handful aircraft options to choose from.

Charter broker also checks everything for you including the obvious but possible to miss items. Whether the operator is entitled to and insured to conduct commercial operations, checking Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and insurance certificates validity and other legalities. As well as understanding your needs & wants, so that they can make your trip special, worry-free, personalized and memorable.
So many Charter Brokers out there! How to choose the right one for me?
When choosing a charter broker, we recommend you choose one which has been around for a while. It is a good idea to look them up on the internet to find out if they are a member of any associations, employ professionals from the industry, have a B2B presence in the marketplaces for different types of aircraft chartering and are physically present around the world. Easy access and availability of this information indicates that the particular charter broker is serious in his business and his integrity to clients.
It has been the experience of our employees over the years that that the perception – a bigger charter brokerage company is always better, is not really true. Size is usually not the best determinant of service quality in this industry. Brokerage with hundreds of people may come with less personal touch (though they might be very professional) vs. a smaller charter broker with dozens of employees but 24/7 service and a key account manager to answer all your questions and arrange everything for you from A to Z.
Make sure you ask for testimonials and referrals. They would usually not mind if they have ones to provide. Also, google the broker you are considering to use, and check their social media to see what’s being said about them.
After you have completed your flight and are completely satisfied with their service, it may be convenient and effective to stick to them for subsequent air charter needs as they already understand you and how to meet your expectations.
They say the first is always the most memorable. Best of luck with having a first-time experience that will last with you a lifetime and change the way you travel.
Still have questions? We love answering them. You can contact us on email or call us on +971 4 887 9550.

Michelle Francisco
Delta World Charter
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Runaway Ricochet Releases Their Second CD Gas Station Culture Ska for the New Century

Runaway Ricochet's upbeat ska fueled with solid horns quickly demonstrate the bands development since their debut project.Features:Young Adults,Daytime TV,Spunk

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2018 / — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 11, 2018 Gas Station Culture
by Runaway Ricochet

Gas Station Culture is Runaway Ricochet's second CD. The upbeat ska feel layered with solid horn riffs quickly demonstrates the bands development since their debut project All You Need Is Here 2017. The band will be supporting this album with a live US tour from August through the Fall with announced cities so far includes Minneapolis/St Paul, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.

The inspiration for the first single Young Adults, shows up in songwriter Erik Saxton's opening lines. "I don't go to college, school dropped out on me." Four members of the band were living together in a small apartment and studying music at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. They received an email in December 2017 that the school would be closing immediately due to financial difficulties and by the way, you no longer have a place to live. The roommates decided to dive full force into their music rather than to find other schools. They were now young adults but Saxton felt that aged 18 to 21 in the US, society doesn't always treat them that way. Other featured songs Daytime TV, Spunk and Quicksand make this a great listen through and through.

Runaway Ricochet Members: Erik Saxton-Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar, David Rapheal-Guitar & Vocals, Collin Johnson-Drums & Vocals, Caleb Anderson-Trumpet, Christian Larson-Trombone.
CD recorded and produced by Kevin Holevar at Underground Productions in Detroit, MI.

For more Info: contact Keith Saxton 612.219.9026

Keith Saxton
Runaway Ricochet
email us here

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Esteemed Classical Violinist Xia Xia Zhang Celebrates First Commercially Released Single

Xia Xia Zhang rendition of Cesar Franck’s Violin Sonata in A Minor: II Allegro

Zhang’s Rendition of the Famous Classic Cesar Franck Violin Sonata in A Minor II Allegro is on Sale Now

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2018 / — Houston, TX (July 2018) … Xia Xia Zhang, recipient of the Global Music; Gold Medal “Emerging Artist” Award, as well as numerous other worldwide accolades, has commercially released her rendition of Cesar Franck’s Violin Sonata in A Minor: II Allegro.

Her seven minute, forty-two second long single can be purchased and downloaded on CD Baby. The Franck Violin Sonata by Cesar Franck is one of his best-known compositions, and is considered one of the finest sonatas for violin and piano ever written. This sonata was written in 1886, as a wedding present for violinist Eugene Ysaye.

To better grasp the talent of Xia Xia Zhang, it helps to recognize that in 1996, the Chinese Musician’s Dictionary deemed Xia Xia a child prodigy. She was born into an artistic family, with her father being a professional violist in a state orchestra. From age of three he began sharing his knowledge of classical music with her. As she grew up, her talents grew, earning herself a full scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music in 2007. She earned a Doctor of Musical Arts by the impressively young age of 27.

While at the Royal Academy of Music, Xia Xia excelled, achieving accolades such as the Hami-Kanga Award for extinguished violinists at the academy and the Fleming Prince of Wales Award. The latter resulted in the Prince of Wales Trust taking on responsibility for a huge percentage of her scholarship. She was appointed as a cultural exchange ambassador between China and the United Kingdom during her stay years at the Royal Music Academy, and performed at numerous events hosted at the China embassy in London. Her excellence at the embassy even earned her an opportunity to play for the royal family and government officials in London.

Aside from the strong foundation laid by her father, Xia Xia expresses deep gratitude to her mentor, Professor Maurice Hasson, as well as the entire community at the Royal Academy of Music for helping her to develop her techniques as a musician and always kindling the fire which is her love for classical violin. The support of her family and community has given Xia Xia strength and confidence, allowing her to continuously receive her well-deserved recognition and praise in the world of Classical music.

Some of her awards for outstanding performances include:
• Winner Fleming / Prince of Wales Award, UK – 2009
• 2017 Global Music; Gold Medal “Emerging Artist” Award
• 1st Prize Wilfried Parry International String Competition, UK – 2009
• Winner of Hami-Kanga Memorial Prize for Outstanding Violin Soloist, UK – 2009
• 1st Prize & Best Performance Award Intl. Romantic Music Competition, US – 2013
• 2nd Prize Canetti Festival International String Competition, Bulgaria – 2008
• Bronze Medal Hong Kong International Violin Competition, China -2012
• Winner Sainsbury Award for Musician, UK – 2010
• Winner Allan Nesta Fufusion Award for Musician, UK – 2007 and 2008
• Winner Shadts Violin Competition, US – 2012
• Winner China National Violin Competition, China – 2006

After performing internationally in locations around the United Kingdom, United States, China, Germany and Bulgaria, Xia Xia has settled in the Houston, Texas area. An adjunct Professor of Music, she is currently working alongside the accomplished music faculty at Texas’s Lone Star College. She is now ready to tour again and share her talents with an audience that extends beyond her students.

Xia Xia believes strongly that “music is a universal language from God,” and booking an event to showcase her talents equals offering the community an opportunity to come together and for all to enjoy the masterful and elegant violin melodies of Xia Xia Zhang. With mainstream music being flooded by pop, hip-hop, and electronic music, Xia Xia’s sound is refreshingly romantic and reflects her deep love for classical violin.

Hear her music on YouTube, SoundCloud and NoiseTrade for a free download at

Visit her Website at and learn about recent performances on Facebook at

Gale Rosenberg
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Megs McLean and Sara Evens Concert Streams Live to Sick Kids and Teens with The Melodic Caring Project

Megs & Sara MCP banner

Megs & Sara MCP banner

Megs Little Red Hen Band

Megs Little Red Hen Band

Megs Mclean Tulalip Amphitheatre Poster

Megs Mclean Tulalip Amphitheatre Poster

Megs Cover Out of School

Megs Cover Out of School

Megs Mclean Tulalip Clint Black Banner

Megs Mclean Tulalip Clint Black Banner

ReelTime VRs' Megs McLean and Sara Evans streamed their concert from the Tulalip Resort Amphitheater to children's hospitals throughout the country.

ReelTime Rentals, inc. (OTCMKTS:RLTR)

Megs McLean was the first “Crunge” artists to participate and her cutting edge sound was very well received and enjoyed by those that were able to experience it.”

— Evan Blackstone

KENMORE, WA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — Megs McLean and Country music icon Sara Evans streamed their concert on August 16th, 2018 from the Tulalip Resort Casino outdoor Amphitheatre to sick kids and teens in hospitals throughout the country thanks to the Melodic Caring Project (MCP).

MCP a 501c3non profit, offered the concert streamed via the internet through a secure non-public channel to specific individuals in hospitals that were unable to attend the concert but wished to do so. The project embraces the medically proven healing properties of music to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and aid in the overall wellness and wellbeing.

“The 5 camera Live switched stream made for a truly unique, powerful and personal experience for the kids, their families, the artist and the audience. The experience was provided to the patients for free and no fees were paid to the artists participating.

“Megs McLean was the first “Crunge” artists to participate and her cutting edge sound was very well received and enjoyed by those that were able to experience it. I was blown away by both the performances and generosity by Megs and Sara Evans in support.” Said Evan Blackstone, Artist/Rockstar Liaison, Melodic Caring Project

Megs and Sara both specifically called out the individual names of the children watching the live private broadcast during their shows to personalize the concert experience for the kids and their families.

Megs said, “I am truly touched to have my music included in this Live stream and want to thank MCP from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work they do through this program, to care for hospitalized kids thru a musical experience. This is such an amazing program, I’m honored to be a part of it.”

About Megs:              
Megs McLean is a full-time professional singer/songwriter and performer who has opened for David Lee Murphy, Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis, played for Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney audiences and headlined numerous festivals and events, including the Hard Rock Café, Cabela’s, casino’s and bars and private parties throughout the northwest. She has performed Live on Fox 28 News, been featured on MTV Live, Pure Country, VH1 Classic and radio stations throughout the nation. Megs and her band deliver an energetic mix of guitar-driven “Crunge” Country Rock Grunge originals. Her First single “It’s My Truck” gained Meg's recognition as one of the top 10 “Next Women of Country” on Spotify as well as “Country Pick of the Week”. Recorded at the world-famous London Bridge Studios in Shoreline, WA, with Ben Smith of "Heart" on the drums, Brad Smith from Blind Melon on Bass, and Shohei Ogami on guitar.
EP available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other music vendors. YouTube link:

About MCP:
The MELODIC CARING PROJECT (MCP) is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit which bridges the gap between music, technology, and patients battling serious illness by streaming LIVE personalized concerts to kids and teens in the hospital. MCP embraces the medically proven healing properties of music to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and aid in the overall wellness and wellbeing of the patient. MCP model meets a real and pressing need in the market with its new innovative approach offering ease, accessibility, and comfort to those suffering from serious illness or injury, especially those quarantined and/or suffering from immunodeficiency.

About Sarah Evans:
Her resume includes 14 Top 20 country hits, ranging from her reassuring first #1 – “No Place That Far,” featuring background vocals by Vince Gill – to the neo-traditional “Suds In The Bucket” to the elegant, spiky pop feel of “Slow Me Down.” She’s had five #1 singles, sold millions of records, won the Academy of Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist Award and claimed a Country Music Association trophy for her signature song, “Born To Fly.” 

Megs McLean
Megs McLean, Inc.
email us here

Megs McLean – It’s My Truck

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Female Southern Rocker Rachel Wise Releases Debut Album “Southern Life”

MEMPHIS, TN, USA, August 23, 2018 / — Female Southern Rocker Rachel Wise has released her eagerly anticipated debut album “Southern Life.” With influences like the Allman Brothers band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Patsy Cline, Kelly Clarkson, and Etta James, Rachel's sound has been described as soulful country with a southern rock flair.

Says Rachel, “The musical concept came from me noticing there's a space in country music that I wanted to fill. There are very few female country artists with a southern rock sound, and it's my favorite genre! I kept wishing to hear more women do this kind of music then realized maybe I should stop wishing and do something about it.”

A Mississippi native, Rachel Wise grew up listening to an eclectic collection of music from heavy metal to classical to contemporary Christian. Being born into a musical family, she made her public singing debut at the age of two at her grandparents small church in Ashland, MS. Since then, she has been involved in various choirs and worship bands for most of her life. She broke into the Memphis Music scene in the fall of 2012, when she began her songwriting career. She and her songwriting team began crafting her signature sound.

Says Rachel, “The writing process was pretty simple. Steve Corbett, Bernard DeSeck, and I were all so excited to be doing this that when we would meet weekly, we'd all have stuff we couldn't wait to share. One week Steve showed us some riffs he had been working on that I absolutely loved. It had a swampy backwoods sound that inspired me to write 'Southern Life,' which is all about my life in the south. I grew up on a dirt road in the backwoods of Mississippi and I love to go mudding and shoot guns and drink sweet tea. the lyrics reflect that. A lot of the other songs talk about relationships and draw from the emotion of a fresh breakup or how it feels to actually get to be with your soulmate. There are also a couple of Christian songs, because my relationship with Jesus is probably the biggest part of my life. I was always told to write about the things I know so it's an album full of songs that tell you about my life which was very comfortable for me. The recording process was a different story altogether. I had never done any recording in my life. Here I was in a room full of experienced musicians and engineers and the legendary Jim Gaines producing. I definitely felt like a tiny fish in an ocean, but we got it done and I hit some notes I didn't know I had in me. I feel like recording that album made me grow more as a vocalist than anything else I've ever done.”

Rachel has been the featured artist twice on 95.3 The Rebel's 'Rebel Roadhouse' and a guest artist on Rock 103's “Memphis Made.” She also has headlined at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street, and at historic Lafayette's Music Room. In support of her new album release, Rachel is currently working on a music video for the title track of “Southern Life,” coming soon!

In closing Rachel has this to impart, “I hope you love the sound, and you enjoy listening to the music, but I hope the lyrics bring you what you need to hear, whether you need the message of Jesus' love, nostalgia, or it helps you get over a break up, or just brings a smile to your face because it's fun, my hope is it effects you in a positive way.”

To purchase Rachel Wise's “Southern Life”:

For more information:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
email us here

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Best New Music: RaH two five

RaH, Photo Credit: Gerard Victor, 2018, used with kind courtesy of the artist

RaH; Vol. 1: photo credit: Diego Ramos, Artwork by by Nicholaus, used with kind courtesy.

RaH, photo credit: Diego Ramos

Best New Music: Rap's Rising Star RaH two five Brings an Artistry, Talent and Vision back to R&B, Hip Hop, & Rap not seen since Drake and Kanye. –Best of L.A.

Overall, America is still the safest country, and land of opportunity. We are blessed to not have to deal with those types of problems that third-world countries have.”

— Rah two five

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 23, 2018 / — The Los Angeles based singer known on Instagram as RahTwoFive, or otherwise simply known as RaH, has racked up over a half-million new plays and growing, on SoundCloud alone. Hollywood Sentinel states, "Where most new singers have a great voice but lack in solid songwriting, or have great production but lack in vocals, RaH has uniquely got it all, with strong songwriting and production, tight instrumentation, and well crafted mixes ranging from rap to R&B. His further education in fashion design and a model look certainly will not hurt his rise to the top either. Fans of Drake should definitely appreciate him. 'Super Winner' (below) rules."

Hailing from Detroit, RaH is ready to dominate not only America, but also the massive Indian Bollywood market, Europe, and the rest of the world as well. Speaking and singing in fluent English, RaH, who is of Indian origin, also speaks fluent Hindi, Punjabi, and even some Spanish.

With the first three letters of his full name; "Rahul," turning into his artist name, RaH got his nickname back in high school, which his friends used to call him. RaH states, "I think it's cool, because it's the name of the Sun God of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck."

Living in Los Angeles, RaH says, "There are so many creatives and big thinkers here. They understand my artistic approach to life, so it's easy to form a good team for my creative projects. I also love the weather and scenery here." Being born an American and living in America, RaH states about the country, "Even though so many are in an uproar about the current president, and questionable government moves; overall, America is still the safest country, and the land of opportunity. I hear about very corrupt injustices in third-world countries, and of a mass amount of people starving to death and/or being effected by war. We are blessed to not have to deal with those types of problems!"

With a love of music, and an array of musical influences, RaH states that he is influenced by "People who are not afraid to express their true feelings, even if it's controversial to the general public." Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Usher, Diddy, and even The Weekend, and Billy Joel have influenced the young singer, adding that he is influenced by "artists who perform at a super-high level, and take their artistry beyond the music; into short films, and amazing shows."

A fashion designer as well as a singer, RaH's skill on keys help his songwriting and musical ability. Yet he says, he enjoys focusing mainly on vocals. RaH states that he and his brother always used to sing around the house growing up. As a teenager, he began to love singing, and released his first song at just seventeen, getting he says, "A really good response." He then realized that music was something he wanted to seriously pursue. Now with nine solid tracks out, and two outstanding music videos to his credit for "Super Winner" and "Purple Tears," RaH's passion is quickly paying off, with an impressive and rapidly growing fan base.

Shockingly having done no major promotion for his popular songs on his SoundCloud page, fans catapulted the singer into one of the more successful artists on the site, gaining tens of thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of listeners per track. With multiple tracks getting re-posted by fans, RaH states, "I guess people just really like them." He adds, "I predict this next project will have even more success, since we will actively be pushing it." RaH's goals of "Grammy awards, world tours, and multi-platinum records" would be impossible for most, yet when hearing his talented work, prove reachable.

Advising other artists as his success grows, RaH encourages other singers and musicians, "Don't give up! Continuously perfect your craft by fixing your weak points. Believe in yourself more than anyone else, and know inside that one-hundred-percent for sure, you will reach your goals!" Summing up his life philosophy, RaH says, "Find your purpose, work hard to fulfill it, be good to others, and live happy!"

Maintaining his positive mindset, RaH says he is "intent on creating an immense, positive impact on the world through heart-changing art." He credits his hope and faith with keeping him grounded, and optimistic. He reveals; "If I didn't stay positive, there would be no hope. I feel my mission is to help lessen the division that exists in America and the world, and lessen this negativity on Earth, to really help people see and feel real love."

RaH adds, "I can't wait for you all to hear and see my new songs and see my videos. You can stay up to date on my Instagram, which will feature news of all the new releases. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I love creating and sharing with you, and thank you for believing in me!"

Check out RaH's video for "Super Winner," here below:

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What Media are Saying:

"RaH's new cut 'Anywhere' has got smooth vocals, good grooves, and dope production here perfect for bumpin' in the clubs, cruisin' the city, or chillin' in the crib. His track 'All Star' is a strong and memorable rap with hit potential, as is his song 'Super Winner,' another cool piece that will easily get stuck in the head with a dark, cool groove, and strong, positive lyrics. RaH's newest cut 'Elevator Music' has a simply brilliant intro, flowing from a smooth jazz-mix into a slow groove with steady bass, and a chill, danceable vibe." –Best of L.A.

Press / Media requests for RaH, contact: Publicity Department at: +1-310-226-7176

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Rah: Super Winner, Official Video

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