Fran Briggs Announces The Best of Summer Listening, 2018

American Journalist

American Journalist

Major label and independent musical artists across the globe, featured

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2018 / — A select few music artists from South America, America, Australia, and all points between are in the limelight. Award-winning journalist, Fran Briggs, today recognized ten considered to be among 'The Best of Summer Listening, 2018.'

Genres from the talent include jazz/smooth jazz; adult contemporary; salsa; acoustic soul; R&B; country; easy listening; pop, and hip hop.

"The vast array of music artists represent both legendary and new talent. Featured are major label and independent artists who have appeared on stages, television, radio stations and youtube channels around the world," stated Fran Briggs. "You'll dance, finger-snap, and toe-tap; but you'll also listen quietly with music appreciation. For those who've never listened to more than two genres, the 'Best of Summer Listening, 2018' is an invitation to do so," she concluded.

The promotional listing is a gender-hopping, collaboration of extraordinary voices and distinguished instrumentation. Consideration as an honoree was generated by submissions from artists or their management.

The 'Best of Summer Listening, 2018' is organized by EP/Single or Album/CD, the artist(s), and the producer or label in parentheses. It also includes the genre(s), a video, or a link for additional information and purchase. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. EP/Single: "Eighty Ate" by David McLorren (David McLorren for Reethym®Productions) Genre: Jazz

2. EP/Single: "Abba/Father " by VerdenaCharla'yne "Polly" Taylor(PollyTunes Productions, LLC) Genre: Gospel/Spiritual

3. CD/Album: "David & Goliath" by Dee-1 (Dee-1) Genre: Rap/Hip Hop/Inspirational

4. EP/Single: "Life of the Kite" by Brian O'Neal featuring Polly Taylor (Bco Media, Inc.) Genre: Jazz/Pop

5. EP/Single: "Jackpot" by Nikki Lane (Jonathan Tyler and Nikki Lane) Genre: Alternative Country

6. EP/Single: "It's My Time" by David McLorren (David McLorren for Reethym®Productions) Genre: Jazz

7. EP/Single: "Without You" by Y'akoto Songwriters: Tom Hugo Hermansen / YaaAkotoKieck, (Sony)Genre: Acoustic Soul

8. EP/Single: "Suitcase" by Steve Moakler (Creative Nation Records Genre: Country

9. EP/ Single: "You Say" by Lauren Daigle (Centricity Music) Genre: Christian

10. EP Single: "Fiesta" by BombaEstéreo Genre: Latin/African/Cuba

Fran Briggs is an award-winning writer, professional journalist, and the Director of Operations of eMediaCampaigns!, a dynamically different, international, news distribution and public relations firm. Her work has been featured on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Oprah, ABC's, The View, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine and more. Her clients include recording artists, professional athletes, Olympic Champions, speakers, authors, children, Mothers of five, writers, entrepreneurs, and more. Fran can be reached at

Fran Briggs
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Famous Stage Magician John Shable Gets New Tires On Armored Truck

John Shable and company have literally burnt so much rubber off the armored truck taking magic show profits to the bank !!!!!!

$10,000 in new tires…….

SALINAS, CALIFOY, USA, July 26, 2018 / — This is no joke. $10000 for new tires !
But The way John Shable peels out taking all the magic money to the bank it is no wonder they wear out !
When he comes to your town maybe you can get your photo taken standing along side it.

John Shable
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John Shable

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The Box Tops To Be Featured On German TV Special

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, July 24, 2018 / — Memphis blue eyed soul legends, THE BOX TOPS, will be a featured act on Gottschalk's “1968” TV special on September 6, in HAMBURG GERMANY. Hosted by well known German presenter Thomas Gottschalk, THE BOX TOPS will perform their worldwide megahit, THE LETTER. Also scheduled for the show, folk rock icon, DONOVAN, and PETER FONDA, star of the ultimate hippie generation culture film, EASY RIDER.

Since re-forming just 2 ½ years ago, THE BOX TOPS have performed to tens of thousands of fans all across America, and have ascended to the top echelon of their genre. They were featured artists on 2017's HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR, and played on the sold out CONCERTS AT SEA in 2018. They are also slated to play two shows on the already sold out FLOWER POWER CRUISE in 2019. In late 2017, the band signed to Paradise Artists, one of America's premier booking agencies, to handle their engagements exclusively.

In late 2015, original founding members BILL CUNNINGHAM and GARY TALLEY teamed with veteran industry musician/manager RICK LEVY and two top professional musician friends to explore live show potential. In 2016, they hit the road, performing at casinos, fairs, clubs, performing arts centers, and festivals. The show, augmented by Cunningham's chart arrangements and a horn section, features hits from THE BOX TOPS' catalogue, including THE LETTER, CRY LIKE A BABY, SOUL DEEP, NEON RAINBOW, SWEET CREAM LADIES (forward march) and CHOO CHOO TRAIN, plus album cuts and special tributes to Memphis artists. Historical video footage and personal stories of the '60s Memphis scene make the BOX TOPS show a HIP music history experience. THE BOX TOPS are also part of the AMERICAN POP SHOW, with favorites, The Buckinghams and The Grass Roots.

Upcoming shows:
August 3 – CAFÉ WHA? – New York City
August 4 – DARYL’S HOUSE CLUB – Pawling, NY
August 25 – KOOL DEADWOOD NIGHTS – Deadwood SD
September 6 – GOTTSCHALK'S “1968” television show. Hamburg, Germany

For more information:
instagram: theboxtopsband

Booking: Paradise Artists/Bob Birk (805) 646-8433
Management: Rick Levy Management/Rick Levy (904) 806-0817
Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

William James
Glass Onyon PR
(828) 350-8158
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MAAT Delivers One Two Punch

The only loudness measurement batch processor designed for mastering & music creation

Log outputs, in plain text or tab delimited formats, are highly configurable & client ready

Cross platform background measurement & logging of file characteristics, Loudness and dynamics

Company announces release of their next generation DROffline MkII app for Loudness measurement

DROffline MkII is the only loudness measurement batch processor specifically designed for mastering and music creation in addition to traditional broadcast production and post.”

— Friedemann Tischmeyer

SANTA CRUZ, CA, US, July 24, 2018 / — MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of DROffline MkII, a cross platform application for the background detection of file characteristics, measurement of audio Loudness and dynamics and logging of all parameters. The new native utility brings several firsts to the Loudness metering marketplace, and is the only loudness measurement batch processor specifically designed for mastering and music creation in addition to the more traditional broadcast production and post markets.

Available for both Windows and macOS, DROffline MkII follows on the success of MAAT’s original DROffline. DROffline MkII is designed for engineers working in all audio industries, from mainstream music production, content streaming, broadcast radio and television to gaming, theatrical, industrial, AR and VR. Measurement methods have been expanded to include all international Loudness metrics, plus Minimum PSR as well as MAAT’s own integrated DRi Dynamic Range standard for judging “dynamic density,” the amount of dynamic range contrast in a recording.

Continuing to lead the Loudness measurement community, DROffline MkII is the first Loudness measurement utility to combine high accuracy R128 and A/85 conformance with elements crafted expressly for music production. It is the only batch Loudness logger that provides channel–specific trends by augmenting EBU–mandated monaural gauges with classic L/R metering, for Maximum Short Term, Maximum Momentary and True Peak, to allow the operator to identify significant trends and channel–specific issues often overlooked during production. It is also the first app to offer both the AES’ newly defined Minimum PSR metric, Sample Peak–to–Short-term Loudness Ratio. In total, twenty measurements are available, along with six informative facets of each file or folder.

All measurements are performed locally, so DROffline MkII is faster and more secure than on–line services. Log outputs, available in plain text or tab delimited format, are highly configurable by the user and, with embedded studio information, are suitable for delivery to the client. The application accepts all modern PCM and lossless formats, including WAV, BWF, AIFF, FLAC and ALAC files at up to 384 kHz sampling rates.

Workflow efficiency is always front of mind at MAAT, and DROffline MkII reinforces that commitment. Working with the current version of DRMeter MkII, the real–time measurement and monitoring plug–in companion to DROffline MkII, engineers receive instant answers without leaving their Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). A quick drag and drop of a clip onto a current DRMeter MkII instance in a session will trigger a background evaluation and measurement by DROffline MkII, which opens a log file in the foreground for inspection.

The affordably priced DROffline MkII is available now directly from MAAT and select pro audio distributors. Images, specifications and additional information including user manual and videos are accessible anytime at on the web.

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of professional audio solutions, is built on the belief that higher accuracy, exceptional fidelity, enhanced workflows and less visual fatigue are hallmarks of better quality. MAAT is derived from “Mastering Academy Audio Tools,” reflecting the deep connection and practical wisdom derived from years of practical experience. MAAT’s reliance on hard science and in–depth research balanced by extensive listening redefines audio tools for professionals worldwide.

©2018 MAAT Incorporated. The MAAT logo, DRMeter MkII and DROffline MkII are trademarks of MAAT Incorporated. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Oliver Masciarotte
MAAT Incorporated
+1 (415) 786-2092
email us here

MAAT’s DRMeter MkII & DROffline MkII are Linked for File Stats with One Simple Move!

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Poet and Songwriter Anthony Coppolella to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ROSETO, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2018 / — Anthony Coppolella is an accomplished poet and songwriter who has received praise from former President Clinton, was named among the Outstanding Poets of 1994 and was honored for lifetime achievement by Who’s Who–and there’s a good reason. He writes stunning poems, creates carefully rhymed and metered lyrics, and tells a great story every time. He also strings words into little pearls of wisdom, like Stay in your lane in the road of life and If you want to do something, just go do it, without fear.

To date, Anthony has written over 30 songs, 15 of which were contracted by the Hilltop Records and Rainbow Records labels, each based in Hollywood CA. Anthony, or Tony as he likes to be called, is the lyricist, and the record companies provided the musical scoring, accompaniment and vocalists (one sounds a bit like Roy Orbison, especially when he sings Tony’s lyrics about a pretty woman and man who cross paths and look each other up and down.)

Tony’s lyrics are sweet and genuine, and each song tells a story, mostly with happy endings. Otherwise, it has a message. Anthony loves to share moral advice, such as when he cooks, and says if you have all the colors that God gave us on a plate, then you have a great meal.

Tony has a strong belief in God and a couple of his songs are spiritual in nature. A Candle in His Light is one of Tony’s favorites, and sure qualifies as a gospel tune. Hallelujah, salvation and heavenly plans are often part of Tony’s lyrics. It was likely God talking through Tony, when he suddenly got an urge to write, and verses began pouring out of him back in 1992.

He went ahead in that direction, attending workshops in Washington DC, learning to use meter and polarity, and how to refine his work. He also joined organizations like The National Library of Poetry, the International Society of Poets, and the National Writer’s Association. Some of these organizations selected Tony’s poems to appear in their journals. The summits also led to notice of his poem about world peace (for which he got that thank you letter from the President) and to the creation of one about the Statue of Liberty …a gift made of precious metal to help the tired and poor settle. Tony hopes to see that on a plaque at Ellis Island one day.

Tony’s songs are frequently love songs, and love is important to him, especially when it comes to loving what you do. He so loves his writing career and looks forward to publishing a full-length book soon. He also loves his family with its numerous children and grandchildren, which include quite a few named Anthony. Tony also still works at his long-time career love; he’s a Quality Control specialist and ensures orders go out correctly. Tony likens that to being the Safety on a football team—if he can stop them from scoring a touchdown, he wins!

Be sure to tune into the show to hear all Tony’s heartwarming words including advice, poems and songs. He may read a short piece, like Cloudy Days or play some of the tunes from the Top Hits CD that Hilltop Records made for him. Radio listeners will surely smile, hum along, and get those wonderful words stuck in their head.

CUTV News will feature poet and songwriter Anthony Cappollelo in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday, July 26 at 2:00 pm EDT

Listen to the Show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have questions for our guest, please call (347)996-3389

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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POP Solves the Lack of Visibility on Social Media and Helps Brands Stand out from the Crowd

POP, the new one-to-one chat editor, has just launched and is on a mission to help brands revive low social engagement.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, July 24, 2018 / — POP Solves the Lack of Visibility on Social Media and Helps Brands Stand out from the Crowd
In the wake of the death of newsfeeds, Amsterdam start-up launches a new way of storytelling for brands on Messenger

Newsfeeds were once the hero for brands looking to engage with followers. However, according to Social@Ogilvy organic newsfeed only reaches 2% of brand audiences, with read-rate of 10%. Now POP, the new one-to-one chat editor, has just launched and is on a mission to help brands revive low social engagement. Now brands have the power to talk directly to their fanbase with creative, storytelling content, with a guarantee of better exposure than on newsfeeds.

POP's "write-first" platform is a personalised and innovative way to communicate, notify and engage with audiences on a one-on-one basis. The POP editor is a simple way to write engaging stories through customisable templates and text editor functionality, which is as straightforward as writing an email or composing a tweet.

Newsfeeds are over-populated with content. Social media algorithms are required to prioritise friends and family over businesses, but businesses still remain focused on newsfeeds as being the core method to engage with social media followers. In comparison, Messenger has considerably higher open rates, plus provides new forms of storytelling, opening up possibilities for brands such as using voice to communicate with their fans.

Benefits of POP:

Brands can now talk directly to their fans, without having to compete against the noise of populated newsfeeds
One-to-one personalised approach to communicating with fans
Stories-first approach to content to provide the content fans really want to see
Takes content to the next lifecycle stage, giving brands more creative freedom
Tim Heineke, the Founder of POP, comments: “It was basic math for us when creating POP. The death of newsfeeds plus saturation of content for consumers equates to a difficult landscape for brands looking to conduct meaningful narrative storytelling. Understanding consumer behaviour and matching it with simple, effective design was important to us when building POP.”

“Messaging is an interactive one-on-one method and we’ve seen ninety four percent open rates for messages with our clients, so it just works for brands. For the last two years we have been powering the world's leading artists & record labels with incredible success, often becoming their number one driver of traffic to content”, Heineke concludes.

Tailored interactive stories can be created by composing a “flow”. With flow-templates available for plug-and-play options – enabling users to get up-and-running in real-time. Flows can be used to automate answers to inbound questions and proactive outbound messaging campaigns.

POP also provides versatility for users, as narratives can be developed for sharing news, inform about products and services, or have direct contact with consumers.

POP Key Features:

Set up in just a few seconds – Connect a Facebook page to Messenger and it’s good to go.
Message fans directly – Skip feeds and algorithms by personally messaging brand followers.
Automatic responses – Set auto responses to brand follower messages or define a set of replies using quick reply buttons.
Persistent menu – Display all functions in a menu format like on a website or an app. Provide on- demand information for brand followers.
Manage & assign user roles – POP is designed to manage brand followers. Set up multiple options and define user roles all through one simple dashboard.
POP is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, starting at $29 per month, and for one user to enterprise sizing. More pricing/subscription, dialogue flow and information available here.


For more information please visit our blog.

Notes to Editors

About I AM POP

POP is a new way of storytelling in chat.

A direct and powerful messaging channel to personally notify your audience one-on-one. POP’s chat editor makes it super simple to write engaging stories. To make it even easier you can browse and use our customizable templates.

I AM POP was started by Tim Heineke in 2016 with the mission to explore the music artist to fan relationship and how to bring the two closer together.

For media queries, interviews or high res images, please contact:
Holly Forrest / Richa Kundnani at Cherish PR
+44 (0)203 626 0282

Cherish PR
Cherish PR
0203 626 0282
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American Amnesia Perform Debut Album at the Wolcott Country Fair on Sunday, August 19, 2018 3PM

Debut album from American Amnesia > > > > > , . .Yet Here We Are

Patrick Nemaizer – vocals/guitar

Sam Cesnak – drums/vocals

American Amnesia Perform their debut album …Yet Here We Are in its entirety at the Wolcott Country Fair on Sunday, Aug. 19th 3PM

American Amnesia Perform at their debut album …Yet Here We Are at the Wolcott Country Fair on Sun. Aug. 19th 3PM”


WOLCOTT, CT, USA, July 18, 2018 / — American Amnesia will perform their debut album …Yet Here We Are in its entirety on Sunday, August 19, 2018 3PM at the Wolcott Country Fair 245 Wolcott Road, Wolcott, CT 06716.

This marks the Torrington, Connecticut alternative rock trio's first live performance since the July 1st release of their debut album, . . .Yet Here We Are on Prophet Motive Records, and also introduces a new member to the band, Will Williams, who has replaced Gus Pac on bass.

. . .YET HERE WE ARE, the debut album from AMERICAN AMNESIA is available @ Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, ClarMusica, Deezer, Google Play, I-Heart Radio, I-Tunes, KK box, Media Net, Napster, Pandora, Saavn, Shazam, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal and at

© ℗ 2018 Prophet Motive Publishing BMI, a Division of Prophet Motive Records.

Follow and sub to American Amnesia:

Prophet Motive Records
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Denver Glam Rockers Love Stallion Release Debut With Emmy Winner/Gold Record Producer Steve Avedis

Love Stallion “Unforgettable Ride” Available Now

Denver arena rock/glam band Love Stallion have released their debut album, produced by Emmy Award Winner and Certified Gold Record producer, Steve Avedis.

Unforgettable Ride' is, definitely, one of the more unforgettable rock releases in recent memory.

— Vents Magazine

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2018 / — "Unforgettable Ride" is, definitely, one of the more unforgettable rock releases in recent memory. – Vents Magazine

"Love Stallion won't be restricted to their home state long if they continue writing and recordings songs this good and their new album will likely expand their possibilities in ways they never imagined." – MobAngeles

Inspired by the "big rock" sound of the 1970s and '80s, rock stars like David Lee Roth and Freddie Mercury, and dynamic bands like Van Halen, Kiss, and Def Leppard, Love Stallion is charging onto the music scene with original glamorous hard rock. The band's high energy live performances, flamboyant wardrobes of sequins, spandex and leather, and their signature "Sexy Disco Legs" have placed Love Stallion in the spotlight among Denver's hottest tickets.

Now, Aaron Hart (vocals) and Crayton Huntly (aka Rob McLemore, guitars), along with Aero X (aka Aero Marquez, bass), have released their debut album, Unforgettable Ride. Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios with Emmy Award Winner and Certified Gold Album producer, Steve Avedis (Tony Bennett, NSYNC), "Unforgettable Ride" is already garnering critical praise from some of music's top-ranked sites.

MTS Management Group has been brought in for publicity and promotion for the band. "This is the sound that I grew up with!" said Michael Stover, MTS President. "I was a HUGE fan of the hair metal genre, and I still listen to 'Hair Nation' on Sirius/XM. Bands like Whitesnake, Stryper, Slaughter, Winger, Warrant, etc. etc., were just fun acts to listen to. The musicianship was always top-notch and the live concerts were so exhilarating. Love Stallion is cut from the same cloth. I am so excited to be working with these guys!"

Love Stallion's first single and video, "Slow Release" is available at

For a review or airplay copy of "Unforgettable Ride" please contact

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
email us here

Love Stallion “Slow Release”

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This Bajan Maestro has a new joint hittin’ the streets right about now called ‘ Mek Ya Say (Oh my Lawd)’

There's great things to come out of the beautiful island paradise of Barbados over the years – Endless sunshine, perfect white sand beaches and Flying Fish!

CUSTARD FACTORY, MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, July 18, 2018 / — There have been many great things to come out of the beautiful tropical island paradise of Barbados over the years – Endless sunshine, perfect white sand beaches and Flying Fish!

It’s also a tiny country, known for its musical heritage and influence across the world. I’m taking about such luminaries as million selling artist Eddie Grant and more recently, the Megastar they call Rihanna.

Keeping with the trend Urban Dubz introduces BSTARR – a new artist with the same birthplace as the previously mentioned duo. This Bajan Maestro has a new joint hittin’ the streets right about now called ‘ Mek Ya Say (Oh my Lawd)’ The concept is laced over a sweet beat that blends the best of Bashment drum and bass with a twist of modern R&B. Congas on the percussive side of things and that marching-band snare drum riddim, so characteristic of dancehall music. To top off the masculine delivery of the verses a nice touch is the addition of a female vocal on the top, which softens the whole song slightly, so what you end up with is a clever kind of call-and-response concept, which no doubt will appeal to both the male and female contingent of the listening audience. The track unashamedly sets its sights on the clubs. It’s sexy, seductive, and sultry just right for the heat of the summer sun

Since relocating to Boston, MA in the U.S. BSTARR has been putting in the work developing his craft and honing his DJ and MC skills. By the sound of his delivery, he’s already up there with anything that’s out there in the top 40 with that Caribbean/Afrobeat flavour. It’s not surprising he counts Damien Marley, Sean Paul, Buju Banton in his list of musical idols. All said artists now how to craft a great commercial chart topper and also take it to the streets and keep it raw and talk about gritty urban issues when need be.

Most notably BSTARR has penned a song for the Andy Morgan Foundation Buddy Bench Campaign, which is an organisation that promotes awareness around the issue of bullying which is a real issue that needs addressing with our young people across the globe.

BSTARR is an artist who promotes positivity and social continuous mindset in his music as well as the freedom to let your hair down and have a good time at the club to a dirty bassline – nothing wrong with that at all! So, the rule of karma says that what you give out, you will receive back and if BSTARR continues to create output like this and also do what he can to uplift others by his example it wouldn’t surprise us if he is living incarnation of the next BIG Bajan superstar!

The featured track ‘Mek Ya Say’ is off BSTARR’s album entitled ‘The Dawning’

Urban Dubz says… definitely watch this space…

Connect with B-Starr

Alex Lowe
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Urban Dubz PR

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Chris McGehee Teams Up With One Of Gospel Music's Top Independent Labels for his debut single "I Win"

Release Date: 07/20/18

Radio Interviews and Promotion

Believers All Across The World Will Declare "I Win" Friday 07/20/18

I will win! Maybe not immediately but Definitely!

— Chris McGehee


Born and raised in the small town of Dumas, Arkansas. This 3rd generation preacher's kid (PK) comes from a musical family, led by patriarch, Superintendent Dr. A. L. Hunt, who was a well known pastor (COGIC) in the state and country. Chris was heavily influenced by his aunt, Lawana Hunt-Walker, who was also well known for her keen musicianship. Noticing his gift of music at a young age he was pushed by his parents, Pastors Robert and Alice McGehee, getting his start as a musician playing for their church.

Those childhood days are long gone though and Chris has developed his skill over the years to become an accomplished musician, able to play the piano, drums, and bass. His love for writing and producing music started in high school. It's that love for writing and producing that has become very important in helping him push through these rough times in his life.

Chris has teamed up with one of gospel music's leading independent labels, Asah Entertainment, Inc. & Good News Music Group for the release of his debut single “I Win” inspired by seasons of trials and triumph. He lost his oldest brother when Chris was just three (3) years old. And at the age of nineteen (19) another one of his siblings became paraplegic due to domestic violence. Fast forward years later, his older brother and best friend suffered an aneurysm on the brain. That came at a time when Chris had just received news he was being laid off from his job.

Through God's given strength and the support of his wife, children and family, Chris has found the faith and strength to declare "I Win". God has given him this single in what seems to be a losing time in his life. Through this lyrical and upbeat song Chris is declaring that we win, no matter the present circumstances.

Asah Digital Marketing
Asah Entertainment, Inc.
email us here

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