Sade stars in Award Winning Amazon Movie titled The Secret Princess

Sade in The Secret Princess Animation

Sade in The Secret Princess Animated Movie

Princess Adaeze and Sade in The Secret Princess Animation

Princess Adaeze and Sade in The Secret Princess Movie

Sade and Nike in The Secret Princess Animated Movie

Sade and Nike in The Secret Princess Animation

Amazon introduces Princess Sade in Animated Movie titled The Secret Princess

Cinderella has a twin in Africa named Princess Sade”

— Segun Williams

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 18, 2017 / — Braver than an ice princess, there is no second guessing who Princess Sade is.
Indeed Cinderella has a twin in Africa named Princess Sade.

Imagine a graphic novel with all black characters. Well, the first thing you needs to do is watch The Secret Princess, an animation movie which has already been released and now available for download at

With the success of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which has raked in thousands of dollars from fans, and already with its dolls based on the animated characters from the movie having been a massive hit among the fans, creator Segun Williams the writer and director of The Secret Princess is confident that the movie would also receive rave reviews.

The Secret Princess is set to steal the spotlight with the all black animated characters and talking animals. The Film is created by TransTales Entertainment a British Animation studio Known for their popular android game title Zombie Walkers Attack.

The Secret Princess Trailer:

The Secret Princess is adapted from the book with the same title. The film is made in the 4k resolution which makes it one of the few animated movies with an IMAX standard. It is also in Blu-ray and High-Definition formats which are available to download directly from the studio's website –

Written and directed by Segun Williams it stars Desmond Elliot as King Adede and CuppyOtedola (daughter of Billionaire oil magnate) as Princess Sade.

The Secret Princess is a tale of a princess who goes through rejection and hence has to live her life out in the jungle while in her place a farmer's son lives a life of luxury as the prince. The story brings to the forefront many delicate topics in a subtle way. It also deals with the discriminatory treatment of female as compared to a male child. The Secret Princess is an entertaining and educative family movie now available on Amazon.


A prince falls in love with a mysterious girl, but he is unaware that she is a real princess whom her parents swapped with him at birth. A king desperately seeking for a male to heir the throne becomes wary of his crown. This makes the queen swap their girl child with the boy child of a poor farmer in secret. Sade the secret princess and her adopted mother are accused of being witches after the farmer disappears. Sade and Nike (the farmer’s wife) escape into the wild Jungle were they meet talking animals that help them survive.

Book ( )
Sade is a girl who was switched as a baby to prevent her mother the queen from being sent away for not having a son. Set in traditional times where male children were considered more important than females, a king seeking an heir to his throne is obsessed with having a male child. Consequently his third wife (his two previous wives had six daughters between and were all sent away) switches her daughter with a poor farmers’ son in secret. The king unaware that the boy isn't his raises the child as Prince Akin who lives a life of prestige and luxury. While Sade the daughter who was switched to be with the farmer and his wife lives a life of a poor farmer’s daughter helping with the farm. When her father disappears and her mother is accused by the villagers of being a witch, both run off into the jungle for their lives. But they are not alone. Talking animals including the parrot who knew about the switch and spread the news, come together to help the mother and daughter who now live is a hut alone in the jungle hiding from those who might harm them. When Prince Akin finally meets Sade and they fall in love, the real challenge and adventure begins as they realize they will have to fight to be together.

Kindle Book ( )


The full movie is available for download online now from
Also Available here
Amazon Movies

Katie Affleck
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The Secret Princess Trailer

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The Swiss Society of New York presents: Salome & Salichan: “Always with Me”

Swiss pianist Salome Scheidegger and her animated pink-haired sidekick “Salichan” present music from video games and Japanese anime movies live on piano.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2017 / — The Swiss Society of New York presents:

Salome & Salichan: “Always with Me”

A Swiss Society of NY Premiere: Swiss pianist Salome Scheidegger and her animated pink-haired sidekick “Salichan” present music from video games and Japanese anime movies live on piano in a brand new audiovisual concert experience.

Thursday, September 21st, 2017, at 6:30 pm at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in New York City.

From the artist:

“I like to combine music and visuals because I think together they can create a heightened experience for the audience, take them on a journey and discover music in a way they might not have known before.
Based on this idea, I created a second performer on stage, Salichan, an animated avatar who is projected on screen and will help me show the audience what powerful impact music has on us. She is my sidekick, but also impersonates my alter-ego in a way because she speaks her mind in situations where I (and many of us) might not dare to speak up. Innocent and fearless like a child, Salichan was created to connect with the audience and inspire.”

Salome Scheidegger is a Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger based in NYC. Focusing on music from video games and Japanese animation movies, she’s committed to bringing piano music to a young and diverse audience by making high-quality music that is true to herself, and to creating a modern concert experience.
Rooted in classical music, she has performed worldwide as soloist in recitals and with orchestras, and she has recorded 7 solo albums. Since 2013 she has toured nationally and internationally with video game rock band Critical Hit and with YouTube sensation violinist Taylor Davis. Salome started arranging and commissioning video game and anime music covers for solo piano and recorded
“PLAY”, her first solo album in the genre, in 2015. Her latest album “Salichan” was released in December 2016 and features piano arrangements of songs from the beloved soundtracks of the Studio Ghibli movies Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and others.

The Swiss Society of New York, a non-profit organization, is the leading cultural organization of the Swiss community in New York offering a platform for meeting Swiss, Swiss-Americans and friends of Switzerland in the New York Tri-State Area. Become a member of the Swiss Society of NY

Please email for further information.

Concert information:
Salome Scheidegger, piano
with the animated, interactive "Salichan"

Written by: Salome Scheidegger

Character design and illustration: Creamsherry Art

Animation: Travis Johnson

Thursday September 21st, 2017

Loreto Theater at Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, 18 Bleecker Street (Bleecker & Elizabeth), New York, NY 10012
Doors at 6PM
Show at 6:30 PM
Tickets $17

Swiss Society Members free: please email to receive code for free ticket.

Urs Klarer
Swiss Society of New York, Inc.
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Nina Kotova Releases Tchaikovsky Album to Critical Acclaim and Rave Reviews

Nina Kotova – Tchaikovsky is available to download on iTunes now. Release this week it has garnered incredible reviews on Huffington Post

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 15, 2017 / — Nina Kotova, a Russian- American cellist known as a strong and individual artist has released an album covering Tchaikovsky to critical acclaim.

Nina Kotova is no stranger to praise, as her technical skill and passion as a renowned instrumentalist has seen her perform for the likes of Prince Charles and to esteemed audiences across the globe.

A Huffington Post review describes this new accomplishment with gusto, as the reviewer gushes, “Never have I heard the piece played with such precision, such passion, such lust and I became lost as I slipped through the rabbit hole to determine my own interpretations. The perfect pairing of Vladimir Fedoseyev, the conductor and Nina Kotova brings around a hunger, as if the two are discovering the joys of music for the first time, and their own talents for taking it to a new level that is holistically sublime.”

Nina Kotova discusses the music on this accomplished album, she says, “Although the Variations on a Rococo Theme showcase cellistic virtuosity, a thoughtful interpretation of the score is key to a truly deep understanding of the music. A refined sense of style encapsulated in the work’s title, ‘Rococo,’ is required to capture the elegance, depth, and poeticism of Tchaikovsky’s music. The music does not tolerate interpretive clichés imbued with sweetness, lightness, and an emphasis on the performer’s own personality. “The theme is said to be in the rococo style, yet it also reflects the purity of Russian melodicism. There are certainly references to the rococo style in both the music and its structure, but the work is in its essence, full, spirited, warm, and Slavic. The very first sounds of the orchestral introduction with its melodic intervals set the Romantic mood for the entire score, recalling the
musical verse of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. “From the first phrases of the recording session with conductor Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseyev, his clear vision and powerful interpretive insight into honoring Tchaikovsky’s intentions were reassuring of my own beliefs. For me, the journey of recording Tchaikovsky in his homeland with a great conductor reaffirmed the true purpose of making music."

The album consists of:

Pyotr IlyIch Tchaikovsky:
1. Pezzo capriccioso, Op. 62 (6:24)
Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 (18:54)
2. Moderato assai quasi Andante—Thema: Moderato semplice (2:46)
3. Variation I: Tempo della Thema (0.53)
4. Variation II: Tempo della Thema (1:25)
5. Variation III: Andante sostenuto (3:52)
6. Variation IV: Andante grazioso (1:51)
7. Variation V: Allegro moderato (3:18)
8. Variation VI: Andante (2:42)
9. Variation VII e Coda: Allegro vivo (2:04)
Serenade for Strings, Op. 48 (34:08)
10. Pezzo in forma di sonatina: Andante non troppo—Allegro moderato (10:44)
11. Valse: Moderato—Tempo di valse (4:51)
12. Élégie: Larghetto elegiaco (10:27)
13. Finale (Tema russo): Andante—Allegro con spirito (8.06)

Nina Kotova is on cello with the support of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev.

The album is already being hailed as a success and is available to download on iTunes now.

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Justin Phillips

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"His Name Is Jesus", Debut Album from Long-time Christian Musician and Artist, Kenny PAUL Hefner

Pre-order Digital Download sales beginning today on iTunes. Limited Edition CD's available on

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2017 / — Kenny PAUL Hefner is an American contemporary Christian music artist with a folk rock gospel sound. Kenny PAUL is releasing his debut album, "His Name Is Jesus", available as a pre-order TODAY on iTunes with full digital download and streaming on Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and most other digital music retailers October 1, 2017. Pre-order digital download PLUS Limited Edition CD available TODAY at

"I love the ministry of music and these original songs are personal and heartfelt portraits of living and working the Christian life", says the artist.

An Athens/Atlanta, Georgia native, Kenny PAUL's sound has been shaped by the gospel music traditions of his youth and the soft/folk rock music of the 70's & 80's. In a world with so many entertainment and musical choices, Kenny PAUL Hefner sets himself apart with his unique folk rock gospel sound and original, heartfelt, inspirational lyrics sure to inspire and uplift all those who have an "ear to hear".

As a life long musician, Kenny PAUL Hefner has worked with many bands and artists across multiple genres including praise & worship band, "Out On A Limb" with Scott Truran and Henry Leno and contemporary bluegrass group, "The Beulah Land Gospel Band" with Keren Leppo.

Kenny PAUL's debut album, "His Name Is Jesus" is a full-length album featuring 10 original recordings that document his walk with the Lord over many years and paints a portrait of living and working the Christian life, always coming back to the core principle of holding on to the "Cross of Christ" as chronicled in the album track "Hold On".

Kenny PAUL Hefner
DonnaKenny Music
404 642-7093
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Local Business – My Guide to Insight, To Host Spiritual and Belly Dance Festival

Crystal Ravenwolf

The ABC’s of Belly Dance Improv

Sandra Daly

Tapping in to Magic and Miracles: The Astounding Importance of Putting Yourself First

Deborah Acker

Why Moving Away from Joy is the Key to It

Deanna Shanti, a local business woman who's company offers spiritual insight and healing services, has announced that she will be hosting The Insight Fest.

This will be an amazing opportunity for the Central Valley to come together for inspiration, fun and insight!”

— Deanna Shanti

BAKERSFIELD, CA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2017 / — The Insight Fest is a spiritual and belly dance festival that will offer multiple workshops for people looking to improve their spiritual well-being as well as many fun and mesmerizing belly dance performances.

The festival will be held on September 30, 2017 at 400 Norris Road in Bakersfield, California. Event tickets are selling for $15, with psychic readings being offered for $20 for a 15-minute reading. In addition, attendees will enjoy belly dance performances, food, and a variety of items from spiritually-minded vendors.

For an additional $10, ticket holders can upgrade to an all-access pass that will provide access to all the speakers and workshops being held during the day as well as a complimentary meal with vegetarian options. The event begins at 10 AM and runs until 9 PM.

Tapping in to Magic and Miracles: The Astounding Importance of Putting Yourself First with Sandra Anne Daly is one of the workshops being held at the event, the workshop will provide the one action anyone can take at any moment to transform the world around them. They’ll also be taught how to transform struggle into a path that leads to miracles and why loving yourself first is crucial.

Crystal Ravenwolf, a tarot reader, author, and professional belly dancer will be on hand to teach people The ABC’s of Improv in Belly Dance. She will be teaching attendees how to take their improv skills to the next level with fun exercises that will promote creativity, musicality and confidence. Her workshop will help take the fear out of performing improv and instead help you have fun with it.

Also on the agenda is Why Moving Away from Joy is the Key to It. Taught by Deborah Acker, the author and radio host will teach people why many of the approaches to finding happiness have a key flaw, and how one can discover the root cause of what blocks them from change. She will also cover how we can handle any challenge we face by owning our past so we can achieve true freedom. This workshop will conclude with an energy clearing that will leave attendees with positive energy and openness to their truth.

Also happening during the event are a variety of psychic readings. Card readings will be available with Anna Romero, Lady Luna, and Melissa Jo. Romero will focus on oracle cards, Lady Luna will be using Tarot Cards, while Melissa Jo will be using Angel cards. Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium readings will be provided by Jarrett, as well as Debby Shaw, Irene Skau, and Katrina-Jane.

Food available at the event will include barbecue from Georgia Boy BBQ and vegetarian plates from Tacos Lopez.

To learn more about My Guide to Insight, the workshops, or the readers, please visit either or or the Facebook event page .

Deanna Shanti
My Guide to Insight
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Barrett Wissman Launches A Retreat for Musicians and Artists in Montana

Barrett Wissman and cellist and composer Nina Kotova have created an idyllic haven for fellow artists and musicians

ROSCOE, MONTANA, USA, September 14, 2017 / — Picture the scene, vast lush green landscapes, expanses of space, with a vista only interrupted by towering snow-capped Montana mountains. This is the idyllic location of a new artists’ retreat coming to Roscoe, Montana in 2018.

Just a mere ninety miles from Yellowstone National Park, it’s easy to see that this scene captures the fringes of the park’s beauty. Its the perfect vast space in which to develop ideas and musings for any free-thinking artist.

From crystal clear images of its unadulterated views and position, one can almost hear a pin drop. In August, when this coveted space will open, the ground will be dry, not quite dusty, and the mountains will see the development of ideas of many a musician.

This is the W Preserve, a new, exciting, but tranquil haven for artists and musicians. A place to develop ideas without interruption, to seek and find uninhibited inspiration, to grow talent and contacts simultaneously, to find the elusive missing piece. This is a musician’s and artists’ retreat, that will nurture, protect and gently encourage the experts attending and it’s coming in 2018.

In summary, W Preserve is a communal meeting place for artistic professionals to come together to network while enhancing their own thoughts and ideas. Barrett Wissman, a well-known and celebrated entrepreneur, philanthropist and pianist, has developed the project with his wife, cellist and composer, Nina Kotova to provide a space free from outside distractions, politics and agenda.

Barrett Wissman’s multitude of endeavours as an impresario and organizer of arts festivals is well-known. As the chairman of IMG Artists, he is also a well-known philanthropist and supporter of young musicians and creative talents in general. His portfolio of accomplishments is impressive which include among others founding the Festival del Sole, the Palm Springs Life Festival and Festival Napa Valley.

Nina Kotova is a Russian – American cellist, praised as a strong and individual artist (by the Los Angeles Times) and known as a talent to reckon with. She has been recognised internationally as an outstanding instrumentalist of her generation. She performs as a recitalist and as a solo artist accompanied by symphony orchestras, and has toured the globe many times since her debut at 11. She boasts an international following.

Members of the public are welcome to participate during the months of July and August. There will be interactive demonstrations and performances, thought provoking discussions and expert masterclasses.

To express an interest, to find out more or to submit requests for performing at this new haven for artists, please visit the website and fill out the simple contact form.

Martina Mercer
Martina Mercer
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New Britain, CT Music Artist Speaks About Injustice & Corruption

The injustice seen throughout his youth and today inspired him to spread wisdom & awareness to the world through his music.

NEW BRITAIN, CT, USA, September 14, 2017 / — Sep, 13th, 2017  We are excited to support the latest release from DMTS Records music artist "Playabydesign" with his new album "Leave A Legacy". The release focuses on the inequality and challenges faced by the community and the world. The exploitation of violence and injustice seen by the artist throughout his youth inspired him to spread wisdom and awareness to the world through his music . DMTS Records has a strong focus on featuring and shedding light on the independent music industry and all its deep layers of history and inequality.

About PlayabyDesign

Playabydesign is an independent hip hop artist who makes music for the less fortunate. He considers himself to be "The people's champ."  He started rapping at the age of 10, the same year his passion to make music began. Now that he's older he's taking his music making to another level, uplifting the masses.  Check out this exclusive interview with Dmtsradio host Trae as well as the links below.

Deivone M Tanksley Sr
Dmts Records
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Ontario’s Post Secondary Bias is Unfair

John Harris, President, Harris Institute

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 13, 2017 / — Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The government of Ontario treats private colleges unfairly while misleading the public about the performance of publicly funded colleges and universities.

Full disclosure: I have operated a private college in Toronto for 28 years; served on Advisory Boards at Humber College for 7 years and Ryerson University for 4 years; was a Task Force member for 4 years for Dianne Cunningham (former Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities) and have established two unprecedented educational partnerships in the UK.

Private colleges have contributed to Ontario’s economy since 1871. There are currently over 500 regulated private colleges in Ontario delivering essential training in more than 900 programs. Graduates of private colleges save Ontario taxpayers over $1 billion a year in educational subsidies and the colleges pay more than $90 million in business and payroll taxes (source:

As a member of Dianne Cunningham’s Task Force from 2001 to 2005, I urged the ministry to publish what I believe are the most valuable statistics for prospective post secondary students – ‘the percentage of graduates working in their field of study’. At that time the ministry published the percentage of graduates working in any field six months after graduating and included no disclaimer that they were not necessarily working in their field of study. This misled the public about the outcomes of all post secondary programs and the job market reality.

Now, 12 years later, the ministry has begun publishing the percentage of private college graduates ‘working in their field of study’. Private colleges pay Forum Research to assemble the statistics and the ministry publishes the results. This information will vastly improve the outcomes of the sector and will be extremely valuable for students choosing schools, programs and career paths in the future.

Recently published ministry statistics for the publicly funded colleges and universities in Ontario still prominently feature the percentage of graduates working anywhere six months after graduating. Although Forum Research collects ‘field of study’ statistics for the community colleges, the ministry does not publish them. This critical information should be made public. It would significantly improve the outcomes of post secondary education in Ontario and subsequently the economy.

The government of Ontario also opposes ‘Post Graduate Work Permits’ for international graduates of private colleges but supports them for international graduates of publicly funded institutions. The C.D. Howe Institute states, “The potential pool of international students is limited because international students in private career colleges cannot obtain a work permit”. This is unfair and detrimental to Ontario’s economy.

As well as this inequitable treatment, the ministry punitively over-regulates private colleges with excessive and costly administrative requirements because of a small number of colleges that have failed. Examples are the mandatory requirement for Audited Financial Statements from all private colleges regardless of size and the ineligibility for claiming HST input tax credits, which is a direct cause of higher tuitions. On multiple occasions I have needed both the provincial Ombudsman and corporate attorneys to deal with unwarranted disruptive treatment by the ministry and my college is not alone.

The ministry’s abrupt closure of Everest College in 2015 created unnecessary disruption for 3,000 students and faculty at a cost to Ontario taxpayers of $7.4M. There would have been no disruption and minimal cost if the ministry had simply prohibited the college from admitting new students and required it to complete the training of current students.

In addition to the work that the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is doing to address many of these issues, it is essential students, parents and taxpayers demand that Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Deborah Matthews treat both public and private post secondary schools equally. To express concerns about these issues contact:

Kathleen Wynne, Premier

Deborah Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD)

About the CFIB
Since 1971, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has been fighting to help small businesses succeed. With over 109,000 members, it is the largest organization in Canada devoted exclusively to the interests of independent business owners.
The members of CFIB drive its priorities. They direct it via surveys, face-to-face meetings and calls with business counsellors. The Board of Governors consists of CFIB members from every province, and it is funded entirely by independent business owners.
About Harris Institute

Harris Institute ranked best school of its kind for a 5th year in the ‘Media Arts Education Report’ and it is the only school outside the US in Billboard Magazine’s ‘Top 11 Schools’. It has the lowest ‘Student Loan Default Rates’ of any post secondary school in North America and is the only college that offers graduates full scholarships for university degrees.

The college has the highest percentage of award winning faculty of any school and its graduates have won or were nominated for 246 awards in the last two years. An unprecedented partnership with the University of the West of Scotland enables double Diploma graduates from Harris to also earn Master’s Degrees in a total of 32 months.

For further information:
John Harris, President, Harris Institute
416.367.0178 or

John Harris
Harris Institute
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Indie Award Winner Eddy Mann Announces the Release of the ‘She's Me’ Official Lyric Video

Indie singer-songwriter Eddy Mann releases the “She's Me” official lyric video as the fifth in a series of lyric videos from “The Consequence” album.

There's a hurt I can't explain when she receives the slightest pain.”

— Eddy Mann

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, September 12, 2017 / — Indie award winner Eddy Mann has released the “She's Me” Official Lyric Video from “The Consequence” album released in November of 2016. This is the fifth in a series of lyric videos from the album. The song follows the success of singles “The Consequence,” "All I Need Is You" and “Eleven In A Boat.”

"It's a very personal reflection on the father daughter relationship," shared Eddy. "When I sing, there's a hurt I can't explain when she receives the slightest pain, I'm singing from experience, from the unique love that exists between fathers and daughters."

“She's Me” is currently streaming on YouTube. All of Eddy’s albums, videos, and tour dates are available at

Eddy, who was just recently nominated for two 2017 Josie Music Awards, has been championing a vision of love for some time now. He’s been successful in crossing over singer-songwriter, folk-rock, americana and country Indie charts. “The Consequence” is his tenth album release and has garnered some very positive feesback in the Indie community.

The Consequence Tour Dates –
09/12 – Café Artiste, Ocean Grove, NJ
09/15 – The Boardwalk Chapel, Wildwood, NJ
09/16 – Daniel's Den Café, Pippersville, PA
09/23 – Beaumont Free UMC, White haven, PA
09/29 – The Well, Portsmouth, VA
09/30 – The River Room, Virginia Beach, VA
10/04 – Festival of Friends, Hendersonville, NC
10/06 – Festival of Friends, Spindale, NC
10/07 – Festival of Friends, Spindale, NC
10/08 – Festival of Friends, Hendersonville, NC

Edward Lewis
One:27 Artisans
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Grand Performances Triumphantly Crosses the Summer Season Finish Line with the Annual Gala Honoring Michael Alexander.

Celebration commences on Saturday, September 23.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 11, 2017 / —
——Grand Performances is pleased to announce the annual Gala will take place at 350 S Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday September 23 and will honor the organization’s Founding Executive Director Michael Alexander and will feature a live musical tribute to Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.  

The program for the evening is as follows:
6:00 PM: Hosted Cocktails and Raffle
7:00 PM: Dinner, Honoree Presentation, Live Auction
8:30 PM: Benefit Concert: A Tribute to the Music of Fela Kuti

The dictionary definition of the word gala is: a festive celebration; especially: a public entertainment marking a special occasion. For Grand Performances, the annual gala, is indeed, a special event. The gala is our victory lap. It’s the exclamation point and celebration after a fantastic season.  It’s honoring the past while looking to the future. But most importantly it is an opportunity to fundraise and support this seminal LA institution.

On this evening, Grand Performances will honor Founding Executive Director, Michael Alexander. To the great benefit of hundreds of thousands of people, Michael spent his career bringing people together through the arts.  Michael is a firm believer that access to the arts is a right and not a privilege.  California’s beautifully integrated, multi-cultured population has reflected a strong appetite for creative diversity. That craving has been fed with insight, vision, humility, humor and passion. And yes, our lives are better for it. Simply listing his accolades and accomplishments is a weighty task and therefore, we’ve listed these separately. Although Michael is not leaving the arts community and merely transitioning to his next sure-to-be-successful endeavor, we expect to see many misty-eyed people at the Gala.

Since its inception 31 years ago, Grand Performances has supported African music, making it a staple of the organization’s summer programming. There have been many popular artists throughout musical history but few ascend to the status of leaving a world-wide imprint that is recognized beyond music. Fela left a profound impact on pop culture in an indisputable manner and is on the short list of musical icons whose legacy established a global phenomenon (Afrobeat) and influenced people not only in his native country, but around the world. Grand Performances has always embraced global music and wanted Afrobeat and Fela represented as authentically as possible and therefore recruited Sahr Ngaujah who portrayed Fela on Broadway and Ethio Cali to provide the evening’s music, along with a Supergroup of Los Angeles musicians who play with Kendrick Lamar, Robert Glasper, Aloe Blacc, Mexico 68, Jungle Fire and more.

The Grand Performances Gala promises to be an evening of celebration, community and reflection on what it means to be the proud cultural ambassadors of Los Angeles. Fancy joining us?

MORE ON GRAND PERFORMANCES:  Celebrating its 31st year, Grand Performances’ mission is to inspire community, celebrate diversity, and unite Los Angeles through free access to global performing arts. Hailed as the “Best Free Outdoor Summer Concert Series” by Los Angeles Magazine and called “a grand gift to the public… democracy in musical action” by the Los Angeles Times, Grand Performances presents high-quality music, dance, theater, and more during the summer at the breathtaking California Plaza in the heart of Downtown as well as at other venues throughout the year including the Los Angeles State Historic Park and Los Angeles World Airports.    

Follow @GrandPerformances on Facebook, @GrandPerfs on Twitter and Instagram and our Youtube Channel at  

For press information contact: Mike Mena at 310-913-0625 or


Mike Mena
Grand Performances
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