TR MAGAZINE Releases Issue 10 with Hector "Macho" Camacho Jr.

All Hail The Chief! Hector’s Ready to Rumble!

First Historic Sports Athlete Graces the Cover of TR MAGAZINE

I am very excited to feature our very first sports athlete on the cover of TR MAGAZINE. Hector "Macho" Camacho Jr. is a stellar boxer and we'll be rooting him on to his championship victory!”

— Joseph C. Bennett

LINDENWOLD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2018 / — TR MAGAZINE Issue 10 releases with a heavy hitter, Hector "Macho" Camacho Jr. Hector was brought to us by way of Clay Dustin of Clay Dustin Public Relations-Promotions and Sports Entertainment. TR MAGAZINE Issue 10 is a Limited Edition, and is now available for purchase and circulation so purchase your copies while they last. Hector is not only the first boxer to be featured in TR MAGAZINE but also the very first sports athlete to grace the cover of TR MAGAZINE.

Issue 10 Featured Artists Include:
Cover Feature Hector "Macho" Camacho, Shelly Skandrani, Alan Bendich, Carlos Solorzano, Frank Lisi, Edge of Paradise, Zak Mir, Isa Nielsen, MC Mixon, Michelle Cobb, Jenny Blain Gostan, Barry DeBaun, Anita Clay, Billy Jo Sewell, Jerry Karnes, Caterina Han, and James Holeva

Let's root Hector on as he prepares for his next big fight in June 2018! Go "Machito"! Drop em!

The TR Committee includes: Joseph C. Bennett, Owner/President, Clay Dustin, Owner of Clay Dustin Public Relations-Promotions and Sports Entertainment, Johnny Potenza, Host of Late Night with Johnny P. (soon to be Up Late with Johnny P. Show) and TR Behind the Scenes Coordinator/ Booker, John Thomas, Owner, JT Talent Enterprises and TR Talent Booker/Events Coordinator, Lead Writer, Nick Christophers, and the host of IndieSceneRadio, Gerg Anidem. Joseph Bennett is particularly excited to announce its newest committee member, Aldo McCoy who will be responsible for a new and very exciting component of TR MAGAZINE. Stay tuned to find out what Aldo will be bringing to TR MAGAZINE.

Special Update: TalentRaters is providing a beautiful printed magazine resource to artists and their family, friends, and fans and it is very important for the magazine to circulate. So much time and effort goes into writing your articles and building your magazines and you are a very important part of the process in helping to circulate your magazines. Therefore, TalentRaters is asking all artists to take pride in their magazine publication and to commit to a 10 printed magazine minimum purchase (12 copies equals free shipping and is only a few dollars more). We do rely on your assistance and support to ensure that this premium publicity opportunity is paid forward to incoming and future artists.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration in this matter.

Joseph Bennett
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Hector Camacho Jr KO’s JD Charles in Round 1

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Tony Valor’s New Single, D’Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum), Hits Number 28 on the BDS/Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart

“D’Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum) by Tony Valor featuring 4th Impact

A new, highly anticipated version of the single drops at Pop radio next week with girl group 4th Impact, X Factor UK's most viewed act.

After this single, I will have a full-length record out. I am proud of how I've developed as an artist and as a person. If you have big dreams, just go for it. No one is holding you back but you.”

— Tony Valor

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2018 / — Tony Valor’s, new single, “D’Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum) has entered into elite territory for an independent artist; a Top 30 position (#28) on the BDS/Billboard Pop Indicator Chart. The 21 year old dancer – singer – songwriter – producer from Miami, FL is gearing up for a new version of the track to be release featuring the girl group, 4th Impact next week.

4th Impact is an all girl group composed of four sisters from the Philippines who have seen a rise is popularity both in their home country and abroad. They were favorites of Simon Cowell and placed fifth place on X Factor UK.

“It’s a really catchy song and it’s been extremely well received at radio,“ says promoter, Amanda Alexandrakis of Music Promotion, Inc.

The new video for “D’Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum) feat. 4th Impact was released last week.

“After this single, I will have a full-length record out, so I am proud of how I've developed as an artist and as a person. I tell everyone, if you have big dreams, just go for it. No one is holding you back but you.” -Tony Valor

For more information on Tony Valor:

Jennifer Allison
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Tony Valor D’Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum) featuring 4th Impact

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NAB 2018 Marks Trade Show Debut For MAAT

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions

Visit us in Booth SU2321 for more information

Company demonstrates latest products at NAB 2018 courtesy of The Telos Alliance

LAS VEGAS, NV, US, March 29, 2018 / — MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced that DRMeter MkII and RSPhaseShifter will be exhibited and demonstrated at the Telos Alliance booth in the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention. DRMeter MkII, an audio plug–in for the measurement and monitoring of audio Loudness and dynamics, will accompany RSPhaseShifter, a plug–in for the alignment of multiple versions of a source when mixing.

The latest product from MAAT, DRMeter MkII premiers several new features for the Loudness metering marketplace, and is the first loudness measurement tool specifically designed for music creation as well as broadcast production and post. Combining high accuracy, R128 and A/85 compliance with display of channel–specific trends, the cross–platform Loudness meter presents both relative and absolute scales simultaneously. DRMeter MkII is also the first plug–in to include the emerging PSR metric, Sample Peak–to–Short–term Loudness Ratio, as well as DRi, an established loudness metric designed to gauge the dynamic contrast of popular music.

Also on demo at NAB, the cross–platform RSPhaseShifter quickly creates a high quality, phase shifted version of a monaural or stereo input, and is designed to better combine multiple feeds during live and remote recordings. Providing a fast, convenient means of aligning individual mix elements for best subjective results, RSPhaseShifter also offers a delta mode to preview isolated audio reflecting only the content that has been altered by signal processing. This extends the application to the control of frequency–dependent stereo spread for M/S workflows in broadcast and post–production applications.

On display at The Telos Alliance’s TV Solutions Group during NAB 2018, both products are available for all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) in AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats. Visit booth SU2321 April 9th through 12th for a hands–on demonstration during the show to see how MAAT speeds everyday workflow chores. Also visit on the web for demo downloads, specifications, informational videos and more.

MAAT Incorporated is built on the belief that higher accuracy, enhanced workflows and less visual fatigue are hallmarks of better quality. MAAT is derived from “Mastering Academy Audio Tools,” reflecting the deep connection and empirical wisdom gained from years of practical experience. MAAT’s reliance on hard science and focused research, balanced by in–depth listening, redefines audio tools for professionals worldwide.

©2018 MAAT Incorporated. The MAAT logo, DRMeter MkII and RSPhaseShifter are trademarks of MAAT Incorporated. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Oliver Masciarotte
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With Fields of Violet’s EP slated for release on the 23rd of April 2018, the sky is the limit for Rafael
Katigbak and his cast of characters.

Fields of Violet's purpose is strictly to create music and explore different soundscapes. It is not intended to be a live act”

— Rafael Katigbak

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, March 29, 2018 / — Created from the Multi-faceted mind of producer/songwriter Rafael Katigbak, the musical project Fields of Violet began its journey in early 2017 and so far, has manifested into an authentic, innovative, and dynamic musical chemistry with a very versatile signature sound.

While Katigbak, from Melbourne in Australia, is the sole member and anchor songwriter, Fields of Violet is comprised of a vast array of feature-artists and musicians from all over the world. "Fields of Violet's purpose is strictly to create music and explore different soundscapes. It is not intended to be a live act" states Katigbak. This vision is clearly manifested in their debut EP entitled "Into the Unknown" with its creative composition, strong musicianship qualities and production value.

Although Katigbak mentions Steven Wilson and Devin Townsend among his inspirations, Fields of Violet does not have any direct artist comparisons that could be immediately noted. The sound is comprised of many different multi-genre components that come together with a very solidified chemistry among several professional musicians from many different backgrounds with limitless signature touches. There are many defining factors, but no borders or boundaries. While the music emulates a Rock component, it is open to any and all genre influences.

With Fields of Violet's EP slated for release on the 23rd of April 2018, the sky is the limit for Rafael Katigbak and the cast of characters that have joined in on this project. Be sure to keep up with Fields of Violet by connecting through their official website, social media and music streaming platforms for news, music, contact information and anything else related.

On the web:

Track Listing:
1. Reality
2. Feeling
3. Starlight
4. Transcend
5. Into the Night

Rafael Katigbak

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
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Alexander Golberg Jero Announcing MediaInVision PLC

MediaInVision PLC the new public company of Music and Film Entertainment and Production.

Each individual sound can have its unique location in 3-Dimensional Space”

— Alexander Golberg Jero

NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 29, 2018 / — MediaInVision PLC is an established, public company in the UK who specialise in the design and development of the High Definition Music Card™, founded and helmed by celebrated music artist Alexander Goldberg Jero.
An exciting new company who are represented in several media markets, MediaInVision PLC is also branching out into film and music production. The company has a range of projects in development and offer a host of specialised services for those involved in music and film production. MediaInVision PLC incorporates a whole host of artists, and has a net worth of 200,000,000 GBP.

Alexander Goldberg Jero is famous for his expertise in surround sound music techniques. He is the very first winner of the popular First Surround Music Awards, he was award for best Composition in 2002. His projects have been endorsed by experts and enthusiasts.

High Definition Music Card™
The High Definition Music Card is a new USB format device for delivering music content that features the latest advancements in surround sound reproduction that compares to no other format in the world.
It can be played on any USB device, including laptops, PC’s, Blu-ray players and more.
The High Definition Music Card is the brainchild of MediaInVision’s founder and managing director, Alexander Goldberg Jero. The composer brings his unique talents to the digital music world with a USB device that harnesses the power of live music. By creating a portable high definition music device, Jero and MediaInVision aim to revolutionise the current music media market.
This new format for listening to music implements full hi-def, surround sound technology. Alexander Goldberg Jero captures the individual elements of compositions and then layers them digitally to create the final piece of music.
This allows for the same kind of precision one is afforded when working with 3D images. Jero works with pieces of music in the same way, but in 3D sound space. The High Definition Music Card is a portable delivery system for this technology.
It contains HD audio streams as well as complementary materials such as artist bios, photos, support software, release information, and links. The card can also be used to store user personalized content like personal pictures, videos, games, and other media.
The HD Music Card represents a new dawn in mass-market. high definition, surround sound audio technology.

The Master and Margarita
The Master and Margarita is a new CGI-animation film venture produced by Alexander Goldberg Jero, and represents a branching out for MediaInVision PLC as they turn their unique talents to new markets.
Also featuring the composing talents of Jero, the film will be a CGI adaptation of the novel by famed Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov. The novel was censored by the Stalinist Soviet regime in Russia and remained on the banned list for thirty years.
Packed with Bulgakov’s biting satirical wit, combined with romance and comedy, The Master and Margarita has been voted Russia’s favourite novel. Now it is being brought to life in a masterful collaboration of digital image and sound by an impassioned artist.
The story concerns a visit by the devil to the officially atheistic Soviet Union. The ‘Master’ is a dying author with an unpublished novel, scorned and victimised by the oppressive bureaucracy of his day. ‘Margarita’ is his mistress who agrees to sell her soul to the devil in return for the power to aid her lover. Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, as well as the foremost of Soviet satires.
The majority of the film has been financed and is already expected to achieve big things in the film world in the near future.

Surround Records LLC
Surround Records LLC represents a collaboration of performers who work under the composition and leadership of Alexander Goldberg Jero.
Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers frequently work with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra in creating high definition, surround sound quality recordings of classical compositions.
Available to buy on Amazon for use on the High Definition Music Card, Surround Records LLC has produced high-depth recordings of Mozart’s Requiem, Mahler’s 9th, Beethoven’s Fate, and many more. They continue to bring the classics into the new world by presenting them in high definition, surround sound format.
The combination of Sound Records LLC and the High Definition Music Card makes for a completely novel and eye-opening music experience. Compositions have been given glowing reviews on Audiophile Audition. Particular mention is made of the feeling of being seated right in the middle of the orchestra when listening to the music, thanks to the design of the surround sound technology.

Jero Film Music and Post Production
While venturing into new creative pursuits and far-flung worlds, Alexander Goldberg Jero still employs his craft in the world of post-production.
Available as a consultant for music, video and films, Jero utilises his surround sound expertise in weaving textured compositions to complement existing stories. Jero also offers his skills in post-production for pieces of music that require the guiding hand of a master craftsman.
All clients will be able to use the Music Experience in 3 Dimensional Sound Reality™ trademark on completed projects.

About Alexander Goldberg Jero
Born in Moscow, Goldberg Jero was raised in a classical music environment. He graduated from Moscow Music College and State Academy in 1996, and then moved to New York City, where he studied at the Institute of Audio Research, and the prestigious Parsons School of Design, providing him a solid education upon which to further his career.
He worked with multiple New York artists before moving to Detroit, where he started performing multichannel surround sound techno music, which also took roots from classical music. He is a well-rounded artist, with knowledge that goes from traditional musical approaches to technology, and, of course, soundtracks.
Alexander Goldberg Jero is the founder and Managing Director of both Surround Records LLC and MediaInVision PLC, both of which bring music to the masses in a variety of delightful ways.

Alexander Golberg Jero
MediaInVision PLC
0207 157 9637
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MediaInVision High Definition Music Card

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3D Audio Market Is Projected to Touch US$ +12,339 Million by 2025

3d Audio Market

Research N Reports added Most up-to-date research on “Global 3D Audio Market – Detailed Analysis Of The Present Market Along With Future Outlook, 2025”

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2018 / — Global 3D Audio Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025, 3D audio market has seen demand traction due to rising implementation across end-use applications, with commercial implementations holding the largest share. Industries, such as gaming, cinemas, music, and automobiles, have been leading verticals in adopting the technology so as to enhance natural sound experience and real-life visualization experience for their customers. 3D vision has been long in demand and visual technologies already enjoying strong acceptance among industries and consumers, 3D audio has off late gained traction. A close study of recent product launches and developments of the key industry participants active in the 3D audio market reveals that industries such as gaming, music, VR, and cinemas would continue to dominate the market throughout the forecast period.

Fill the form for an exclusive sample of this report@:

Global 3D audio market is expected to reach US$ +12,339 Mn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of +16 % from 2017 to 2025

This statistical surveying study offers an unbiased analysis of the worldwide market for 3D Audio, taking a number of important market parameters, such as production capacity and volume, product pricing, demand and supply, sales volume, revenue generated, and the growth rate of this market is expanding into consideration. An in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape of this market has also been presented in this research study, which profiles the key participants in this market to determine their future prospects in order to identify the existing market hierarchy.

Some of the leading Players: OSSIC, 3D Sound Labs, Auro Technologies Inc, Comhear Inc., Dolby Labs, DTS, Inc(Xperi Corporation), Dysonics, Hooke Audio, ISONO Sound, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co., VisiSonics Corporation(Realspace 3D) and Waves Audio Ltd.

Further, the study offers an analysis of the current performance of the key regional markets, namely North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa, on the basis of a number of imperative market parameters, such as, the manufacturing volume, production capacity, pricing strategy, the dynamics of demand, supply, and sales, return on investments (RoI), and the growth rate of this market in each of the regions.

Get full report with Discount@:

The report further analyzes the competitive landscape in this market by examining the profiles of the established market players to gain an insight into the current market hierarchy. The prevailing and the imminent organizations in the worldwide market for 3D Audio has also been deliberated in this research report in specifics, making it a valuable resource for supervision for the stakeholders operating in this market.

In the last sections of the report, the companies responsible for increasing the sales in the 3D Audio market has been presented. These companies have been analyzed in terms of their manufacturing base, basic information, and competitors. In addition, the application and product type introduced by each of these companies also form a key part of this section of the report. The recent enhancements that took place in the global market and their influence on the future growth of the market have also been presented through this study.

sunny denis
Research N Reports
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What is Social Power today?

Ziggurat Front Cover

Ziggurat, the Age of Total Dominion by Bob Mazzei and Jeff Lowe prides on featuring Ziggurat – The Age of Total Dominion by Bob Mazzei e Jeff Lowe

Freedom smiles but we have no eyes!”

— Bob Mazzei

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 27, 2018 / —, aka The Land of Plenty, is a fresh satirical blog with a special inclination for clever social insights! At Punkia, we delight in mocking at the most contradictory issues of our time.

Sarcasm, along with a good store of awareness, is the sauce of our content.

We are very fond of Rock and Roll and so we welcome music, poetry, philosophical topics, comics and all outstanding and funny stuff that is worth to be featured. Contact us, there's room for you too!

Good old Rock music means liberation and happiness without ever falling off in banality, that’s our thread. We are fed up with dull junk put together by copying hither and thither, not to mention those magical recipes we’re being given by marketing gurus, politicians & Co. As if something changed without changing this ruthless social status quo.

So, here we go with something that’s a perfect fit for our publishing line. A real pattern, indeed!

Meet “Ziggurat – the Age of Total Dominion,” a smart e-book Bob Mazzei and Jeff Lowe published in 2014.

It deals with a crucial point of our era, "What is Social Power today?" We can’t but perceive it as excessive and boundless. So oppressive to pave the way for the age of total dominion. However, while we are impotent before such an extreme tyranny, freedom is there a stone's throw from us.

Our world cannot be explained by senseless and lame conspiracy theories, nor can it be understood by blaming individuals because of their greed and mean behavior. Social conditions create individuals conscience, never the contrary. Consequently, we are the only ones who can liberate ourselves. No entity from outside this world will ever set us free.

Although this book apparently sounds dominated by a sense of grief because of our impotence before things that we are not able to master, not only does it allow for our complete emancipation, it also deals with a series of humorous situations to remind us that we are never to take ourselves too seriously.

About the authors

Bob Mazzei, aka Dangerous Bob, was a lively youth of 50, when the book was published. Now, he is a kid of 53 setting up to the tender age of 54. He lives in Europe, always up and down the continent yet not neglecting to drop in at the beloved Land of the Rose. Although he doesn’t see himself at ease in a capitalist society, he hasn’t managed to find another suitable planet in the vicinity to be hanging out. According to him, the sucking trouble with searching for a livable spot in the universe is, “There is no chocolate for sale outside the planet Earth, let alone some good wine, damn!” Thus, he is forced to put all he has studied into engineering, philosophy and economics to make his ends meet. Apparently, he must thank his lucky star for specializing in agro-economics, IT and digital marketing; at least, he can eke out a living!

Jeff Lowe, aka Jeff the Terrible, was 590 years old (yes, 590!!) by the time the book was issued. Soon he is going to be 630 (please, don’t ask; the way time goes by in his biosphere is pretty different from the world of ordinary mortals). Jeff is a respected seedsman and has an acute knowledge of agri-business practices and markets. He has been sailing across so many seas and fighting against so many sharks. He is a man of big challenges and very keen on history. Jeff lives on the ground floor of the United States and realized a very long time ago that capitalism was a short-term practice. He is an opponent of the Neostance groups, namely those who think that placing the prefix neo- before a word is enough to make things change. Jeff is definitely not an admirer of those who put greed before life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a roundup of the topics you find in this brilliant novel we point out: Rock music, Arts, Economics, Politics, Poetry, Literature, History, and a significant amount of Humor!!

Plot summary

Individuals are tools of production and consumption, relentlessly looking for pleasure that never comes. Their same “self” vanishes while attempting to fill up the emptiness of their existences completely dehumanized and possessed by the totalitarian law of profit. Neither old nor new values will never appease their plight while the social regime remains unaltered. Until the social room we all occupy is humanized, there is no chance for humans to finally be born. We’ll keep being oppressed by the ruthless Leviathan, no matter if it disguises itself with the reassuring forms of civil rights and democracy.

Democracy is not an alternative to totalitarianism; it is just one of the faces of dominion. It is nothing more than a good system to produce goods and accumulate wealth under peculiar circumstances. There’s nothing left out of the iron grasp by Capital, its domination spreads from end to end across our entire world and place in the universe. The law of profit allows no option, it is despotic, and it appropriates of everybody and everything. It moves the individuals according to the invisible, yet overbearing and unstoppable, hand of necessity.

Therefore, the search for humanization and liberation of all Humankind goes necessarily through overcoming the actual social regime, for a world without social classes, money, trade, politics and power. The entire novel plays and rocks between reality and dream, and yet fantasy and actuality melt and confuse one another. One thing is Chimera, another is Utopia, but most of all, it’s all happening now, right now in front of each and every one of us while we’re wide awake… Or, wait… we’re probably sleeping.

Title: Ziggurat, The Age of Total Dominion

by Bob Mazzei and Jeff Lowe

ISBN (ePub): 9781456622473

Published in eBook format by on June 23rd 2014

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Available on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google eBooks, iTunes, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Digital

Bob Mazzei
Sienda ltd
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economics, war, social power, poverty, society,

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Music of Your Life (OTC Pink: MYLI) A Great Acquisition Target in $25 billion U.S. Online Radio Industry

MYLI's stations reach 10 of the top 40 radio markets in the U.S., with more than a half-million listeners a month. – Transformation to Online Subscription Model

Music of Your Life (OTCMKTS:MYLI)

The fact that we are a legacy brand speaks to our ability to create user stickiness and keep our listeners tuned-in. This can only happen if the content is uniquely great”

— Marc Angel, CEO Music of Your Life, Inc.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 27, 2018 / — ( NewsWire) –, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Music of My Life, Inc. (OTC Pink: MYLI).

It is now close to a decade since the $13 billion merger between Sirius and XM was finalized in mid-2008, leading to the formation of Sirius XM (NASDAQ: SIRI), the largest satellite radio company in the U.S.

The historic deal, which was hotly contested by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) over concerns that it would create a monopoly, fundamentally changed the radio business. It created a significant barrier to entry to thousands of terrestrial radio stations which were at the time angling for satellite delivery in order to gain national listenership.

Traditional terrestrial radio stations only have regional reach. This limits their programming to content relevant to a predefined geography. Being bound to a single geography also puts a cap on the number of advertisers a station can attract, limiting revenue growth prospects.

In contrast, satellite signals are broadcast nationwide across a much wider geographical area than terrestrial signals. This essentially means that satellite radio stations have the capacity to offer a wider variety of programming to more listeners, attracting a significantly higher share of advertising spend compared with terrestrial broadcasters.

Terrestrial stations keen on expanding their geographical reach and increasing their potential for higher ad revenue have historically tried to upgrade to satellite delivery. However, the creation of a satellite radio monopoly a decade ago through the Sirius XM deal dashed their hopes.

This explains why terrestrial radio stations, through their lobby NAB, adamantly opposed the deal. It gave SIRI too much clout in a space (satellite radio) that has very limited competition. The company, which currently boasts a $28.62 billion market cap, grossed $5.43 billion in sales in 2017, extending a revenue growth curve that has seen its top line steadily increase from $3.8 billion in 2013.

In the past decade, there has been no significant disruptor to SIRI’s business. However, things are changing. Traditional terrestrial players have found a cost-effective way to bypass satellite delivery and get their content across a wider geography.

Online radio levelling the playing field.

According to Marc Angell, CEO and President of Music of Your Life Inc. (OTC Pink: MYLI), nothing levelled the playing field more dramatically than the Internet. “Satellite delivery can cost up to $10,000 a channel per month, whereas delivering the same content over the Internet to a potentially wider audience, can cost as little as $200 with nominal equipment costs.” he said.

Traditional broadcasting (whether terrestrial or satellite) is costly. A pointer to this is the fact a key broadcaster, iHeartMedia (OTCPK: IHRTQ), recently filed for bankruptcy protection after accumulating more than $10 billion in outstanding debt to keep its approximately 850 radio stations on the air.

“By strategically leveraging online content delivery, broadcasters can avert similar situations and still deliver their content to listeners across a much wider geography” said Angell.

He spoke to Emerging Growth extensively about his company’s prospects as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, a milestone he believes will set the stage for a new phase of growth that will unlock value for shareholders.

Music of Your Life Inc., which creates 24 hours of radio programming everyday using celebrity DJ’s, has been in continuous operation since 1978. This makes it the longest running syndicated music radio network in the world.

“As a legacy brand, we have traditionally, and continue to this day, to deliver content via AM, FM and HD radio stations across the U.S. However, our recent foray into online delivery, has unlocked much-needed growth,” said Mr. Angell.

“Our terrestrial stations reach 10 of the top 40 radio markets in the U.S., covering more than 30-million POPS, and more than a half-million listeners a month, which are good numbers for a small syndicator, but actually a decrease over past years. However, with the recent launch of our new commercial-free service, our continued investment in online delivery could see monthly subscription revenue grow exponentially in the short-to-mid-term,” he noted.

Angell, who took the company public in 2013, observed that online radio streaming was a game changer, not just for his company, but for the entire $25 billion U.S. radio industry.

According to data from Statista, 65.85 million Americans used online radio streaming services in 2017. The Germany headquartered data crunching company further projects that 55.8% of the entire U.S. population and as much as 68.4% of the U.S. internet users will have become online radio users by 2018.

View the chart here:

Share of online radio listeners in the U.S. has grown steadily since 2008, the year of the Sirius XM deal; source Statista

“Online radio streaming has levelled the playing field and allowed us to reach more people without depleting our coffers through costly satellite delivery. However, what makes the real difference—especially now that more online streaming services are joining the market—is the content, it’s all about the uniqueness of the content, which is why we use celebrity DJ’s for most of our programming,” noted Angell.

Celebrity DJs and user stickiness

At the heart of MYLI’s model is a content strategy that has kept the brand alive and popular for 40 years. “The fact that we are a legacy brand speaks to our ability to create user stickiness and keep our listeners tuned-in. This can only happen if the content is uniquely great,” ventured Angell. “The secret has always been to use famous people as DJ’s. The audience identifies with their favorite celebrity, and when they hear them on the radio, they feel as though the person is in the room, or in the car with them. It’s that personal connection with a celebrity that only radio can offer, and it’s sustained Music of Your Life for 40 years,” said Angell. “We’re currently reaching out to a wide list of celebrities from television, music and the movies to host their own music shows, a Comedy Channel, and world class athletes to host a new Sports Channel”, adding, “Our primary revenue growth model is based on converting these celebrities’ social media followers into subscribers.”

He continued that the company is also exploring the deployment of live, uncensored streaming video with live call-ins. “Our listeners are already fiercely loyal, and we are keen on rewarding this loyalty through these continual improvements,” he said.

“The demographic that our company targets have a higher discretionary income than the average American, and can afford the $5 subscription fee for our commercial-free channels, which is nonetheless competitive in comparison to other services in the market. The sign-up process is simple and easy. All our subscribers need to do is provide a username, password and zip code and they get immediate, secure access to our content,” said Angell.

If the company is able to convert 5% of its approximately 500-thousand terrestrial listeners into subscribers—which it is more than capable given the user stickiness and high discretionary income of its target audience—it could net 25,000 subscribers paying $5.00 per month, within a year. Add to that, the number of social media conversions added with each new celebrity DJ, and the numbers begin to add-up quickly.

A shift in programming.

Music of Your Life has become synonymous for delivering Adult Standards. Recently however, Angell shook things up a bit with the largest programming change in the brand’s 40-year history by scheduling day-parts of different types of music, while keeping true to the founder, Al Ham’s original theory – give them decades of hits. The network is no longer focused on the the Great American Songbook, which tends to skew to a much older audience. “You’re still going to hear traditional Music of Your Life programming every day”, said Angell, “except now, it’s reserved for Peter Marshall’s show, from nine to eleven Pacific time, as Peter has one of the best shows on radio for nearly twenty-five years. With the new format, you’re also going to hear hit records from the sixties and seventies, some big band, swing, a little jazz, and decades of hits throughout the day. Then of course, if you’d rather have commercial free rock, pop, country, or jazz, you can sign-up for our $5 monthly premium service.” added Angell.

Acquisition target

An undervalued broadcaster with strong revenue growth potential, low delivery costs due to online streaming and an ingenious content strategy is likely to pop up on the radar of larger players in the sector.

This makes MYLI a potential acquisition target, underlining the prospect of exciting gains for its shareholders.

An ingenious content strategy that leverages on popular celebrities to create a unique user experience is what transforms ordinary radio stations into enduring brands—something MYLI has successfully achieved if its 40th year anniversary is anything to go by.

Tellingly, Sirius XM has realized that their growth is also strongly linked to Howard Stern, underscoring the role of celebrity presenters and DJ’s in creating user stickiness and growing subscriptions. In a 2016 interview with CNBC, Sirius XM CEO, Jim Meyer, noted that: “Howard has never been better,” and talked at length about him, underscoring the central role celebrity DJ’s and presenters play in the success of broadcasters.

“We are essentially riding on the same business model as Sirius XM, except that we dropped satellite delivery as it is extremely expensive, has transmission issues, and expensive end-user costs, compared to Internet delivery which is in your pocket, your car, in your home speaker, on your desktop, it’s everywhere,” noted Angell. This similarity with the largest player in radio strengthens MYLI’s case as an acquisition candidate.


In mid-2017, Sirius XM acquired a 20% stake in Pandora (NYSE: P) for $480 million, making it one of the biggest deals in the radio space in the recent past. The deal was not a full scale merger, but is expected to give Sirius XM a footing in the online streaming space. This means that Sirius XM is still hungry for a bigger piece of the online streaming pie, increasing the likelihood that it may be actively hunting for another deal in this space.

The limitation with a player like Pandora is that its greatest strength is online streaming, which is simply a delivery platform and not the product per se. The magic sauce is the content, and this is an area where players like Pandora and Spotify (NASDAQ: SPOT), lack a distinct competitive advantage. (Spotify is currently pursuing a direct listing on the NYSE, meaning no new shares will be created as its sole aim is to create liquidity for existing shareholders).

Both Pandora and Spotify leverage on algorithms that analyze user behavior to dictate which content they deliver. They don’t create content themselves. While the algorithms get it right most of the time, as shown by the millions of subscribers they have, they cannot create user stickiness in the same way celebrity DJs do. In contrast, celebrity DJs and unique, well-produced content creates loyal subscribers who rarely discontinue subscriptions, making this a better business approach since it enhances predictability and eases financial and operational planning.

This means that legacy brands such as MYLI may easily become the next big acquisition targets in the radio space in next couple of years. The stock is currently undervalued given its $1 million revenue potential from subscriptions over the next year vis-à-vis its less than $0.5 million market cap. Getting in at ground zero before revenue growth explodes or suitors line up for a deal (whichever comes first) is a great way of increasing the likelihood of market-beating returns.

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Country Legend, Alt-Rock Guitarist Win At LA Music Video Awards; Nashville Artist Nabs IMDB-Sanctioned Nomination

Margie Singleton and JJ McGuigan are among the winners of the LA Music Video Awards. Jeremy Parsons is nominated for the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards.

We thank the LA Music Video Awards and the fans that voted for our artists. Congrats to all of the winners, and congrats Jeremy on the prestigious nomination!”

— Michael Stover, MTS Management Group

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2018 / — MTS Management Group is happy to announce legendary country singer-songwriter, Margie Singleton and Wichita, Kansas alt-rock songwriter/guitarist, JJ McGuigan were named winners in the 2018 La Music Video Awards. Ms. Singleton won Best Performance Video, "Jesus Is My Pusher," and Mr. McGuigan won Best Lyric Video for "In All Honesty." Former MTS artist, Cherish Lee was also a winner, for Best Country Video, "Tequila Cowgirl." The winners were announced this past weekend at a ceremony held in Los Angeles. A complete list of winners is available at

Another current MTS artist, Nashville singer-songwriter, Jeremy Parsons has been nominated in the IMDB-sanctioned Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, based in the UK. Jeremy's video for "Burn This House Down" has been nominated in the Music Video categories. The winners will be announced later this month.

"This is so exciting!" said Michael Stover, MTS President. "We thank the LA Music Video Awards and the fans that voted for our artists. It's really a surprise. There were alot of terrific videos up for the awards, and to walk away with three of them is really incredible. So happy for our clients, past and current. Congrats to all of the winners, and congrats Jeremy on the prestigious nomination!"

Margie Singleton "Jesus Is My Pusher"
JJ Mcguigan "In All Honesty"
Cherish Lee "Tequila Cowgirl"
Jeremy Parsons "Burn This House Down"

ABOUT LA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS: In an age where looks and presentation are everything, the music video is almost as important as the song itself. The LA Music Video Awards recognizes the best music videos from this past year.

ABOUT THE MONKEY BREAD TREE FILM AWARDS: The term 'by filmmakers for filmmakers' is perhaps overused these days, but it is where our film awards began. After producing several short and feature films, entering various festivals/awards bodies, and serving as a judge for TMFF, our festival director (Ben Rider) wanted to get involved in encouraging new filmmakers, engaging with independent film production and the promotion of it in more detail.

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
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Jeremy Parsons – Burn THis House Down

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Renowned Songwriter, Vocalist & Award-winning TV Producer Steph Carse’s “My Shining Hour” to Air on Upliftv for Easter

Steph Carse: My Shining Hour


Y i Count

Proceeds Raised Will Benefit Upliftv and anti-bullying charity YICOUNT

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, March 26, 2018 / — After a successful launch on Daystar, Juno-Nominated Male Vocalist of the Year STEPH CARSE is honored to share his personal story through the “My Shining Hour” TV event airing worldwide on Upliftv during the Easter season. “My Shining Hour” will air as both 30 and 60-minute specials daily from Tuesday March 27 thru Easter Sunday.

A short trailer for “My Shining Hour” is available on YouTube at

“There is an identity crisis in some of the kids today. Part of it could be due to lack of good role models at home or to broken families. Unfortunately for a lot of children their identity resides in social media,” Carse explains. “Bullying has a completely different impact in the lives of this young generation. We have to be aware that Cyber-bullying creates a no-safe place zone for our children. If they are being bullied through social media, for a lot of kids, social media follows them home. The brain is only about 80% developed in teens, making it no surprise that rational decisions can be hard to come by for adolescents. For the teen, most decisions are fueled by emotion and what ‘feels good’. It is crucial to help build character in this next generation. They need to know how awesome they really are and what they are capable of. This starts at home or through good role modeling.”

On the self-produced program, Carse shares the journey of his music career, which has taken him from the top of the charts, to living out of his car, to the recording of his new album “My Shining Hour”. Told through music and narrative, Carse takes viewers from Canada to the U.S., from Africa to Israel, sharing his inspirational personal story of music, restoration and discovering his true calling.

Always a champion of worthy causes, Carse co-wrote and performed the anthem "Reach Out," the official song for The American Red Cross and wrote and performed the title track for the album "Holiday Heroes" for The Special Olympics in Canada. The “Holiday Heroes” album generated over $2 million in net profit for The Special Olympics. Recently, Carse launched his Y i Count anti-bullying campaign to help this generation understand their true value, their potential, the power of words, and provide a platform to counteract the aftermath of bullying. “My Shining Hour” debuts the Y i Count theme song, “Awesome.”

As a songwriter, performer and recording artist, Carse has sold over half a million albums worldwide and received a 5-star review from Jerry Fink of The Las Vegas Sun for his 36-show run in Las Vegas. Known for his impeccable 4-octave vocal range, Carse’s story was also featured in the PBS Documentary “A Portrait of Steph Carse.” As a television producer, Carse won 5 awards from The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, including Best Feature Film and Best Male Vocalist for the one-hour TV special “Reach Out” that he produced for PBS.

Praise for Carse’s work includes:

“A truly talented performer with a distinctive voice style and the vocal range to master any work he performs,” – Diane Bliss of PBS.

“The singing sensation with Oscar-winning good looks and a voice to match.” – Jason Buchanan of The New York Times.

“Steph’s voice and music convey a great passion for his art,” – Eric Schilling, 16-time GRAMMY Award winner.

My Shining Hour will air on Upliftv (all times Eastern):

Tuesday March 27 – 9:00am (1 hour), 8:30pm (30 min)
Wednesday March 28 – 11:00am (1 hour)
Thursday March 29 – 7:30pm (1 hour)
Friday March 30 – 6:00pm (30 min)
Saturday March 31 – 6:00pm (1 hour)
Sunday April 1 – 10:00am (1 hour)
Monday April 2 – 4:30am (30 min)

For additional information, visit

About Upliftv:
Upliftv is a new and unique television network that features more Christian and inspirational films than any other channel. Upliftv’s programs are a balanced combination of sermons and stories that include Movies, Documentaries, TV shows and Ministries. Our Mission is to use TV and mass media to share the good news message of God’s love and mercy to everyone in the form of stories and sermons, the way Christ communicated 2000 years ago. Upliftv’s wide variety of Movies and Ministries help fulfill this mission by touching lives with inspirational movies and lifting people higher with impacting sermons.

Bullying affects 3.2 million children and is a violation of human rights. Suicide is the leading cause of death for children under age 14. This generation is afraid to express who they are. It is unacceptable to allow them to believe they are less than they are created to be. Founded by the internationally known recording artist, television host and actor Steph Carse, YICOUNT provides assemblies for schools, community centers and churches. The organization has been endorsed by NBA star Quentin Richardson, Olympic Medalists Chaunte Lowe and Dan Jansen; U.N. Ambassador Clyde Rivers, and various school, law enforcement and government servants. For more information see

# # #

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My Shining Hour Promo

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