Awaken the Mystery with Zach Maxwell’s E.P. “Music For Life”

“Music for Life” is the first EP released by multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, vocalist, and dancer Zach Maxwell.

DENVER, COLARADO, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2018 / — Music video:

Written, produced and performed by the artist himself, “Music for Life” is a revelatory experience that combines the best of contemporary pop, funk, gospel and soul, with the intention of exploring higher realms of consciousness through music.  While brilliantly maintaining an accessibility to music lovers across ages and dispositions with its catchy hooks and danceable grooves, “Music for Life” is an initiation to the mystic's path.

The songs picked for this EP began as part of the artists own psychedelic journeys and evolved over time with meditation and reflection.

The lead single “Wonder of the World” is the entry point for audiences to uncover the truly unique sound of Zach Maxwell.  Brought to life by gospel infused harmonies, textured house drums and an incessantly catchy bassline, Wonder of the World is impossible not to dance to.  At the forefront of the song are the artist’s soulful vocals, decorated by samples of Master Ram Dass: an iconic spiritual teacher whose messages are sampled throughout the entire EP.

From a young age, Zach was inspired by Gospel and Soul music.  While many kids his age gravitated to the sound of the moment, Zach was inspired by artists like Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers, The Fairfield Four, and Sweet Honey In The Rock.  A multi-instrumentalist, dancer and virtuosic guitar player in his own right, many are reminded of Prince when they see Zach perform.

For some, music can put us in touch with something greater than ourselves.  It can be a catalyst for the transcendental, give us a taste of the supernatural, or brush us up against the face of Eros.  Such was the intention behind the creation of “Music for Life.”

The “Music for Life” EP sees worldwide release on February 1st.

I am without form
without limit
I am beyond space
beyond time
I am in everything
everything is in me
I am the bliss of the Universe
everywhere, I Am.
-Ram Tirtha

On February 1st, 2018, be sure to join Zach Maxwell at the “Music for Life” EP Release Concert at “Your Mom’s House,” located on Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado!

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