Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir: One of World's Only Married Filmmaker Teams Share Victory with Telly Awards Win

One of the World's Only Married Filmmaker Teams; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir Share Victory with Telly Awards Win and Reveal Secrets to Success.

We tend to work on projects that improve the world. We don’t work on projects that are negative and feature violence and disturbing imagery with no greater message.”

— Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 6, 2017 / — Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir have collaborated, directed and produced alongside legendary talents including Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, Golden Globe nominee Anthony Mackie, Lea Michele of Fox's "Glee” and “Scream Queens,” Ashely Judd, Billy Idol, P. Diddy, and Coldplay among many other luminaries. One of the only husband and wife filmmaker duo in the world; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir founded their renowned company Dream Team Directors, in 2007.

They state that their vision was to "combine imagination, humor, beauty and a desire to positively impact the world through their stunning creative work." Their company motto, "Let our dream team manifest your dream," symbolizes the expansion and positive attention they have helped win for their famous clients including Adidas and MTV among more.

Increasingly in high demand, Hollywood Sentinel dot com asked The Dream Team Directors if just anyone could hire them, to which they responded; "We tend to work on projects that improve the world in some way. Projects that uplift you, make you think or are super aesthetic. We don’t work on projects that are negative and feature violence and disturbing imagery with no greater message."

Recently winning two Telly Awards, as well as an astounding 15 additional Awards in both national and international film festivals, their popular music video "Show Time" for Korean artist Annalé, about living one's dream despite people trying to stop and block their goals, was recently released to critical acclaim. 
 The Hollywood Power Couple also won two Bronze Awards, for outstanding Directing on "I Want You Bad," (seen here) and Best Documentary for "Hope for the World Foundation" at the famous 38th Annual Telly Awards.

The Dream Team directors state that they are "passionate about creating work that makes a positive impact on the world," adding, "Whether creating a change the world documentary for Coldplay, Write Girl, Whole Planet, Teen Cancer America, making a super visual innovative music video, or writing and directing an original comedy such as “Text Me.” we want to open people’s eyes and inspire," they say.

Regarding their start in the movie industry, Bayou Bennett states, "I got a Masters of Fine Arts, realized I wanted to teach filmmaking, moved to New York City, and got a teaching job at two of the top schools including Parsons New School, and New York Institute of Technology. Meanwhile I was making my own films. I met Daniel in 2007 who was on a different but complimentary path. He had graduated from the prestigious NYU Film School and got his first experiences working and learning from top directors Jake Scott and Chris Cunningham, at Ridley Scott’s production company. In the years following, he specialized in music and fashion video content. His clients included P. Diddy, Isaac Hayes, and Tricky from Massive Attack among others, but he was also working towards his original passion of narrative filmmaking."

Bayou Bennett adds, "So, Daniel and I connected and did just that! We wrote and directed a short film called “Text Me”, which was based on my college students who were more comfortable with texting than in-person communication. I was noticing a real decline in the ability to communicate in the new generation and also exaggerated realities in social media profiles. Our goal was to capture the social media generation and our film quickly became a huge viral hit and won numerous awards, which felt great! It convinced us that working as a team was where the magic was!"
The directors state that they love that they can make a film that reaches millions of people, and make an audience laugh, truly identity with the characters, and have an eye opening experience or learn something new and meaningful."

Hollywood Sentinel dot com asked the Dream Team Directors what advice they have for those who are trying to pursue a career in Hollywood, and Bayou Bennett informed, "For women I think it’s just to celebrate that you are female filmmaker and pave the way for other female filmmakers by setting a good example. Use your strengths as a director and enjoy the process and journey all the way from raising the money to seeing it on a big screen." Daniel Lir adds, "I would say to surround yourself with the most talented and positive team you can. Be around people that enhance your life and dreams. That has been the secret to our success."

Regarding the key to working successfully together as a married, creative couple, Bayou Bennett explains, "It's important to know how to separate one's married life from one's work life, and that's just what we do. We not only share the same job as filmmakers, but we make sure that our creative goals are aligned." She adds, "We are not just Co-Directors, but we are also best friends. So we know each others strengths and weaknesses." As an example, Bayou explains, Daniel doesn't care for improvisation, but he loves order and planning, so he does a lot of pre-production. Whereas I like improv. So we can help pull each other up and bring out the very best in one another, making the perfect combination!"

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"I Want You Bad" Music Video by Sad Robot, Premiered at the 10th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival and was the Winner of 2 Staff Picks and 3 Best Music Video Awards, and also featured on Virgin Airlines. Starring model and actress Melany Bennett, and Musician Harley Prechtel-Cortez, Written and Directed by Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett, Cinematography by Terry Zumalt, Edited and Colored by Mike Dusenka, with VFX by James Rockwell.

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I Want You Bad, by Sad Robot, Directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

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