Matt Westin, Rahn Anthoni, Ed Roman, More Win At 5th Annual IMEA Awards

MTS Management Group and their artists, Matt Westin, Rahn Anthoni, Ed Roman and former client, Cherish Lee, were all winners at the 5th Annual IMEA Awards.

All I have is radio jocks and fans, who trust in what this movement is about. If it wasn’t for all of you, I would not have been on that platform to speak about The Special Needs Community.””

— Rahn Anthoni, IMEA Award Winner and founder of Special Needs Rock

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2018 / — MTS Management Group is proud to announce that they, and their artists, were winners at the 5th Annual International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards. First-time nominees, Matt Westin and Rahn Anthoni were named Country Male Artist of the Year and R&B/Soul Artist of the Year, respectively. Ed Roman, a previous IMEA Award Winner, took home the honors for Best Adult Contemporary Song, "The Way She Goes." Previous client, represented by MTS during the nomination period, Cherish Lee won for Best Country Song, "Tequila Cowgirl." MTS Management Group was named Management Company of the Year, an honor they have won twice, previously.

Rahn Anthoni, who was in attendance and presented several awards said, "We won, Special Needs Community, and believe I gave a shout out to my kids….R&B Artist of The Year 2018, with I'll Trust You!!! Please believe me when I tell you, all I have is radio jocks and fans, who trust in what this movement is about. If it wasn't for all of you, I would not have been on that platform to speak about The Special Needs Community."

The ceremony, hosted by IMEA Chairman, Colt Chambers, was held this past Saturday, June 16, 2018. at Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky. A full list of winners will be available on the IMEA site at

Nominees were selected, from nominee submissions, by an anonymous Nominating Committee, comprised of industry pros. Winners in each category are determined by the Voting Committee and a weighted fan vote. The IMEA Awards are presented annually by the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA). IMEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and serving as an advocate to individuals and organizations within the performing arts and entertainment industries. The IMEA Awards were developed to honor and recognize the best in independent music and entertainment, internationally. For more information, visit

Founded in 2010 by Award-winning songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Stover. A music industry veteran of over 30 years, Michael is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with a degree specializing in the Music and Video business. Michael has used that education to gain a wealth of experience within the industry: from retail music manager and DJ, to two-time Billboard Magazine Contest winning songwriter, performer and chart-topping producer, and finally, award-winning artist manager, publicist, promoter and label president. In just 8 years, MTS Records has released 33 Top 40 New Music Weekly country chart singles, including TWELVE #1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row chart singles.

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
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Hailing from Manchester Hip hop/Grime Artist Iceburg Drops His latest single 'All is Fair'

You may have heard of the name IceBurga from the Hip Hop grime scene. Hailing from Manchester, this up-coming emcee is direct, straight to the point


You may have heard of the name IceBurga from the Hip Hop grime scene. Hailing from Manchester, this up-coming emcee is direct, straight to the point and not afraid to talk the truth about his surroundings and the gritty side of life. To date he’s dropped a few videos out that you can peep on YouTube which are definitely worth checking out.

‘All is fair’ is a song about staying true to oneself at all times. It’s a song about those who are not afraid the go against the status quo and walk that powerful, but lonely path of a maverick, is making the right decisions about where he is, and what goals he wants to achieve in the future.

Talks of the essential need to get paid and look after his family as a number one focus – something many of us can relate to but only few actually have the ability to follow through because they are perhaps afraid of not being popular, not being liked by everyone. Ice talks about the strength and the discipline inside someone who is able to sit back in silence and observe things going on around them, how those people are often accused of being shy or anti-social. In reality, someone not needing being the centre of attention all the time is quite an admirable trait to have and means you can see people around you for what they truly are and make choices about whether they are the type of people you want to associate with or not.

The song is based around a sample loop with a laid-back swagger. My crate-digging brain recognised it was George Benson’s classic mellow 1980’s smash “Lady love me (one more time)” – the perfect groove for such a passionate track.

In his own words, IceBurga describes the inspiration behind the track as “…a human discovering his purpose in life.”

Defiantly an Independent artist, Ice is adamant that he doesn’t want to go the route of the major labels with his own music but would rather control his own artistic direction by himself for himself like so many successful artists are doing nowadays around the world, especially in the U.S. His label is called ‘Burganoise’.

This is a song about hope optimism, determination, discipline and a belief in oneself and I think you’ll agree that this is a message we all need to hear as loud as possible because it’s the only key that unlocks the door to happiness in life…

Twitter @iceburg4life
Soundcloud @iceburg4life
Instagram @iceburg4life
Facebook @iceburg4life

Alex Lowe
Urban Dubz PR
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Film Panic Room, A Content based Thriller Is Creating Buzz Amongst Indie Cine Lovers with It's Appealing Trailer

Film Panic Room, A 90 Minutes Thriller, Directed By Sachin Khanna & Produced By Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd is slated to be released soon.

MUMBAI, INDIA, June 15, 2018 / — Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd has always focused on creating highly quality content films that appeal to a wider audience base. They are now all set with their next Hindi Feature Film "Panic Room", directed by Sachin Khanna, a nail biting thriller that can leave even the most seasoned moviegoers stunned. Ever since the trailer of the movie Panic Room was launched on YouTube, it crossed thousands of the viewers mark within a short span of days. The trailer has already created a lot of buzz in the social media and has got eager movie lovers interested in this upcoming film. Over the last few years, numerous independent and experimental movies have already been made in Bollywood which has increased the scope of movies having powerful content. While these movies do not always have a big budget, they surely do not lack when it comes to gripping storylines and engaging entertainment. This has also opened the minds of viewers in India who are now more open than ever before to watch movies that have unconventional content.

Directed by Actor-Director Sachin Khanna, Panic Room, a 90 minutes film, is certainly going to be a major landmark in Indian cinema when it comes to realistic film noir. The film tells the story of an unfortunate woman who is taken hostage by a masked man in her own house and has to fight back to escape the doom that she is in. A one of a kind content cinema, Panic Room is certainly going to have viewers glued to their seats till the end of the movie who will be eager to know how it all ends. Sachin Khanna has an unconventional style of movie making and he has worked on his debut film in a way that can definitely appeal to wider audience.

About Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd:
Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd is the organiser of reputed Banjara International Film Festival-BIFF and is currently promoting their new noir film Panic Room which is an edge of the seat thriller.

To watch the trailer, please visit

Sachin Khanna
Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd
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Film Panic Room I Official trailer I Sachin Khanna I Banjara Cinema Pvt Ltd

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4th annual California #LymphWalk in Santa Monica, June 24

Participants get reading for CA LymphWalk

Participants get reading for CA LymphWalk

Runners and Walkers at CA #LymphWalk Finish Line

Runners and Walkers at CA #LymphWalk Finish Line

Join the Fight at the 4th annual CA LymphWalk

Join the Fight at the 4th annual CA LymphWalk

LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates to lead annual beach event for lymphedema and lymphatic diseases

It is because of the commitment of people like those being honored at this year's California LymphWalk that the movement to fight LE and LD has gained such momentum over the past few years.”

— William Repicci, President & CEO, LE&RN

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, June 14, 2018 / — Oceanfront Walk (2000 Ocean Avenue) in Santa Monica will be a sea of teal on June 24 as lymphedema and lymphatic disease advocates gather for their annual 5K Run/Walk to Fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases, raising awareness and funding for diseases that affect over 10 million Americans and up to 170 million worldwide. The event will benefit the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), a non-profit founded in 1998.

LE&RN thanks National Walk Sponsors Jobst (Premier National Sponsor), Tactile Medical (Presenting Sponsor), Eiger BioPharmaceuticals, Herantis Pharma, ImpediMed/L-Dex, Juzo, Sigvaris, Bio Compression Systems, L&R USA, mediUSA, Lympha Press USA, and LympheDIVAS.

As in prior years, LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates will host a cocktail reception for top fundraisers the evening before the event. At the Run/Walk, Arun Rekha, India Chapter Chair, will accept the LE&RN Patient Advocate Award. Arun has worked tirelessly on behalf of the patient population in India, who often must endure extensive travel to attend clinics on self-care. Dennis Schlaht, of ImpediMed/L-Dex, will receive the LE&RN Advocate Award.

“This year’s LymphWalk in California will recognize two individuals who have made extraordinary impacts on the LE and LD communities,” said William Repicci, LE&RN President and CEO. “Arun Rekha has travelled throughout India, making a difference in the lives of people who often struggle to obtain access to care. Arun has also connected the growing advocacy movement in India to LE&RN’s global efforts. Dennis Schlaht, of ImpediMed/L-Dex, was an early corporate supporter of LE&RN and has regularly attended LE&RN events. His presence has left a lasting impression on Run/Walk participants who so often have felt isolated as they struggle with these diseases. It will be my honor to see these extraordinary individuals receive these well-deserved honors at the 4th annual California LymphWalk. It is because of the commitment of people like them that the movement to fight LE and LD has gained such momentum over the past few years.”

To register, join a team, form a team, support a team, or become a Virtual Walker, just visit

About LE&RN
Founded in 1998, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (formerly LRF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization whose mission is to fight lymphatic disease and lymphedema through education, research and advocacy. LE&RN provides valuable education resources for the millions of people who suffer from lymphedema and lymphatic disease. LE&RN fosters and supports research that can deepen the medical community's understanding of the lymphatic system. For more information about lymphatic disease or the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, please visit or call (516) 625-9675.

Laura Farrell
Lymphatic Education & Research Network
(516) 625-9675
email us here

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巴黎「臺灣之夜」一夜熱演 法國媒體與企業爭相邀約藝人合作

臺灣代表團參加2018年法國坎城MIDEM國際唱片展行程,在結束展務隔天,於法國當地時間6 月9日進行了此行最後一場精彩演出─巴黎「臺灣之夜」。

PARIS, FRANCE, June 14, 2018 / — 三組臺灣藝人:艾怡良、宇宙人、DJ Cookie於巴黎知名表演場地Seven Spirits,以音樂熱力與表演魅力征服到場樂迷,在超過六百張票索取告鑿,以及現場排隊觀眾愛戴歡呼下,藝人直呼表演過癮盡興,也為此行兼具產業商務開拓,以及向國際展現臺灣音樂的行程畫下完美句點。

超過五十年歷史,全世界最具代表性的音樂商展 – 法國坎城MIDEM國際唱片展,於法國當地時間 6 月5日正式揭開序幕。由文化部影視及流行音樂產業局主辦、大京藝術策畫執行的臺灣參展代表團,帶著華人流行音樂指標地位代表性、十五億華人市場連結商機,以及國際市場音樂開拓企圖心參展,系列行程包含:臺灣館設攤展示、臺灣廠商商務拓展會議、國際論壇舉辦、坎城與巴黎兩場「臺灣之夜」專場演出等。

MIDEM臺灣展館除了臺灣廠商密集的會議舉辦之外,值得一提的是去年臺灣藝人代表之一,DJ問號所創的DIY自製黑膠唱盤品牌Spinbox,由於去年參加商務會議受到各家矚目,甚至引起MIDEM主辦官方興趣,給了他今年自行設立展攤開拓商務的信心,成為臺灣廠商參加MIDEM展的成功案例。今年主辦的國際論壇以『臺灣:亞洲的入口』(Taiwan: the Gateway to Asia)為主題,邀請漢創文化、DJ問號、律師陳鎮宏等廠商及貴賓與會,由大京藝術創意總監嚴子貿引言臺灣流行音樂在華語市場具有代表性,指出全球音樂、品牌與臺灣流行音樂合作,是開拓亞洲市場的重要關鍵。國際知名法務諮詢協會WWL列名為全球兩百大頂尖律師,其中唯一華人的臺灣著作權法律師陳鎮宏,引述其經手音樂產業案例,論證臺灣流行音樂品牌在華人世界的優勢地位,與背後經濟實力不容小覷。

由於臺灣藝人多年來赴法參展的媒體報導合作關係,引起了法國最重要電視、網路集團,以及MIDEM官方指定合作媒體Gong Media對台灣藝人的長期觀察,此次除了在巴黎為三組藝人進行專訪外,集團總裁Andre de Semlyen特地到坎城及巴黎聆聽「臺灣之夜」演出,並在演出後立即與臺灣藝人進行會議,對於雙方合作籌劃節目表達高度興趣。此外法國最有名的法餐廚藝學院Le Nôtre集團,也積極希望與臺灣藝人結合,推廣廚藝美食節目與活動。皆顯示了外國媒體與企業對臺灣藝人的影響力,有著與不同於以往的看待與認同。



GCA Entertainment
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A Night of Excitement at the “Taiwan Beats” Showcase in Paris French Media and Companies Vie for Artist Cooperation

The Taiwanese representative team’s itinerary for the 2018 MIDEM record exhibition in Cannes, France included one last item.

PARIS, FRANCE, June 14, 2018 / — On the day after the end of the exhibition, the artists held their final “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Paris on June 9, local time. The three groups of Taiwanese artists: Eve Ai, Cosmos People, and DJ Cookie, performed at the famous Parisian concert venue, Seven Spirits, winning the hearts of music fans with their passionate music and fascinating performances. With over 600 tickets sold out and cheers of adoration from the lines of audience members, the artists gave enjoyable and heartfelt performances, marking a perfect end to this journey to conduct industrial business development and present Taiwanese music to the world.

With over 50 years of history, the most internationally representative music industry event in the world, MIDEM, officially opened on June 5, local time. Participation in MIDEM was arranged by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture, and planned and executed by GCA Entertainment. As a representative indicator of Chinese popular music, the Taiwanese team participated in the event with the intent to create business opportunities for the 1.5 billion-strong Chinese market and develop music in the international market. The objectives of this trip included: the establishment of a Taiwan Pavilion exhibition, conducting a commercial development conference for Taiwanese firms and an international forum, as well as two special “Taiwan Beats” showcase performances.

In addition to the intensive conferences with Taiwanese firms held at the MIDEM Taiwan Pavilion, another accomplishment worth mentioning is DJ QuestionMark’s handmade DIY phonograph record brand, Spinbox. His participation in the commercial conferences during last year’s MIDEM attracted considerable attention, and even aroused the interest of official MIDEM organizers. Therefore, this year, DJ QuestionMark was confident enough to set up his own exhibition to expand business, establishing a successful example of participation in MIDEM by Taiwanese firms. The international forum organized by GCA Entertainment this year, “Taiwan: the Gateway to Asia” invited firms and guests such as Han Chuang Culture and Art, DJ QuestionMark, and Bradley Chen, a lawyer. The director of GCA Entertainment, Ed Yen started off the forum by discussing the representative role of Taiwanese popular music in the Chinese industry. He stated that cooperation between Taiwanese popular music and international music and brands was the key to developing the Asian market. Bradley Chen, a Taiwanese copyright lawyer who was the only Chinese lawyer to be named among the top 200 lawyers in the world by renowned international legal consultation association WWL, described cases he had handled in the music industry, thus demonstrating the advantageous position of Taiwanese popular music brands in the Chinese community as well as the fact that the underlying economic strength is not to be underestimated.

The cooperative relationship with media outlets which was established over many years of Taiwanese participation in this French exhibition has led to the long-term observation of Taiwanese artists by major television and internet groups, as well as Gong Media, the official media partner of MIDEM. In addition to conducting interviews with the three groups of artists in Paris, the president of the conglomerate, André de Semlyen, specially visited Cannes and Paris to listen to the “Taiwan Beats” showcase, and even held a meeting with the artists after their performance. De Semlyen expressed great interest in cooperating with the Taiwanese artists to plan a program. Furthermore, the most famous French culinary institute in France, Lenôtre, also enthusiastically wished to collaborate with the Taiwanese artists in the promotion of culinary programs and activities. These activities and offers all demonstrate the fact that foreign media and corporations now hold different opinions and recognition toward the influence of Taiwanese artists compared to the past.

The “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Paris earned the passionate support of local residents as well as guests such as the minister of the Taipei Representative Office in France, Wen-Chien Ku, who attended the concert to cheer on the artists. The Culinary Institute Lenôtre sent outstanding Taiwanese students to present the artists with exquisite pastries made by the students in honor of their performance. Furthermore, the commemorative postcards of the three artists nearly sold out, clearly demonstrating the extent of the audience’s appreciation for their performance that night.

The latest news and performance information on the “2018 MIDEM Record Exhibition in Cannes, France” will be simultaneously updated on the official GCA Entertainment fan page ( Feel free to look up the latest news online.

GCA Entertainment
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"Traditionally Lynch" Hosted By International Chart Topper Richard Lynch Hits Cincy/Dayton FM Radio

"Traditionally Lynch," hosted by Richard Lynch, will make its debut on Classic Country 105.9 and 106.7 FM Cincinnati/Dayton, on Saturday, July 14th.

CINCINNATI, OH, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2018 / — Waynesville, Ohio resident and international country music chart-topper Richard Lynch is known for his strong baritone voice and emotional delivery on hit singles like his #1 duet with Rhonda Vincent, "Back In Love Again" and his current release, "Country Music Isn't Country Anymore." It's that sentiment that Lynch delivers weekly during his popular TV show, "Traditionally Lynch." The show currently airs on Cincinnatti's Star TV and Farm & Ranch TV.

Now, "Traditionally Lynch" is coming to FM Radio in the Cincinnati/Dayton market! Beginning on Saturday, July 14th, 2018, Richard Lynch will bring you the best in traditional country music, along with his friends and special guests. Classic Country 105.9 and 106.7 FM will air the show, beginning at 6:30am.

Classic Country 106.7 WNKR has been on the air and serving Northern Kentucky since 1992. Our music is Classic Country. Real country. It's been said that real country music consists of "three chords and the truth". You'll find that in all of our songs. Our newest member of the family is a big sister to WNKR. Classic Country 105.9 is licensed to Middletown, OH and is the biggest FM signal in the Cincinnati/Dayton market. We're proud to return local radio to the I-75 corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton and even prouder to do it with our unique Classic Country format. From Waylon and Willie to King George, Possum George, and Garth Brooks, Reba and Tim McGraw, we play the real country sound that you know and love. For more information, please visit

ABOUT RICHARD LYNCH: Hailing from Waynesville, OH, Richard Lynch is an American country music artist who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. His single, "A Better Place" topped the New Music Weekly AM/FM country chart, the IndieWorld Country Record Report, and spent an incredible 32 weeks atop the Roots Music Report True Country chart. His next single, "We're American Proud" also topped the charts. His last two releases, "Cut and Paste" and "Back In Love Again" with Grammy winner, Rhonda Vincent, also reached Number One the airplay charts. Richard is a multiple-award-winning artist and a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also the founder of Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans. Richard Lynch hosts "Traditionally Lynch," currently airing on Cincinnati television stations.

Michael Stover
MTS Management Group
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Traditionally Lynch Sizzle Reel

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The Hottest Performance in the MIDEM! Taiwan Beats Showcase Takes the Stage on the Second Last Day of the Event

The 2018 MIDEM Record Exhibition held in Cannes, France officially commenced on June 5th, local time.

CANNES, FRANCE, June 13, 2018 / — Today, the most important performances are also entering their final climax. On June 7, the three groups of performers representing Taiwan: Eve Ai, Cosmos People, and DJ Cookie took to the stage of the award ceremony for the “Cannes Film Festival”, the Grand Auditorium, for the first time. On the second last day of MIDEM, each of these three groups succeeded in giving engaging and exciting performances during the “Taiwan Beats” showcase, earning an enthusiastic welcome and heartfelt appreciation from the audience.

The 2018 International MIDEM Record Exhibition was held from June 5 – 8 according to local time. Participation in MIDEM was arranged by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture, and planned and executed by GCA Entertainment. During the exhibition, a Taiwan Pavilion was established to carry out foreign commercial exchange and participate in business forums. The “Taiwan Beats” showcase was one of the main purposes for this excursion to France.

The first performer to take the stage in the “Taiwan Beats” showcase was the diva of the Golden Melody Awards, Eve Ai. Although there was a minor audio control issue at the beginning of the performance, Eve Ai remained calm and delivered a solid performance that earned the passion and support of the entire audience. She even used fluent English to interact with the crowd and share the inspiration and emotions behind her songs. Her lyrical yet powerful voice won over the audience and she captivated them with her music, displaying an astonishing demonstration of vocal skill.

The 3-man band, Cosmos People, is a band that recently became popular in Taiwan. Upon arriving in France, they also attracted considerable attention from foreign media, with continuous requests for interviews coming in one after another. Their musical style emphasizes popular funk and possesses the vitality of the new generation of Taiwanese youth. Even foreigners who were unable to understand the lyrics were infected by the catchy rhythm, gradually gathering towards the front of the stage while swaying to the music. The last artist to perform was DJ Cookie, who used his performance skill to create a stylish night club ambience. His music drew the audience onstage to dance together with the performers, provoking crowd control personnel to coax audience members offstage in the middle of the performance. Despite the fact that the concert continued past midnight, many audience members still stayed to watch to the very end.

Under the continued participation and efforts of the Taiwanese representative team in the MIDEM record exhibition, the Taiwanese have already become an indispensable part of the event. The “Taiwan Beats” showcase has become the annual focus of the exhibition. Furthermore, the indicator status of Chinese popular music from Taiwan in the expansive Chinese market has already been widely acknowledged in the international music industry.

After the “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Cannes, the artists will also give another “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Paris. The latest news and performance information on the “2018 MIDEM Record Exhibition in Cannes, France” will be simultaneously updated on the official GCA Entertainment fan page ( Feel free to look up the latest news online.

Media Contacts:
Director: Ministry of Culture
Sponsor: Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture
Organizer: GCA Entertainment

GCA Entertainment
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“What’s Up Orange County” Hosted by Scott D. Stewart Launches 9th Season on KDOC Los Angeles – Saturday, June 23rd

Scott D. Stewart interviews Jennifer Lopez, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and producer.

Scott D. Stewart interviews Jennifer Lopez, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and producer.

 Scott interviews Kenneth Brian Edmonds "Babyface" - a singer, songwriter and record producer. He has written and produced over 26 number-one R&B hits throughout his career, and has won 11 Grammy Awards.

Scott interviews Kenneth Brian Edmonds “Babyface” – a singer, songwriter and record producer. He has written and produced over 26 number-one R&B hits throughout his career, and has won 11 Grammy Awards.

Tyra Banks, television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author, who is best know for America's Top Model, talks to Scott on the Red Carpet.

Tyra Banks, television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author, who is best know for America’s Top Model, talks to Scott on the Red Carpet.

Celebrities on the upcoming season include: Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Sammy Hagar, and Carrie Ann Inaba from “Dancing with the Stars”

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 13, 2018 / — Wake up with Scott D. Stewart’s entertainment talk show, “What’s Up Orange County” as it launches its 9th season premiering at 6:30am (PST) on KDOC Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23rd. KDOC Los Angeles, based in the heart of Orange County, broadcasts to the entire Los Angeles television market of 5.6 million homes, drawing nearly one million viewers per week.

This is Stewart’s 9th year of “What’s Up Orange County”, with its entertaining mix of celebrity interviews, updates on styles for fashion and inside the home and reports on the latest new things to do in Southern California. New this year will be correspondents Julie Kidd, Mindy Laven and Robin Griffin giving their reports on comedy, DIY projects, and local events.

Some of the celebrities on the upcoming season include: Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Sammy Hagar, Marie Osmond and Carrie Ann Inaba from “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I call the show the fast track to what’s up in Southern California,” Stewart said.

Besides airing weekly on KDOC, the show also has grown in subscribers on its channel with the majority of its views in the prized 25-54 age group.

Over the hundreds of celebrities Stewart has interviewed, some of which include Carol Burnett, Jon Voight, Nigel Lythgoe, Babyface, Perez Hilton just to name a few. He has also interviewed nearly all the past and current members of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.

When he is not hosting the show, Stewart is busy serving as host/emcee and performer for a variety of live shows including “Ms. America Pageant,” and the “The Academy of Country Music Association.”

Stewart was the star host for the American Cancer Society’s Orange County’s Saturday Night Fever charity ball at Island Hotel. Stewart was the emcee and Stephen “tWitch” Boss, the DJ from The Ellen DeGeneres Show performed a dance routine for the crowd. Stewart is also the emcee at the Regency International Pageant in Las Vegas July 20-22nd.

When not working on the show or as an emcee, Stewart is frequently asked to be in commercials or television shows. He got his start in television when he appeared on the TV drama “Quincy M.E.” at the age of 12.

Since then, he’s gone on to appear in a variety of television shows such as NBC’s “The Singing Bee”, VH-1’s “Flavor of Love 3,” the movie “Urban Combat,” and TLC’s “Brides of Beverly Hills.”

He has also done many commercials including some for Big Lots, Mitsubishi and Cash 411.

Watch “What’s Up Orange County” premiering on KDOC Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23rd at 6:30am (PST).

KDOC Los Angeles can be found on Channel 56 Standard and on DirecTV & Dish Network; on Channel 6 SD/1231 HD on Spectrum; on Channel 6 SD/506 HD on Verizon; on Channel 6 SD/1006 HD AT&T; on Channel 12 SD/12 HD on Cox; and Channel 10 SD/710 HD Charter.

Follow Stewart on social media at Facebook at scott.d.stewart.5, and What’s Up Orange County at WhatsUpOrangeCounty. For more information about “What’s Up Orange County,” visit

For media inquiries, interviews and appearance requests, please contact Kelly Bennett of Bennett Unlimited PR (949) 463-6383 or

Kelly Bennett
Bennett Unlimited PR
email us here

What’s Up Orange County 2018 TV show intro with Scott D Stewart premiers June 23rd on KDOC Los Angeles at 6:30am (PST)

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BET AWARDS 2018 Tickets VIP Packages Fan Fest June 21–24 LA Live

BET AWARDS 2018 Ticket Packages Fan Fest June 21 – 24 LA Live

BET EXPERIENCE AT L.A. LIVE TAKES PLACE JUNE 21st – 24th, The four-day event will showcase the best in music and entertainment.


The first group of presenters who will take the stage at the BET Awards 2018: T.I., Kevin Hart, LL COOL J, Chloe x Halle, Yvonne Orji, Bobby Brown, Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Mike Colter, Woody McClain, Jacob Latimore and Gabrielle Dennis.

Performances by Nicki Minaj, Migos, Janelle Monáe, H.E.R., and Ella Mai. Dominating this year’s nominations is DJ Khaled with a total of 6 including ‘Video of the Year,’ two for ‘Best Collaboration,’ with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller for ‘Wild Thoughts,’ and with Jay-Z, Future and Beyoncé for ‘Top Off,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ and ‘Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice.’ Kendrick Lamar follows with five nods including ‘Best Collaboration,’ with Rihanna for ‘Loyalty.,’ ‘Video of the Year,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ and ‘Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice.’

Other leading nominees include Migos, nominated for four awards including ‘Best Group,’ and ‘Album of the Year,” and SZA, also nominated for four awards, including ‘Best Female R&B/Pop Artist’ and ‘Best New Artist.’

The BET Awards 2018 will premiere around the world on BET’s international networks. It will air in the UK on June 26th at 9:00 PM BST, in Africa on June 26th at 8:00 PM CAT, in France on June 26th at 9:00 PM CEST and in South Korea on June 26th at 9:00 PM KST.

Internationally, fans in 100 countries can also stream the BET Awards 2018 live with BET Play, BET International’s subscription video on demand application.

The iOS and Android app, which also features current and classic BET television series, documentaries, stand-up comedy and legendary musical performances, will carry a live feed of the red carpet and the Awards, and is available for download now in the iTunes and Google Play stores for $3.99 a month following a seven-day free trial.

Connie Orlando, Executive Vice-President, Head of Programming at BET will serve as Executive Producer for the BET Awards 2018 along with Jesse Collins, CEO of Jesse Collins Entertainment.

The “BET Awards” 2018 will take place along with the BET Experience at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles from June 21-24, 2018. is the official site for the “BET Awards” and will have all the latest news and updates about this year's show.

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